shan beaste

You can look around and see your shitty surroundings and the dirty streets and the assholes that are all over the place, or you can like create your own paradise and you can live in that mentality, and I think that that is a really good core idea.
—  Shan Beaste
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GuMMy†Be▲R! // ZOMBELLE - Night With No Light

vp n cumming 3P, OAKLAND (((WMK 2011))) 

V - Shan Beaste

Your grandmother’s been asking a lot of seemingly random questions. U may realize now that if u look beyond the veil of light, u will find the princess. She’s in the castle fkkn yr d00ds. Wind blows throw humid airs. Listen. D0 u hear that? Whistling. As it snakes throw your vapid meind. Plz be patient for 3y3 m cursed. With good looks.