shamy things

like?? all my ships are in such a good place right now??

sherlolly are in love

richonne sex scene coming up

shamy are on the up and up constantly

newtina are already canon

nichorello are…both still alive

Can I just say how much I LOVE the fact that now is THEIR bedroom and not Penny’s bedroom?

I love the hugs, the kisses and the sexy times…

But right now, domestic Shamy is the best thing ever.

timilina requested: Hello! Can you maybe write your own version of Meemaw’ visit? And, you know, correct all the bad things of that episode? ^.^ Thanks a latte!

(Note: I was terrible to Amy in this story, and I’m sorry about that.)

Sheldon couldn’t wait for Amy to show up.  He was positive that his Meemaw would love his girlfriend, and they needed to finally meet.  Sheldon checked his watch and noticed that Amy was five minutes late.  It was decidedly unlike her to be late, but it was possible that traffic was holding her up.  He knew she knew this was important to him, and he also knew that she wouldn’t let him down.

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#so does this mean sheldon started watching the flash after all?

Disney! And Shamy! My two favorite things. @becauseimsunny
Is amazing and her work inspires me.
Also I got a anony prompt asking for Shamy Disneyland dating. Also this one prompt: sheldon apologizing again when he is alone with Amy later that night.

Sheldon knew that however heartfelt and sincere his apology was. Amy had found it to be lacking. Though she had accepted it at the time. It was clear to him now she was still stewing about the whole affair. There was a chill in her actions and words to him. When Amy was mad it bothered him. He had never meant to upset her, he thought sopping with Stewart was a perfectly viable substitute for himself in the line. He didn’t want to disappoint her by canceling completely. He had made a commitment to her and he intended to keep it. He had kept it just not with himself. Now he realized his mistake, that it was not about the shopping but spending time together that mattered to her.Now he wanted to make it up to her somehow but she was intent on shutting him out.

“What would you like to do this weekend?” He asks her as they eat lunch together in her lab.

“Don’t worry about making plans with me. I wouldn’t want it to interfere with any future movie plans you may have.” She says smiling sweetly at him then taking a bite of sandwich. The look on her face betrays what she said and he feels confused.

“I have no plans this weekend I’m all yours.” He reiterates

“No plans until a new showing of Batman fights Superman pops up. Then you’ll just hire Stewart to do whatever I pick.” Amy tells him.

“Number one I have zero desire to see that movie again, and just for the record it was Batman Vs. Superman. Number two, Amy I made a sincere apology to you. In that apology I made the promise to never repeat the action again.”

“Because you googled proper apology while on your way over in tbe uber. The fact is Sheldon is you have promised that a lot. Every time I believe you until you ditch me for the next best thing. I have to just start thinking you don’t like spending time with me.” Amy tells him shrugging her shoulders.

“Amy, that is simply not true. You know that.” Sheldon tells her taken aback. Amy is his favorite person in the world. He loves spending time with her.

“Sheldon we are scientists, I have to draw conclusions based on the evidence presented. You, not for the first time, eschewed time with me in favor of time with your friends. The worst part is that you could have just called me. Asked me if it was okay to go to the movie instead and I would have said yes. Because I understand you Sheldon, all you had to do was ask. Instead you sent me out with Stewart. A man I once dated may I remind you. In clear disregard of any of my thoughts or feelings.”

“Amy clearly I made a huge miscalculation. I should have just called and canceled myself but I did not want to disappoint you. I had promised you shopping and I wanted to carry through with that promise. I should have had the foresight to see the activity was not what was important. For that I sincerely apologize.”

“Apology accepted.” Amy says gratefully.

“Are you sure this time? Or am I going to have to do this apology nonsense again?” He asks and she gives him a look.

“Don’t press your luck Mister.” Amy says pointing at him.

“To make sure that this apology holds true, my offer earlier stands. I’m all yours this weekend anything you want. I will hold your purse while you browse pantyhose, weave baskets at the craft museum, listen to female poets deliver long monologues about their women areas. You name it I’ll do it.” he tells her with wide innocent eyes.

