the OP world has has 6 moons, and one of those moons has its own moon

personally, i think all those moons are the reason why the Grand Line has such weird weather. the gravity, magnetic fields, etc of each moon is interfering with each others. our moon is very important to weather on our earth. it causes high and low tides and balances the earth, and if we were to lose the moon, the weather would go insane.

so it’s possible the OP world has the opposite problem–TOO MANY moons, all pushing and pulling the water at their own pace, trying to create their own weather patterns, causing the Grand Line’s strange, unpredictable weather, slowing down and speeding up evolution, and creating weird magnetic fields (probably why compasses don’t work there).

i also think that one of these satellites is constantly reflecting light on Enies Lobby, which is why it’s always sunny there. and i think  one of these moons is probably the reason why the Calm Belt has no wind.

Eneru is on one of these moons, and i think he’s on the very top middle one, because it’s the smoothest and the only one that makes sense. the others have weird textures which don’t match this moon at all (x-shaped things? spots? horizontal lines? not to mention the extra moon on one of them), and the one on the top left kinda matches, but looks too big to be the moon Eneru is on, and it has strange suction-cup like things that look too big to be craters.

we know that the moon Eneru landed on is where the Sky Island people originally came from, which explains Eneru’s strange obsession with the moon. We know these people lived on the moon, but had to leave because they ran out of resources, and they built robots using pretty advanced technology considering no one has been around for maybe 1000 years. (the ancient Shandorians had a Poneglyph which first appeared around 800-900 years ago, so it had to have been at least that long).

along the way, they all separated into different groups. the Bilkans (wide, downward facing wings) seemed to have founded their own Sky Island. That also happened to be the island Eneru first came from and then destroyed before the start of the series. the Shandorians came to the Blue Sea and founded a great city of gold, and they had SOMETHING to do with the Void Century. and the Skypeians created a Sky Island of their own.

oh, and Eneru now has an army of adorable robot warriors and he fought some space pirates. Aliens and space pirates are confirmed to exist in OP.

oh, and is it me, or does this thing that pulled Capone and his crew up, kinda look like this moon on Clover’s globe? the one with the suction cup things i mentioned earlier?

of course, Capone being sucked up into one of the moons is just a theory.

things we still don’t know: what those other moons might be, where those space pirates came from (maaaaybe from one of the other moons? we have confirmed life on one of them at least), why the moon people who became the Bilkans, Skypieans and Shandians split up, what connection the ancient Shandorians had with the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom to faithfully protect a Poneglyph for 800 years, what all that technology on the moon is, and what Eneru is gonna do with his new found, adorable robot army

I get that one may argue that One Piece is a Japanese manga created by a Japanese man for a Japanese audience but I just wanna say that the fact that Eiichiro Oda bases Alabasta off of Egypt, the Shandians off of Native Americans and stated himself that Usopp is canonically black, yet colors all Shandians, Vivi, Cobra and their people and Usopp mayonnaise white is supreme bullshit and should not sit well with anybody.
And I’m saying this because I often do see posts about One Piece/Oda and the treatment of the female characters but rarely about this pretty uncomfortable thing he did concerning those characters’ skin color and I needed to get it off my chest.

One Piece Characters Birthdays

We’ll forget them anyway xD


01. Portugas D. Ace - Daz Bones (Mr 1) - Islewan (New World Captain)
02. Peeply Lulu
03. Iceburg - Aisa
04. Crocus - Peterman
05. Strawberry
06. Tilestone - Oimo
07. Mozu
08. Emporio Ivankov
09. Pickles
10. Eustass Kid - Queen Otohime
11. Itomimizu (commentatore Davy Back Fight)
12. Doctor Hiluluk
13. Ikaros Muchi
14. Sweet Pea
15. A.O (New World Captain)
17. Capone “Gang” Bege
18. Splash - Splatter (salvatori di Sanji)
19. Spandine
26. Nero
27. Lola
31. Aladdin


