fucking get rekt, maxie

oh my god this headcanon was so funny i had to go all out with it omfg thANK YOU

all i could imagine was ex team magma and aqua on vacation. with the bad tourist polo shirts and cargo shorts and tube socks and everything. and i just imagined archie dragging all of them to the front row of the shamu show on purpose and yeAH

now all i imagine is maxie screaming ‘archie, my shorts are CHAFING’ and archie is just too giddy to care

Percabeth SeaWorld AU

Percy heads to SeaWorld in San Diego as his eighteenth birthday present before he heads to college and whilst being there has a run in with a local part time trainer… 

Percy loved SeaWorld. Ever since his mom had taken him when he was younger Percy had fallen in love with the place, the sea animals in captivity bothered him but seeing them from an audience point of view made him practically glow with happiness. He hadn’t gone in years, probably since he was nine. His mom always seemed to have money problems and he didn’t complain much about it, they would go when the time was right, but Percy was scared the time would never be right. He would be heading off to college soon (NYU) and his eighteenth birthday was drawing near. The place seemed far off from his mind when his mom and step-dad broke the news to him a week before his birthday, they would be going off to SeaWorld.

               Percy could practically feel the animals calling out to him the dolphins, orcas, penguins, puffins and all the other sea life. He knew that this was the last year that the theme park would be able to keep the orcas in captivity so he had to make this day last and he was determined of it.

               On his birthday, August 18th Percy was practically jumping in line by his mom and step dad. He’d been offered to invite his cousin Jason on the adventure but the blonde had claimed he was busy with his girlfriend Piper for the month before school started (which made no sense to Percy since the two of them were going to the same school but he decided not to argue about it.)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you think the Shamu shows should be closed for good? Also do you think the whales should be released into the ocean?

Do you think the Shamu shows should be closed for good?

Yeah, I don’t seen any reason for them to stay.

1) They’re not mentally stimulating for the whales - Take the often performed no-to-the-fish-yes-to-the-bucket trick (you can see it here at 7:10 mins), the whales have been doing that in shows since at least 1986 (2:00 mins). How can performing the same trick every day for nearly 30 years be considered ‘enriching?!’ They must been sick to death of it by now. 

2) Some pro caps like to claim that the shows are physically stimulating for the whales, and while there may be some truth to that, it’s just further evidence that the tiny tanks they are kept in can’t meet their needs and are not suitable. I’m not saying the whales don’t need exercise, of course they do, but there’s no reason that said exercise has to be circus tricks done to rock music and fireworks. 

3) They’re not educational - Here’s the entire speech made by trainers during the One Ocean show (to make it completely fair, I took this from SeaWorld’s own dvd recording of OO that they released [x]). As you can see, no educational content whatsoever, just cheesy nonsense;

Such a privilege for all of us here at SeaWorld to work with Shamu and all the amazing animals in our care. As a way of inspiring us to make a difference, all of us work together to celebrate the care of our natural world. When we care for our oceans, we’re caring for our future generations. And every new life is a part of that legacy. If we all join together side by side, we can work wonders, and the beauty of the oceans, continue to thrive.

Hi everyone I’m [insert name] Since becoming a trainer here at Shamu stadium I’ve learned that we’re all part of one family, one really big family. And just like any family, each person and each animal has a unique personality that’s all their own. As trainers we see it all the time when are interacting with the whales. Every whale is an individual so we connect with them in different ways. But still our relationships with all of the whales is very special. Now just like you and me, they have their likes and their dislikes , but one thing that all of the whales share in common is they can make a really big splash

Although there’s a slight variation in wording in more recent shows which have been posted online, there’s no educational content whatsoever in any of SeaWorld’s main orca shows and only minimal ‘safe’ education in their Dine With Shamu show (which you have to pay for. You have to pay extra to be educated!) - ‘safe education’ meaning basic information about weight, length, and gestation rates etc, and nothing that might put people off their meals, like how many dolphins die in drift nets every year, or the impact fish farms and noise pollution are having on the southern residents.  

Not that having education in the shows could somehow justify the rabid exploitation of these animals by the industry, but still.

Also do you think the whales should be released into the ocean?

