💙 Shamy - Doctor Who 💫✨

You know how much I love drawing crossovers, and I couldn´t believe it took me so long to combine my two favorite series, Shamy and Doctor Who. I always thought Amy would be an incredible companion to the doctor, she is so funny and clever, I love her. I have chosen the clothes of David Tennant, the tenth doctor, who is my favorite for Sheldon. (I would love to see them like that). 

💕Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope you like it!.

The Storytelling Elicitation, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction
Story 1: The Swedish Crib Dispersion

A few days ago I asked for prompts, and I have received various suggestions. Thank you so much guys! I’m having fun writing these. Btw, if you are interested my inbox is still open.
This is the first one, and of course it ended in pure fluff before I could stop myself. Enjoy!


Prompt: Amy is pregnant and sheldon feel the baby kick or they are building the crib.

Amy studied the multitude of beech pieces and tiny screws currently invading her living room and coffee table. Then she looked at Sheldon, busy in disposing them.

“Are you sure it’s such a good idea to assemble the crib here? I am not sure it’s going to fit through the door. I am not sure I’m gonna fit it.” She added, resting one hand over her fast growing seven-month belly.


So a few things I loved about this scene:
1. Pretty girlfriend.
2. His woman.
3. Moving his head to touch her hair?
4. Knows every erogenous part of Amy’s body and has them meticulously categorized.
5. I realize this is open to interpretation but… There’s no way Sheldon isn’t making these innuendos on purpose. He’s talking about her erogenous zones and acting way too flirty.


What if living together kills the romance?


1. Sheldon referring to coitus as ‘making love’ for the first time.
2. Making sure Amy knew they weren’t having sex for the wrong reasons.
3. Being all adorable and shy as he talks about what they’re about to do.
4. Leading Amy on as they walk to their bedroom.
YUP, I’m dead. Bye world.