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Still water runs deep II: The villains

As some of you know, I’ve written about water before. It has been a very elusive subject, because its meaning is not as direct and simple as the alcoholic Drink Code I wrote in july. 

The first meta I wrote about water was this one about the H.O.U.N.D. deduction and how Sherlock had access to that sort of information out of the blue (tl;dr: he had access to it as a little child; also Henry Knight acts as a mirror to Sherlock, so childhood trauma=Redbeard). I said water represented “THE MIND” and yes, it holds for that specific scene. But the truth is water represents much more. It can be pure, it can be catartic, it can be destructive… It all depends on the nature of the water and how it relates to Sherlock and John specifically.

For months I had a theory that every water sightning was related to Moriarty and his plan to burn Sherlock’s heart. That’s not true, but there’s a pattern we can link directly to Moriarty: The villains he sends on Sherlock’s way are presented in the series with their face covered/obscured (common villain trope) AND linked to water in some way (this is the bit that ties them to Moriarty).

Let’s check this cool hypothesis, shall we? (Please remember M-Theory is the sand I build my tiny bucket castles)

Jim from IT / Moriarty (TGG)

Setting the link. The first time we see Moriarty his face not covered but his identity is. He uses John as a mask again at the pool, and shows his face as he speaks. And well, the pool gave us enough water for a lifetime.

Jeff Hope (ASIP).

Covered face, plus a rain scene (James Phillimore’s kidnapping scene blended with an image of Sherlock realising the killer was a cabbie). Ok, good.

Irene Adler (ASIB)

Not only we don’t get a clear visual of her face when we first see her, she is introduced as a sort of “resolution” to the pool cliffhanger.

Dr. Frankland (THOB)

“I only came to fix the tap”… I’ve always wondered why did Frankland bother to make contact with Sherlock and John to begin with, when he could just stay low and let their investigation slip away. More on this after the ‘read more’

Kitty Reily (TRF)

Is true the big bad guy in TRF is Moriarty, but he always acts through others. Kitty Reily is not a villain per se, but a tool serving his purposes. She is supposed to represent the whole press chasing after Sherlock.  Not only her face was blocked when we meet her, she is also using a facade.

Charles Augustus Magnussen (HLV)

The press again. The shark. Always sweaty. Disgusting. He navigates through other people’s secrets and benefits from them. The world is wet to his touch. So dangerous even Moriarty had to get rid of him sooner or later, via Mary or anyone else. 

Lord Moran (TEH)

We tend to forget this small villain; he wanted to blow the Parlament up and yet he’s not considered an important character. Well, because he isn’t. He doesn’t even interact with Sherlock, he is clearly not ‘sent his way’. If anything, Sherlock is the one meant to stop him. Definetely not the villain you would assign to the episode. But it has to be!! Well, now that you mention it, here’s the jewel to the crown:

BONUS TRACK: Mary Morstan (TEH)

You cant’ tell me you’re really surprised to find this bad girl in here. You know me better than that!! We have the classic villain’s blocked face and ALSO a black hat (!!!), PLUS she is re-introduced to us like Moriarty was. (hence the four screenshots). Not only does she reject the red wine (romance) offered by John, she chooses water.  I’ve linked Mary to water before (my Sinnerman meta); I mean really, this water theory is worth nothing but just to throw another bit of “Mary Morstan is EVIL” evidence at the huge pile we already have.

Ok, this is all very nice, but what about General Han? Jonathan Small? Westie’s brother in law? The other baddies from TGG? WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKING WATERS FAMILY?!? Did you forget about them?? Click so you can see how water proves to be oh so consistent (Also there’s another big fish in there;) and lots of pictures because who has the time to read)

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Chanyeol - 160108 ‘So, I Married an Anti-fan’ supporting actor’s weibo update: “有幸参演电影#所以,我和黑粉结婚了#的拍摄,演出FD这个角色,这是一段美好的回忆,也是一次很好的学习历程,谢谢导演金帝荣,谢谢男主角@real__pcyyyyy 女主角@袁姗姗 俺们的领导@韦至 可爱的@演员许可嘉 帅气@姜潮 还有我们的小伙伴!杀青大吉,期待今年上映~多多支持哦#朴灿烈,所以和黑粉结婚了#”

Translation: “I was very fortunate to participate in the filming of #So, I Married an Anti-fan#, acting as the character FD, this was a beautiful memory, also a great learning experience, thank you Director Jin Di Rong, thank you male lead @real__pcyyyyy female lead @Yuan Shan Shan, our leader @Wei Zhi the cute @Xu Ke Jia handsome @Jiang Chao and our friends! Filming completion success, looking forward to the release this year~ Please give lots of support #Park Chanyeol, So, I Married an Anti-fan#”

Credit: 刘远锋.