shamelessly in love with this movie

I think the thing I love the most about Mad Max: Fury Road is the fact that while it holds out this persona as ‘hey look some classic post-apocalypse action flick’, it actually breaks and twists a ton of genre tropes. It’s a futuristic desert world, but there is COLOR COLOR COLOR literally EVERYWHERE, it’s not some sepia-toned snooze fest. Immortan Joe isn’t the usual post-apocalypse villain, either–he’s not a sickly philosophizing bureaucrat, he’s just over-powerful and shamelessly selfish. (Plus the overabundance of cool females is fairly unusual in an action movie and exceedingly welcome, but that’s a dead horse I’m going to refrain from beating here).

But my favorite subverted trope in the whole film comes at the end. Like a The Book of Eli or I Am Legend, the movie holds forth the promise of some semi-civilized remnant of humanity that the heroes have only to reach to be safe. The entire plot revolves around Furiosa, and eventually Max, trying to get everyone to the Green Place of Many Mothers; somewhere where plants and kindness still exist, somewhere where the horrors of Immortan Joe’s tyranny can be left behind and forgotten. And then comes the kicker: the Green Place is no longer. It’s as dead and poisoned as everything else, turned into a noxious, useless swamp. And then the heroes have a choice: keep running towards some distant Green Land, some half-hopeless promise–or go back and fight. And THEY GO BACK. And they FIGHT. And in fighting, they save not only themselves but who knows how many others–all the people living under Immortan Joe’s sorry excuse for a rule.

I just love that the solution was not, for once, simply to flee and ignore and save yourselves, but to turn, to hold your ground, and to destroy the evil instead of letting it destroy anyone or anything else.

Dating Chanyeol

- Having your own hype man because Chanyeol thinks that your every little action is amazing.

- So much laughter together because of his never ending positivity and brightness

- Stealing random kisses from you when he wants attention

- Exasperatedly loving how extra he is 

- Crying shamelessly together while watching sad movies

- Constantly blinded by his smile 

 - Resting your head on his shoulder while he played the guitar

- During lovemaking, he’s a playful giant with the large hands and flirty tongue

-You were overwhelmed by his bright personality and smile the first time you met Chanyeol

- As the two of you got closer, you realized there was more to him than just his happy-go-lucky self.

-You were eating lunch together when he suddenly blurted out that he liked you and wants to be your boyfriend.

- Your first date would be at the amusement park where two of you spent the whole day going on every ride like little kids. 

- He was scared to kiss you for the first time until one time he tripped, and his lips accidentally touched yours. (Baekhyun still makes fun of him till this day)

- The month before your birthday, Chanyeol would be working on a song to properly convey his love for you.

- Saving every stray animal that you guys see together

- Your phones will be filled with selfies together because he knows how to work those angles

- Wearing his shirts as dresses since he’s a tower

- Spending a lot of time with the beagle line and loving them like brothers 

- He’ll be your number one supporter and fan forever and vice versa.

- Every love story is beautiful, but the one of you and Chanyeol was your favorite. 

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sodapop / affection

sodapop cuddling, kissing, hugging.

— soda likes cuddling with you, but doesn’t get to do so much.

— which means you both cuddle in public shamelessly; at diners, in the Curtis living room, at movie theaters, etc.

— “short” kisses don’t exist to him.

— he doesn’t consider them see you soon kisses. they are goodbye kisses.

— he likes to kiss you when you aren’t paying attention or when you turn your head.

—  moans during kisses.

— kisses your neck often because he knows you’ll make the most amount of noise.

— spin-hugs you.

— loves when you jump on him and hug him, clinging to him.

— while he likes spooning, he enjoys laying nose to nose.

— whether you’re kissing, cuddling, or hugging, soda likes to have hands on your hips.

— if he tries to really makeout woth you in public, and you’re too shy to do more than kiss, he’ll force you by grabbing you/making you gasp, etc.

— when you walk away, he bites his lip, grabs your butt, and pulls you by your wrist to him.

— he really likes making you blush.

— no, like really.

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[01] Run

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Pairing: Yoongi x reader

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and ‘Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes.

Summary: Jung Hoseok knew you like the back of his hand, and you were almost certain you knew him just the same; but when you meet his friends and watch in shock as everything you knew about Jung Hoseok was only the half of it, you realize just how wrong you were. Jung Hoseok and his friends had completely flipped your world around.  

 Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

“I’ll meet you at the diner in twenty, I have to go pick up some things from Minho’s house.” You smiled at the thought of your wonderful boyfriends name. Hoseok chuckled on the other end of the phone causing you to break out of your drooling. “Y/N yall better not fool around like last time! I waited for forty-five minutes for you!!” He huffed.

“Calm down hobi, he has work today; and I already told you how sorry I was for that!” You laughed softly, reassuring your best friend that you would meet him in twenty.

When you arrived at Minho’s house you noticed his car was still in the driveway. Minho must have taken off work today. Sorry Hoseok, I might run a little late… wink, wink. You thought to yourself as you unlocked the door and walked inside being greeted by a lingering smell of apple cinnamon house spray.

“Minho?” No reply.

You set your keys on the table near the door and made your way to the room where you had left your charger a few nights ago, causing you to use the shitty emergency charger you had found in one of the junk drawers of your kitchen.

Your hand reached out for the door handle, quickly freezing in place before you could turn the knob. A soft grunt escaped through the door followed by a loud moan. Another moan met your ears along with a women screaming out Minho’s name, causing your heart to beat so loud you were surprised the neighbors couldn’t hear.

Without even thinking you opened the door to find Minho pounding into a girl you had never seen before. His lips were latched onto her neck the same way they were latched to yours a few nights ago, his hands tightly gripping her waist just he had done with you. His moans grew louder as she begged him to go faster causing you to finally make your presence known, without being fully aware of your actions.

“Y/N!?” Minho shouted as he pulled out of the mystery girl and quickly tugged his boxers on. Ignoring his plea’s and shouts you grabbed your charger, your extra toothbrush and the few clothes you had kept there for nights you stayed with him. For the nights you slept in that very bed he had just had sex on, that very bed where he decided to betray your trust.

