shamy confessions

i was 17 when i broke his heart.
it’s something i don’t regret.
because he now has something
i could never have given him,
something safe and predictable.
i was too dangerous,
an accident waiting to happen.
and he deserved better than to keep trying
to glue my broken pieces back together.
he deserved to be happy.
no one deserved happiness more.
and if he needed to hate me to find it,
so be it.
—  N.M. Shami, confession no. 1

I really would love to see Amy receive a Nobel prize for her work in neurobiology before Sheldon. I find it completely plausible that, while Sheldon is away, Amy threw herself into her work, and made significant discoveries to science. Most importantly I want Sheldon to struggle with it, but ultimately set his difficulties aside and show her that he is proud of her.

I’m going to write a personal confession (hope you don’t mind) here it is. I want Missy back and I want her to have a conversation with Amy about Sheldon and all his qualities like a boyfriend and like a brother in a scene. Then, in the same scene after the conversation, he comes in and both of them go hugging him and he does his adorable “WTH” face. It’d be a loving and funny scene. …ok I’m crazy. What do you think?

Spoiler post!

So, for those who read the report..I didn’t understand very well the tag scene. Please help me. I’m not so good in english and the description of the scene really confused me..after the Catholic student outfit revelation, what is the exact line sheldon says??? Because I believe there’s a difference from “.[…]I don’t know where are you going with this” and “[…]I don’t know where this is going”, but to be honest, I didn’t really get it… HELP

There is a great reason why IDGAF on the non-shamy-related posts in that shamy confessions blog. Because either you make a perfectly civilized defense and SOME PEOPLE will make it a fact to rub their perfectly-opposing opinion as if their reasoning is highly palpable and the only thing to be believed in in this world when in everything that’s in discussions is all opinion-based.

To be honest, one’s point-of-view of a relationship is highly subjective. But one thing is for certain and truly obvious that you don’t have to be a fucking genius to understand– that it is Sheldon and Amy who’s in a relationship. Never was there a love triangle, never was a tension involving another person… unless of course you involve Leonard who’s always greeted in his apartment by the ridiculous things the Shamy has been plotting all along.


This is perfection please watch this video !!

Shamy thought. .

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something. ..oh well. ;) I was thinking it can be cute if we start ,maybe at the start of season 8,add a new tag called SIH(Sheldon Initiated Hug) . Idk if that already exists I didn’t check… I believe sheldon never really hugged amy on his own so I wondered it would be cute if the writers put it at the middle or at the end of season 8. So what do you think? :))))