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Got these Shan Yu & Falcon model sheet set from Van Eaton Galleries (won the Ebay auction). They don’t fit on my scanner so I taped them to the wall and took the pics with my phone (some of them are blurry since I couldn’t hold my phone straight).

I was pretty lucky to randomly stumble across the auction on Ebay. 

Although these are studio xerox copies and NOT the actual original drawings, I’m pretty happy with them. There are total of 18 artwork, but I’m just sharing 10 :P

The last image is an early concept art of Shan Yu by Pres Romanillos. I love the Shan Yu design they went with, but I kind of wish they went with that design since he looks 1000X badass (and scary).

One of the falcon’s model sheets has an image where he’s with his prey; is that an ARMADILLO? Armadillo…? Really, in Mongolia (or China)? O_o

And Shan Yu is six and a half “evil” heads tall. “EVIL HEADS TALL”. LOL.


From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
dont worry babe im comin!!!!

dont worry babe!!

lanas coming!!

im… gonna totally be there… in a bit…

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Did Guan just look up He Tianshan's horoscope? Furthermore, did we really just get a chapter with with He Tian in Guan Shan's ROOM?!?! WILL HE STAY OVER NIGHT?!?!

To be honest, I think Mo Guan Shan was reading his own horoscope which says something like “The other part is gentle, caring, and understanding” and Guan Shan reacts with “…What is this nosense” what makes me think that he really was thinking about He Tian as the “other part” that the magazine was referring to. I mean why in the hell would Mo Guan Shan of all people read a horoscope magazine. Better he had it hidden in his closet which makes things even more fishy. Maybe the kiss made him curious about love stuff, idk? Anyways, I see you Mo Guan Shan, I see you.

Yes, we did! And I’m so freaking happy. He Tian was hidding in Guan Shan’s balcony to make a surprise appearence but in the end he was the most surprised when Mo Guan Shan appeared shirtless. He probably needed 5 minutes to calm down hence the time it took for him to appear. 

I really hope he has dinner with Mo’s Family and spends the night in there. That would be really great. I can’t wait to see what will happen. *cross fingers*

take this burden - part 28

[ all eyes on you - st lucia ]


Mo Guan Shan glanced over his shoulder, catching the briefest glimpse of the surprised smile that lit up Jian Yi’s face.

The crowd parted for He Tian.

A large portion of them clearly knew him.

The rest were likely just, understandably, responding to his general presence.

Mo Guan Shan got a few curious looks and unconsciously tightened his fingers around He Tian’s, who squeezed back.

They made it through the mass of bodies.

He Tian released his hand and leaned over to talk to the pretty young woman behind the bar.

Her gaze flicked to Mo Guan Shan over his shoulder.

She smiled.

She was very, very, pretty.

He must have asked her something because she stepped back and pointed towards the back of the bar.

He Tian turned around, an apology on his lips, but set his sights behind Mo Guan Shan, relief washing over his face.

Jian Yi plopped onto a bar stood and slapped his hand down on the bar.

‘Barman, i’ll take the usual.’

The bartender rolled her eyes and turned away.

He Tian smiled, leaning forward to speak into Mo Guan Shan’s ear.

‘I’ll be back as soon as I can. Damage control. Janie will make you anything you want.

‘Take your time.’

Mo Guan Shan looked to the bartender.

‘What can I get for you, honey?’

‘Whatever’s on draft is fine.’

She rolled her eyes again, looking back to Jian Yi.

‘Strawberry margarita. On the rocks, with sugar. Top shelf, please.’

She nodded, turning away.

‘I was fine with beer.’ Mo Guan Shan told her, embarrassed.

‘And I’m fine with dry toast, but I’d prefer an omelet.’


‘Don’t settle for something you don’t actually want because you think you’re being an inconvenience or feel, stupidly, embarrassed. Confidence is key. People will respect you a hell of a lot more if you’re honest about what you want.’

Mo Guan Shan considered this as Janie sat the drink down in front of him.

