shamu story


b3n3aththesurfac3 if you want to see if you can get good screen grabs/further analyze the footage I got of SWTX you’re welcome to . Taken 05/17/15

Kind of sorry for the snarky comments my partner and I were making. Because like. Wow. So educate. Much inform.  I asked him afterwards if he learned anything and he said “I knew dolphins were whales but not that killer whales were dolphins” and that was it. He knows a bit more, having grown up in Washington and fairly regularly seeing the Southern Residents when going out boating with his family.  We were the only anti-caps there (as far as we know - we went free due to us being in San Antonio for his company’s work retreat and it included people hitting up SeaWorld as the resort we stayed at was right across the highway). 

NOTHING about “Blue World Project” was posted or mentioned anywhere. Maybe it was because when we went it was still “off season”, “season” doesn’t start until Memorial Day weekend.  

I like that they stopped mentioning the lifespan of orcas. As Corky is currently proving their previous statements wrong, as are many wild orcas. Ahahaha. 

Even though they are captives, they’re still beautiful, amazing creatures. It’s sad they have to live this way. But just the first glimpse took my breath away. They’re incredible. I pray for the day the way to see them is to see them (responsibly) in the wild.