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if a man smells good he’s appropriating it from butch lesbians. we wear ur cologne/deodorant/shampoo scents better so jot that down. 

Lush on a Budget: Tips from an employee

Hello! If you’re reading this I’m guessing you like Lush products. I do too, so much that I went and got myself a job selling them xD Recently an issue we’ve had is a post going around about how to steal from Lush, which has increased the amount of shoplifting/shoplifting attempts in our store and lots of others. Now I know that Lush products are on the pricier side so it can be easy to go “the company must make lots of money, they can afford to lose some” but please remember that the company losing money affects the company’s employees, the majority of whom are working retail for minimum wage. When our store loses money our hours get cut, and we lose money too. So A) please don’t shoplift the products and B) if you find that the products are too expensive here are some tips that I hope can make shopping at Lush more affordable :)

Face and Body Products:

-when using the lotions/facial moisturizers, a little goes a long way. Using less will make it last much longer (my small pot of Charity Pot lotion lasts me months) and also reduces the chance you’ll overuse it and that awful greasy feeling on your skin

-when using a facial moisturizer and toner, moisturize over wet skin! The toner bonds with the moisturizer and pulls it deeper into your skin meaning you don’t have to use as much. Also spray the toner right on your face, spraying it on a cotton pad will mean you lose some of the product

-do you love face masks? So do I! Our fresh face masks are the most popular but our Cup O’coffee and Mask of Magnaminty face/body masks are more cost effective. They don’t need to be refrigerated and have a much longer shelf life, plus a small container ranges from cheaper than to only a little more expensive than a container of a fresh face mask but is substantially bigger

-not only is the soap priced by weight (so you can choose how much you want to spend) but it lasts a really long time. A small piece will last much longer than you’d think, I still have pieces of soap left from before Christmas. Just remember that a piece under 100g isn’t very advisable because it’s more likely to crumble and/or dissolve. The same is true of the bar facial cleansers (Coal Face and Fresh Farmacy)

-toners are one of the products that we can’t give samples of, but if you still aren’t sure if one of the toners is for you after getting an in store demo, try a toner tab! They’re about $2 and you drop them into hot water to use as a facial steam, but you can keep the water once it cools and use that as your toner to see if you like it! Much cheaper than buying a whole bottle if you’re not sure you’ll like it

Hair Care:

-the shampoo bars (solid shampoo) work better if you have short hair, but if they work for you they’re more cost effective than the liquid because you can get 80-100 washes out of a single bar

-unless you’re actually travelling the travel sizes of shampoo (and shower gel) which are 100ml are actually the least cost effective even though they’re the cheapest. They get used up really quickly and the next size up is 250ml so you get double the amount for less than double the price

-if get a sample of a shampoo or conditioner, try it out on a section of your hair not your whole head. There sadly isn’t enough in a sample for you to get the effect actually using the product would have on your whole head 

Bath Products:

-bath bombs are the most popular product by far, but a lot of people very understandably find them too pricey. Some people like to smash them and then use some of the powder to better control how much they’re using at a time

-some bath bombs can easily be broken in half at the seam, but those with cores of a different colour cannot. If you’re not sure which have cores, just ask in the store if whatever bath bomb you’re interested in has a different colour inside. The bath bombs that are not round cannot be broken neatly, for those ones smashing is the only real option if you want to divide them.

-all the solid products have a really long shelf life, including the bath bombs and bubble bars. So if you want you can do what I do, buy several at once when it’s affordable for you (I do it when I get a gift card or something like that) and then spread out your use of them over time. As an added bonus when you’re not using them they can be used as air fresheners or put in a clothing drawer or cupboard to make it smell nice :)

-bubble bars are super easy to cut into smaller piece, and you can get at least 3 uses out of the biggest one (Brightside, Comforter, Blue Skies). Reusable bubble bars are also really cost effective compared to other ones! You get at least 5 uses from them but often more


-Lush has a lot of really great perfumes, but the bottles are often quite expensive. The solid perfumes are not only much cheaper they’re very convenient too, they’re very small and easy to pop into your bag when you’re going somewhere