“Y/N, please let me explain!” He grabbed your arm stopping you from leaving, forcing you to look up at his soft brown eyes. A river of tears fell from your eyes the minute you looked at him, remembering every memory, every kiss and intimate moment the two of you had together; when he reached out to wipe them away you pulled away in disgust.

“Don’t touch me Minho. Don’t fucking touch me.” You cried reaching for the door in a desperate attempt to leave the house now full of haunting memories.

“Y/n listen to me please. I’m so sorry..”

“Who is she?”


“I said, who the fuck is she?” You shouted, ignoring the very noticeable crack in your shaky voice. He hesitated a second before telling you all the things you knew you didn’t want to hear but felt the need to know. Most of the story went in one ear and our the other as you stood motionless staring at the man you had loved so dearly. You looked at his slightly swollen lips and down his exposed chest thinking back to the time when you thought it was only yours to touch.

“I gave you everything..’ You said barley above a whisper. “I gave you all of my love, I worked my ass off make sure I had enough money to pay my rent and still have extra on the side for us to do things. I loved you so much.” As if someone had just flipped a switch inside you, anger started to build up inside causing you grab the picture (it was a photograph of you and Minho at the carnival the fall of '15, it was the year he told you he loved you) hanging on the wall and smashing it to the ground. “Go to hell Minho.. and for your sake I hope you take your slut with you. Wouldn’t want you to be lonely”


“Maybe you should just talk to Lisa and tell her you cant work today, I’m sure she will understand y/n. I’ll take you out or we can have our infamous movie nights.” Hoseok whispered to you while played with your hair in the comfort of yalls favorite corner booth, as you cried shamelessly in his chest.

Hoseok was always the friend that would drop anything and everything he was doing to race to you the minute you needed him; yalls friendship was the kind that you knew people had to be jealous of. He held your hand in such a platonic way just because he loved having you by his side, he loved hugging you the minute he saw you, sometimes even picking you up in the process. He stroked your hair until you fell asleep on tough days, occasionally he would stay the night, and on these nights yall would face each other and talk until the wee hours of the morning. A loose strand of his black hair would sometimes fall into his face and as though it was a duty of yours, you’d softy tuck it away. You studied him like he was the greatest subject in school, and he studied you just the same; he was the greatest thing you ever had and the only thing you truly needed.  'Friends will come and go, boyfriends will come and go, but no matter what changes in your life you can always count on me to stay here right by your side. I’m your hope and you are mine.’  He once told you during one of your infamous sleepovers, Hoseok was the best friend you could ever ask for.

“I cant miss any more days Hobi, I am already two months behind on rent; but aside from that I’m glad I have you. Thank you for being the only guy to never do me wrong,” You smiled weakly at your best friend and placed a small kiss on his jawline. “I love you so much Jung Hoseok.”

“I love you so much more Y/n Y/l/n.”

We said our goodbyes and you watched him walk through the diner doors sneaking quick glances at you before he was out of sight.

You painted a fake smile for your costumers but unfortunately the slightly runny mascara and your noticeably puffy eyes gave away your act. Your current state gave you a few apologetic looks and a few eye rolls, a few costumers even gave you a bigger tip almost as though they were saying sorry for something they had no control over.

By the end of the night you had made a total of 175 in pity money, not nearly enough to make any difference in your rent situation. The drive home was silent until your mind decided to speak up. “Her name is Jisoo, we’ve been seeing each other for… for about two years now.” His words kept repeating in your head until finally the tears began to fall. “She is twenty two..” Twenty two.. her age becoming a tattoo on your brain, the entire situation rang through your ears and replayed in your head like it was some kind of movie you couldn’t seem to turn off. He likes younger girls? You thought to yourself as you quickly examined your face in the rearview mirror. Do I not look young enough? Was I not good enough? Was the sex bad? All the possibilities ringing in your ears making the tears fall even harder almost blurring your vision. 'You were always working, and anytime you would finally come to see me you just wanted to sleep.’ You clutched the stirring wheel until your knuckles turned white, you opened your mouth and let out the most blood curdling scream you could possibly make. A string of profanities left your lips as you screamed in anger allowing yourself to fall apart.

Slamming the car door behind you, you made your way up the cement staircase to your apartment door only to find your day was only getting worse.

EVICTION NOITCE: Dear current tenant, you have one week to collect your belongings and turn in your apartment key. Any further questions please contact the leasing office.

You were 2 months late on rent and it wasn’t the first time this had happened either. You worked your ass off but it wasn’t enough, you knew you living alone was going to be difficult, you had wanted to move in with Minho but he had never asked.

As if your hands had a mind of their own you dialed Hoseok’s number and waited for him to answer, it wasn’t until after the fourth ring he answered.

“Y/n? Are you okay?” His words dripped with sleep and worry.

“Um, I am getting evicted.. I have a week to move out..” The thought of asking the man who gave you everything for a place to stay made your sick to you stomach. The walls felt like they were closing in on you and a loud sob erupted from your lips without warning.

“Well dear, its time you finally came to my place and met my roommates. I’ll send you the address. I love you, see you soon.” And with that the line went dead and in a matter of minutes you received a message.

Hobi: 3523 Midrow Ave. Just let yourself in, my room is the second door on the right on the third floor. Be safe, we can go back to your place tomorrow and start packing.  

Third floor? He lives on the nice part of town in a three story house? How many roommates did he have? Why did he never tell me any of this? The subject you once studied so diligently turned out to be a lot more complicated then you anticipated. 


Summary: this one was the most requested and it’s basically where the reader has to hide her and toms relationship from her brother Harrison but he walks in on them cuddling!

You and Tom had been going out for four months now. You had fallen for him because duh how couldn’t you! But you had fallen for your brothers best friend. You kept your relationship secret from Harrison because you weren’t really sure how he would react when he found out his best friend was dating his twin sister. You weren’t quite sure when you were going to tell Harrison but certainly wasn’t anytime soon.

