That moment I was fangirling so hard because Mayim liked the drawing I did for @nerdforestgirl about her story and I realise she also liked the drawing @majimforever did of @missshc herself and me together for groknation

I’m sorry but I’m excited about this, I needed to share it 💕💕

*happy tears* 😭😭


1.They miss each other , also she is an asteroid

2. She know he has a ring

3. Happiest valentine

4. A girlfriend is made for dumping his psychological sewage on. 

5.  Sheldon without pants again

6.  They are living together!!!

7. Cute hug ever !

8.  Already married !

9.  He loves her … he wants to live with her …  

10. Sheldon can kill us ! 

11. Lets the magic do its thing 


I didn’t gif the “Now put you glasses back on, you look weird” because I hit the 10 gif limit, not because it was the typical ‘last line that ruined the scene’. In fact, I think Sheldon telling Amy to put her glasses back on meant that not only does Sheldon accept and love her despite her flaws, but also that her flaws in some way make her better.