“There is one thing I have been wanting to do.” She says with a coy smile. She sits on the edge of her lab table and grins down at him. He gulps and looks up at her, he thinks he knows what she wants. The truth is he wants it to. It is part of the reason he has been keeping his distance from her. To be near her was to put his body through a sensual onslaught. Yet he had no idea how to ask for what he wants. “It is something we have done before, so don’t worry about that. We just have not done it in awhile. And the way I want to do it you may not approve of.” She continues and he gulps again. Her voice is warm and husky. He is about to tell her she can have it right now if she wanted.” I did it with the girls once and we had the best time.” This snaps him to attention.

“I’m sorry what?” He asks.

“Let’s play hooky on Friday and go to Disneyland! I did that once with Bernadette and Penny and we had so much fun. The lines are shorter, and it is so much less crowded than normal.”

“You want us to skip work and go to Disneyland?” He can’t believe his ears.

“I know you don’t like missing work, but you’ve done it before with the guys for comic-con and such.” Amy starts wheedling but Sheldon’s mind is made up.

“Say no more, let’s do it.” He says and Amy beams at him.


“Really.” He confirms and she beams at him.

“One more thing. Since this MY apology trip to Disneyland we do what I want to do.” She says looking at him intently.

“Of course.” He agrees.

“Good, I’ll remember that.” Amy tells him smiling and jumping off the table.
Early Friday morning Amy waits outside Sheldon’s apartment for him to come outside. Sheldon is all smiles when he enters the car. Amy smiles back at him excited for their adventure. This will be their first time going without the rest of the gang and she is excited. The drive to the park and seem to have beat a large part of the crowd.

“Alright Little Lady where to first? Space Mountain? The Matterhorn? Mr.Toad’s wild ride?” Sheldon says excited.

“Actually there is a place that does princess makeovers. I went once with Bernadette and Penny and I want to do it again.”

“Alright.” Sheldon agrees swallowing back some of his pride. Then he dutifully follows Amy to a shop where mostly little girls are getting dolled up. He sits his long legs in an uncomfortable plastic chair as gets her hair and makeup done. Sheldon has to admit that she looks beautiful when she is done. Amy is always beautiful but way her hair is twisted off her face and her simple blue outfit make her shine.

“What do you think? Belle is my favorite princess.” She tells him spinning around.

“You look wonderful.” He tells her as they leave the shop.

“Now we are going to have princess tea. I made a reservation when I found out we were coming.” Amy says happily leading the way.

“Princess tea? Is’ t that for little girls?” Sheldon asks.

“They don’t exclude big girls.” Amy informs him.

“Amy..” Sheldon starts to protest.

“I have watched you do many a thing normally reserved for little boys.” Amy begins but Sheldon cuts her off.

“Amy I look forward to it.” He says smiling at her and following her to fancy dining hall where she drinks tea and eats delicate treats with the Disney Princesses.

Sheldon starts to notice a pattern activity after she chooses things he would never normally do. The day is almost over but not once has he rode Space Mountain or any of his favorite rides. Yet the day has not been unpleasant. In fact seeing Amy in her element being so happy makes him happy. As he sits beside her watching her beam broadly as they crash into each other on the teacups he is more and more certain of what he has planned. He touches the pocket of his jacket to make sure the box is still there.

They go to the center square to watch the parade and fireworks show. Sheldon has seen the show many times. The fireworks always follow the same pattern. He looms up,at the spark filled sky waiting for his cue. When the first signal flashes he turns to Amy and grabs her hand.


“Hmm?” She says looking at him a bit dreamily reluctant to turn away from the show over the water.

“Today has been fun right?” He asks her.

“It has truly been the best day ever.” Amy tells him.

“Amy, I might not always say or do the right thing. But I promise you that I will try to give you as many days like today that I can. If you’ll have me.”

“Sheldon?” Amy exclaims as he gets in one knee and takes a box out of his pocket.

“Amy Farrah Fowler will you marry me?” He asks holding out the ring just as a heart shaped firework explodes over the water.

“How did you do that?” Amy asks looking at the heart slowly dissolving into the night sky.

“The fireworks follow a set pattern which so I knew when the heart would happen.”Sheldon rushes out. “Amy you didn’t answer me.” he says worried. Amy just wraps her arms around his neck and stands on her tiptoes and kisses him. He leans her back gently and kisses her back passionately. When they break away Amy just cradles his face in her hands and stares at him stunned. “Amy you still didn’t answer me.” He whispers.

“Yes!” She yells kissing him again and they stand on the bridge kissing as the fireworks go off around them.