Excuse me, I think you’ve got my seat by mistake,” Mary tells her smiling broadly. Beverly looks up at her and studies her eager face for a moment before answering her.

“There is no mistake. I took this seat because I am eager to talk to Sheldon about the progress he has made on his work,” She tells her before turning back to Sheldon.

“I am his mother, I would like to sit next to my son,” Mary says this time a bit more firmly.

“Leonard is my son. Yet I have no desire to sit next to him,” Beverly tells her blandly. Her icy features showing no emotion. Her harsh words against her own flesh and blood flustering Mary. Amy comes to her rescue by getting up.

“It’s okay Mary you take my seat. I’ll sit over here,” Amy says moving to the seat across from Sheldon. Mary takes her vacated seat but it does not lessen the anger she feels towards Beverly.

“Thank you Amy dear,” Mary says smiling at Amy who is now sitting in between Missy and George. “Now… I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name,” Mary says to Beverly and she looks at her annoyed.

“Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, and as I said before I am the mother of your son’s roommate,” She says again.

“Now Bev, I don’t see why you don’t want to sit with your son. Leonard is a fine boy, I’d be proud to call him my son,” Mary says and Beverly cuts her eyes at her.

“The name is Beverly,” She says stiffly.

“Thank you Mary,” Leonard pipes up. “Don’t worry about it nothing I ever do will be good enough for mother,” He mumbles.

(Chapter 9) To be continued… 7/28/16

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The TV OTP Chat Room: Post-Malec Kiss
  • Malec:*enters with flashing lights from paparazzi*
  • Olicity:Congrats, you're canon!
  • Stydia:That was some kiss though. It was amazing.
  • Destiel:So you kissed in your first season... we're on season 11, and we still haven't kissed...
  • Lucaya:skjsdjkfsjhfdskmlslkjhsfhjkf
  • Shamy:We're in our 30s and we only recently had our first kiss...
  • Malec:lmao we trended worldwide last night
  • Other OTPS:
  • Malec:y'all should take notes from our fabulousness
  • Other OTPS:
  • Malec:And Dean just admit you love Cas and kiss him already, goddamnit!
  • Destiel:
  • Malec:our love saved our show! bye losers!!!!!