You went along with Tom, Harry and Harrison to China. You visited the Great Wall of china,“look y/n it’s so long!” Has said in excitement, “you know what else is long..” Tom said with a smirk on his face. You laughed and so did everyone else. You and Tom were shamelessly flirting the whole time you were at the Great Wall, you wondered how Harrison hadn’t caught on yet, harry had a few weeks before and you had to pay him £10 each to make him shut up about it.

That night in your hotel room haz and harry left you and Tom because harry wanted to take pictures of the city and made Harrison go with him. That left you and Tom alone, together. You and Tom were cuddled up on the couch like you normally did whenever you sneaked over to his without haz. “What movie do you want to watch, love?” Tom asked flicking through them. “Cinderella?” You ask. Tom looks at you. “Really? You want to watch Cinderella? How old are you 5?” He says. You look at him. “You prance around all day in a Spider-Man costume and your calling me the 5 year old?!” You raise your eyebrows and he laughs,“fine! I’ll put it on!”

You and Tom lead on the couch, your head was against his chest and you listened to his heart beating in his chest. “If You were Cinderella, y/n, I wouldn’t pick up your shoe because it would probably smell like mouldy cheese” Tom said. “Hey!” You hit his chest jokingly. As the movie went on you began to feel more and more tired and Tom playing with your hair wasn’t helping.

You fell asleep intertwined with Tom on the couch, you were asleep so you didn’t hear the knock on the door or when it swung open all you heard was “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE THEN!” Harrison yelled and you and Tom were instantly awake. “Shut up, mate, your gonna wake her up!” Tom whispered. “To late!” You said sitting up off of Tom. “Well Tom? What are you two- what is this- h-how long?” Harrison stuttered breathlessly. “Yes, we are together and we have been for four months or so now” Tom said laughing. Harrison sat down on the arm chair to process what was happening. He then looked at harry, “Why aren’t you shocked about this?! I mean who would’ve thought y/n would be interested in someone as werid as Tom!?” “Everyone else but you haz,” harry chuckled,“ I found out a few weeks ago but it was completely obvious”

Harrison was completely stunned and you laughed at how stupid your brother looked. That night was full of haz asking you and Tom tins of questions about your relationship, “so… have you two…. Tom have you… you know…. have you had it with my little sister yet? Just asking…. she is my sister after all..” you and Tom laughed at this and didn’t answer which left haz irritated. You all watched Harry Potter and the philophers stone.

After it had finished you all got up and got ready for bed. “So I presume you two will be sleeping together tonight?” Haz said to you. “Only if you want me to?..” you replied eyeing your brother. This left him even more irritated as he didn’t like it when people don’t answer his questions. “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight y/n and you and Tom can share his bed.” He said before hugging you goodnight. You walked over to toms bed and got into your pjs. You and Tom lead cuddled up together in his bed in complete silence until Tom decided to break it. “You don’t think haz is mad, do you?” “Why would he be mad?” “Oh y'know he is a protective person and I’m his best friend and I am dating his twin sister…”. “Yeh but you are forgetting that he loves me and wants me to be happy, and you make me happy Tom, like really happy”. That made him laugh and pull you closer, he peppered you face in soft kisses before saying, “ you make me happy as well y/n like really happy.” You were both in a fit of giggles.

The next day was pretty awkward and you were all in silence, the only time any of you would say anything would be when the waitress I. The hotel asked you what you wanted for breakfast. You were all sat eating in the hotel restaurant when suddenly haz blurted out, “OH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Y'know all the flirting and shit. HOW THE FUCK DIDNT I CATCH ON?!!?” You all stared at him

Will write number three soon so stay tuned!

My Top 5 Pop Songs Made for Horror Films

I already covered my top 10 horror movie themes, but this time I’ll be covering my top 5 pop songs made for horror movies. This includes a radio-intended song made by an established band that was made specifically for a horror film. Just before I start, I’ll just say an honorable mention is “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” by Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th Part VI.


Fright Night – J. Geils Band from Fright Night

Fright Night is one of the best vampire films of the 80s, and definitely one of the funnest vampire films ever created. This song oozes cheesiness, which only makes the movie even more enjoyable. I love that there’s no shying away from making these lyrics too corny. It’s just trying to be a fun song for a fun film, and both deliver perfectly.


Howling – Stephen Parsons and Babel from The Howling II

This song takes cheesy fun to a whole new level, as the movie does. It’s trying so hard to be hip and so hard to be sexy. The film team even thought this song was so cool they added a music video for it at the end of the film. The video is even more shamelessly tacky, with the hot chick ripping her shirt off every time they say “howling” in the main verse. It’s hilarious, but awesome all the same. And this song is great. The movie is nowhere near as good as the first Howling, and is kind of a werewolf porn film, but great silly fun, just like this totally rad tune.


Pet Sematary – The Ramones from Pet Sematary

You know your film’s badass when you can get The Ramones to perform your theme song. It’s not even the only song by them we hear in the film. A band famous for punk/surf rock may seem like a really odd choice, especially for the film’s tragic plot, but somehow it just works. Great, dark lyrics mixed with that 80s synth keyboard that dominated the best horror soundtracks of the decade make it a perfect fit.


