shamelessly makes this one a color set

7777 flowowers!

Number seven is a cool number.

Seven. Seven human souls. 

And any monster would become a GOD.

So I reached this flowower cound a few days ago! (Now we’re over that number, omg everything happened so quickly, halp), and I wanted to make a thing. 

I saw a wonderful “Flowey-to-Omega-Flowey” set of drawings made by the great @logidoxify, and I shamelessly took the idea to do the same with my dear, adorable Flowey!! Because no one made the “Flowey-to-Alpha-Flowey” process! :P

And I wanted to take it one step ahead… since there’s… seven.

Let me post the drawings real quick here…. hope you enjoy them!!

Fun fact: Depending on the soul color, the second Flowey will be of any color! He could be purple, yellow, red…. :D

My fave boy grows up so fast <3

Almost there…

Aaaw, lil’ old Alpha Flowey~ Aint he cute??? <3


Wait…. there’s more…. 

What about… the seventh? More under the cut! <u<

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This isn’t the first time Bel’s been to Northfield, of course. He did the orientation tour at St. Olaf like a good freshman, steeling himself against the funny looks the teenagers gave at finding a twenty-something among them, and then dutifully ate lunch at a local pizza joint to get a feel for the local culture. But it looks different now that he’s coming to stay. Smaller, quieter.

He turns his music down as he turns off Highway 3 into what he hopes is the right residential street. He’s been driving with his windows down, because pulling a U-Haul with a hybrid in the August heat is bad enough without running the air conditioner. This doesn’t look like the kind of neighborhood that appreciates Super Bass.

Slowing down to a crawl – his is the only vehicle on the street – he fumbles for his phone to check the address. And then he realizes he’s not going to need it.

That’s the house, all right.

‘A quirky, cheerful house,’ Pancho had called it. Her hippie girlfriend’s hippie house, a five minute drive from campus, in which he could rent a room for a cool hundred bucks less than anything else in the area if he agreed to keep an eye on her other renter and make sure he doesn’t set himself on fire or something. He’d been expecting something one step up from a trailer, to be honest, set way back on some wooded lot, possibly surrounded by marijuana plants.

Instead, it stands shamelessly on a street of modest gray or white family homes with perfect lawns like a drag queen at an accountancy convention. It’s the biggest house on the block. Victorian? Bel’s not an expert on architecture. It looks like someone got all excited to paint it up in sunset colors like one of those gaudy row houses in San Francisco, but wandered off in the middle of the project. The lawn is overgrown, the front windows are blocked by vines, and the garden is full of… ornaments… made of colored glass bottles.

It crosses his mind, just for a split second, to just keep driving. But Elusca’s goofy-ass hippie van is parked in the driveway, and for all he knows she’s looking out the window, and what kind of excuse could he make anyway? Besides, a bit of mess never killed anyone. He can keep his own room clean.

So he swings wide out into the street to make sure he doesn’t bump the trailer over the lawn on the turn, and pulls into the driveway.

vagabond ; michael au { pt 8 }

part seven

Dahlia ended up crushing Michael. He had only taken one shot at the object balls, pocketing two, but then scratching when aiming for the third. Dahlia placed the cue ball strategically and aimed with precision. She pocketed ball after ball in ascending order, Michael watching in awe. Then she finally aimed at the nine ball, the ball she needed to pocket to win.

She glanced up from the table, meeting Michael’s eye. She smirked at him as she let the pole slide through her fingers, hitting the cue ball and sending it rolling towards the nine ball. Like she expected, it rebounded off the side of the table and went straight into the corner pocket.

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