01. Brogy - Doma (New World Captain)
02. Nefetari Vivi - Killer
03. Fuza (Shura’s pet) - Barbabruna (Brownbeard) - Bizarre (New World Captain)
04. Nyon - Fukaboshi - Haruta
05. Vista - Blamenco
06. Nico Robin - Nico Olvia - Blondie (New World Captain)
08. Gonbe - Onigumo
09. Bartholomew Kuma - Genbou - Wadatsumi
10. Mikazuki
12. Little Oars Jr.
15. Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) - Daisy
16. Bluejam
20. Kumadori
22. Hamburg - Jerry
23. Makino
24. Enishida
28. Woop Slap (Sindaco del villaggio di Fuusha)


01. Minorhinoceros
02. Sanji - Reiju, Red, Blue and Green - San Juan Wolf
03. Galdino (Mr 3) - Hina
04. Mashira - Minotaurus
05. Sadi-chan - Minokoala
06. Jaguar D. Saul - Salome (Hancock’s pet)
07. Minozebra
08. Zambai
09. Franky (Cutty Flam) - Shanks - Dracule Mihawk
10. Sentoumaru - Satori - Nola (serpente gigante di Skypiea)
11. Palms (New World Captain) - Spandam
12. Stelly
13. Lafitte
14. Smoker - Alvida
16. Tom
19. Scratchmen Apoo - Atmos
20. Sabo - Shiki
21. Lieutenant Spacey
24. Thatch
25. Ohm
26. Tsuru
29. Catarina Devon - Saint Shalulia
30. Manboshi
31. Giudice Baskerville (Bas, Kerville and Princess)


01. Usopp - Kashi
02. Jinbei - Zeff
03. Brook - Porchemi - Monda (Foxy Pirates’ pet)
04. Princess Shirahoshi - Foxy
05. Yamakaji (Vice Ammiraglio) - Ministro della destra (Minister of the Right)
06. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) - Speed Jiru - Jean Bart
08. Doctor Clover - Megalo
09. Caesar Clown - Yorki - Margaret - Mohmoo
10. Forest Boss (Monkey in Gedatsu ministory)
13. Morgan
14. Hody Jones
15. Fossa
16. Stronger (Doc Q’s horse)
18. Hyouzou
20. Blueno
22. Capitan Kuro
23. Kalifa
28. Funkfreed (spada elefantesca)
29. Miss Goldenweek


01. Kaido - Capote
02. Monkey D. Garp - Coribou
03. Arlong
04. Ishilly
05. Monkey D. Luffy - Demaro Black (Finto Luffy)
06. Eneru
08. Shakky
09. Sengoku & Kong
10. Heracles
13. Silvers Rayleigh - Coby
18. Gorilla (Marine Captain)
19. Andre (New World Captain) - John Giant
20. Conis
22. Decalvan Brothers
23. Chuu (Chew)
25. Big Pan
31. Lacueva


01. St Charloss - Moda (Ragazza della mini avventura di Ace)
02. Chimney - Rob Lucci - Ronse (Vice Ammiraglio)
03. Mousse (Calgara’s daughter)
04. Epoida (New World Captain)
05. Jabra
06. Momonga - Karma (New World Captain)
07. Perona
08. Saldeath - Lacroix (Vice Admiral)
09. Rockstar - Surume
10. Portgas D. Rouge - Dalton
11. Shiryuu
12. Disco
20. Amadob (New World Captain)
22. Gyro
24. Ryuuboshi
28. St Roswald
29. Fukurou
30. Elmy (New World Captain)


02. Ministro della Sinistra (Minister of the Left)
03. Nami - Re Nettuno (King Neptune)
04. Caribou
06. Lucky Roo - Namur
07. Laki
08. Paulie - Daruma
10. Kamakiri - Ramba (New World Captain)
15. Donquixote Rosinante
16. Helmeppo - Seto
17. Hammond
23. Richie
29. Kadar (G2 Marine)


01. Urouge - Aphelandra
02. Yasopp
03. Inazuma - Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)
04. Amazon - Dirt Boss (Mole from Gedatsu mini-story)
05. Basco Shot (Vasco Shot) - Gaimon - Octopako
06. Sodom & Gomorrah
07. Kaku - Bellamy
08. Buggy - Hatchan
09. Vegapunk - Wapol
10. Hattori (Lucci’s pet) - Gedatsu
11. Duval
15. Bentham - Tsukimi
16. Akainu
18. Wiper
19. Motobaro
22. Vander Decken IX
25. Corgi (Agente del Governo)
27. Monet
28. Hannyabal
30. Curly Dadan
31. Cavendish


