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So, a quick service announcement: I read your tags when you reblog something from me. There’s a cute xkit extension that allows it easily, and I like to do that. I am myself a furious tagger, and I know often comments end there.
As someone who tries to contribute somehow to the fandom, you can imagine how important is to me reading all your reactions (Btw, I’m really glad you enjoyed my last gifset. Yes, I’m still sorry for the middle gifs).

So, well, PLEASE, don’t put spoilers in tags.


1.They miss each other , also she is an asteroid

2. She know he has a ring

3. Happiest valentine

4. A girlfriend is made for dumping his psychological sewage on. 

5.  Sheldon without pants again

6.  They are living together!!!

7. Cute hug ever !

8.  Already married !

9.  He loves her … he wants to live with her …  

10. Sheldon can kill us ! 

11. Lets the magic do its thing 

Happy #NationalPiDay  💛
One of my favourite things about this amazing series, are the little details that go unnoticed, maybe some of you didn’t realize it, but Amy’s apartment was the number 314, and in this apartment happened a lot of my favourites things about Shamy relationship, the first kiss, the relation agreement, the reconciliation and of course, the first intimate night! An apartment that I’ll not forget!
I hope you like 😘😘

Tired of mean trolls. Who's with me?

Okay, I’m going to rant. I’m sick of reading negative comments to Mayim everywhere I look on tumblr, instagram, etc. “You’re not funny, Mayim.” “You’re ruining Sheldon, Mayim” “You’ve ruined the show, Mayim.” blah blah blah.. Hater’s gonna hate, that’s for sure. First of all, I get tired of listening to fans who wish the show stayed ‘the same as the first three seasons’ whine. Give those poor guys a break. What, they were supposed to stay alone and pathetic forever for YOUR viewing pleasure. Life imitates art, so if that were the real world, would YOU want to be alone if you were weird, geeky, quirky, etc? No. I think not. As for Sheldon? I loved the character then, and I love the character now. Of course he’s changed. He couldn’t stay a childish, sniveling, whiney, selfish, unlovable, rude, condescending baby forever. Meeting Amy and falling in love with her has, in MY opinion, made him not only a better man but a better Scientist. The point of this show is EVOLUTION. They have all grown, forged relationships, and moved on. In the RIGHT direction. Maybe they’re jealous of Mayim. Who knows? I can see why; she gets to sleep next to Jim, kiss Jim, cuddle with Jim. Like I said, hater’s gonna hate. And in MY opinion, she IS funny. The show is the number one comedy on tv, so they must STILL be doing something right. Okay, you can have your opinion. That’s fine. But when you get mean and troll-ish about Mayim, her acting, her looks, her religion, her dish detergent, etc.. that isn’t cool. Thanks for listening. Oh, and one more thing: SHAMY FOREVER.

anonymous asked:

I loved your analysis of the early days of Sheldon and Amy especially how you thought Sheldon was already "attracted" to Amy early on (but just didn't know it yet.) I hope you would pick more instances in their relationship and give us your thoughts. Looking at where they started and how far they have come really gives me warm, fuzzy feelings! : )

Hahaha, I’ve made a couple more, from the platonic permutation:

And I made what some people are now calling “shamy masterpost” which is kinda what you’re asking for?

The thing with these posts is, except for the last one, they’re not my idea. Both times it came from a message that prompted all of that. In fact, I don’t think I’d consciously thought of any of that until I started typing and just. couldn’t. stop.

But you know what? It’s funny you send me this right now cause I’ve been wanting to make a post about how Sheldon went from this germaphobe anti-human-contact guy.

To the guy we know today.

But man, that would take a shitload of planning.

Whenever I find the time, I’ll make it. College’s got me super busy right now :(

like?? all my ships are in such a good place right now??

sherlolly are in love

richonne sex scene coming up

shamy are on the up and up constantly

newtina are already canon

nichorello are…both still alive



#so does this mean sheldon started watching the flash after all?

timilina requested: Hello! Can you maybe write your own version of Meemaw’ visit? And, you know, correct all the bad things of that episode? ^.^ Thanks a latte!

(Note: I was terrible to Amy in this story, and I’m sorry about that.)

Sheldon couldn’t wait for Amy to show up.  He was positive that his Meemaw would love his girlfriend, and they needed to finally meet.  Sheldon checked his watch and noticed that Amy was five minutes late.  It was decidedly unlike her to be late, but it was possible that traffic was holding her up.  He knew she knew this was important to him, and he also knew that she wouldn’t let him down.

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