The Locomotive Continuation

Very short one shot fanfic (more like a musing) becaue I KNOW this happens to Sheldon and no one can tell me differently. Hope you enjoy it…

It had certainly been a very long day… hours in the car to Nevada but the ride had been relaxing. Amy had managed to get “in the zone”. Her daydreams were so realistic; she was actually looking forward to this excursion too. It had all been worth it to see Sheldon with a content smile even if he hadn’t taken his shirt off like she would have liked him too. He was glowing and had a level of excitement she had not seen in a long time. He quietly browsed thru a train book he bought at the gift shop. She was happy to know she had a part in making him so happy.

She was exhausted though. She couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and take a long shower and wash her hair before going to bed. She felt sticky and dusty at the same time. Upon arrival to their hotel room she quickly opened her suitcase and communicated her intentions.

“I can’t wait to take a shower.” She said.

“Go ahead. I’m intrigued by this book.” He responded.

She began gathering her clothes as Sheldon flipped through the pages. He was distracted by Amy’s position as she bent over her luggage looking for her clothes. He stares at her as she cautiously used her fingers to shuffle through the folded clothes without messing anything up and carefully pulling out her gown. She proceeded to reach in the top pocket in her bag and pulled out her nicely laced light pink panties. Sheldon licked his dry lips and put his eyes on the page again. She sat on the edge of the bed and kicked of her shoes and pulled of her socks, revealing her cute toes. Sheldon looked at how her perfectly crimsoned colored toes still looked even though a little more than a week had passed since Amy had been at the spa with Penny.

Sheldon shook his head as to snap out of it and attempted to look at his train book once again. But he couldn’t help looking at Amy again who had gotten up from the bed and was unbuttoning her cardigan. She brushed it of her shoulders, Sheldon kind of wishing she would without her shirt too. She placed it in a small bag she took out of one of the compartments, also taking out a hair tie. She tossed her head down in front of almost to her knees, collecting all her hair in a cute messy ponytail and taking of her glasses. His girlfriend face was gorgeous and her eyes were a heavenly shade of green which seemed to change colors. Sheldon found them mesmerizing. Her skirt wrapped itself tightly to her beautiful posterior and Sheldon could not help but reminisce on the warmth that radiated from it anytime he was near. He thickly swallowed as he noticed himself feeling thirsty.

She walked to the bathroom leaving the door halfway open and he could see her set the water to the perfect temperature. She proceeded to remove each item of clothes exposing her back side, her juicy rear and her soft naked fair skin. As soon as she got in, she could feel all the tension leaving her body. Sheldon could feel his pulse raising as he felt his pants tighten.

“Sheldon!” Amy interrupted a distracted Sheldon. “Did you hear what I just said?” She said standing in front of him with her gown, toiletries and towel in her hands.

“What?” a startled Sheldon responded snapping out of his flustered state.

“I’m asking if you really don’t mind me going first because I may be in the shower for a while. But it seems like you forgot I was even here. Are you okay?” Amy began to wonder if Sheldon was starting to feel sick.

“Oh! I’m sorry for not responding, Amy. I… um”. He felt like a kid that had just been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. “My mind just wandered off.” He said as he fanned his blushed face with one hand and placed the book down on the table. “What were you saying?”

Amy looked at him curiously “I was just making sure you didn’t want to hop in the shower first because I plan on staying in there a while.”

He stood from his seat. “Do you…?” His voice changed to a husky tone as he raised his eyebrows flirtatiously.

Amy shyly smirked. Her handsome boyfriend always had a way of doing THIS to her, but she knew better than to get worked up. “Yes, Sheldon. I’m just giving you the option. You want to hop in before I take over the bathroom or can I just go? I don’t want to be hurried.”

He quietly approached her freeing one hand into his. Their warm bodies met. “I say we solve this problem right now. How about we both take a shower together?”. His piercing blue eyes dug into hers awaiting a response.

Amy’s mouth almost dropped opened, followed by a smiling nod “Yes, please”. He licked his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her soft rosy lips before leading her by the hand into the bathroom.

So, what do you think will happen in that bed at the taping?
1) Nothing, they just go to sleep/they wake up.
2) Cuddles.
3) Coitus.

I personally would want Sheldon being the big spoon. Give me Shamy snuggling!


I didn’t gif the “Now put you glasses back on, you look weird” because I hit the 10 gif limit, not because it was the typical ‘last line that ruined the scene’. In fact, I think Sheldon telling Amy to put her glasses back on meant that not only does Sheldon accept and love her despite her flaws, but also that her flaws in some way make her better.


1.They miss each other , also she is an asteroid

2. She know he has a ring

3. Happiest valentine

4. A girlfriend is made for dumping his psychological sewage on. 

5.  Sheldon without pants again

6.  They are living together!!!

7. Cute hug ever !

8.  Already married !

9.  He loves her … he wants to live with her …  

10. Sheldon can kill us ! 

11. Lets the magic do its thing