-the only real time Lush has a sale is boxing day. We don’t know what the sale will be until they tell us the day before or the day of. Things sell out quickly (especially the bathbombs). It is usually only the seasonal items that are on sale. The sale is usually pretty good though (it was buy 1 get 1 free last year on seasonal products) so that’s the time you’re going to be able to save a lot of money

-there is no discount when you buy multiple products at once. The closest thing to that is that (especially when we have our winter seasonal gifts) when you buy a gift set of all bath bombs it’s often cheaper than if you were to buy them all individually

-the return policy is quite generous but if you do not have the original receipt you will have to do an exchange not a return

-the 5 black pot policy! If you bring back 5 empty (and clean please) black pots from the store you will get a free fresh face mask

-there are no commissions at Lush so you can feel confident that if an employee recommends something to you they actually think it will help, because they don’t get any money from you buying it

EXO’s Reaction to: Being Dads

Xiumin: is so gentle and calm. never once yelled at his child. he’s prob the only parent in the world that loves play time. him and his kid run a pretend café and serve coffee to all the thirsty teddy bear customers

Luhan: “daddy’s manly, isn’t he?” imo he’s more old fashioned in his beliefs so he would teach his son about being a manly gentleman, signing him up for the schools soccer team and his daughter would wear lots of dresses and be absolutely spoiled

Kris: his hands are even bigger than the baby so he struggles with holding her/him. once he gets the hang of it, he’s a pro dad. when he picks the kid up from school, the other moms stare at him in awe and the dads in jealously because he’s gorgeous the child is gorgeous and they’re gorgeous together

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Suho: super protective dad. like makes the kid wear three jackets even during summer in case they catch a cold and watches them like a hawk, panicking if they even scrape their knee. also so many dad jokes

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Lay: forgets to pick the child up from school, forgets their birthday, forgets every promise he makes to take them to the zoo. but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t absolutely adore him/her. he always notices if they’re acting differently so he’ll sit them down and listen to them, even if they’re just upset over loosing a crayon. his child feels very loved and secure with him (a/n: if you’ve never seen yixing make brodie dance to cmb then you’ve never lived  👉 here 👈 you’re welcome)

Baekhyun: tries to persuade the baby into their first words being something stupid like “kkaebsong” or “ugly d.o.” he’s hella proud when his kid tells him they have a crush on Chanyeol and he tries to plan a wedding to officially make yeollie family

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Chen: wakes up from a nap with marker all over his face and curses that his child inherited his personality, not their mothers

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Chanyeol: is a giant baby himself so has lots of fun playing but isn’t v good at the serious aspects of parenting like discipline. his kid gets away with everything around him because he doesn’t have the heart to give time outs

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D.O: his child might turn out a little chubby since he loves to cook and if his son/daughter looks at him with big owl eyes inherited from him, he just can’t say no. even if they’re asking for brownies at 11am. doesn’t treat his child like an actual child though, more like a tiny adult. he doesn’t use baby talk and his kid is the only kid in school that could have a serious conversation about a dishs recipe or politics. kyungsoo encourages them to hit uncle Chanyeol as much as they want

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Tao: loves bath time cause we all know he doesn’t shower alone so now he has a bathing buddy. the rubber ducks and nice smelling “no tears” shampoo make it even better. his child is also always v fashionable and for a girl, he’ll spoil her with cute jewelry and princess outfits - “so you can dress like the princess you are”

Kai: from the moment s/he could walk, they were in all different types of dance classes; hip hop, ballet, traditional Korean dance, ballroom, etc. his child is a dance prodigy

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Sehun: is v proud that the kid looks like a mini him. also loves the fact that his child looks up to him so he plans matching outfits and takes them on father-daughter/son bonding dates to get bubble tea and bitch about all their “pabo uncles.” prob buys them exo merch of him, like bracelets with his name or socks with cartoon him

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2-D actually getting the space hair w/ s/o (this is just, i need)

2D whines as the cold water drips down his neck, and you quickly wipe it off with the towel.
“Sorry, sorry, I’m getting it,” you say, and he taps his foot impatiently. He sits on the edge of his bath, legs in the empty tub, his hair damp and spiked up in all directions, while you shake up two different bottles of hair dye; red and purple. He cranes his neck, trying to look at you, but you take ahold of his head and point it forward again.