Unfortunately, not many would be suitable for a full release because they are hybrids (out of SeaWorld’s current stock of 30 orcas, 10 are hybrids). They could never be released, and I’m not sure if they would be allowed to be moved to a seapen either in case of accidental escape (anyone know?)

Many captive orca have chronic tooth problems and other health related issues. Ex SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove has stated that; “Some of the whales are notoriously unhealthy and some of the animals are rarely sick. If you take an animal like Takara - she’s rarely sick. I can count on one hand in the last 20 years all the times she’s been sick, but then you have other animals like Tilikum, Corky, Keet, Unna, that are notoriously unhealthy and chronically ill; chronically, on high doses of medication. The Takara’s in the corporation are the exception. Most of the whales are chronically ill, chronically sick, always on medication. I’ve had whales in my career that have never come off medication”. (Listen to the full interview here)

Apart from the orcas that have been captured in Russia over the last few months, (who would all likely be very good candidates for rehab and release because of their shorter time in captivity and older ages), probably only a tiny handful of captive orca would be eligible for a full release.

Most anti caps and researchers campaign for a joint proposal where eligible whales would be retired to seapens and those that don’t meet the criteria would remain with the marine parks under a no breeding rule. This would allow the captive orcas to die out naturally over a number of years and the marine parks could have time to change their business model over to something else other than outdated performing animal circuses.


On Nov 15, 2006 one of the killer whales in the Shamu Show at Sea World in San Diego took one of the trainers on an unplanned “ride” under water. This happened two weeks before the more highly publicized accident that happened on Nov. 29, 2006. Watch the trainer who dives off of a whale to the right of the screen.

SeaWorld to End Captive Breeding of Killer Whales, Orca Shows

The surprise move means the company’s 28 orcas will be the last it holds in captivity.

In a stunning move, SeaWorld has agreed to stop breeding captive killer whales, meaning its 28 orcas will be the last generation owned by the company. SeaWorld also said it would end orca shows at all its entertainment parks by 2019.

SeaWorld made the announcement Thursday morning in a joint statement with the Humane Society of the United States, which negotiated with the company over the past few months to craft the new policy.

The company will phase out its iconic “Shamu” show at all three of its U.S. parks and replace them with presentations focused on the animals’ natural environment, and it will neither receive killer whales from foreign parks nor send whales to them, including parks it hopes to open in Asia and the Middle East.

Instead of breeding orcas, SeaWorld will now invest $50 million over five years to increase its focus on rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals in distress and bringing attention to rescued animals that cannot be released to raise awareness of their plight and educate the public about the growing threats to marine life.

Some of that money will also be dedicated to advocacy campaigns to end commercial whaling and seal hunting and to fighting against shark finning, working to protect coral reefs, and reducing the commercial collection of ornamental tropical fish from the wild.

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God damn I am so tired of the shitty argument of 

“But not everyone can go see orcas in the wild, marine parks give them a chance to see them and have a unique, educational experience with these animals!”

Except, no. That’s not educational. I’ve been to a Shamu Stadium show before, granted it was over a decade ago but I can tell you that we learned nothing there. They don’t teach you anything about orcas that is actually useful information. They tell you stuff like why they’re black and white and how long they live. (Which in itself is a bold-faced lie because they’ll just tell you how long THEIR whales live, not wild ones)

Also they say that it makes people have an appreciation for these animals. I believe that to be false as well. You don’t NEED to see a sad, probably mentally disturbed formally apex predator doing some flips in an undersized tank to appreciate its wild counterparts. You don’t. No one has ever seen a living dinosaur before, nor will anyone ever. But how many people across the globe are transfixed by them? How many people study them to gain some understanding on them? A lot of people. 

And besides those things, it’s just plain selfish. We as a species have this really weird desire to see every single animal species we can, whether it’s behind glass or in their natural habitat. I don’t know why we do this, these animals owe us nothing. Absolutely nothing. We as humans do not have a right to imprison them and gawk at them just because we can. It’s barbaric. 

There is nothing unique and educational about seeing these animals behind glass in a marine park. It is a stupid, selfish human desire to see them and it’s ridiculous.