The Punch Seen Around The World

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    I am sure that most of you have seen the Sharkiesha fight video…I think it is about time for me to weigh in on this subject. Watching this video, I was disgusted. The incident involved two girls, Sharkeisha and Shamichael Manuel. The whole situation seemed like it was a set up. . Now, it is said that the attack was over a boy…..REALLY?? Like for real??? Either way the two former friends could have found a way to talk things out, it really did not have to come to this.

   On the punch: Sharkeisha caught Shamichael off guard..and the kick in the face? I didn’t know who to be more mad at, Sharkiesha for the falcon punch and the kick in the face or Shamichael for not defending herself. I do not know if she was scared that the girls around would jump in…but after that first punch we would have been fighting. I’m not gonna stand there and let someone hit me like that. Even if I don’t win, I would not have taken that lying down! 

    It was all a set up:In an interview,  Shamichael said that the same day during school,her and Sharkeisha were talking like they usually do, like best friends always do. Then the incident happened after school. From the beginning, someone had their camera out recording. During the video, someone even  said, “You know what you did Shay.” So there was gossip involved and more than likely talk of a confrontation. Shamichael also believes that the fattack was a set up and instigated by the girls who were around and recording.

   I do not care what this was about. It was sad. I feel bad for both of the girls, because they are young and lost. I’m still stuck on the fact that this was over a boy..why not find HIM and confront him? Also, why are most viral videos that involve African Americans ones that are negative and/or perpetuate stereotypes? 

Since the video has gone viral, there are memes everywhere, which makes the situation seem like it was a joke. If this was someone that you knew who was attacked, would it still be funny? This is not something that either of the girls involved can put behind them now because it is seen everywhere. From the memes about the punch to memes about the girls names. The whole thing, is something that is not funny and should not be made a joke of.

  All in all, it’s a sad situation and  is  a negative image being popularized. I hope that the girls involved in this can learn from this situation and grow from it.

By the way, Shamichael and her mother did an interview with thier local news. You can view it here:

I said it,