How are you actually meant to speak to people in real life?? Like what do most people talk about if they don’t talk about gay ships??? How do I function around non-trash human beings????


Summary: Mickey gets completely drunk while Ian is at work. When Ian comes home, Mickey pours his heart out to him.

Word Count: 725

Notes: This was such a cute request!!

Ian walks home from work, excited to see Mickey. They’ve been busy the past few days so he’s happy he gets to spend the night with him.

When he enters his home, he calls for Mickey but gets no response. He puts his stuff down and takes in the air around him–the apartment reeks of alcohol. “Oh, fuck.” He heads for the kitchen.

“Gallagher!” Mickey yells when he sees the redhead walk into the kitchen. Mickey was sitting on the floor with a nearly empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.

Ian shakes his head and pulls Mickey up from the ground after placing the bottle on the counter. “You start drinking without me?” He laughs.

“Nah, I can still drink with you,” Mickey slurs as he starts to place lustful kisses along Ian’s neck.

Ian huffs out a breath, but then stands up straight. “C’mon, let’s get outta the kitchen,” he shakes his head with a grin. Mickey is so wasted his has to hang on Ian to walk.

Throughout their way to the living room, Mickey seems to be hard in thought. He’s intently staring at Ian’s face– his eyes, his lips, his nose. The look shows love and confliction.

Ian notices as he sits Mickey down on the couch. “What’s on your mind?” He then plops himself super close to his boyfriend.


“What about me?” Ian smiles and cocks an eyebrow in suspicion.

Mickey grabs his boyfriend’s face. “Why have we hurt each other so many fucking times in the past?”

Ian frowns. “We were stupid,” is all Ian can think to respond.

“So fucking stupid,” Mickey scoffs. He then lies down and wraps himself around Ian so they’re cuddling face to face. “I wish we wouldn’t have done that to each other. We both could’ve avoided a lot of suffering,” he says softly. “I just– I’ve been an asshole in the past.”

“So have I, Mick.” Ian says. He knows his boyfriend is only blabbering on about this because he’s completely wasted, but the conversation was bound to happen someday. “I turned out to be more of an ass to you than you were to me. I’m really fucking sorry about it.”

Mickey nods. “True,” he chuckles and Ian playfully hits him in the arm. “I’m sorry too though.”

“Hey,” Ian says. “We’re okay now. In the end, it seems like it was worth it.” He pauses. “Right?”

Mickey nods. “Yeah,” he pauses. “We’re in this for the long haul now, and if you try to leave me I will fucking murder you,” he says with no serious threat.

“You’d have the right to.” Ian laughs. “But you’re right, this is it for both of us– no turnin’ back now.”

They then lay in silence for a while, just staring at each other’s features and breathing in each other’s scent. Suddenly, Mickey has a look of amazement and realization flash across his face. “Holy shit,” he says giddily.

“What?” Ian can’t help but grin at his boyfriend’s sudden happiness.

“Can you believe we’ve been together for twelve fucking years?” He laughs.

Ian smiles widely. “That’s a long ass time, isn’t it?”

Mickey kisses Ian’s cheek. “We got lucky. Especially for two gay Southsiders.”

“How’d the Gallaghers and the Milkoviches get so caught up with each other anyway?” Ian snorts.

“Don’t ask me,” Mickey snorts. “You guys are fuckin’ weirdos. You though– you’re a weirdo, but you’re so fucking intoxicating. You’re like a drug, I always want more.”

Ian kisses him hardly. “Oh, believe me, I know how you feel.” He rubs his hand up and down Mickey’s back. “I’m so in love with you after all these years,” he says against Mickey’s lips. He is also fully aware that Mickey would be saying all this and would making fun of him or calling him gay if he wasn’t drunk, but he figures he’d take advantage of it while he can.

Mickey nods. “So fucking in love,” Mickey whispers between kisses.

After a little bit, Mickey wraps himself even tighter around the taller boy. Their arms are both around the other, and their legs are intertwined. Mickey’s head is in the crook of Ian’s neck, and he’s savoring the scent. The two boys then fall asleep, never making it into their bed– it didn’t matter though because this moment felt perfect.


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I’ve read so much fanfiction that I’m probably gonna be like an expert when I actually kiss someone

-Non avevo bisogno del tuo aiuto.
-No? Sembrava di si invece. Sei arrabbiata perché ti ho aiutato. Hai paura che il fatto che io venga qui ad aiutarti magari ti possa iniziare a piacere e potresti addirittura abituarti a tutto questo, fino a non essere una donna cazzuta, che a me piace da morire. Ma hai paura che se ti affidi a me, il giorno che avrai davvero bisogno non ci sarò. E poi ti arrabbierai per aver creduto in qualcosa che hai visto soltanto nei film, ma di cui voglio provarti l'esistenza.
—  Shameless
Imagine (Reader x Gallagher’s family)

The reader is best friends with the Gallagher’s and one night whip out she gets attacked and heads to their place instead of home.

The sound of your allarm got your attention warning you that it was the end of your shift. Quickly, you took your things and said goodbye to your coworkers ignoring the sound of your anoying boss shouting for your attention as always. 

It has been three years since you moved to this neightbourhood and you still weren’t used to work so much. But, of course if you hadn’t taken any of these jobs you would be drowning in the debts your stupid ex boyfriend left you. Your parents turned their backs on you, the people you thought that were your friends didn’t even picked the phone when you called and, of course, the person who was suposed to be the love of your life run away inmediately.

Everything changed when you met Fiona and the rest of her family. They helped you not only giving you a home to stay in the period of time you didn’t have a place to live, but also emocionally were really important. They became the first people you could trust.

Again, the sound of a phone call took your attention. It was Fiona. You were about to answer when someone grabbed you by the arm and dragged you into an alley.

´´Who are…!?“- before you finished the sentence the person there shut you with one of his hands.

´´If you want to live you better shut up and don’t scream”- it was the voice of a man. He started to touch your body with his other hand making you start to cry. His touch was disgusting and you wanted to puke all over him.

´´Please someone…“- you thought. As if in real life your charming prince would come to rescue you. Bullshit. No one will come and you knew it. Your life had been like that since you were born no person cared and no one helped you ever. 

You were about to give up when the image of the Gallaghers showed up. Each one of them did help you and never gave up before, so why would you now?

A police siren sound nearby and that distracted you attacant giving you the opportunity to fight back with the oldest and strongest technique against men: a good punch in the balls.

While he was trying to calm down the pain you run with all your strenght without thinking of where were you going until you stopped at the Gallagher’s house. Outside the door was Fiona and Debbie with her daughter in her arms.

´´What happened?” - asked Fiona immediately. The two of them were worried about you. 

´´We were worried. Are you okay?“ - said Debbie. And from the house you could hear the rest of them. Ian, Lip, Carl, Veronica, Kevin and Liam.

You run into Fiona’s arms and started to cry feeling safe for the first time in your life. They were your home.

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