01. Jewelry Bonney - Kiwi - Delakuaji
02. Boa Hancock
03. Boa Sandersonia - McGuy (New World Captain) - Brandnew (Marine Lieutenant Commander)
04. Wanze - Kumashi (Kumacy)
05. Sir Crocodile - Boa Marigold
06. Gekko Moriah - Squard - Macro
08. Cabaji - Rakuyo
09. Basil Hawkins - Madame Shyarly
10. T-bone & Berrygood
11. Montblanc Cricket
12. Curiel
13. Laboon
15. Spoil (Capo dell’Associazione delle Vittime del Furto d’Ombra di Thriller Bark)
18. Devil Dias (Tenryuubito slave)
19. Don Krieg
20. Shura
21. Aokiji - Pappug
24. Su (Conis’ pet)
30. Avalo Pizarro


01. Comil - Mohji
02. Dorry - Tonjit
03. Yama
04. Calgara - Oars
05. Marco - Van Augur (The Supersonic) - Monkey D. Dragon - Kokoro
06. Tashigi - Trafalgar Law - Bartolomeo
08. Doberman - Pierre (Gan Fall’s pet)
09. Magellan - Dosun - Noland
10. Den
13. Izo
14. Haredas
16. Taroimo (Cyborg Dog)
18. Doc Q
20. Tyrannosaurus (Iceburg’s pet)
23. Donquixote Doflamingo
24. X Drake
25. Koala - Kuroobi
30. Domino - Magra
31. Shelly (Tonjit’s pet) - Whitey Bay


01. Dalmatian (Vice Ammiraglio)
03. Keimi
04. Kashigami (Snake God of the Shandians)
05. Fisher Tiger
06. Ryuma
07. Holy
09. Albion - Benn Beckman - Jalmack
11. Roronoa Zoro - Zeo - Jozu
13. Kingdew
16. Porche
20. Bepo
23. Kizaru - Ankoro
24. Ran
26. Goro (Kohza’s uncle)


05. Dr. Indigo
19. Dogra & Hogback
22. Gan Fall
24. Tony Tony Chopper
25. Jesus Burgess
30. Absalom
31. Gol D. Roger


30 Day One Piece Challenge Day 24: Island or Place You’d Most Like to Visit and Why
→ The island I’d most like to visit is Skypiea, especially Upper Yard (although preferably after Enel and his priests are gone … something tells me I wouldn’t be quite so resistant to electrocution as the Straw Hats and Shandians seem to be…). Why? Well, I mean, it’s an island in the sky where they use clouds to make all kinds of stuff, and then Upper Yard is an ancient forest full of ruins, which is the perfect balance of beautiful and spooky for a wanderlust-stricken, adventure-seeking, wants-to-believe-in-ghost-stories, artist’s-and-writer’s soul who thus far has only seen pieces of history in photographs, well-kept national sites, or behind sheets of glass in museums. Everything about Skypiea is just so cool and exciting and even if getting there via Knock-Up Stream is potentially fatal I wanna visit it!! 

[please read my moon theory post first]

this is honestly one of THE MOST SUSPICIOUS ONE PIECE COVERS, especially after we find out that the Skypieans, the Shandians, and Bilkans all came from the moon, and that the Shandian’s ancient ancestors had some connection to the Void Century, given that they were tasked with protecting a Poneglyph. not to mention all the advanced technology that the ancient moon people had over 800 years ago

the Ancient Kingdom that created the Poneglyphs were stated to have advanced technology, which is how they created the Poneglyphs in the first place. they’re unbreakable, and yet they somehow managed to carve a lasting message into those incredibly strong blocks of stone. there is a direct connection there. The Ancient Shandians had one of these Poneglyphs. why? what was their connection to the Ancient Kingdom?

And why draw Luffy with those (Shandian? Skypeian?) wings? especially if those are Shandian wings. why draw the main character with the wings of a people who have a direct connection to the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom? why is he winking, like he knows a secret that he’s not going to tell, as if he’s teasing the audience? Why?

this whole cover is just so suspicious

Thoughts on the "Will of D" and the fulfillment of promises in One Piece

Generational sin and generational inheritance.

