I saw An Act of God! And I met Jim!

Good gracious, what an experience. We arrived at the theatre, and stood in line to be seated. I kept thinking, ‘Jim Parsons is in this building right now’. I don’t know if that helped me or made my excitement worse! My husband got a drink, and I should’ve as well. I was too nervous to drink or eat. When he came out on stage, I thought my heart would burst through my ribs. I have a heart arrythmia anyway, and trust me…seeing him in the flesh made it go haywire. He is just…beautiful. Plain and simply. We had center row seats 11 rows back, and I could perfectly see his blue eyes an perfect skin. I was slackjawed the entire time. The show was hilarious. I won’t give it away for spoiler reasons, but Jim’s dry humor and wit shone through. He owned the stage; the audience loved him. And when it was over, he took three bows. About 90 percent of the patrons exited through the lobby doors leading to the gift shop kiosk, and I looked to my left and saw the outside sidewalk. Something told me to go that way instead of buying a stupid mug. As I was going down the stairs, a stagehand said the stagedoor is to the left. I couldn’t believe it, I ran outside and was like twentieth in line behind the barricade. My husband followed me, and asked me if I was really going to stand there and wait an undetermined amount of time for an autograph. He was excited for me, but knows I was overly excited and about to faint from nerves. I said yes, of course, and he went to buy me a bottle of water. It took about fifteen minutes, but the stagedoor opened, and out walked Jim. Dear Lord. I was on the verge of fainting. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for hours and lets be honest…I was seeing Jim. He was very gracious and soft spoken, walking down the line and signing for everyone. I wanted to snap a photo of him, but was terrified I’d either drop my I phone, or risk him moving past me. So I waited and he finally came to me. OMG…He said 'hello’, (he sounded JUST like Sheldon) and I said it back. I handed him my sharpie, and my hands were literally trembling. He looked at me and said sweetly 'how are you?’ I think he knew I was on the verge of collapse. I said 'good, thank you for the play’ and he said 'oh! thank you!’ He handed me my sharpie back and I just stood there, my legs feeling like jelly. I turned to the lady on my right and said 'wow’. She said ’ i know, right?’ I couldn’t even feel my legs. I did snap a picture of him from the back as he signed autographs, which I will post. But here is my signed playbill. I can’t believe Jim Parsons spoke to me. After writing The Chaos Cognizance all of this time with him as my inspiration, to meet him and talk to him was priceless. He was just lovely. Sweet and lovable to all, and gorgeous up close. It’s an experience I will never forget.


Great video edit by @cutelittlelumpofwool82 Happy Shamyversary! #majim #shamy #jimparsons #mayimbialik #dontsinkourshamyship

*A/n Hey guys! So this may or may not be a stupid time to post this (it’s almost midnight here geez) but I recently read someone who did a thing like this for the pairing Phan, and I wanted to do it for Shamy and idk if someone has already done this so while this is in no way original, here we go! I hope you enjoy :)

(Also this may not be very accurate towards the ending, and it may make you cry, or you might think me totally insane. Whatever the case, let me know what you think, as it would be well appreciated.)


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After the season 8 finale, I started watching “The Big Bang Theory” from Season 1 on. It’s a surprisingly great thing to watch while exercising. 

Today, I was watching “The Cooper-Nowitski Theorem” (Season 2, Episode 6) and realized that this was one of the first times we see Sheldon as a theoretical “partner” to Grad student Ramona Nowitski.

And he’s terrible in it.

Sheldon completely uses Ramona, taking advantage of her kindness, and disregarding any emotional connection she tries to make with him, aside from accepting her overwhelming praise of his accomplishments. And when he realizes she helped him discover the new theorem, he kicks her out solely because she wanted credit where credit was due.

Thank goodness he didn’t ever act completely this way with Amy. At least in theirs, he recognizes she is his equal, whereas with Ramona, she’s just a petty “free meal” and motivator. 

Seeing this episode reminded me of how much Sheldon has grown since Season 2, and has me eager to see how he grows as I watch through all of the seasons.