“I need to put the vaseline on,” you tell him, opening up his cabinet and taking out a massive jar of the stuff. You slick your fingers up and gently wipe it around his hairline, on the tops of his ears, making sure that every inch if his skin close to his hair is covered.
“What’s this for?” he asks, shifting as you wipe a slimy streak of it down his neck.
“It’s so the dye doesn’t stain your skin,” you tell him, “first time I dyed my hair, I didn’t use it. I had purple ears for almost 2 weeks,”

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 68

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69

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Chapter Sixty-Eight: Crimson Lotus

Lucy’s week went by quickly. It seemed to do that every week since Natsu started going to therapy. The only days after school they could see each other were Mondays or Fridays. Luckily for her, today was a Friday.

When Lucy walked up to the picnic tables that morning, she saw Erza and Gray were already there. She quietly sat down across from them, smiling when they greeted her before continuing their conversation.

“We saw a scary movie last time. I wanna watch something with action,” Gray said, glaring at the redhead.

“Are you scared of the movie Gray?” Erza asked in a serious tone, causing Gray to drop his jaw. “Because if you’re scared—”

“I’m not scared! I just want to see something else!”

“What are you two talking about?” Lucy asked, shaking her head a second later when she remembered. “Oh, are you two deciding what movie we’re going to watch?”

“Yes,” Erza said, while Gray shook his head.

“No. I’m trying to negotiate, she’s just being difficult.”

Erza turned to look at him, her eyes narrowing as her voice lowered. “Who’s being difficult?”

Gray jolted. “N-no one!”

“That’s what I thought. Now,” she started, looking at Lucy, “What movie do you want to see?”

“I don’t care either way,” Lucy said honestly. As long as she got to hang out with her friends, she was happy.

“I think Lucy would prefer a scary movie,” Erza said, clearly trying to win the argument.

Honestly, it didn’t look like Gray stood a chance to begin with.

As the morning went on, more people joined them. Next it was Juvia, then Natsu. After a few more minutes, Levy and Gajeel came walking up, both of them bickering about him not doing his homework.

Lucy started giggling at their antics until she opened her backpack, ready to have Natsu take a look at her chemistry homework she did last night, only to pale when she didn’t see it.

“Dang it!” Lucy zipped her backpack up, a frown working its way onto her face. “I forgot my homework!”

“You did?” Natsu asked, turning away from the conversation he was having with Gray and Erza about what movie to see.

Nodding, Lucy said, “I even left it out on my desk so I wouldn’t forget! I suck!”

“Can you do it real quick?” Gray asked, causing Lucy to shake her head.

“First bell rings in,” she looked at her phone to check the time, “ten minutes. It took me almost an hour just to finish it. Oh, and I don’t have the worksheets even if I wanted to try again.”

“You could ask the teacher if you can turn it in Monday,” Erza suggested with a shrug. “Most teachers will let you do that, but you’ll probably only get half credit.”

“Half is better than none,” Lucy mumbled, upset at herself for forgetting her homework. She looked over to ask Natsu if he would help her redo it this weekend, but stopped when she saw him fidgeting in his seat. “You okay?”

He nodded, but she could see he was breathing faster than normal, his fingers fiddling with the ends of his scarf. “Yeah. Just… wanted to ask you something, but I can wait. Doesn’t seem like a good time now…”

“Go ahead and ask,” she coaxed, giving him a soft smile. “It’s not like I can do anything about my homework. It’s fine.”

She watched as he gulped before dipping his nose into his scarf, partially hiding the growing blush on his face. She hadn’t seen him do that in a while. “Okay, but… I can’t do it here. Gotta go somewhere more private.”

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The Water Bender’s Heart pt 1

1.It’s the Painted Lady
2.The Blue Spirit
3.The Painted Spirit
4.The Blue Lady
5. The Water Bender
6. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 1
7. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 2
8. The Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit
9. The Fire Lady
10.The Blood Bender
11. The Family Reunion
12. The Water Bender’s Baby
13. The Avatar
14. The Lie
15. The Ice Heart
16. The Uncle

Katara sits with Zuko for almost a whole hour, mostly in silence. Her heart feeling content to just stay by Zuko’s side.