Long deferred promises.

The WIll of D.

These themes run under One Piece like few others do. And as yet, I feel only the barest surface has been scratched as Eiichiro Oda gives us each week our daily manga and anime.

But from what has already been shown, I think there is an important reason for the actions taken, or not taken, by major figures in the One Piece ‘verse, and it has to do with whether or not someone has a “D” in their name.

One: Why did neither Shanks nor Whitebeard never take the One Piece?

I discuss Whitebeard predominantly below, but a lot of it applies to Shanks since he was on Roger’s crew and must have gone to Raftel.

Whitebeard had every chance to take it after Gol D. Roger died, and we know this because of this flashback. Roger surely had to have told Whitebeard everything. And one of the most important things Roger probably told Whitebeard was the truth of the One Piece and its connection to the “Will of D”.

It was probably because of that conversation that he secretly planned to make Ace the Pirate King.

Why else would he do that, unless he knew that he, Whitebeard, did not have the “D”? The same applies to Shanks - why not take the One Piece unless he has no “D” in his name?

This must mean that those who have the “D” - who carry its will - are, knowingly or unknowingly, the last legitimate descendants of the true World Government that existed prior to the Void Century, and the only legitimate inheritors of their power.

Two: How could Roger have found out the True History and everything about the One Piece if he couldn’t read the Poneglyphs?

Someone told him at Raftel.

But it can’t be that easy to find that someone, since Raftel is known and mappable on the Grand Line. That means it’s either very hard to get to, or if people do get to it, the only time this someone (who must have escaped the attack on the old seat of the World Government) ever comes out of hiding to talk to anyone is if they are a holder of the “Will of D” and are considered worthy enough to have the One Piece.

Three: Why did Roger not take the One Piece and use it?

He couldn’t. He was sick and he knew he didn’t have enough time to fulfill the promises made throughout the world.

For example, he had no way of telling the Shandians that their duty was finally fulfilled, because they were in a state of conflict with the Skypieans and they were determined to take back their land. All he could do is somehow inscribe a message on a Poneglyph - and this implies that someone at Raftel knows how to read the Poneglyphs because he or she is another descendant of the original peoples who the illegitimate World Government tried to wipe out in order to cover up their usurpation. They would have told Roger how to write in that language.

Another example: The Joyboy Poneglyph. Roger couldn’t possibly have brought the Noah up to the surface. At the time, it was illegal for Fish and Merfolk to leave Fishman Island and Otohime’s petition was just a dream. But in Luffy’s time, Otohime’s petition is due to hit the next Reverie, and it is very likely the Tenryubito and World Governent will approve it.

The next step is to fulfill the promise of bringing Fishman Island, either via the Noah or some other way, to the surface which places Fish and Merfolk on a literal plane of equality with humans in addition to the anticipated legal version thereof.

I have seen a meta which suggests that the One Piece, in the hands of someone with the “Will of D”, will allow them to remake the world, in part by destroying Mariejois. In doing so, not only would Luffy (if he has it) be able to fulfill Joyboy’s promise, he would be able to wipe out the usurpers of the legitmate government of the world and create the “All Blue”, the joining of all the seas.

Last but not least: A final note

About why Luffy may well be the final fulfillment of the inherited will of the D and the promises of the Poneglyphs: every other person who has been a candidate has fallen short, somehow.

Roger was ill and chose to die by being executed so he could pass on his message to as many people as possible, to launch the path for a successor who could follow in his footsteps and achieve the goal he set out to accomplish - but he wasn’t dumb enough to telegraph what he really wanted to the World Government, which was for someone with the “Will of D” to come along and pose a new threat to the illegitimate rulers of the world.

Ace died defending Luffy.

Portgas D. Rouge died giving birth to Ace.

Monkey D. Garp is too old and has dedicated years of his life to the same World Government that is illegitimate at its core.

Monkey D. Dragon and his Revolutionary Army would probably not be accepted as the legitimate replacement for the World Government thanks to all manner of propaganda against the “rebels”.

Trafalgar Law is a bit too “dark”, and Blackbeard is far too “dark”, in my view, to be worthy pirate kings.

