Adidas Hydroterra Shandals (Love at first sight)

Finally i was able to fulfill my dream of buying a pair of good outdoor shoes, to accompany me on my nature trails… the Adidas hydroterra shandals. Shandals, yes shoes + sandals. I am a big fan of bright colors and i bought mine in black and shocking green. 

They look gorgeous, and it was love at first sight for me in the Adidas store.

I own a Sketchers shoe, and i have always felt them to be very heavy. But these babies are super light. 

I hate tying up laces. These beauties have a fast zip lace, in which you just have to pull the tab and tuck it under the “lace bungee”…

The whole upper part of the shoe is made of mesh, which offers soo much breathability, that i haven’t taken of my shoes since I first wore them about 7 hours ago… that's a record for me. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The shandal offers a custom step down construction, which folds inwards, making your shoe into a slip-on, which you can easily, well slip on.

The shoe is actually a water sports shoe and hence is completely water proof and easily washable. But I think these can be used for anything , even for running. They sure wont dissapoint you.  

The shoe has adequate cushioning for those long journeys so that your heels wont ache. And it looks sporty too. The outsole grip is also very good, to keep you steady on slippery rocks.

I cant wait to take these babies out on my next trek, which will be from Nerul to the hill station of Matheran via the ladder route… More about this is coming… Stay tuned.