But then her feet become numb and her stomach rumbles.

“Come on,” Katara says, standing to her feet, she wobbles for a second before straightening herself.

“I don’t want to go back,” Zuko grumbles, looking to Katara as she picks up her hat.

“I didn’t say we were going back,” Katara scoffs, “Come on.”

“Where are we going?” Zuko asks, Katara offers her hand and helps the Fire Lord to his feet.

“It’s a secret,” she smiles, taking his hand and leading him away. They slip past the guards and then Katara leads Zuko away from the palace.

“Where are we going?” Zuko asks, for the thousandth time.

“You’ll see,” Katara laughs, “Be patient.”

“You know, kidnapping the Fire Lord is a punishable offence,” Zuko says, grumbling as Katara continues to lead him away, not once has she let go of his hand.

“Well you can punish me as much as you like when we get there,” Katara says, shock by the sultriness of her voice.

Katara’s comment manages to spark a smile to the Fire Lords face and he finds himself hurrying along with Katara.

Katara leads him to a small cottage, hidden in the woods resting alongside a calm river.

“What is this place,” Zuko gapes, marvelling at the serenity, “it looks so… peaceful.”

“It belonged to a woman I helped,” Katara says, “The first time I was the Painted Lady, I met a woman, she told me that when she owned this cottage in the woods for whenever she needed to get away from her home.”

Katara walks up onto the porch and then opens the already unlocked door.

“She offered this house up to me as tribute to the Painted Lady,” Katara says, crossing the threshold, Zuko remains outside, “Come on,” Katara says, squeezing his hand, “No one will find us here.”

Zuko stays outside, not crossing the threshold, his eyes haunted as if he’s trapped in a horrible memory.

“Hey,” Katara says, stepping back outside, “It’s alright.”

“Kat,” he chokes, “I…”

“You don’t have to talk,” Katara says after Zuko flounders for a moment, “It’s alright.”

Katara steps forward and goes to her toes as she wraps her arms around Zuko’s neck, drawing him close as he sighs and holds her tight.

Zuko’s shoulders quiver as he cries, his tears staining Katara’s robes.

“It’s alright,” Katara soothes, running her hand through Zuko’s oily hair.

Katara leads Zuko inside, she takes off her hat and places it by the door.

“I don’t want anything to eat,” Zuko grumbles when Katara goes to the kitchen.

“Fine,” she huffs, throwing off her hood, “We’ll start with a bath then.”

When Katara looks to Zuko she finds him staring at her in shock, his blood shot eyes stare at her as if she has a second head growing from her shoulder.

Katara’s cheeks redden as she realizes that Zuko is staring at the long pins in her hair.

“You kept them,” he breathes.

“You can ogle the pins as much as you like, once you in the bath,” Katara says, taking Zuko to the bathroom. She fills the bath with warm water and then turns to leave.

“Stay,” he says, so quietly that Katara almost misses it, “Please.”

Katara nods her head reassuringly, she feels compelled to turn around when Zuko begins to strip, the notion make Zuko laugh, the laughter sends a spark of roaring fire to Katara’s chest, her skin blushes at the heat.

She hears Zuko get in the water and she turns back around.

Katara watches Zuko use the cloth on his chest, she becomes mesmerised in his moments.

“Would you prefer to do it for me?” Zuko asks, smirking cockily.

Katara’s cheeks redden, she doesn’t take Zuko up on his offer, instead she moves behind him and sets to washing his hair.

“You know,” Zuko rumbles as Katara massages his head with shampoo, “This bath would be better with you in it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Katara scoffs, “We both wouldn’t fit, spirits, you hardly fit by yourself.”

Katara rinses Zuko’s hair out and then puts conditioner into it.

“Was this a subtle was to say that I stink?” Zuko asks as Katara rinses out his hair again.

“Well… you don’t anymore,” she smiles.

“Uncle always knew how to make everything seem alright,” Zuko says, his voice soft as a whisper as he goes still in the tub, “Even when they weren’t.”

“I’m so sorry, Zuko,” Katara says, placing her hands on his shoulders, “He was a great man and an excellent teacher.”