Jaguar D. Saul died defending Robin.

But Luffy, kind of heart and possessed of an iron determination to protect his nakama and a fixed desire to gain the One Piece for the freedom it represents, is under a guiding force he is probably at best only dimly aware of that is creating the perfect conditions for the world to be remade anew, both metaphorically and literally.

And that will be something to see!

The Origin of Winged People

It seems like e-nkai and I are giving each other ideas.. I thought about the involvement of Skypiea but I didn’t know how to back this up and e-nkai did it like a fucking boss. seriously no one could do it better.
Though I couldn’t explain skypiea’s involvement I can theorize about the origin of the sky people.

please read this before

So after the events on Skypiea Enel flew to the moon. 
Now it is difficult knowing which moon exactly he flew to since there is more than one moon in the One Piece world.

Anyway, upon arrival to the “Fairy Vearth” he uncovers an underground city. 

Once in the city he attacks by discharging lightning, the city comes alive - the automatas are revived and they function well - meaning they are not a form of natural life they are the result of advanced technology.

What we know that the ancient kingdom had, they were prosperous and advanced in technology.

How does it connect to Enel’s story?

well in this underground city Enel found wall paintings that told the story of the people who used to live there.

We can see that the automatas really were the invention of the moon people. 
there’s not much I can say about this. it is still a mystery.

but there’s a lot of information in the next chapter from which we can learn about the moon people.

Ok so we know the underground city Enel found  is named “Birka”
does that sound familar?

it’s the place were Enel was born, his hometown.
is it a coincidence that the town on the moon he uncovered is also called Birka? no it’s not.

There are many people that think that the reason the sky people have wings is because their bodies adjusted to being in the sky but even before that - in Calgara’s and Norland’s flashback the Shandians already had wings

meaning they originated from some place else. and as we can see in the wall painting the moon people came to earth because of lack of resources.

What’s more we can see 3 types of winged people 

3 types of wings and 3 types of cultural dressing which match the 3 sky people we know of:

The Shandians
The Birkans &
The Skypieans.

They definitely play an important part in the history of the universe of One Piece specifically in the void century.

But I still can’t put my finger on what exactly their part is or how they influenced the history..
maybe they were a part of the ancient kingdom or the kingdom itself it’s still not clear but it is definite that they will play an important part.


Urouge’s wings go downward.

just like the wings of Enel’s priests

seeing as they have wings the same shape and knowing they all come from Birka Urouge is probably a Birkan.  

Which in my opinion is very interesting as we know Birka was destroyed by Enel 8 years ago.
and Urouge’s pirate crew is called “The Fallen Monk Pirates” it may be just a coincidence and have no meaning at all but I’d like to think that it has.

This really shows the difference between Luffy and Zoro’s characters - Zoro’s incredibly loyal to Luffy and will go along with anything Luffy asks of him (for the most part), but a lot of those things aren’t ones that he’d do if it was just up to him.  Luffy’s reaction upon hearing that the land belong to the Shandians was to apologize for disturbing it, while Zoro’s is to pretty bluntly say ‘I don’t care because it doesn’t concern me.’

anonymous asked:

I've noticed that you seem to really like Wiper's character. May I ask why?

Wiper is undeniably a flawed person, and that’s part of why I like him. He’s got an extremely short temper, he’s overly aggressive, he tries to solve everything with violence, and so on… but given the Shandians warrior culture and the circumstances they were in, I’m very sympathetic to him. They were expelled from their homeland and systematically slaughtered by the Skypeans for 400 years, and Wiper saw the chance to take back what belonged to them and he went for it. 

