Unspoiled Hubby watches Memaw episode

Okay so my husband… The one who predicted the makeup watched the Meemaw episode . After the “cool your jets” line he looks at me sighs and says.
“Okay, I know it is killing you. How does he propose in the next episode.”
“He doesn’t… Nor in the one after that.”
“Oh? Well it is coming soon then.”
He loved it and admonished me for not being happy unless a unicorn would fart rainbows on it. His POV with Memaws approval the engagement is nigh.
Hopefully he still has some predicting mojo…

My thoughts on Meemaw

To be honest, it didn’t matter to me if Amy and Constance didn’t have a close relationship. Civility and a common ground in loving Sheldon was enough for me. Unlike my fics, I don’t have a pie in the sky view of relationships. Most are hard won, difficult, and take work. In both of my stories, I made Meemaw loving because that’s the ideal we all want to see. Yet the reality? Putting aside the fact she loves her grandson and hated seeing him suffer, AND the fact she and Any are similar the are in attitude and love for Sheldon….her behavior towards Amy was awful and rude. I felt sorry for Amy, but wanted to actually slap Constance when she not only said her ring would never grace Amy’s finger but that Sheldon needed to leave to allow the grown ups to speak. That ideal relationship I saw between her and Sheldon was shattered. I know she dotes on Sheldon, but treating him like a six year old is insulting. Good for him, in respectfully standing up to her. I didn’t like her one bit. Sorry, Writers. You did a perfect job. But this fan will no longer sing Meemaws praises. Kudos to Amy for speaking her mind.

Since I'm spoiled, let me just say ...

Warning: spoilers ahead.

for real




As much a I can’ wait (can’t WAIT!) to see the SIK, I’m so excited to see Sheldon realize, post-SIK, that he really wants Amy in that way and that his body is perhaps more aware of this until now. Just to see his face after … ok, I need to breathe.