Zuko leans forward and Katara watches as he wipes a hand down his face.

She jumps back in shock as Zuko stands, he turns and Katara’s whole face turns red as she behold Zuko’s naked frame. Though he has aged, his body is still in peek physical shape, every inch of him is finely toned and muscular.

Zuko steps out of the tub and stands in front of Katara, Katara keeps her eyes on Zuko’s as she stands to her feet quickly. She desperately wishes to reach out and touch Zuko, to feel his abs under her hands and just connect with him again, but Katara shows excellent self-control.

“Wha-” Katara can’t even form a coherent sentence as Zuko scoops her up into his arms without a word.

Katara tries not to think too much about how warm Zuko feels under her hand, but she cannot ignore the spark of electricity that is flying between them.

Zuko carries Katara to the bedroom.

“You’re over dressed,” he says, his voice deep and guttural, she can’t help but laugh as Zuko throws her on the bed, “It’s a crime to be better dressed than the Fire Lord.”

Zuko crawls up between Katara’s legs.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Zuko growls, taking off Katara’s shoes.

Katara puts her bare foot to Zuko’s chest and smiles, her eyes sparkle with mischief as she licks her tantalising lips.

“I think I can guess,” she says, her eyes flick to his growing erection. Her foot starts to make its way down his chest, leaving a burning line of heat in its wake.

Zuko grabs Katara’s foot before it can get too low, and places a kiss to it, he kisses up her leg, pushing her dress up as he goes. Zuko abandons the leg and then takes the pins from Katara’s hair, carefully putting them aside as Katara’s hair falls down her back.

Zuko then unties Katara’s silk sash that hangs around her waist and then he undresses her, practically ripping the clothes from her body, as if he were a starved man and Katara is his banquet.

Katara’s chest heaves, her breath hitches in excitement as Zuko stares at her naked body, devouring her with his gaze, it has been a long time since a man has looked at her like that, with such raw and primal passion just lingering beneath the surface.

Katara’s nipples are already erect when Zuko cups her breast, lowering his mouth to bite the nipple teasingly while his hand toys with the other.

“You kidnaped the Fire Lord,” Zuko says, “It’s time for your punishment.”

Before Katara can register what’s happening, Zuko ties her hands together and then ties them to the bed head.

Katara smiles as Zuko continues to ravish Katara’s body, trailing kisses down her body.

“Is this ok?” Zuko asks softly as he presses his lips to Katara’s hips. Katara nods her head, she is unable to form any words, her heart is pounding in excitement as Zuko continues to go lower.

Zuko licks his lips, keeping eye contact with Katara as his tongue pokes out of his mouth, before Katara can open her mouth to encourage him, Zuko begins to suck Katara’s clit.

He puts her legs over his shoulders as his tongue swirls around the small bud. Katara moans and her hips grind down, making her back arch off the bed. Zuko looks up at Katara, at the water bender writhing beneath his tongue.

He adds a finger and Katara’s eyes widen, as the finger slowly pumps in and out of her as Zuko’s warm tongue continues to ravish her.

“More,” Katara begs, her voice so soft and breathless, “Zuko.”

Zuko stops, making Katara whine in protest, but when she feels the head of his slick cock at her entrance she begins to curl her toes in anticipation.

“Is this ok?”  Zuko asks again, he takes Katara’s legs off his shoulders and waits.

“Please,” Katara pleads, nodding her head eagerly.

Zuko kisses Katara’s shoulder as he slowly enters her, fingering her clit gently as he pushes in his full length, pausing so Katara can readjust to his size.

When Zuko is fully planted inside her, Katara’s eyes widen, she had almost forgotten what it was like to take such a large package; Zuko is definitely more endowed than Aang.

Zuko slowly starts to pull out of Katara, almost getting all the way out before he thrusts in again. Katara’s moans are like heaven to Zuko as he fastens his movements, thrusting into her harder, with more urgency. Katara screams out in pleasure as she and Zuko become lust driven, enthralled in passion and an indescribable need for each other.

As Zuko drives Katara to climax, she pulls out of her binds and pushes back against Zuko. She pushes back until she sits in Zuko’s lap, Katara climaxes as she rides Zuko, his finger tangle in her hair as he presses his lips to her neck, lightly skimming her flesh with his teeth.

