The episode opens with Sheldon calling Leonard and frantically telling him not to get married because “women are the worst” and how he “thought paper cuts were the worst, but no paper cut me this deep.” That really says something to me because here’s what Sheldon just said: this is the most pain he’s ever felt in his life. Up until now, he thought paper cuts were the most pain he could feel but now he’s had something worse happen to him. He lost Amy.

You know what? I’m sad and frustrated and mad at the writers for what they’ve done to us. The first time we get the chance to see Sheldon “loosen up”, it is with Penny, of all people. The very person he considers like a little sister. And I don’t care if it’s a dream sequence, ok? You can keep saying that it’s not real, not canon; it doesn’t matter, it still hurts. And why? What kind of evil joke is this? What have we done to deserve such treatment from them? In five years, we’ve been patient and grateful for whatever came our way; we’ve overanalyzed every single glance, hand-holding, hug, smile, peck because that’s how our beloved couple of weirdos is. Because that’s how they are and it was enough. But not anymore. I’m telling you. I’m tired. Tired of waiting. And I feel betrayed in my patience, loyalty towards the show and unconditional love towards this fictional couple. It’s not fair. It feels so wrong. And sick. And I feel overall sad. I will never forgive them for that scene. Ever.

The Ice Skating Complication





So, as you spoiled lovelies know, I decided to write what might’ve happened when Sheldon and Amy went ice skating together! However, instead of following the taping 100%, I went a bit off canon and made Sheldon get on this ice this time!

Also, I didn’t have time to edit, and I’ve been in a funk all week when it comes to writing so… my apologies if this is bad…

Anyway… I hope you enjoy this story about Amy teaching Sheldon how to ice skate!


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EW Spoiler (TBBT)

I need some hope for Shamy before The Big Bang Theory returns. — Kara

Does this help? “The fate of the ring Sheldon held at the end of the episode — and the fate of other rings — will be revealed,” the BBT producers tell me. In possibly related news, I can exclusively reveal that Laurie Metcalf will reprise her role as Sheldon’s mother in the premiere, while Keith Carradine returns as Penny’s father in the third episode.