• sheldon:gollum you're an expert on rings, what do i do with this one?
  • gollum:...
  • gollum:i just came out here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Commiseration needed. And hugs

As the Season 9 opener draws near (and the taping report), and considering what most of us have read about Molaro’s comments, I don’t know what to think (or feel). Honestly, I know most of us would LIKE to have faith in the powers that be to deliver Shamy into a realm of everlasting happiness. Again, I’d LIKE to keep that positive outlook. I’m trying. I didn’t realize how much this couple’s love story has affected me in RL until I read the comments about Amy ‘keeping her options open’. For some strange reason, I just CANNOT see her dating another man. I understand in RL, this happens all of the time. Not every love story is written in the stars, and sometimes, couples have to break up to appreciate what they have. I guess I’m just oddly peculiar. I couldn’t bear watching Amy sharing her deepest thoughts with another man. Or kissing another man. Geez…this is REALLY bothering me. I know Sheldon has dragged his feet, and I know Amy deserves a man that can grow with her. On the same note, I want Amy to remember how much Sheldon loves her, and not just as a friend. He would never concede to another woman the way he has with Amy. Surely, that means something. I think it’s bothering me so much, because my husband reminds me of Sheldon. It would make me feel weird to know Amy explored a physical relationship with another man, even if she and Sheldon are endgame. I want them to remain 'chaste’ to each other. Why do they have to be like every other couple. They are NOT like any other couple. Why can’t the writer’s keep their relationship sacred? We’ve have enough bed hopping on the show. I thought/hoped Sheldon and Amy would be different. Now, they are hinting to changing the status quo of Shamy. Okay, I know we need a shakeup. Even a breakup. If that’s what it takes to make Sheldon come around. But please….NO trivializing Amy and Sheldon’s sexuality. I still hold out I want that first to be just theirs, together. Thanks for listening to my rant. Peace.

I know everyone is real pissed about this whole news thing….

But honestly, I am not upset in the least bit.

I know we all want Shamy to have their happy ending

And they very well might

But this news….and the potential it has and opportunities it brings is fantastic. In my opinion.

I think it would be awesome to see Amy with a new guy….even if its stewart or someone completely out of the group.

Amy did not have a normal childhood/teenage years as she really wanted. This is her opportunity to do so. To do something for herself for once with this new found confidence she gained from being with Sheldon and all the friends she’s made.

I think that Amy needs to find her feet and the ground they belong on, take some time for herself. Go on dates on her own terms (remember that her mother made her go on the others) buy a dress that’s too short, get a hair cut, move somewhere, travel somewhere, meet new people, change from android to apple, so on and so forth.

If the writers have her do that, I think her character will blossom into the person she is meant to be.

So yeah, I know people are pissed and upset…..but think of how good this is for her. To be able to figure things out on her own without having people push her around and make her do things she didn’t or wasn’t ready to do.


I think if they introduced another guy who was interested in Amy but she wasn’t interested in him it would be fun to see. And to get jealous Sheldon’s reaction too but only in these circumstances would I be happy with a new guy on the scene.

My Shamy Dream

Last night I had a Shamy dream. It took place at a University event that had food, music and dancing. Sheldon shows up with the guys and sees Amy dancing with Kripke. Sheldon just stares at them, then walks out. Leonard was going to go after him, but then Sheldon walks back in and walks straight up to Kripke and Amy. He pushes Kripke out of the way very forcefully, stares at Amy for a few seconds, grabs her face and kisses her! They both melt into a passionate kiss and Amy wraps her arms around his neck, he wraps one arm around her waist and the other hand is on her butt. Everyone just stares in shock!
….and then I woke up!