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I stumbled a crossed   your blog and love your imagines! I was wondering if you could write a Shane imagine? I was thinking one where Shane and I were married before the apocalypse, but when I come to the campsite, I feel unwelcomed and distant (depressed) and attempt to stay at the CDC before it blows up but Shane convinces me to leave with him. Or, I go along thinking he’s dead after Hershel’s Farm but find him at Woodbury or Alexandria and we reunite? I love angst with fluffy/happy endings xx

TW: suicidal thoughts

-this one is super long too, i’m so sorry-

I hope you like it! 💕

Rick drove from Atlanta, and now you were finally arriving at the camp that the group you found told you about. You sat on the passenger seat of the van, looking how one of the women of that group ran towards a younger girl, they hugged and sobbed uncontrollably, which told you that they were family. One of the men opened his arms and pulled his whole family into an embrace, his wife and children smiled and laughed in joy as they hugged him.

You sighed at the sight of them, they were reunited with the people they loved, yet you knew somehow that you wouldn’t. Rick was your husband’s best friend and you had found him back at home after he woke up from a coma, but you didn’t know any more than he did about the whereabouts of his family or your husband.

“Hey, at least we’re safe here”, Rick placed his hand on your knee and gave you a faint reassuring smile. You nodded and took a deep breath before jumping out of the van.

The new guy got us out”, you heard the guy you had met earlier that day saying.

Yeah, a crazy vato and a pretty girl just got into town”, the other man told them. “Hey, come say hello!”

You stayed close to the van, wary of going to meet the whole group, but Rick nodded at you, telling you that everything was gonna be okay.

Rick stepped closer to the people with his head down, you watched him walking with his hands on his hips and you knew he shared your wariness.

“Dad!”, you heard someone screaming, you frowned and thought you recognised that voice. Suddenly, you saw Rick’s son running to him, he picked up the boy and hugged him tightly. Then his wife went to him and kissed him, closing her wide eyes and trying to convince herself that it wasn’t a dream.

You swallowed hard, even if you were happy that Rick found his family, you were a little jealous that you were still standing there on your own.

“Oh, hey”, an old man greeted as he saw you alone, still by the side of the van. “Come meet the rest.”

You scratched the back of your head before walking closer to them. There were people standing in the circle marked by the parked campers and RV.

You scanned the people there, they looked at you in awe, feeling somewhat sorry for you because, unlike the man they had found you with, you weren’t being pulled into a warm embrace by your family.

Your eyes shifted from each one of the people there until you finally fixed them on someone. There he was, standing apart from the crowd and holding a rifle in his hand. You blinked several times, wondering if it was just a mirage you were seeing, but after a couple of seconds of him staring back at you, you realised it was’t.

Shane dropped his gun and ran towards you. He pulled you into his arms strongly and you struggled for air, but it was worth it. You started sobbing, your tears wetting his shirt.

“Where you’ve been, baby?”, he whispered in your ear over and over again, and you felt a few tears of his own falling down on your face. You held on to his shirt and cried some more, you just couldn’t believe that you were with your husband again. “I missed you, baby, where you’ve been?”

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This was the day after WrestleMania 32 aka the day after Shane jumped from the top of a giant cell for our entertainment.

Let me tell you a little (pathetic) story.

Shane McMahon is the reason I started watching wrestling way back in 1999. My cousin used to come home from his dad’s and tell me everything that had happened… “Shawn Michaels is commissioner,” “Stone Cold did this, Stone Cold did that,” (he was a huge Stone Cold fan) and I just didn’t care because a) I knew nothing about wrestling and b) I wasn’t interested.

Then one day I went to his house and he was watching an episode of RAW that he’d recorded on VHS. I took one look at Shane and was like “Woah… if wrestlers look like this, maybe I should pay attention!”

I was 11. He became my biggest crush.

Then I decided to give it a shot and completely fell in love with the art of wrestling, the storytelling, the characters, the overall entertainment…

Fast forward a few years. I fell out of love with WWE not long after Eddie Guerrero died. To me, it became boring. I’d gotten into TNA (when it was actually good and the X Division was LIT) so I gravitated towards that and AJ Styles, The Naturals, Chris Daniels etc.

THEN I fell in love with the indies after going to 1PW shows over here, the ones around the PA/OH area in particular drew my attention (because I was a huge SJK/Corey Graves fan). I became so, so loyal to the likes of IWC, AIW and FNW and WWE was a million miles from my mind.

In November 2015, I had a friend staying with me from the States and she’d never been to a WWE show. As it happened, WWE was taping RAW in Manchester just a week or so away. So, we went. And I instantly was drawn to Dean Ambrose (we’re not gonna go into Dean here, though. May make another post about him!)

Then another friend joked that we should go to WrestleMania… that joke then became a reality and that’s exactly what we did. WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE. But that’s a whole different story and I’ve already gotten way too off track here…

So, the day after while killing time before the RAW show, we got tipped off to where the wrestlers were staying. Now, at the time, I still wasn’t TOO into the current product and my only goal was to a) Meet Dean Ambrose and b) Meet Shane McMahon. I didn’t think either would happen, but BOTH did.

Shane came out of the hotel and, even though his wife was there, even though his kids were there, he came over to where people were waiting and made sure to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone. 

When he got to me, I was trying so hard to not cry. Like, this guy was the whole reason I started watching wrestling. Yeah, at the time, it was for a silly reason but come on… I was 11.

I asked him if I could have a hug and he said “Sure!” and gave me a huge, tight hug and I only just managed to keep it together. He signed my WrestleMania ticket, took pictures and I thanked him for everything, told him I’d wanted this moment for 16 years. His response was a smile, another hug and a “no, thank YOU.”

He is such a sweetheart and so humble. The fact that he even came over to fans at all, with his family there, with cracked ribs after a hellacious match, was amazing to me.

This is so long, I’m so sorry. I’m just feeling sentimental and wanted to share.