Dream Warriors – Dokken from A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors

An awesome movie deserves an awesome theme, and this time it sure got one. Dokken blessed Freddy’s third attack on audiences by allowing it to reach new levels of awesome with an extremely epic 80s hair metal powerhouse of a song for the film. The video was ridiculous yet awesome. Dokken literally defeats Freddy with their radical, triumphant music, followed by silly twist ending that needs to be seen to fully appreciate. I don’t think any song on this list can out-80s this one. And that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

and #1…

Cry, Little Sister – Gerard McMann from The Lost Boys

Shamefully, I didn’t know the correct artist of this song until about a month ago, when a Tumblr user corrected me on my mistaken artist credit. But, regardless, I LOVE this track, and this movie. Since I was little The Lost Boys has been a Halloween tradition. I can’t let the season pass without watching this one. It’s cool, hip, (intentionally) hilarious, and sexy. And this hypnotic song really helps tie the film together as one awesome bundle. The sound of impending doom, like a heartbeat, with the drums, the gothic organ solo reminiscent of classic horror, the chanting of the ten commandments, being utterly ignored by the vampires in the film, and the echoing shouts of McMann just create a dark and ambient, yet funky and hip, theme to perfectly set the mood of the film. The film also features a ton of other great music, like “Lost in the Shadows”, and the tubular “I Still Believe”, performed in film by the swollen as hell Tim Capello dry-humping his sax… maybe not the best description, but trust me, the song’s awesome.

Sorry these were literally all 80s songs, but, hey, I’m an 80s baby. It’s what I love most.

Yoongi as a Boyfriend 💘

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  • Protective af
  • Anything you need, he’ll get it for you without you having to ask
  • In front of people he’ll act aloof and distant, the most you’ll get from him is hand holding
  • but ALWAYS hand holding
  • because he’s secretly soft af
  • and you get to see that side of him when it’s just the two of you
  • He remembers everything you say that he thinks is important to you
  • like, when you told him you wanted the new eyeshadow palette from urban decay, he couldn’t care less about the actual product but you want it, so he made a mental note of it and in a few days he comes home with the palette in hand along with some other stuff he saw that you might like. 
  • A gentleman
  • if you’re cold and didn’t bring a sweater (like he told you to) he wouldn’t say anything, just take off his jacket and put it on you
  • He would text you as often as possible even when he’s busy with work and is tired af, he’d make time because he knows communication is important and he doesn’t want to lose that connection with you
  • Snapchats from him when traveling on their world tour and wishing you were there
  • FaceTiming even though you beg him not to cause he calls you at random times and you don’t think you look good at 1am or whenever he has the time to call, but he doesn’t care, he HAS to see you “or I won’t sleep well” he says…
  • Netflix and chill.. watching stranger things (again).
  • Your personal photographer
  • everywhere you go he’s got his camera ready to take picture of you every few minutes, even though you ask him to stop because it makes you shy, but he doesn’t give af. He’s gonna get take those pictures because you look extra cute (he always says that..) 
  • Trips to IKEA that are pleasant, because fortunately you both have the same taste when it comes to home decor (when it comes to a lot of things, really)
  • He writes songs about you but you never find out about it until the album is out, because he’s too shy to tell you beforehand 
  • He invites you to his studio every now and then, and you watch movies and you help him relax from all his hard work
  • NSFW ahead
  • When he’s on tour he loves to send you texts and snapchats to get you going 
  • asks for nudes shamelessly 
  • and it always ends up with you two either facetiming or having phone sex
  • he loves when you go down on him
  • but not as much as he likes to go down on you
  • open minded, will try anything you suggest 
  • morning sex is his favorite thing
  • loves the danger of being caught, you feel like teenagers trying to find any chance to fuck 

Jimin | Tae 

I am borderline.

As some of you might know already, I have borderline personality disorder. After a long time searching for answers, I was officially diagnosed a year ago and have been in treatment for it ever since.

My life has positively changed since I got my diagnosis, as the struggles I have dealt with since childhood finally made sense. I realized that I wasn’t making it up, that I was not exaggerating, that it was not my fault to be so erratic, and most important: that my disorder can be treated so I wouldn’t have to live in such an emotional pain forever.

From the moment I knew that the reason for my dysfunction had a name, I experienced a deep hunger to know as much as I could about my enemy so I could fight it. I keep trying to be frank about it with my closest friends without the fear of being judged. It’s nothing new for me to say that there is a gigantic cloud of prejudices surrounding mental illnesses that keeps them locked in the environment of what should remain untold. My beloved ones learn along with me about my disorder every day.

There’s still much to learn, but I’ve been collecting weapons and coping mechanisms on the way. The motive of this post is that I wanted to share some of them with you:

  • Learning about boundaries, my own and other’s, and how to respect them.
  • Finding new ways of containment.
  • Communicating my feelings in effective ways.
  • Asking my friends to let me know if they’re gonna be away.
  • Losing the shame of telling about my feelings to others.
  • Turning off the notifications for read messages on my phone.
  • Finding a bunch of new hobbies: writing, making crafts and art, rapping (yes, I rap), gardening, cooking for myself, blogging, exploring new movie and music genres, going to themed meet ups, blogging like crazy, starting new projects, etc. 
  • Following mental health YouTubers (@katimorton I love you!)
  • Using phone apps (Booster Buddy is highly recommended)

And the latest: I made a new Twitter account specially to rant about my borderline related thoughts. I discovered a wonderful community of fighters with borderline personality disorder who support each other along the war, and I’m so grateful for having found that community. It’s a great strategy to tweet everything shamelessly instead of repressing those thoughts or acting them out. If you have borderline personality disorder, give me a follow! My account is @bananasplittin, I’ll meet you there along with the others. I tweet a lot, you are warned.

If you are mentally ill, remember that:

  • You are worth getting help. 
  • You are worth recovery. Recovery is possible.
  • You will get through this because you are stronger than you think. 
  • You are not alone. 
  • You are a survivor.

To normalize the conversation about mental illness, let’s speak publicly about it, even if people get uncomfortable. Let’s end the stigma.

I’ll leave you here a cool video about how borderline personality disorder feels like. Trigger warning for self-harm..

i want to date someone who i can own a dog with. who i can walk around in our apartment in just one of their t-shirts and underwear shamelessly. so in the morning wake up to them with a cup of coffee that they made for me and sit on the countertop and have them kiss my forehead and tell me good morning. we can have movie marathons sitting on our couch or watch the sunset from our window overlooking all the buildings. i want to date someone who i can live peacefully with.

GOT7 Reaction

Anon: got7 reaction to their band member flirting with you and them getting jealous or somethin!

