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Ok so here is the short little sequel to last nights story. To all of you who asked snugglebunny73 punyuy

Amy could not remember the specifics of her scary dream last night. Just dark shapes and the feeling of foreboding, she knew she would have one. Stress always brought them out and Sheldon seeing her nude had been stressful. After the nightmare , she had the best dream. In she was dressed in dress from a Jane Austen movie and had fainted at a ball and a handsome stranger picked her up and carried her out of the hall. When she woke up she could still feel the warm strong arms wrapped around her. Then as she adjusted to being awake she realized that there were arms wrapped around her. Amy it looks at her watch it is still very early in the morning only five o clock.

Amy turned her head and saw Sheldon his face relaxed in sleep laying beside her. What happened last night why was he in her bed. She remembered him coming in the room but he was in Penny’s vacated bed. Amy lays quietly beside him enjoying the sensation of his arms intertwined with her own. Amy grows bolder and backs up to snuggle against him further but he wakes up. His arm is jerked off her like ripping off a band-aid and he pops up.

“I did not mean to fall asleep.” He says and she turns over to see him standing over her bed running his hands through his dark hair. Amy smiles at how cute he looks in the morning before he has had a chance to groom himself.

“How did you end up in my bed?” She asks.

“You were having one of your infernal nightmares. I tried stroking your hair as I was instructed but you just kept thrashing around. So I felt the need to restrain you lest you injure yourself. I only meant to stay long enough to calm you down. All the exhaustion from the day must have caught up with me ” He says annoyed.

“I ended up sleeping very well, thank you for taking care of me.” Amy says softly a little miffed that he is acting like falling asleep beside her is the worst thing in the world. Secretly pleased that he had spent the entire night in her bed. Amy just wishes she could have been more aware for it.

“Your welcome, it bothered me that it seemed like you were in pain. What were you dreaming about that made you feel like that.” He asks concerned.

“I..I.. don’t know I seldom remember the bad dreams. I had a pleasant dream afterwards that a handsome gentleman was carrying me out of a ball where I had fainted.” Sheldon smiles slightly and sits back on her bed.

“I set my alarm for 6:45 we could get more rest if you wanted too it is still rather early.”

“Yes, I think we will need all the energy we can get for todays panel.” Amy says and Sheldon lays back down beside her. Amy is surprised she thought after his averse reaction to waking up beside her he would go back into his own bed again. Instead he lays facing her his wide blue eyes staring into her own.

“I slept very well, after joining you. I always thought sleeping next to someone else would be uncomfortable. Yet I found myself very relaxed, I was able to achieve REM sleep while sleeping with you.”

“You say that like you are surprised.” She says. “Sharing a bed helps reduce cytokines, and boosts oxytocin, that is known to ease anxiety and is produced in the same part of the brain responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.” She tells him matter of factly.

“I guess I can trust a neuroscientist on this.” He says giving her a half smile.

“Do you ever wonder what else you may have been wrong about?” Amy asks him.

“I never said I was wrong, just ill informed. I am never wrong.” He says smugly.

“Do you ever wonder what else you may be ill informed on then?” she asks gazing at his face focusing on his lips and the way they form the his words.

“I am also rarely ill informed, what are you angling at?” he asks giving her a face and she scoots closer to him and places her lips upon his. At first his mouth is stiff an resistant then slowly he relaxes and moves his lips against hers. His hands move lightly over her body, his long fingers massage her hip through the material of her flannel night gown. When she breaks away she looks at his shocked but aroused face and smirks.

“Do you think you could have been ill informed about that?” she asks biting her lower lip.

“I don’t know, I think I need to collect additional data.” He tells her sweeping his tongue over his full lower lip.

“Additional dat..” Amy begins but she is cut off as his mouth descends upon hers once more. Soft and unsure at first his lips form around hers then as she presses her body against his he gains confidence. Pressing his lips against hers flatting his hands against her back to pull her close. When her tongue makes the first tentative sweep against his, he groans in pleasure. Parting his lips and allowing her access to his mouth. Massaging his tongue against hers eliciting a soft moan from her parted lips. They go on like this for awhile testing the tantalizing sensations there mouths make together. So engrossed in their activities they do not hear the alarm on Sheldon’s phone going off. Sheldon moves so that he his almost completely on top of her pressing her into the bed. Amy’s hands explore his strong back pulling him tightly against her. They are lost together and it seems now that the barrier has been crossed thereis no stopping them.