Katara pushes Zuko down and grinds down on him hard. Her orgasm rips through her, causing her to scream as she cums, her whole body seems to light on fire as Zuko places his hands on her hips, pushing her down as he thrusts upwards.

Katara’s orgasm is prolonged when Zuko pushes her back down to the bed and thrusts into her roughly, he pulls her hair and bites at her exposed neck. He curses out as his erection seems to harden inside Katara. Katara wraps her legs around Zuko’s hips, he drives into her harder; they almost fall off the bed as he pushes into her the final time.

Katara pushes Zuko off of her as she tries to catch her breath, Zuko rolls onto his back and Katara moves next to him, wrapping her left leg over his hip as she draws him closer.

“You’re so warm,” Katara purrs, snuggling up to Zuko, he responds by wrapping his arm around her and kissing the top of her head. 

“It’s a fire bender thing,” he smiles, “Just like water benders are naturally cold.”

“Excuse me?” Katara laughs. 

“It’s not an insult,” Zuko assures, “Just an observation. Maybe it’s why we’re so good together; we balance each other out.”

Zuko and Katara lay together in bliss, both feeling completely satisfied for the first time in decades.

“I lied,” Katara breathes, breaking the silence as she tightens her hold on Zuko, “When I said that I loved Aang more than I love you, it was a lie. The truth is, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before. I love you so much it hurts.”

“I know,” Zuko says, squeezing Katara’s shoulder, “Figured you must have some feelings for me, otherwise you would have taken the necklace off.”

Katara touches the betrothal necklace that still hangs around her throat. Katara smiles and then pulls herself up to straddle Zuko’s hips.

She runs her hands up his chest and over his shoulder, she lowers herself so her chest presses against his as she kisses his lips.

Zuko moans in content, Katara’s hands on him push away every pain that he has ever felt, they make him relax as they wipe away all the tension in his shoulders.

“Spirits,” Zuko sighs as Katara lays on his chest, “I wish we could go back; I would have never let you go.”

“We can’t go back,” Katara breathes, tracing the lines of the scar on Zuko’s chest, the scar he got for saving her life, “But maybe it’s not too late to run.”

“Run?” Zuko asks, propping himself up onto his elbows as Katara sits up.

“Let’s just run away,” Katara says, her heart racing in fear and excitement, “Leave it all behind and go somewhere they’ll never find us.”

Zuko opens his mouth to answer, but his answer is cut off when a bloodcurdling scream calls out through the woods.


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Are shampoo bars better than liquid shampoo? Also, how do you use a shampoo bar?

I like them better, because I dislike the entire concept of disposable plastic bottles for toiletries. Shampoo bars cut down on packaging waste by quite a bit. I prefer bar soap over liquid for this exact same reason. 

The caveat here is that I REFUSE to use cheap bar soap. This is one of my splurge items. I’ll spend a few extra $$$ for nice bar soap made by hand by small-time sellers. 

As to how they work, that depends on the shampoo bar. Lush’s are consistently top-notch; never found one of theirs yet that doesn’t impress me. There’s a lot of good sellers out there who make good shampoo bars; you just have to look for them. 

As to how you use it, it’s just like bar soap. Rub a bit on hair, lather it in, rinse, condition, done. 

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Love your blog so much!! Can I request some Alpha tamaki headcannons with an omega that slowly brings out his more confident and dominant side? And maybe later night cuddles to top it all off? I can't help but want to cuddle him to the point of passing out!! X3 ~ Hope your day is full of wonder and happiness <>


 Having someone to protect makes Tamaki feel good. He loves his Omega and he wants them safe.

Even when he does start to becoming more confident, it’s a very subtle change. He’ll put his arm around them when another Alpha gets to close. Scenting them before leaving the house. Even letting out a low growl when he feels someone is causing his Omega distress.

The major changes come when his Omega is in heat. Tamaki gets very dominant, also controlling. Their heats bring someone out in him that he didn’t even know he had. Biting, clawing, hair pulling, it’s almost animalistic.

The first time it happened he apologized so much.

