Pray for...

Felipe Camiroaga

Roberto Bruce

Sylvia Siler

Carolina Gatica

Rodrigo Cabezon 

Felipe Cubillos

Sebastian Correa

Joel Lizama

Catalina Vela

Jorge Palma

Joaquin Arnolds

Galia Diaz

Romina Irarrazabal 

Jose Cifuentes 

Rodrigo Fernandez

Carolina Fernandez

Juan Pablo Mallea

Eduardo Jones

Flavio Olivo 

Erwin Nun

Eduardo Estrada

<3 <3 <3 you all will be in my heart <3 <3 <3 


how badly i want to meet, talk to, see SHANE DAWSON. It’s not like I am going to attack him with my fan girlness…Honestly i don’t even act like a fan girl i just LOVE HIM A LOT. He is basically the center of my world <3 If i ever do meet him i think i would have no words just hug him…Actually i would tell him that he has changed my life in every way possible. He is the person i can always rely on…LOL because i can just watch his videos and he always makes me smile, laugh, cry….? yeah cry even hehe :3 I love you Shane Dawson. Come to New Jersey ….Secaucus Preferably <3 MUAK <3