‘But what if it is an embarrassing thing to order?’

Jian Yi scoffed.

‘Anyone that’s going to judge you for the drink you order isn’t someone worth impressing.’

Mo Guan Shan thought about people he’d dealt with in his early twenties that were very much the kind of people to judge you if you dare order anything ‘girlier’ than a light beer.

They DID suck, no arguing that.

But, being openly gay had been enough of a struggle there without drawing attention to yourself.

He watched Jian Yi lick the whipped cream off the glass of…whatever that was.

Looking around he saw several things that surprised him.

Two men sharing one of those comically large, colorful, drinks they serve in fishbowls.

Two women trying to eat the same cherry, clashing teeth, and collapsing into a fit of giggles.

Two men dressed in skirts and fishnets, in the middle of an intense arm wrestling match, cheered on by a group of, what looked to be, actual Hells Angels. Cuts and all.

A group of people at a large round table spin the bottle.

The walls were adorned with neon signs, pictures of wolves ranging from beautiful paintings and photographs to children’s drawings.

Every empty space held a mirror. Some in intricate frames, some simple squares or rectangles like you’d find in any bar, some actual broken shards. They gave the illusion that the room was much larger than it actually was.

One wall was full to overlapping with Polaroid snapshots of people kissing, each with two signatures on the strip of white at the bottom.

When he looked back, Jian Yi and Janie were watching him with matching smiles.

‘What do you think?’

‘It’s amazing.’ Mo Guan Shan told him.

It really was.

Janie poured them each a shot, holding her small glass up for a toast.

‘Welcome to The Black Wolf, sweetheart.’


He Tian finished up with Jenna.

He’d spent the last fifteen minutes assuring her that she’d done just fine and was not, in fact, fired.

Why did they all think he was such a dick?

He actively tried to be a nice boss but didn’t seem to be doing well.

He needed a fucking translator.

Sighing, he made his way back to the bar in time to see Mo Guan Shan, Jian Yi, and Janie toasting.

Mo Guan Shan wore a huge smile. 

He looked good here.

He looked happy.

He Tian approached them, lost in thought, and leaned over to place a soft kiss on Mo Guan Shan’s cheek before sitting down.

He looked up and Janie to order a drink.

She was watching him with wide eyes, mouth hanging open.

Confused as to what he could have possibly done wrong in such a short amount of time, he replayed the last 30 seconds in his mind.

Looking to his right, Mo Guan Shan and Jian Yi had suddenly found their drinks very interesting.

They both suppressed smiles.


He looked back up, reaching for his wallet, handing her a very generous tip and holding his finger to his lips.

She pocketed it with a nod.

A young man called He Tian’s name from the end of the bar, looking panicked.

He looked between the three of them for a moment before standing and walking off in that direction.

Janie leaned against the bar, letting it sink in for a moment, face eventually breaking into a smile and shaking her head.

She poured three more shots, holding hers up.

‘To how fucking good you must look naked.’

‘As a medical professional, I can vouch for that.’ Jian Yi quipped, raising his own.

Jian Yi’s free hand on his thigh served as a reminder.

Confidence is key.

He clinked their glasses together.

‘Goddamn right I do.’ 

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Its let's keep bothering Jess night! So i have a question: how do you plan threads and such with other people? I'm curious to see if how you do it differs to how i do it lmao

ooc: that’s a really interesting question because one of the biggest things I face personally as a part of this community is that I’m actually not very good at asking people to roleplay with me. As a rule of thumb for my own sanity I tend to stick with close friends, but even then I get extremely anxious asking people if they’re interested in doing something with me. Usually thread ideas between me and another come from us just talking in general like with Jess, or them inspiring me with a great cosplay like Ara’s Harley & Pansy that sparked a mighty need to do a Poison Ivy / Ginny etc.

in terms of planning a thread a lot of the time I like to discuss both characters with the other person, and this in turn requires a lot less effort when you know the person because you get to know their version of the character too, and the overall plot or idea for a thread. I really enjoy writing so I either type up a draft, chuck it at them and get their feedback or put it in a google docs for us to type together in a skype sesh etc. For the really long series I do with Ashley its usually a combination of all of the above.

