Congratulations to CIID 2013

It’s been a tough and intense but wonderful year and I have many, many projects and ideas to understand and share. All thanks to the other nineteen people that I’ve been living and working with in Copenhagen over the past twelve months at The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

Angela Oguntala
Luke Sturgeon (me)
Daniel Mahal
Wouter Walmink
Owen McFadzen
Neha Parekh
Sara Salsinha
Priyanka Kodikal
Lasse Korsgaard
Jane Wong
Zaza Zoulhof
Neils Christian Konrad Neilson
Ritika Mathur
Takeshi Okahashi
Ankkit Modi
Shamik Ray
Pierluigi Dalla Rosa
Shu Yang Lin
Ole Stobbe
Bahar Shariari

My brother Vivek Shraya put together a new zine called The Magnificent Malls of Edmonton! It’s a 90 page illustrated zine where 30 Edmontonians share their funniest, saddest, most treasured, or most symbolic mall memory. It’s a tribute to spaces also dismissed as “ugly” and seen solely as monstrous capitalist hubs, when they are also sites for laughter, heartbreak, reflection, and community. Available at The Royal Bison next weekend, and I’ll be reading my excerpt on Sunday the 10th at Capilano Library.

Artwork by Karen Campos


Shamik Chakravarty, Trisit Choudhury - Prologue