No offense but Fiona saying Mickey would set a match to Ian’s life and Ian telling Mickey that he didn’t think he moved on with his life since he was in prison but Mickeys response being that he knew he had and backing off saying “what are you doing here with me?” When Ian said he had a boyfriend is exactly why Mickey wasn’t the problem in their relationship

Things to remember during Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich’s return:

So….our boy is coming back tonight

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And I know we’re all stoked. But I also know that we’re trying to keep our expectations low because, let’s face it, this is Shameless. And they shit on everything we love. So we expect that they will probably break down Mickey to make him look bad so we love Trevor. So, to keep from falling for their shit, let’s remind ourselves of some things:

1. Mickey may say something transphobic. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went that way. But let’s remember that Mickey grew up in a horribly homophobic household, where his dad literally beat him both times he found out about Mickey being gay.

So whatever Mickey says about Trevor will be a knee-jerk reaction. It’s the phobia ingrain in him.

2. We also have to remember that our poor boy has been sitting in jail thinking about Ian & clinging to the tiniest hope that Ian is waiting for him. So when he finds out about Trevor, he is going to be hurt. So whatever he says will come from anger & pain. And we all know that we say things we don’t mean when we’re angry.

3. They are probably going to try & separate the other characters from Mickey. Mickey may suddenly become some neighborhood thug that Ian was fucking, that no one else had anything to do with. Do not let them convince you of this. Mickey had a relationship with EVERY Gallagher. They considered him a member of the family & he felt the same way! Remember that.

4. They may try to make us think Mickey is bad for Ian- dangerous even. Do not fall for the whole “God of sex & war” shit. Remember how much Mickey cared about Ian. Remember that Mickey was the only one who seemed to care about Ian’s illness. Remember that Mickey was always there for Ian & Ian felt he could tell Mickey anything. Remember that Mickey made Ian feel safe & loved. Remember that Mickey always put Ian before himself. 

5. And finally, do not let them erase Mickey’s love for Ian. Ian was not just a fuck to Mickey. Ian was & is the love of Mickey’s life. 

So, let’s be excited about seeing the beautiful man that is Mickey, but let’s also be prepared for what may come. And most importantly, let’s remember who Mickey is. He is loving. He is caring. He is selfless. He is a work in progress. And we love him.