People criticize him for being so resistant to accepting Gan Fall’s peace offerings, and even more for how he attacked the Straw Hats and resisted their help for so long, but that’s the thing—so many people don’t look at Wiper’s actions from his own standpoint, and instead look at him through the Straw Hats, who we tend to side with on everything even when they’re wrong. Allow me to quote Zoro talking to Wiper during the Trial of Iron match:

Hand over the gold! I don’t give a damn about your problems. Why should Wiper have trusted or tried to fight along side the Straw Hats? As far as he was concerned they were just outsiders looking to interfere in their fight, steal or destroy their history, without giving a damn of who they hurt in the process. And for the most part they honestly were. Only Luffy and Robin had decent goals there–the rest, especially Nami and Zoro, were just looking for loot. Why should Wiper have respected that? Would it have been more practical for him to side with the Straw Hats against Enel and then worry about getting rid of them? Yeah, but for someone whose entire life is that of an exiled warrior trying to reestablish the home and pride of his people, it’d like to imagine that his actions can be seen in a more sympathetic light. To him, the Straw Hats were aggressors looking to victimize his people and history, just as Enel and the Skypieans were. And Wiper just plain didn’t know them. How was he to know they wouldn’t stab him and his people in the back the moment they got the chance? 

I’d like to give some more examples of what Wiper is like as a person, and the perspective he’d coming from. Things with Gan Fall–Wiper seemed like an obviously undefendable extremist jerk. And for the most part, he was. But let’s examine a scene with them

Of course, the “right” thing for Wiper and the Shandians to have done would be to accept Gan Fall’s offer. The war would have ended, and the Shandians could have returned to the land that was once their home. And that would be great! But for a culture of warriors, such a thing would be hollow, and lack all justice. Can you imagine how humiliating it would be if strangers invaded your home–the very house you live in–forced you out and killed half of your family in the process, and then later said “Alright, you can come back in and live here too, but we’re not leaving”? Because that, in a nutshell, is what happened. The Skypieans’ only claim to the land of Upper Yard was “well we’ve stolen it for so long that it is ours now.” Much of the world world fails to consider things from such an angle because this history of our own countries were founded by slaughtering native people, establishing ourselves on their graves, and now we continue to “give” naught but scraps of the land and standing they once had. 

Wiper wasn’t willing to accept this. Wiper wasn’t willing to stand by and allow the people who had invaded, exiled, and slaughtered his people to continue to profit from the land they had stolen. To Wiper there were no “innocent” Skypieans, because every single citizen of their country had benefited from and been implicitly supportive of the Shandians’ suffering. Obviously it isn’t “right” to want to kill ordinary citizens because their leader and military have done horrible things, but it isn’t wrong to want accountability for the crimes committed against your people. 

And of course, this was only part of Wiper’s character. Even more important to him than his sense of justice, of righting the wrongs done to his people through the spilling of blood, was the friendship between his ancestor, Calgara, and Noland. We learned that as a child, Wiper was told the story of Calgara and Noland’s history, and how they each went to their deaths never knowing the fate of the other, fighting loosing battles 

More than anything else Wiper wanted to, essentially, save the souls of two men who died 400 years ago, because he believed that their spirits were still suffering to this very day. 

Wiper was pissed when he learned that Luffy was trying to ring the Golden Bell, because what right did Luffy have to do something so important, something whose significance Luffy couldn’t possibly know? And it’s true, Luffy didn’t know the full extent of the meaning behind it. But what he did know was enough and in its own way had more importance than Wiper could have imagined 

Then… is the name…” 

This revelation was so powerful to Wiper that it moved him to tears. To imagine that Noland had a descendant of his own, 400 years in the future, still fighting and putting his life on the line, in his own way, to prove the existence of Shandora, the same thing Wiper has been fighting for his entire life. The meaning of this overwhelmed Wiper and in that moment he became Luffy’s greatest supporter and nearly sacrificed his own life to bring down the beanstalk and give Luffy the chance to defeat Enel, save the island, and finally ring the Golden Bell after 400 painful years of silence 

Yes, Wiper is abrasive. He’s a jerk. He’s an extremist. He’s violent. But at the same time he had powerful motivations for everything he believed, and his people, his ancestors, and their pride matter more to him than anything about himself. And in the end he accepted peace and coexistence. He is a fantastic character with a great amount of depth and development, and still one of my favorites to this very day. 

Here’s last one fun fact. Remember when Wiper got super pissed here?

The reason Wiper got so pissed was because Noland was the one who introduced pumpkins to Jaya

That’s why Wiper was enraged when Gan Fall said he loved pumpkin juice. Gan Fall may not have realized (or maybe he did), but he was both rubbing it in Wiper’s face that the Skypieans took their land, and also spitting on Wiper’s personal connection to Noland. Gan Fall’s a cool guy, but that was super passive aggressive and shitty. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship nami and wanda? That's basically beastiality.


