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1. Before being cursed with undeath, Bagga was on the fast track to becoming a pretty awesome Bard. With his older brother shouldering the responsibility of eventually leading the Lyon family and the House of Redmane, he was allowed to explore his passions in the scholarly and artistic pursuits. Since he died, he’s been reluctant to return to his old passion but some days he’ll admire a well made violin in the window of a shop. He plays the strings like an angel and has one hell of a voice. Total theater nerd.

2. His actual name is Atwell Kastores Lyon. His titles include Lord of the House of Redmane, Second Born of the Lyon, Favored Soul of Tamara, Giant Slayer, and Deputy of Bryn Shander. He took the name Bagga when his older brother started calling him a ‘Bag a’ Bones’ and the nickname stuck. 

3. On the subject of names, the skelly man has a lot of aliases that he uses since being an undead is a big no-no. While he’s disguised he normally goes by Bagga but he’s got a lot of nicknames that he’ll answer to including- Stretch, Slim, Rook, Atlas, Shudder, Poe, and Grin. If he has to sign paperwork of any kind he’ll mix them up for a full name. 

4. Bagga fucking loves horses. Horeback riding was one of his favorite things when he lived back on the family estate. Nowadays most animals can sense the death around him and are pretty averse to letting him get close. This makes him very sad. He just wants to pet the soft horsey noses and give them carrots. 

5. Bagga is actually a huge damn goofball despite how reserved his paranoia of being discovered has made him. If he ever makes a close friend who is comfortable knowing what he is, he’d probably let loose with all of the skeleton weirdness that he can do because honestly though some of it is pretty fun. He’d let you wear his lower jaw like a tiara.

6. He’s basically trained himself to be touch averse since if anyone passed through the illusions he has on himself, they’d easily be able to figure out that he’s not much more than bones and fancy clothes. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to be touched, but it’s more instinctual for him to flinch away, even when he’s actively going in for a hug with a friend or to shake a trusted someone’s hand. 

7. Bagga has found that one of his favorite things to do now is to wade into beaches or rivers and spend some time exploring the bottom. He doesn’t need to breathe at all and he’s accustomed to seeing in the dark. It’s like a whole new world down there and he’s always interested in the things he finds.

8. Since undead can’t sleep, Bagga has found himself with a ton of free time. He has a collection of books that he keeps in his bag of holding to keep himself occupied in the midnight hours. He’s also been working on cataloging the things he finds on his travels (and underwater) into a field guide, as well as keeping extensive journal entries. He likes the idea of one day publishing them in hopes that it might help him be accepted as he is. 

9. Bagga operates under the motto that if he can help, then he should. He’s had everything pretty much taken from him since he went from a respected and well off noble family to being regarded as a monster and so he knows what it’s like to struggle. He’ll buy the homeless new clothes and dip into his coinpurse or offer to help a family around their property if he overhears that someone in the family is ill. He realizes that he’s practically immortal and doesn’t need the things to live that most do and he figures that if time is money then he’s the richest man in the world and lending some of it won’t hurt.

10. As much as he loves the idea of just settling down somewhere in peace, he can’t help himself. Gentle a soul as he might be, the pull of adventure is always in the back of his mind. He’s not a stranger to killing, especially when the opponents are wicked, and will fell an evil foe without remorse and sometimes a bit of satisfaction for a job well done. He’ll avoid violence when he can, but he’s a warrior at heart and sometimes that’s just how things work.

Heroes of Targos #5 

Mori Cloudwhisk - Chaotic Good Lightfoot Halfling Rogue, Age 17

MORI proudly proclaims her name and deeds when she is asked; Mori Cloudwhisk, terror of the ten towns, proliferator of wealth and hero of the impoverished, the branded bandit, the pink plunderer, the minuscule marauder, the stout outlaw… The names go on and on, and it is quite clear that the halfling is embellishing most, if not all of her supposedly infamous crimes. Regardless, she assures you that her exploits are all quite real, and has been a sort of folk hero to the poor people of the Ten Towns since she was a young girl.

The halfling indeed carries the scars of her run-ins with the law, bearing a dwarven rune of the number six on her face to indicate the number of years she was sentenced to prison during her time in Mithril Hall; evidently she escaped incarceration, and returned to her favorite haunt in Bryn Shander.

She clarifies that her thievery and petty larceny were motivated by altruism rather than personal gain. She spent her early years in an orphanage in Bryn Shander and grew up surrounded by children in similar situations, under the eye of an abusive orphanage matron. She struck out as a thief to support the other kids that she considered to be her siblings, starting off small by nabbing bread from the local market to supplement their rather meager dinners. As she grew in skill, this progressed to pickpocketing posh nobles, then to nabbing expensive candlesticks from local temples, and then to robbing well-to-do museums of their most expensive pieces.

Even after she and her companions from the orphanage were old enough to live their own lives, Mori continued on the path that life had set out for her, using her profits to ensure her friends and what poor folks she could help could live comfortably.

Fortunes change, however, and Mori chose the wrong target one night when she stepped right into a trap laid for her by the mayor of Bryn Shander. Given that this was not her first offense by any stretch of the imagination, she was sentenced to death by hanging. However, when the word of the attack on Targos reached the other towns, she was offered clemency in exchange for joining the militia that defended the town. Given the choice between execution and a potential death at the hands of a horde of goblins, her path was clear.

Mori luckily fell in with the group that would become Company of Mysteries during the assault, and ensured her survival by sticking with those far more martially capable than herself. However, as it turned out, the Company became instrumental in discovering a much larger plot behind the goblin raid. Against her better judgment, Mori elected to remain with the group to help them solve the conspiracy, citing her sense of right and wrong and her desire to protect the innocent that would suffer under the Legion of the Chimera.

Though many doubt the legitimacy of her tall tales of high thievery and righteous larceny, her skills more than back up many of her stories. She has an almost supernatural familiarity with mechanical traps and devices, and even has sufficient intuition to use magical devices with a degree of proficiency equal to that of your average apprentice mage. Whether or not her tales are true, none can doubt Mori’s efficiency.

As the sole rogue of the party, Mori performs essential functions in the danger-fraught ruins and dungeons of Icewind Dale; searching for and disabling traps, unlocking chests and doors, and scouting ahead when subtlety is required. Though she is more than capable of defending herself, she prefers to let her more combat-inclined companions handle the heavy lifting in battles.

Ever the optimist with a very ‘loud’ personality, Mori makes her determination to be positive acutely known to her companions. She is the first to take heart in a bad situation, and vigilantly keeps her composure when things are grim. Her efforts to cheer up the party are often ignored, but the others often thank her for it in their own ways.

Despite her occupation as a thief, Mori gets along with Lucian, a paladin who is sworn to uphold law and justice. Though he disapprove of her way of life, he understands that she only took up such pursuits to support herself and her friends, which he sees as a noble cause built on unfortunate pretenses. Magnar and Ophelia keep their distance from the thief, though the former has warmed up to her over time. Grace appreciates the halfling’s insistence on treating her like a normal person, while the haughty Marvoril simply keeps interactions with her to a minimum.

In combat, Mori sticks behind the group with a sling and buckler. She also keeps a mace on her person in the event that she needs to protect herself in melee combat.