I hope you like it!!

Remember our ask box is always open!! - Admin August

Mark: He would laugh as if it was something simple but he would simply begin to cuddle you and cling to you whenever Jaebum would come up to talk to you.

“Baby, your mine right?”

“Mark for the last time please let go.. I just want some chips”

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Jaebum: Poor poor Jackson… he was simply messing around with you. Both of you flirting, jokingly of course. But Jaebum didn’t care, he didn’t want him near you. He would literally push Jackson off the couch and sit with you. *doesnt even say anything, just stares at you so you know*

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Jackson: If you thought you saw Jackson acting extra before…. it was nothing compared to now. Yugyeom couldn’t help but whine,

“Noona, you can’t be this pretty everyday.”

Yet, before you could say a thing you’d hear a gasp. Suddenly Jackson’s arm was around you guiding you away from the maknae.

“Jagi no you don’t need to deal with that when you got a man around”

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Jinyoung: He didn’t realize it wasn’t flirting. Mark just wanted someone to speak English with, and tell some old jokes from childhood. But to Jinyoung he thought you were flirting together, so he would just casually begin to tell you embarrassing things about Mark, ignoring mark, and would eventually ignore you too. It wasn’t until you kissed his cheek and briefly told him you were talking about childhood memories.

“I like jokes too baby”

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Youngjae: This sweet baby wouldn’t know what to do. It was kind hot that day so you came to the dorm in some shorts. Bambam couldn’t help but say something about how your legs looked as good as his. Maybe even mentioning how they’d look together. Youngjae would just sit there, maybe scoff and just play with coco. You got tired of bambam mentioning your legs so you just curled up next to your boyfriend.

“You have nice legs jagi but maybe no shorts next time? I can’t stand this”’

“But your sitting down?”

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Bambam: Jinyoung was sweetly playing with your hair while you waited for your boyfriend. While you were use to this, you weren’t use to the comments coming out of his mouth. Let’s leave it at that the man can flirt. Bambam would be quiet when he came in and saw his hyung going for his girl. It wasn’t until you left with Bam to go relax in his room that he showed his anger. Pacing around he came up with an idea,

“Babe, i love the guys but I think I’m going to have to show them that your mine.”

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Yugyeom: The evil maknae needed to learn.. so the boys came up with a terrible idea. A group chat and a bribing of you later, the plan was set into motion. Yugyeom had invited you over for movies, but he wasn’t prepared for what was to come. All the boys began to flirt shamelessly with you and the deal was to act like you didn’t notice. Yugyeom felt like he was going insane, how could you not notice. How could they all just flirt with you. It wasn’t until you and Jackson started laughing that he knew you were up to something.

“I’m not this mean to you guys”

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okay so we talk about all the shadowhunters characters watching mundane movies together before, right (usually star wars or something) but look, recently i was reading a fic and there was a line that was, basically summed up: “a mundane movie?” “are there any other type?” 

what if there was tho

like downworlder movies, run by downworlders. the tragic love story of a warlock and a mundane (that magnus refuses to watch after the first time he cried a lot) or a rom-com between a werewolf and a vampire, or a really bad cheesy flick about two werewolves, or a seelie drama that’s full of dramatic plot twists and love triangles, or a vampire movie that’s just full of puns, or a really sweet chick flick where a vampire falls in love with a mundane and she ends up voluntarily becoming a vampire to be with her vampire girlfriend, or a rom-com between a warlock and a vampire who both think the other is a mundane and keep trying to hide the truth with increasingly hilarious shenanigans, or magnus’s favorite, a buddy comedy about two warlocks. shadowhunters being portrayed as everything from “basically stormtroopers” to “evil and heartless” to that that one series wherein they’re actually characters and no one admits it but they kind of love it because it’s so overdramatic, but also kind of lovable (a downworlder shouting at some shadowhunter “you’ll never be like [insert name of character], you [insert reference]!” and the shadowhunter is just like ???? because none of them have ever seen these movies before.

like just movies made by downworlders, full of downworlders and downworld things. some of them aren’t even set in the downworld, it’s just most of the cast are downworlders. like a movie set in a space station or something, and a vampire plays the lead. a werewolf plays the love interest, and it’s hilarious because they don’t get along at all on set, except that they kind of do. a seelie who plays a ridiculously handsome love interest in a movie about spies. a warlock who plays like, an x-man or something, and mundanes who might see it are like “wow cool costume/makeup” but surprise bitch, those scales are fucking real 

and like after the whole mortal war thing, there’s a series of really bad movies based on it. and like there’s actually a chick-flick based on magnus and alec, which magnus thinks is hilarious. later there’s an actually serious romance movie based on them about a warlock and a shadowhunter falling in love and magnus watches it whenever he misses alec once he’s gone oops i’m crying

and okay this is less likely because of the clave and warrior culture but shadowhunter movies. there aren’t very many of them, and most of them are terrible or meant for children or both, but they exist.

and it’s hilarious because like, half of the characters are always really bad actors with stiff expressions and shit, and the other half are super passionate and like throwing themselves into the role. as a kid, isabelle desperately wanted to star in one of these (and she probably gets to at some point).

but they range from really shitty romances, usually stemmed from arranged marriages or propaganda of some sort, to like actually funny comedies but it’s like, shadowhunter humor, dry and morbid and shit. there’s a few super racist downworlder characters that alec, izzy, and jace look back on wincing super hard because shit, yeah, now that they think about it, vlad the evil vampire and seymour blade the greedy warlock were super racist, wow. 

