I dont ever… ever… do this. But I’ll use “#WCW” as a platform to bring this woman to the attention of some people who may not know her. Shameless Maya. This screenshot in particular is a video of her shaving off all her hair last year, on my birthday. The same day I was scheduled to cut off all mine and donate it to Locks of Love. On that day a year BEFORE she started what she has called the “Shameless” journey. Which is about empowering yourself, loving yourself, “doing you, boo”, and basically saying F- Fear. To be shameless literally means to be blatant, barefaced, unconcealed… outrageous. What I like about her is she doesn’t use the movement as some would as an excuse to be wild, offensive, and immoral. She actually does the opposite and through positivity, prayer and a connection with God uses it as a way to live life to the fullest. I found her while I was on my 21 day fast ( it was no accident. God did that) and its amazing how much I can relate but also learn from her journey. Of course you dont have to cut your hair like I did, or shave your hair like she did. It’s about overcoming whatever fear YOU have that’s stopping you from living your fullest life. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, and for me, as long as it falls in line with living as God would have me live… do EXACTLY what YOU want to do. #DoYouBoo Im totally down with the #ShamelessMovement. 💙

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