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My Top 10 Favorite Neutrogena Products

Simply put, I love Neutrogena. It’s a classic brand that I trust and would recommend to every age and every skin type.

I have sensitive, breakout-prone skin, and not surprisingly, my Irish roots failed to give me gorgeous olive skin. So I love that their products are mostly oil-free, loaded with SPF, relatively inexpensive and found at the local pharmacy. 

Below are my top 10 fav. Neutrogena recommendations! Lots of these have been staples in my daily routine for years, some are new discoveries! Let me know which ones ya’ll have tried and enjoyed. 

1. MoistureShine Gloss: ($7.99) This is a new discovery! It provides a nice gloss but isn’t too sheer. What makes this gloss stand out is that it is not sticky at all. It goes on very smoothly and then doesn’t turn into a fly trap for your hair. I recommend it for work, pool, date night or nights at the clerrrbzz. Favorite Color(s):Nutri Berry: a sharp, glossy pink with cold undertones, so it’s great for gals with blonde hair and pale skin. 

2. Revitalizing Lip Balm: ($8.99) This is a great alternative to chap stick! The color is rich and the moisture is richer. It also has SPF 20! So now we can protect and decorate those smackers at the same time. Favorite Color(s):There is something for everybody! I recommend Soft Caramel for those with olive or darker skin, and Sunny Berry and Fresh Plum for those with pinkish undertones. The Sheer Shimmer color is great for everyone who wants to channel Lady Gaga.

3. MoistureShine Lip Soother: ($6.49) This is one of the first Neutrogena products I ever used. Wearing this, people can see their reflections in your lips. However, it is sticky… so perhaps don’t wear this while cruising with the top down. Does provide SPF 20, which is remarkable for a gloss like this, but I’m still not so sure about wearing it at the sandy beach. Favorite Color(s): These colors are so sheer, that I think all the colors look good.

4. Anti-Residue Shampoo: ($5.99) I only just started really using product in my hair… I used to be a cynic and think products were an industry myth trying to force you to purchase more than just shampoo and conditioner… but then I broke the seal and got some excellent de-tangler and went bananas! My point though, is that my hair has got some buildup from all the products.. so once a week I use this shampoo or just use it after using my regular shampoo and follow with a deep conditioner. My hair feels and looks great after! 

5. Oil-Free Acne Wash: ($6.49) This face wash is not just for Sir Zits-a-Lot. It’s a great daily face wash that is not very harsh on the skin. I have kept a bottle in the shower to use every morning. It’s great for all types of skin. I don’t think the formula is strong enough to get rid of acne, but it is a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate and it can keep your clear skin, clear! 

6. Oil-Free Moisturize SPF 15: ($9.99) This is a staple of mine and a classic. I know they say you should wear at least SPF 30 everyday, but honestly, I think SPF 15 is just fine in you are inside most of the day. A lot of face moisturizers claim to be light and non-greasy, but really, they end up making my face smell like coconuts and then it’s breakout city, population Moi! This moisturizer is a safe bet and smells like NOTHING! I really do use it every day! It’s great for sensitive skin too! 

7. On-the-Spot Acne Treatment: ($6.99) Another cult product! If you can’t get to the derm, this will suffice to minimize the average pimple. 

8. Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection SPF 55: ($11.99) They aren’t kidding about the Sheer. This is like putting a matte coat of moisture on your face. I know this one is more expensive, but believe me, you use so little per application. It lasted forever while poolside in the smothering Texas heat. Even better, it didn’t feel gross or run into my eyes, my makeup never smudged or budged, and overall I was able to dedicate myself to jello shot distribution! 

9. Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45: ($8.99) I know they are coming out with all sunblocks with SPF Bazillion, but rumor has it you don’t really need much more than 30-50 SPF.. I don’t know, I’m  not a doctor or a scientist, but I do know that this product is a must-have. It sprays on cool, so even when you are baking at the pool already, it doesn’t feel miserable to apply. You don’t have to rub it in, it doesn’t leave a residue and it smells not terrible! You will not miss your Coppertone, I promise. 

10. Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes- Hydrating: ($6.99) Most of us know about the original light blue package of makeup wipes, but this teal version of the classic is my new favorite. Most of these wipes are normally too harsh for my eyes, they burn right after using. But these feel great and take my pound of eyeliner off lickety-split.