I think the funniest thing about Voltron that we never considered is that if the Voltron characters are in the future, there is a chance that their grandparents were Generation Z or at least the Millennials. 

Their grandparents would be so fucking wild oh my god. Half the elderly population listens to K-Pop from 2013 or whatever and calls it “the good old days” while rewatching “vines that butter my croissant” as an afternoon activity. They discuss being apart of fandoms like they’re war veterans and every time they visit the home instead of saying things like “omg guess who’s here? where are those little rascals?!” they’d say things like “wHAT’s uP fUcKeRs?!??” They text in spongebob text and make a lot of self depreciating/gay jokes. 

Shiro: they call me coffe cause I grind so fine

Pidge: Oh my gosh

Lance: they call me coffe cause I keep you up past 2 am

Pidge: lance, stop it

Keith: they call me coffee-

Pidge: Please no

Keith: because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspects of what I am

Pidge: oh