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I just want to talk about this because I am really fucking pissed. If you don’t know what’s happening, Shane Dawson’s parody of “Blank Space” was taken down last week. YouTube and Sony (Taylor Swift’s Producers) are saying it’s because the song is copywritten. However, the Shane’s song is not copywritten because it is A PARODY. According to a parody is “the humorous use of an existing song, play, or writing which changes the words to give farcical and ironic meaning.” SHANE’S VIDEO IS NOT A COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. The fact that he has to fight this or delete the video is total bullshit.

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Guys. This is really important to me so when you see this plese signal boost the shit out of this. Back in he days when the first shoey blogs appeared and the fandom started building itself up and growing rapidly the people who were already there all agreed on one thing; Shoey is a beautiful ship because we just drown in feels and enjoy their friendship. We wanted this to be a drama free fandom. But lately I see more and more post from people taking shoey to another level. People taking it too serious. A thing that we all agreed we were not gonna do. In the past few months I’ve seen so damn many posts on tumblr and comments on youtube/instagram and twitter saying things like “Shane should break up with Lisa and be with Joey instead, "Joey actually has a crush on Shane ” or “Shane is just in denial of his feelings for Joey”. To be quite honest i do agree with some of the things people say (Like that Joey kinda sorta likes Shane i mean i don’t know but sometimes i think that) but I don’t actually say it. Can we all refer to it as “the-thing-everybody-kinda-thinks-but-no-one-talks-about” or something please? Because they are very aware of how far people are taking this ship. Joey felt the need to adress that Shane is not his actual boyfriend multiple times by now and that is a MASSIVE red flag to me. Or when there was this massive drama when Joessica started. i don’t like that ship as well, but come on. We cannot forget that the shoey ship and Shane and Joeys friendship are two seperate things! They love the ship and they love that we love them but there is a line. And this line has been crossed! Please guys, i beg you, i literally beg you, do not cross that line. Do not try to make Shoey more than it is. I love each and every single one of you and joking around with you, fangirling with you, is so much fun and i love this fandom, but don’t. As long as it’s all fun and games we’re fine. But don’t go too deep. It could make things so awkward for them and I’m sure you guys heard what happened to PJ and Chris? I don’t want that to happen to them. I don’t want us to harm Shane and Joey’s friendship because we damn well can. Shipping is just shipping and shipping can’t ruin a friendship. People trying to hard to make that ship happen can. So please be aware of that.