“Hey guys I left all my stuff in here and I want to take a shower and change…Oh my god!” they hear Penny exclaim and the door slam shut. Sheldon jumps off her like he has just been scalded grabbing his phone from the night stand where he left it and rushing out the door.

“I was just collecting additional data.” He says to Penny”s shocked face as he scuttles down the hall.

“I bet you were you dog.” Penny calls after him as she walks into the room. “Want to tell me what that was all about?” Penny asks putting her hands on her hips.

“Well Sheldon saw me naked, then I had a night terror and he had to calm me down, then prove that sometimes he is wrong I kissed him.”

“Is that the data he said he was collecting?”

“After I kissed him the first time he said he needed additional data to prove he was wrong about kissing.”

“Well from what I just saw you proved him wrong.” Penny tells he puffing out her cheeks.

“Yes, I believe did.” Amy giggles.


Sheldon rushes into his original room and finds it blissfully empty. There are far to many thoughts swirling around his head for him to have company right now. His heart is still pounding out of his chest. He sits on his bed and pulls out his toiletry bag a cold shower in mind. When Leonard walks out of the bathroom drying his hair.

“Hey buddy, where did you end up last night?”

“Oh, I slept in Amy’s room and Penny slept with Bernadette.” Sheldon says nonchalantly.

“Oh really?” Leonard says wigging his eyebrows at him.

“Grow up Leonard nothing happened.” Sheldon barks his eye twitching.

“That’s not what Penny says. Penny sent me a text that says says she walked in on you climbing Amy like a tree.”

“I was not climbing Amy! I was collecting additional data!” he huffs getting up and shoving past Leonard to the bathroom.

“Excuse me I need to take a shower and get ready for the day.”
“A cold shower?” Leonard giggles and Sheldon glares at him.

Later on at the panel on science and society that the group as been called on to conduct tensions are running high. Howard and Bernadette have yet to reconcile after their fight. Sheldon and Amy have yet to discuss what happened between them in the room and Sheldon has been avoiding her.

“Good Morning and welcome to the panel on science and society I am Dr. Sheldon Cooper, B.S. MS, MA, Phd, and ScD… Omg.. Am I right? He says giving his breathy laugh and crickets can be heard in the audience. “Perhaps that joke was a little to hippy dippy for this crowd eh? Well we are here today to talk about science in society. Mrs. Rostenkowski would you like to start us off by discussing scientist responsibilities to society?” Sheldon asks gesturing to Bernadette who glares at Howard and begins.

“I think all branches of science need to be careful these days for it is not just giant nuclear weapons that can destroy the world. Asa microbiologist I can say even the tiniest of organisms can still tear you a new one .”

“I think what my colleague us trying to say that though she claims her field of interest is tiny organisms she has spent her fair share of time around what we can only assume is pretty heavy weaponry.” Howard says glaring back at Bernadette.

“Though this scientist may have made tiny organisms her focus she could still get all the heavy weaponry she wants.” She says glowering back at him.

“Are we talking about women wanting penises? Because I would like to weigh in.” Amy says looking pointedly at Sheldon. He looks back at her and flushes crimson remembering how his own reacted to her this morning durning their data collecting session. He takes a big gulp and averts her steady gaze.

“Dr, Koothrapali would you like to weigh in?” he asks in a desperate bid to change the focus from himself. Raj takes a big gulp of his mimosa before continuing.

“Of course.”he says professionally before dissolving into giggles. “First of all these mimosas are kicking my little brown ass. Secondly I think they are talking about penises, more specifically the penis Amy almost got this morning.” He says giggling.

“Amy did not almost get a penis! We were collecting data!” he tells him vehemently.

“I saw it it looked like she was about to get a penis from my view!” Penny calls from the audience.

“Alright! Panel over!” Sheldon yells getting up and storming from the conference hall.

“Touchy.” Raj breathes looking at Sheldon’s retreating back. “Now Amy can you tell us did you touch it?”