The Minks are the same as all of the other races and tribes of humanoid people that have full human intelligence and consciousness in One Piece. Giants, mermaids and mermen, fishmen and fishwomen, the Tontatta, the Longleg and Longarm tribes, and even the Skypieans/Shandians/and people from Birka (they’re aliens originally from the moon). They’re the same as all the other non-strictly human things that people love to date in video games and books and movies and internet fan-works. Aliens, demons, robots, centaurs, elves, werewolves, harpies, skeletons. The list goes on and on. 

Pretty sure that the Minks would kick your ass for saying this, because you’re essentially saying that they have the same intelligence and ability to make their own choices as a household pet. And from the Minks perspective, as explained when Zoro told Wanda he thought Minks were “a human hating species,” 

Also, we’ve already had human/different-race/species relationships in the series. Dellinger is half fishman (specifically Fighting Fish fishman), so we know that one of his parents was human and the other was a Fishman. One of the members of Foxy’s crew was half fishman and half giant. Also, did you forget that discrimination against the likes of Fishman and other humanoid species is an entire theme in One Piece? 

And that Minks and the other species of humanoid people are commonly sold as slaves by humans?

Like damn anon, by saying that the Minks are the same as unintelligent animals you’re basically endorsing slavery. That’s terrible anon. That’s just terrible. 

fantasy-hill  asked:

Do you think Oda is using too much DF? In the beginning it was said that a DF user was something rare, now EVERYONE ate a DF. Baroque Works's best warriors, Donquixote Family, the strongest marines, TWO YONKOS (Blackbeard and Whitebeard.). Things like this just makes it more difficult to see Roger as a strong guy.

I know I’ve written about this in the past, but heck if I can find it. 

I think the initial impression we got of the rarity of Devil Fruits was largely due to where in the world the series started: in the East Blue. The East Blue and the Grand Line are very different places. The East Blue is the sticks. It’s the OP world equivalent of North Dakota. Back then, Devil Fruits really were a rarity. Luffy, Buggy, Smoker, and Alvida were the only people we met there with DF powers–only 4 people in 100 chapters of story. 

But the Grand Line is different. The Grand Line is most likely the place where Devil Fruits originate (we’ve yet to find out where DFs originally come from, but we’ll likely find that out eventually). Even if DFs don’t specifically originate in the Grand Line, it is still where people with DF powers are drawn to. If you’re a pirate, you’re going to head to the Grand Line to make a name for yourself and search for One Piece. If you have ambitions of being a Marine, you’ll go and become a member of Marine Headquarters in the Grand Line. Plus, powerful groups like the World Government and the Yonko have the power, money, and connections to obtain Devil Fruits and distribute them as they see fit in ways that groups outside of the Grand Line just can’t. 

Lets also not forget that everything “out of the ordinary” in the OP world also originates in the Grand Line. We don’t know of a single alt-human race/species that is from anywhere outside of the Grand Line. Giants, Minks, Dwarves, Long Arms and Long Legs, Merfold, Fishmen, the all-female Kuja tribe, the winged Shandians/Skypieans, and more. All of them are from places in the Grand Line. Don’t forget about the weather either and the atypical, abnormal island-based climates that goes on there too. 

So, the view of things we got at the start of the series is very different from what the norm of things now are. Travel between seas is extremely difficult in the OP world. Information is not spread easily, and people don’t necessarily know what info can and can’t be trusted. Den Den Mushi’s can only communicate a few islands apart at most, so really only the World Government itself is freely capable of communicating across whole seas. The East Blue is completely isolated except for printed media they get. And as it was established early on, very few people from the East Blue who enter the Grand Line ever return. And those who do return? 

It traumatized them. Krieg was the second strongest/most wanted pirate in the East Blue, after Arlong himself. And Arlong is a Fishman from the Grand Line. So, of East Blue natives currently active in the East Blue, Don Krieg was the strongest one there. And what happened to him? He went into the Grand Line with a fleet of 50 entire ships and all but one of them were destroyed (by Mihawk–and if Mihawk hadn’t done it, plenty of other things could have). 

