Listen, I've been trying to do this but I need support.

I have a YouTube channel, it is up-and-coming. I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me and watch my videos, to the point of tears. However, I feel like I’m still not getting out there just because it’s hard to find smaller channels or companies on the Internet. A lot of the people who have found my channel constantly ask me or are perplexed as to why I don’t have more subscribers or why I’m not more out there. I really do work hard and put a lot of effort into my Videos but I feel like I’m not getting out there as much as I need to; i’m very passionate about making videos as well as content. There is so much that I want to do but I can’t do it without support, I’m asking y'all.

I also have a whole ass clothing line and website that I’m working on getting up and running but with funding a business from scratch, things take time. Right now, I have a bunch of sunglasses for sale to help myself get out of the red. They are really good quality and very fairly priced.

The point of the line is to create a space where someone like me can find clothing. I feel like my style is so unique but I’m also plus size and very tall, there’s never anything out there that is completely me. I know there are people like me as well and I want to create a space for them to shop.

So that’s that, I would love and appreciate if anyone could check out my channel as well as my website. Any support would be great. If you like my videos, subscribe and continue to watch but also participate and leave comments. I love video suggestions.

I would love if we could help each other grow.… If you come across this post and you are another content creator, let me know. Send me a message, especially if you were in Atlanta. I really am trying to build a community. Making YouTube videos is already isolating.


So yesterday, I climbed Stone Mountain. It was one of the more rigorous things I have ever done, it wasn’t too hard but it was up there for me. It was hot, humid, and sunny. I was extremely proud of myself in that moment because I started something and finished it. I set my mind to something and accomplished it. There are so many things going on in my life that I feel like I have started but haven’t taken them into fruition just as yet. I’ve been busting my ass to get my YouTube channel off the ground as well as my clothing line and all the other projects I’ve been working on. I want to make a change in the world and i’m trying to do that. It sucks because I feel so alone and sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I have all these great ventures that I’m getting myself into but I haven’t “finished them”… so it was really nice to start something and finish something. I feel so much better about the heavy things on my plate. Also, I am proud of myself for climbing a fucking mountain.

Remember, it’s not always about the goals but becoming the person who can achieve those goals.