In short, I need to roleplay with more people even if that branching out starts with just asking more of my friends to do stuff…

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Are there any myths involving crystals, gems, minerals, or rocks that give humans special powers?

What comes to mind are talismans and, in the Philippines, they’re specifically called anting-anting or agimat (agimat being more nature given vs man made and thus holding more power).

If they are mineral, it is often tektite or hematite. Sometimes, they are made of organic material and would often have something that resembles a powerful image imprinted on the surface of, for example, wood.

Although, it is more folklore than myth from what I know because it’s isn’t confined to a single story and it’s still being used in the Philippines today and you can buy them in Quiapo, Manila. There’s an anting-anting for every need and for every budget. This is a visual on the agimat, and this is a visual on the anting-anting.

The anting-anting contain religious/Christian-like imagery since they are also seen as powerful in the Philippines. The iconography of Christian images is indigenized and not always accurate to Christian doctrine— like baby Jesus on the first picture, lower left corner (who is naked and, if examined out of the picture, will have a fully erect penis. Otherwise known as “Santo Niño de Titi)

There are myths and superstitions surrounding a multitude of precious stones, although their influence isn’t usually enough to qualify as “special powers.” Mostly they’re just good for luck under certain circumstances (e.g., marriage, childbirth, travel, etc.) or as a preventative measure (e.g., animal attacks, natural disasters, or evil magic directed at the wearer, particularly the Evil Eye [everyone was terrified of the Evil Eye]).

  • Most red stones (carnelian, ruby, garnet) were considered protective against diseases or poisoning, either by actually negating the harm or discoloring in the presence of it.
  • Wearing amethyst protected against drunkenness, jade is still considered extremely lucky in China and Japan, and ruby was laid under foundations to prevent the building from collapsing, and agate could grant invisibility.
  • Ancient Mayans implanted multiple precious gems in their teeth to allow them to better communicate with the gods while the Shan people of ancient Burma would sew rubies under their skin to protect them in battle.
  • Curved stones with a hole bored in the larger end, called magatama, feature heavily in early Japanese mythology, although they’re usually used as a trade item.
    • The main exception to this is the Yasakani no Magatama which is a part of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. It’s used in the enthronement  ceremony in combination with a sword and mirror to confer imperial power to the emperor.
  • Multiple Native American tribes of the American Southwest considered turquoise to be significant. Ojibwe dreamcatchers traditionally contain a spider made of the stone to catch and eat bad dreams. In the Acoma Pueblo creation myth, the Creator taught the people how to make turquoise and shell beads that would make the wearer attractive and beloved. The Apache attached pieces to their bows to improve their accuracy.

It should be remembered that in the ancient world, there wasn’t much of a definition of any kind of stone beyond it’s immediately observable properties (e.g., color and hardness), so a lot of precious stones were lumped together under one name or mistaken for one another.

Also, the meaning of a lot of gem names has gotten more specific over time so while sapphire now refers to the gem quality corundum it used to just be the Latin word for blue. SO if you’re looking for a specific type of stone being significant in the ancient world, you might be out of luck.

As a side-note, diamonds are not historically or mythologically significant in any way. Their association with love and courtship is entirely thanks to marketing efforts by the De Beers cartel to keep demand high. This would also be the same cartel that controls the production and supply of the literal tons of high quality diamonds that have been mined in South Africa so that prices stay high as well. 

-the Chorus


yoooo! so idk if you guys know, i have a redbubble shop! it’d be pretty neat if you checked it out. I draw and make designs on photoshop (largely musically influenced) for different merch like,

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Hetian you f**K! Don’t make me come in there! If you don’t stop treating Guan Shan properly I swear I’ll print your face then rip it to pieces