Devil Fruits seem to be more common in the North, West, and South Blues. More pirates are from there, they’re regarded as generally stronger, and there might be some non-typical species of people that live there. But as a general matter, the Grand Line and what goes on there is a world apart from what happens outside of it. Devil Fruits? Giants and Minks? Things like the Knock Up Stream? Islands in the sky? Places where it rains lightning? Trains that run on the water? That’s stuff that exists in the Grand Line, not things that exist in the East Blue. And people in the East Blue mostly only get second hand, third hand, and even less reliable rumors about all this stuff. They’ve never seen anything like that with their own eyes. It all just sounds fantastic and made up. It’s not until you get to the Grand Line does this stuff stop being wild rumor and start being daily life. 

Oh, I haven’t had any kind of problem viewing people like Roger, Garp, and Rayleigh as being some of the strongest in the world despite not having Devil Fruits. Armament Haki has been a big factor in leveling the playing field. Devil Fruits can certainly give someone powers and increase someone’s defensive and/or offensive capabilities, but the strength of a person without their Devil Fruit is still hugely important. For example, Caribou. He has a Logia power so prior to Sabaody he was untouchable. But people like Luffy and Pekoms and Drake can take him down in one hit  because he’s just not strong enough independently of his DF. Garp? Garp was known in his prime to do things like reduce entire mountains to dust with his bare fists. With strength like that, unless you’re comparably strong almost no Devil Fruit would save you from being absolutely wrecked by him. 

スカイピア (Skypiea)
↳ island located in the sky. 10, 000 meters above the ocean,
it is believed to be a myth by blue-sea dwellers. The kind-
hearted people who live in Skypiea fear God, which was later
on revealed as Enel by the Straw Hats. After the defeat of
Enel, the Shandians and Skypieans - once in war because of
each other's past - have reconciled and now live together
peacefully in Upper Yard.

The secret admirer

One day, some pirates came to skypiea, the inhabitance of the island where panicking at the fact pirates have landed. But the 10 year old was not, he was quite excited to see some pirates. This was the first time he would see some, but not the first time he heard about them; his mum told him storys about them. Although, the pirates where always evil and greedy, he didn’t mind; so wondered off to see, or meet them. 

They anchored their strange ship at vearth, where the shandians lived so he had to be extra careful. He didnt get along with the shandians, -well he didn’t get along with anyone- and hid in a bush watching them emerge from the ship. There were around 5 pirates. One being quite tall, smoking a rather thick cigarette. Enel lift an eyebrow (gross.. He is going to get horrible skin..) then he realised something (where the hell are their wings?!) he thought to himself as he pulled a pout, and went to examine them closer, being spotted in the process. 

The tall man then asked him to come closer, Enel blinked, but the man tempted him with an apple, (well… he doesn’t look harmful..) he thought, and took the risk to take it from him. the tall man was shocked to see the boy had wings and admired him for it. (he is really nice~) he thought with a massive smile (not like the story books at all~) he was the first one -other than his mum- to be kind to him, and so followed him around Enel learnt he was called crocodile, and he told him amazing storys about his adventures on the blue sea, he told him about devil fruits and the one piece, which fascinated Enel. and also making Enel gain a crush on him-even if he was still a boy-. 

Then when crocodile had to leave, Enel was devastated, he wanted to come with him, which crocodile wouldn’t allow.. When crocodile finally left, enel grew up watching him on his journeys across the ocean, and as he got older, he started to send the man love letters. crocodile didnt know who they where from, he probably forgot about him. well, it has been 8 years since they met, who would remember.. 

Enel was watching crocodile in his office, he didnt know what he was working on -he didnt really care- but he saw it was stressing the man out. So decided it would be a good idea to write the man -yet another- cheesy love letter..

“Dear crocodile~

I hide my feelings, keep them locked up, I like you allot, I just cannot say it to your face.. I wish I could tell you.. But I admit that I am afraid for you not to feel the same.. Even though I get mad at the people you have… affairs with.. my crush weirdly stays.

I really hope you feel the same because you make me laugh even when I struggle to smile.

Love Your admirer~”

he makes sure the cost is clear outside of crocs door before popping the message into a shell and dropping it from his cloud, to the deck outside of crocs door, knocking it with a bang