“I’m so-sorry for the bruises! O-oh I bit you…where?” his Omega has to assure him that it was fine, and they in fact, enjoyed this side of him. It took a few months to convince him to join them during their heat again

This boy is very shy, and cuddling takes time. You can imagine how long sex took…

Likes to have his Omega laying on top of him so he can hold them super close and smell them. He really likes when his Omega uses fruity shampoo, though nothing is better than their natural scent.

With a Little Help From My Friend


It’s not new but maybe it’ll bring some comfort?

Penny was worried, her friend Y/N hadn’t answered the phone to her in two days. She knew Y/N had been going through some things recently and she so badly wanted to be there for her friend.

But Y/N was one of those people who always felt as if she was being a burden. She didn’t like to ask for help, didn’t want to bother people with her problems. She was anything but a burden though, and Penelope knew she needed to see her friend.

After work, Garcia made her way to Y/N’s apartment building. She knew the concierge there, she was a regular visitor after all. After explaining that she was worried about her friend, the concierge agreed to let her into the apartment.

“Y/N?” Penelope called out tentatively. The drapes were drawn in the seating area and her bedroom door was closed. She crossed the room and pushed open the door, seeing her friend huddled under the blankets.

“Y/N…. ”

Her friend rolled over, her eyes bleary and red, her dark hair tangled and matted from days of not brushing it.

“Penny? What… What… How did you get in here?”

“Managed to sweet talk Jorge into letting me. You know that man has never been able to resist my charms. Good job I’m not a serial killer right?”

A tiny twitch at the corners of Y/N’s lips told Penelope that this wasn’t a wasted trip after all. She was going to cheer her friend up…. Somehow.

“Sweets you really should get outta bed you know?”

“Don’t wanna,” she sounded like a sad child and it broke Garcia’s heart.

“Please? We don’t have to go anywhere? Just come sit in the living room with me for a while. We can talk… Or just watch TV.”

Y/N shook her head and sank back under the covers.

Alright. Different tactic. Penelope left the room, searching for her friends house keys and leaving the apartment.

Fifty minutes later she was back, her arms full of supplies. She raided Y/N’s linen cupboard and rearranged the furniture in the living room, draping the sheets out and arranging the cushions carefully. She lit a few candles and switched on the lamp in the corner. Then she set her laptop up, loading in the first movie.

“Y/N…..” she entered her friends bedroom again, climbing onto the bed next to her. “I built us a fort.”

“You…. What?” her friend rolled over again and Penny could see fresh tears had been shed.

“I built us a fort. And I have all of your favourite treats, and Harry Potter is set up ready to play. You wanna come watch it with me, the fort’s all cosy?”

Y/N’s face was conflicted, she didn’t want to leaves the bed but she wanted to join Penny in the fort. Finally she nodded.

“Good girl. But… One condition first. You reek, my little ball of sunshine. Go shower, put on your favourite slytherin pajamas and then we can watch. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. I just wanna be here for you.”

“Okay…. I’ll come.”

Grinning, Penelope rolled of the bed and tugged her friend up. Y/N grabbed her pajamas and wandered off to the bathroom whilst Penelope quickly changed into the set she’d bought with her from home, settling down inside the fort and opening some of the snacks.

Twenty minutes later Y/N joined her, her hair still damp but smelling of her cinnamon shampoo. Much better.

She giggled as she clambered inside the fort Garcia had built, settling in amongst the cushions and blankets.

Penelope reached out and hit play on the laptop, the first few notes of the opening theme starting up.

“Pen… ?”


Garcia turned to look at her friend, pleased she looked at least a little bit happier.

“Thanks for this. You really are the best.”

“Nah…. It’s you that brings out the best in me Y/N.”

The two friends snuggled down next to each other, Y/N resting her head on Penelope’s shoulder, ready to enjoy an evening of her favourite movies inside a fabulous blanket fort. This was just what she never knew she always needed.

at peace

you swore that the only place you felt truly at peace in was in the shower. you would play music, forget about the days events or upcoming things as the hot water poured down your back, you were able to sing or cry dramatically without anyone knowing, and you adored the scent of your coconut shampoo. 

and showers were even better after a long, hard day. the hum of music and scents took your mind off your sore muscles and fought against negative thoughts. 

within the three walls you were at peace and happy with the world

that was, until chris managed to screw it up.

you were lathering the shampoo in your hair, running your fingers through the strands and admiring the coconut scent when the shower curtain was jerked back…

“are we, stop screaming it’s just me, are we out of cheez-its?” 

