shamy confessions

i was 17 when i broke his heart.
it’s something i don’t regret.
because he now has something
i could never have given him,
something safe and predictable.
i was too dangerous,
an accident waiting to happen.
and he deserved better than to keep trying
to glue my broken pieces back together.
he deserved to be happy.
no one deserved happiness more.
and if he needed to hate me to find it,
so be it.
—  N.M. Shami, confession no. 1

There is a great reason why IDGAF on the non-shamy-related posts in that shamy confessions blog. Because either you make a perfectly civilized defense and SOME PEOPLE will make it a fact to rub their perfectly-opposing opinion as if their reasoning is highly palpable and the only thing to be believed in in this world when in everything that’s in discussions is all opinion-based.

To be honest, one’s point-of-view of a relationship is highly subjective. But one thing is for certain and truly obvious that you don’t have to be a fucking genius to understand– that it is Sheldon and Amy who’s in a relationship. Never was there a love triangle, never was a tension involving another person… unless of course you involve Leonard who’s always greeted in his apartment by the ridiculous things the Shamy has been plotting all along.

eii-shamy requested: Hi … So I think you are amazing, your blog is amazing and your fics are amazing …. I hope we can see one of then about the gang playing true or dare, with some Shamy confession, maybe ? So thanks, I’m Big fan of yours.

Thank you for the prompt, my dear! This was a fun one to write and I seriously think Truth or Dare should happen in the show. The possibilites are endless! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this! :D 

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I’m going to write a personal confession (hope you don’t mind) here it is. I want Missy back and I want her to have a conversation with Amy about Sheldon and all his qualities like a boyfriend and like a brother in a scene. Then, in the same scene after the conversation, he comes in and both of them go hugging him and he does his adorable “WTH” face. It’d be a loving and funny scene. …ok I’m crazy. What do you think?


Shamy Confessions reopening! 

Hello, we haven’t posted anything in a very long time and haven’t made a confession since last year. 

I have cleared the inbox completely, a lot of new things have happened since last year regarding Shamy and in order to keep this blog fresh, I felt it was the best idea and it allows us to have a complete revamp. 

We’re sorry that we were gone so long! We even missed the SIK! 

Reminder that confessions are about the couple Sheldon and Amy. We are also spoiler free.


We’d also be interested in adding some new people who think they can make confessions like ours, send an ask and proof you can make a basic confession if interested.