shamelessly makes this one a color set

7777 flowowers!

Number seven is a cool number.

Seven. Seven human souls. 

And any monster would become a GOD.

So I reached this flowower cound a few days ago! (Now we’re over that number, omg everything happened so quickly, halp), and I wanted to make a thing. 

I saw a wonderful “Flowey-to-Omega-Flowey” set of drawings made by the great @logidoxify, and I shamelessly took the idea to do the same with my dear, adorable Flowey!! Because no one made the “Flowey-to-Alpha-Flowey” process! :P

And I wanted to take it one step ahead… since there’s… seven.

Let me post the drawings real quick here…. hope you enjoy them!!

Fun fact: Depending on the soul color, the second Flowey will be of any color! He could be purple, yellow, red…. :D

My fave boy grows up so fast <3

Almost there…

Aaaw, lil’ old Alpha Flowey~ Aint he cute??? <3


Wait…. there’s more…. 

What about… the seventh? More under the cut! <u<

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