shamelessly pimping


Some new cuties I’ve made the last month. I had to wait for the sky to be marginally light to actually take pics, but the sun has pretty much disappeared and I don’t expect to see it again anytime soon. I had to improvise light a little.

but but BUT. Look at those smooshable faces! :D I just can’t stay gloomy under all these winter clouds when I look at them. <3

Both are available on my Etsy… because I’m not in a good place financially, so I’m going to shamelessly pimp my shop when given the opportunity. And as a small bonus, enter the coupon code TUMBLRSHIPSFREELY for free shipping in the US (yes, that pun there is fully intended). I’ve also lowered the prices on some of my other pirates and have fun little bonuses to tuck into the orders I send out. T’is the season and all that jazz. <3

But Like...

I love thinking about what’d it be like if the RWBY voice actor’s character dated their significant others’ character.

Ruby and Sun. I think they would be exactly like Lindsay and Michael.

Velvet and Junior, could you even imagine? Like this giant fucking mountain of a bartender and the fierce but adorable bunny girl.

FUCKING COCO AND TAIYANG! @nerdgasrnz portrays it pretty well in their comic here. Like fucking pimp Coco shamelessly flirting with this flustered old man.

Yang dating Nolan Porfirio. Literal popstar of Beacon dating some fucking rando with a cattle prod.

Scarlet and Neon Katt. This clumsy, british, pirate motherfucker with fucking Nyan Cat.

Emerald being married to Thrush from from fucking CRDL. Them both just being assholes to everyone.

Just the fucking possibilities dude