The Shamy Commitment

Just some food for thought this morning

Episode 7x21: Sheldon sees a psychic with Penny. The psychic tells Sheldon, “Everything will fall into place once you commit to her [Amy]“ 

We all know what happens. Sheldon runs because he’s still scared of his feelings and of commitment. But when he comes back (season 8) we see him and Amy take *huge* leaps in their relationship including the all important “I Love You” and the first sleep over.

Season 8 Finale Title? The Commitment Determination. 

One final note. In the S7 scene where Sheldon is told to commit to Amy and that she is the key to his happiness…he’s wearing the same “73″ shirt he’s wearing in the Turtle episode when he asks Amy to move to Mars with him, effectively asking Amy to live with him.

Breathe deeply Shamy shipmates. We’re gonna make it.


Remember this

Sheldon isn’t eager to have sex with Amy. You can make up whatever you like and stick with it if that makes you happy, i’m not judging. But I just want to find another shipper who doesn’t have to change Sheldon to make him horny over Amy. He had a panic attack just when he thought she looked pretty, I hardly think that if he had been turned on in front of her at any point he would have reacted whichever way he did.


my ideas always arise from a simple sketch on a piece of ugly…

Dear Shipmates


There is no way Amy is pregnant because there is no way on this earth that TBBT would simply pass over Shamy having sex for the first time and just jump head first into a Shamy-baby.

The writers are smart. They know that Shamy is their power ship and they’ve shown time and time again that with this ship, the steps are small but significant and more to the point follows a logical course for the two characters that make up Shamy (hand holding, making her his emergency contact, the kiss, being scared of commitment, acknowledging that he’s scared of what Amy thinks about him, the I Love you, Mars, The Fort—it’s a clear path for them)

There is a very clear line of thought coming from the writers room about how to progress these two. Sudden baby (which would have meant sex) would be the equivalent of of jumping over several huge points.

Passing over and hand waving away coitus for the first time? Not going to happen.

Wth with all these predictions?

Amy is pregnant. Shamy’s gonna break up. ;_; no, no, no. These predictions are freaking me out! If Amy is pregnant, that will be too soon, right? If Shamy will break up, we will have the whole period of hiatus hanging on to this cliffhanger and cry. Noooo~ (But we will have a lot of fanfics from this, which is okay I guess?? Idk) 

Please my shipper’s heart. What I wanna see in the last ep is just a make out scene. It’s a dramatic step. Please, please writers. ;_;