about me challenge

*I was tagged by cyberstripper*

name: crystal
time and date: 6:17PM, 4/5/15
average hours of sleep a night: 4-5
last thing I googled: list of uncommon nouns
nickname: some of my friends call me crys (like christ is pronounced but without the t)
birthday: may 8th, 1997
gender: girl
sexual orientation: pansexual with a preference for feminine-presenting people
height: 5’9"
favorite color: hot pink (the color on my
a place that makes me happy: anywhere with my dogs
how many blankets do I sleep under: one
favorite movie: resident evil
what I’m wearing right now: yoga pants and a crop top
last book I read: the age of acquiescence: the life and death of american resistance to organized wealth and power
most used phrase(s): i say literally and evidently a lot
first word that comes to mind: meme
what I last said to a family member: good night
favorite drink: mike’s hard
favorite food: pasta
last movie I watched in theaters: selma
dream vacation: skiing in lapland
dream wedding: idk if i wanna get married tbh
dream pet: bernese mountain dogs
dream job: english teacher in french-speaking africa, electronic music producer, and also human right activist. I’ve already started the last one! I’ve been to the state house to discuss legislation
i tag: intensional, sniffing, heart, shampoo, slavery, wrappingpaper, and saturbae