but what shadowhunters are really good at? war movies. movies about battles and swordfights and shit. holy fuck they’re good at that. they use real blades. sometimes, they even use actual demons. because shadowhunters are fucking badass. and they’re great at the political dramas and tangled webs of conspiracy. there’s this one spy movie that’s basically shadowhunter james bond and it’s amazing. jace and izzy had a crush on the “bond girl” equivalent, a kickass lady shadowhunter, and alec had a crush on the james bond guy, a hot shadowhunter dude who wore eyeliner. but the thing about the movie is the plot is actually really good, even though the actors really suck in places and it’s great

and like okay so now imagine all our faves having movie nights and they just

everyone’s all curled up in magnus’s living room (or they take turns in various places, and god knows what would happen if maryse found out that they’d used the institute once) and magnus has conjured up more space/extra chairs and shit. everyone’s welcome, but people outside their circle rarely come (”are you crazy??? all those shadowhunters and powerful downworlders and shit??? nah thanks”) and like

magnus and alec are cuddled ridiculously close on a loveseat, being sickeningly adorable and kissing each other’s cheek and shit. maia and simon sit on the couch together and get a little closer each time. for a while, clary and jace sit very far apart, but once they start to get their shit together they slowly gravitate closer. raphael sits next to magnus and alec so he can poke magnus and annoy him whenever he wants. ragnor sits next to raphael so he can help. catarina and dot usually sit together on some beanbags because they get along super well, and they enjoy the same kinds of movies so sometimes they gang up on the others and it’s a little terrifying. luke often sits between clary and where simon and maia are sitting, as they are the ones he’s closest to. meliorn sits on a beanbag next to izzy, who sits cross-legged on the floor with a large bowl of popcorn that several people steal from shamelessly. she lets them, and always makes extra (or rather, asks alec to, because she always burns it).

okay but there’s a big mix of shadowhunter, downworlder, and mundane movies? and like you can tell exactly which each one is just by looking at the cover

but like magnus being intrigued by the james bond shadowhunter movie, like “wow i didn’t know shadowhunters were good at spy drama. nice. wow did they really do that stunt? that’s badass”

and maia and simon like the werewolf/vampire rom-com ;) 

and clary just really loves the downworlder movies?? especially the cheesy rom-coms, because those are her favorite. especially when they has happy endings

or maybe luke is the only one of them who’s seen both shadowhunter and downworlder, so he likes watching the mundane ones more, but his favorite will always be a shadowhunter movie he watched as a kid about shadowhunters in WW1 because it was so interesting to him

or alec convincing them to watch the series with the overdramatic shadowhunters and all the downworlders are losing their minds as the shadowhunter on the screen (who is very clearly a seelie with makeup runes drawn on, and half of them are nonsense- alec points this out to magnus, and he giggles and says that’s the best part) does a completely unnecessary backflip and ends it on a cheesy line and all the shadowhunters immediately turn to jace like that’s you. 

meliorn wants to watch one of the seelie dramas because he lowkey loves them and even he can’t predict the plot twists sometimes and sometimes he’s just sort of clinging to izzy like oh my god. oh my god. isabelle. look. oh my god. i think she’s the mother. holy shit. and izzy’s like i know oh my god this is so great!!

dot wants to watch star wars, because she still has a crush on leia and also she just likes the plot. simon enthusiastically agrees. magnus agrees on the condition they watch the star trek movies at some point, too. catarina claims to have dated natalia portman for a short time. no one but simon believes her.

ragnor what do you mean he’s dead? fuck off don’t know what ur talking about wants to watch the warlock buddy movie, because he was an extra in it so you can see him the background for like three seconds at a bar, and he never stops rubbing it in magnus’s face that he was in a movie, ha, and magnus is like “i just haven’t gotten around to doing one yet!” “uh huh, sure”

at some point, they have a disney night and it’s amazing. everyone loves disney night. even though half of it is critiquing and pointing out flaws, they all have a lot of fun, and half of them are singing along the whole time. (magnus singing “under the sea” with way too much enthusiasm, maia sings “once upon a dream” beautifully and simon sings the other part, jace sings “let it go” extremely off-key, clary sings “colors of the wind”… not very well). pirates of the carribean is probably the best-received one by all of the, though, although lilo and stich might have it beat

i know this would probably never happen in canon and i’m just dreaming but i don’t even care i love this idea

#289: “Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus will always be the purple Barbie movie to me. All of the other Barbie movies (at least the early ones) used a pink-and-blue palette - with the exception of the Fairytopia trilogy, which was rainbow - but this one was just shamelessly, shamelessly purple, and I love it.”

- anonymous

logan is everything a superhero movie should be and everything future superhero movies should strive to be. it’s action packed, emotionally driven, and contains socially relevant subtext. it’s the perfect superhero movie and i’m shamelessly in love with it

GOT7 Reaction to You Sitting On Their Lap


It was Friday night and you were over at GOT7′s dorm. You were good friends with all of them and whenever you all had free time you would hang out together. Tonight was supposed to be a movie night and you were excited because you hadn’t been able to hang out with them much recently due to their schedules. 

There was one member in particular you were more excited to see. Most of the other guys knew about your crush on him, but they wouldn’t dare say anything. They knew they would have to deal with your wrath if they did and besides that it was fun to tease you about it. 

You had been thinking about confessing your feelings or at least trying to hint them to the member you liked during the time that they had been away. Tonight might be the night you would try to show them your feelings. Even if it was just with a bit of friendly flirting.

 You walked into the living room and saw all the guys occupying all the available seats. This was what usually happened during your movie nights and you would always end up telling one of them to move over so you could occupy your favourite spot on the couch. Tonight was different though. Everyone looked at you as you came in expecting you to claim your spot. 

But instead you said, “I think I’ll sit somewhere new this time.” 

And with that you strutted over to your crush and smiled at him as you climbed onto his lap.


Would be a bit shocked at first that you actually sat on his lap like that in front of everyone. He didn’t tell you to move though. 

“Um… You’re sitting on me?” Jaebum said after a moment. 

“You just seemed so comfy I couldn’t resist,” you replied teasing. 

Jaebum smirked and said, “Well if you insist on sitting here.” 

“Jaebum you’re so smooth with the ladies,” Jackson began his teasing and the rest of the guys were snickering at the two of you. They all were silenced pretty quickly by the glare Jaebum gave them though. 

“Heh.. I’ll just go put on the movie then,” Mark said trying to run from Jaebum’s death glare. 

