Myntra Expanding

This is a CRB Tech Review about online fashion company Myntra that recently bought M-tech startup. Internet fashion e-tailer Myntra has obtained Bengaluru-based cellular database integration system Native5, a shift that goes with its way to shift entirely to the cellular system.

Native5, established by technological innovation experts Manish Priyadarshi, Barada Sahu and Shamik Datta in the year 2011, has designed a reasoning system to make and spread cellular phone applications across smartphones, pills and desktop computers. Resources informed TOI that it’s an acqui-hire; in other terms, Myntra is obtaining Native5 for its skills, and not so much its item.

The size of the contract could not be determined. All three co-founders will be consumed into the Flipkart technological innovation group. Flipkart obtained Myntra for $330 million in May last year.

Myntra did not straightforwardly react to a query on the Native5 purchase, but Pooja Gupta, VP, individual resources at Myntra, said: “We are always on the lookout to obtain organizations that can add value to our company - however, we are very particular that the entity/business being regarded creates not just business logic but connections in with our lifestyle and value undertaking.”

Native5 was incubated at Microsoft company Accelator in 2013 and it was a part of the Nasscom 10,000 Start-up program the same season. The project was one of the final contestants of Qualcomm’s QPrize this season. iSpirt, the application products think-tank, is said to have assisted the deal. Sanat Rao, associate M&A in iSpirt, refused to remark.

Previously, this season, Myntra obtained exclusively, which had a private tag brand, and in 2013, it obtained Fitiquette that designed an in-store dressing room experience similar to a  virtual fitting room for shoppers to try-on clothes online.  This was the CRB Tech Review reporting on the expansion of Myntra.


New video from Holes titled Wallfire

Out this Thursday on Sensing Waves.

Filmed in Nelson, BC. Shot, edited, and directed by Shamik


–Peter Gizzi

I guess these trailers lined up in the lot off the highway will do.
I guess that crooked eucalyptus tree also.
I guess this highway will have to do and the cars
    and the people in them on their way.
The present is always coming up to us, surrounding us.
It’s hard to imagine atoms, hard to imagine
    hydrogen & oxygen binding, it’ll have to do.
This sky with its macular clouds also
    and that electric tower to the left, one line broken free.

[ Authors ]
Shamik Gupta, Mustansir Barma
[ Abstract ]
We study the effect of quenched disorder on the zero-range process (ZRP), a system of interacting particles undergoing biased hopping on a one-dimensional periodic lattice, with the disorder entering through random capacities of sites. In the usual ZRP, sites can accommodate an arbitrary number of particles, and for a class of hopping rates and high enough density, the steady state exhibits a condensate which holds a finite fraction of the total number of particles. The sites of the disordered zero-range process considered here have finite capacities chosen randomly from the Pareto distribution. From the exact steady state measure of the model, we identify the conditions for condensate formation, in terms of parameters that involve both interactions (through the hop rates) and randomness (through the distribution of the site capacities). Our predictions are supported by results obtained from a direct sampling of the steady state and from Monte Carlo simulations. Our study reveals that for a given realization of disorder, the condensate can relocate on the subset of sites with largest capacities. We also study sample-to-sample variation of the critical density required to observe condensation, and show that the corresponding distribution obeys scaling, and has a Gaussian or a Levy-stable form depending on the values of the relevant parameters.

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