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Imagine Derek goes to Lush, and gets a bit overwhelmed by all the lovely scents. And his pupils get wide and Stiles is like "Dude, are you high right now?" and Derek can't give him a straight answer because the scent combination of that place just does things to him. And he always spends far, far too much money there, but he doesn't care, because glittery bath bombs and solid shampoo make life so much better. -A

Oh my gosh, that’s perfect! Derek just gets high over all of them and, while he’s distracted, Stiles grabs Derek’s wallet and buys a whole ton of them. He buys a way too many of them, but Derek runs a bath for them to share as soon as they get home.

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Um, what would Fell, Swap, and SwapFell Papyrus do if their S/O came over smelling like another man but they really just started using a men's shampoo because it smelled better to them? Ps I love your writing!!!!! 💛💛💛


> He’s very upfront about asking you.


 >He’d rather ask and ease his anxieties before they can even get started. If he didnt ask you upfront it would fester and make him nearly go mad until he demands you to tell him who is taking your affection, and why you didnt just come out with it and tell him you didnt want him anymore.

>hes very reassured that its just a new shampoo. of course it was. Why whould you ever want to leave him??


> Doesnt say anything about it for a while. 

>one of your cowworkers really likes to use a lot, dont they?

>After a while, the thought weasles into his mind that maybe.. someone else has been seeing you?

>Thats kinda a low blow.. 

>But.. understandable.

>He goes up to you about it finally, and asks why you smell.. different than usual. 

>Feels really silly after.


>Hes always thinking about how something can go wrong, or go against him, so one of his first thoughts when he smells the new scent is that someone is trying to take you from him.

>He doesnt know how to approach you about it, so he just lets it fester in the back of his mind, trying to ignore it.

>When you ask him why he is so upset, the words just sort of tumble out of his mouth. 

>”areyousleepingwithsomeoneelse?imsorryimgnotgoodenough,icanbejusttellmehowtobebetter-” Shut this boy up with a kiss and reassure him you arent leaving him. its just a shampoo.

>he feels so stupid and so releaved . Hes going to need to hold you for a minute.

>”It.. does smell really good on you..”

Blackmail [Nathan Prescott/Reader] (3/?)


Editor: Check her out

Rating: Slightly sexual, M for Mature

Pairing:Nathan Prescott/Female!Reader (2nd Person, You/Your, Characteristic identified: )

Summary: (Beginning) It all started with your drug book. After your lessons, you two quickly went back to Blackwell to go and have a movie at the dorms date.

Word Count:1,565

Warnings: Sexual interpreted scenes

Note: No note.

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Fire Burns Oil

I hope your fire, fire burns baby
I hope you lay down in your sleep and you choke on every lie you told
And when you’re reaching out for me you’ll see you reap everything you sow


  • Cayenne
  • (3) Habañeros (dried)
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Turmeric
  • Sulphur
  • 3 matchsticks (wood)
  • Oil: 4 carrier : 1 castor


  1. Place oil in a pan with red pepper flakes, turmeric and cayenne. Put on low heat and allow to infuse for an hour. Remove from heat and allow to cool until it will no longer scald your delicate digits. 
  2. In a bottle or jar of your choosing, add sulphur and dried habañeros. Strike each match, allowing it to burn half way, shake it out and drop the stem into the jar/bottle. Strain it the cooled oil (optional), and carefully pour it into your container.
  3. Handle with care (or gloves, if you don’t want to burn your eyes right out of their sockets).
  4. Wrap it with a red/orange cloth and store in a dark location near your stove or hearth.

Perfect for works of punishment, revenge, “hot curses” and can even be left as an offering to infernal spirits, especially if mixed with tobacco or an alcohol of their choice. And – you didn’t hear it from me – but you could also put it in someone’s shampoo or… even better… lube to put a little pep in their step. And burn…. Pep and burn. Not that I would ever condone such an act… For legal reasons.