During the movie all Jaebum could think about was you. He had no idea what the hell was even playing on the tv. He had always liked you as more than a friend but thought you didn’t feel the same as you usually treated all the guys in the same friendly way. But this was different. You chose to sit with him like this and not any of the other guys. This made him secretly happy. 

He wondered if maybe you liked him as more than a friend too. In a daring move, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. When you didn’t protest and put your hands on top of his that were wrapped around you, he grinned. He would talk to you about it after the movie, but for now he would enjoy being with you like this. In his arms, where you belonged.


Would immediately have the biggest smile as soon as you landed in his lap. He wouldn’t even try to hide his enjoyment. He would shamelessly wrap his arms around you and snuggle you close. 

“Well this is new, but I like it,” Jackson laughed. The rest of the guys would give you both weird looks. 

“THERE’S CHILDREN HERE! CALM YOURSELF!” yelled Jinyoung covering Yugeom’s eyes. 

“What I’m not doing anything weird,” Jackson whined as he rested his head on your shoulder. 

“Can we just watch the movie?” Youngjae complained.

 “Leave the love birds alone Jinyoung,” BamBam said winking at you causing you to blush. 

“Ok ok I’m starting the movie now,” JB said making everyone turn their attention away from you and Jackson. 

While the movie was playing Jackson whispered in your ear, “We should do this more often.” 

You turned so you could look at him. “I’d like like that,” you giggled. 

As he stared into your eyes Jackson leaned forward slightly. Your lips were just millimeters away from touching as you both gazed at each other.

 “CAN YOU GUYS NOT DO THIS HERE?” Jinyoung interrupted your moment. 

“Ugh you killed the mood,” Jackson pouted. 

You leaned in and whispered so only Jackson could hear, “We can continue that later.” Jackson grinned at you liking the idea.

 “That’s it you two are sitting away from each other,” Jinyoung  said. Jackson immediatley pulled you close to his chest.



You burst out laughing, “Calm down Jackson. I’m not going anywhere.” 

“Good,” he said snuggling you. 

Everyone calmed down and resumed watching the movie. Jackson never let go of you the whole time. 


Would act a bit shy about it but would be so happy. When you sat on his lap Mark started to blush a bit. On the inside he was so happy though. He couldn’t believe you made a bold move like that. He would have been too shy to do anything like that with you especially in front of everyone. But since you initiated it he was all for going along with it. He smiled sweetly at you and hugged you close.

 “Awww they’re so cute together,” Jackson gushed pointing at the two of you. 

“I SHIP IT,” yelled BamBam joining Jackson in teasing you.

 “OK guys leave them and let’s watch the movie,”  JB scolded Jackson and BamBam. 

They reluctantly took their took their seats on the couch but they still made faces at you whenever they caught your eye. You just smiled and rolled your eyes at them. 

While the movie was playing Mark whispered to you, “I take it you missed me too?” 

You turned to look at him, “Too? Did you miss me?” 

“I did. I thought about you a lot while we were away,” he admitted. 

“What kind of thoughts?” you teased  smiling at him. 

“Thoughts like,I wonder what y/n is doing? Is she thinking of me?” 

You blushed. 

“SHHHH! Can you guys go confess your love to each other somewhere else,” Yooungjae complained. 

Now Mark was blushing too. 

“We’ll talk about it later for now I’m going to enjoy being with you like this,” Mark said smiling. 

You nodded and he pulled you closer and buried his face into the side of your neck. He no longer cared about the movie he just enjoyed being close to you and feeling the warmth of your body against his. 


Accepts his fate and resigns to letting you sit on his lap. He would pretend to be annoyed about it but he secretly loved it. 

“What are you doing?” he questioned you.

 “Oh, nothing just sitting here,” you replied. 

“Don’t do this infront of my children,” he protested. 

“I’m not moving,” you shot back.

 “Ohhhhh Park Jinyoung is a lucky man,” Jackson whistled. 

“You’re just jealous,” you said to Jackson causing Jinyoung to smirk slightly.  

As the movie started Jinyoung complained “I can’t see over your head.”

 “Shhhhh hyung!” Youngjae complained. 

“Control your man Y/N,” Jackson said earning him glares from both you and Jinyoung. 

Jinyoung conceded and gave up his fake protests. As the movie progressed Jinyoung rested his head on your shoulder and absentmindedly played with your hair as you were leaning back and pressed up against him. His mind wandered from the movie to thoughts of you and how right it felt to have you with him like this.

 You turned to him and this time you questioned him, “Oh? You seem to be enjoying this for a guy who told me to get off him earlier.” 

Jinyoung smiled at you now. “You know if I actually wanted you to move I would have moved you myself.” 

You grinned at him, “So you are enjoying this?”

 “I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I held you like this,” he said completely serious, staring right into your eyes. 

This caused you to blush, but you tried to act like it didn’t phase you as you turned your attention back to the tv screen. 

“You’re really cheesy Park Jinyoung,”you finally said. 

He squeezed you close to him with his arms that were wrapped around your waist. 

“Only for you.”


Surprised but totally loving it. When you sat on his lap BamBam imediately made a silly over dramatic expression. 

He would be thinking, “Is this really happening? Y/N is sitting on me! OMG! ACT NORMAL!” 

He would play it off as a joke. 

You laughed at his expression and said, “Calm down Bam.” 

He would also start laughing and say,”How can I calm down when your on top of me?” 

“SUCH A SCANDALOUS SITUATION,” Jackson shrieked pointing. 

“Let me take a picture,” Jinyoung said taking out his phone.

 “Yah both of you stop,” JB intervened saving you from Jackson and Jinyoung’s teasing.

 With that the movie started and everyone left you alone and started watching it. BamBam wasn’t sure what to do with you still sitting on him. He rested both his hands on your shoulders causing you to turn to him.

 “Don’t get me wrong I like this but why did you decide to sit on my lap? You could have done it to any of the other guys,” he whispered to you so the other couldn’t hear. 

“Because this is where I want to be,” you replied simply. 

BamBam grinned at you and let his hands slide down to wrap around your waist. That was good enough for him for now. He would talk to you more later when you weren’t on him and he could think straight. 


Grins and doesn’t know what to do about this situation. When you sat on Youngjae’s lap his eyes went wide and he tried to hide the grin forming on his face. 

“Um.. Y/N you know you’re sitting on me right?” 

“Oh, I know,” you replied and winked at him. 

A small blush crept up on Youngjae’s face. The rest of the guys couldn’t contain their laughter at the scene unfolding in front of them. 

“Quick Yugyeum pass the popcorn this is better than any movie,” BamBam laughed. 

“Youngjae you are a man now,” Jackson nodded at you guys with approval.

 “Just put the movie on,” you said throwing a cushion at Jackson. 

“So violent,” Jackson pouted. 

Finally the movie started. You knew Youngjae was too shy to do anything so you grabbed his hands that were at his side and pulled them around waist. This took him by surprise but he was glad that you took initiative. He leaned in and you could feel his hot breath tickling the back of your neck as he brushed your hair aside so he could whisper in your ear. 

“Y/N I really missed you.” 

As he whispered it you could feel the ghost of his lips against your skin. Now you were the one blushing. 

“I missed you too,” you whispered back not being able to look at him. 

His fingers brushed against your face as he gently turned your head so he could look into your eyes. 

“I’ve been wanting to hold you like this for so long.” 

And with that he went back to watching the movie. One hand wrapped your waist holding you against him and other hand in your lap holding your hand.


Tries to act innocent and shrugs as all the guys smirk at him. When you sat on his lap Yugyeom was confused. 

All he could think was, “What’s happening? Why is Y/N sitting on me? Hm… she smells really nice and she’s warm and soft-” 

“Yah Yugyeom I see you what are you thinking? Your face is all red!” Jackson yelled pointing at Yugyeom.

 “Y/N what are you doing to my innocent child?!” Jinyoung exclaimed. 

“Lucky~,”Bam Bam said eyeing the two of you. 

“Would you leave my Yugyeommie alone,” you pouted at all of them. “Oh so he’s yours now?” Jackson wiggled his eyebrows at you.

 “They’re cute leave them alone and just watch the movie,” JB said saving you and Yugyeom from any more teasing. 

As the movie played your words kept repeating in Yugyeom’s head “Leave my Yugyeommie alone.” You said my Yugyeom. 

He blushed just thinking about it. 

Does she like me back?

Deciding that it was worth a shot, Yugyeom reached for your hand and held it in his. When you didn’t pull your hand away he started playing with it tracing patterns with his thumb. You turned to look at him and he smiled at you. You reached up to his face and brushed his hair away from his eyes and leaned closer to him. You were so close to him the tip of your nose was touching his. Both of you were blushing profusely at this point. 

“NOW KISS,” Jackson shrieked from the other side of the couch as he had caught site of the your little moment. 

Both of you startled and jumped away from each other. You lost balanced and fell from Yugyeom’s lap onto the floor. 

 “Hyung look what you did,” Yugyeom whined. 

“Y/N are you okay?” Yugyeom reached to help you off the floor. 

“I’m ok,” you said and glared at Jackson. “Heh sorry,” Jackson apologized giggling.

 “Guys I’m trying to watch the movie,” Youngjae complained loudly. 

“It’s ok we’re leaving,” Yugyeom said taking your hand and leading you out of the room. 

“We are?” you looked at him questioningly. 

He leaned down so only you could here, “I would like to continue that somewhere else.” 

anonymous asked:

I need a The Bachelor AU for hartwin pleasee

Uhh, I tried.

It’s not that Eggsy regretted ever signing up for the show, but – he regretted ever signing up for the show. Not like, really regretted it, enough to make him want to pack his bags – he couldn’t anyway, because he had signed the contract – but his life sure would have been a lot easier if he wasn’t The Bachelor.

His main problem was that he had let it slip that he liked ‘em older, and now he was faced with the most handsome men around fifty that the producers could find. He had elected to ignore what the gossip rags had to say about his raging daddy kink.

So there he was, with four incredibly handsome men looking at him in anticipation, and only three glasses of scotch to hand out. You’d think he’d be used to this by now, because they’d started out with twelve men, but no. It hadn’t got any easier.

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Okay so smut warning, there’s no actual imagine it’s just … I’m confusing myself right now. So stop reading if you aren’t comfortable with the sex or smut. If you are comfortable, then read ahead!

Illya Kuryakin:
- Definitely think that Russian baby bear likes to be on top.
- I have this thing that Illya is so nervous about sexual acts. Like it would be so easy to make him blush and act awkward about it.
- He would be so gentle, like he would go slow and make sure that you aren’t hurting.
- And you’d just be screaming harder because he’s a little too caring.
- you pressed against a wall and your legs wrapped around his torso
- grinding against his crotch while in the bathrooms at a restaurant
- moving your hand slightly to rub up and down his thigh in a public place
- gradually leaning closer and breathing on his neck
- illya having to excuse himself to go to the bathroom and whispering follow me
- moaning in Russian
- griping onto your body
- loud noises of the headboard banging against the wall
- giggling at how loud he groans
- loves hearing you shout his name

Napoleon Solo:

- Well, in the movie he literally yells bottomwhile him and the KGB babe is running into that big building so … I think it’s fitting that he’s name is cowboy because he likes to be ridden.
- definitely likes shower sex
- he likes doing you in the … behind
- has a thing for having his hair grabbed
- shamelessly fucking anywhere e.g bathroom stalls, change rooms, etc.
- he’s really loud and likes grabbing at you
- whimpers when he really likes it
- so many hickys
- ear biting
- neck biting
- biting anywhere
- leaving read hand marks on your bum cheeks
- likes hearing you whisper dirty things in his ear when you’re out
- loves lingerie
- loves being so intimidate with you because he cares so much about you