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Hi, can you please list your reasons for shipping Spike and Drusilla? Thank you kindly.

You’re very welcome, dearest anon. Thank you for your question. <3

My apologies for the huge delay in reply; I do believe this may have been in my inbox for eons. Every time I went to answer, I found myself staring at the question like it was an astrophysics equation written in ancient Latin. By which I mean that it’s a brilliant question, but I feared I did not have an equally brilliant answer. Perhaps I still don’t. But congratulations on making me think long and hard about this, because the truth is for all my gushing over Spike and Dru, I’ve never really properly questioned why I love them so much. And thus, after much deliberation, my answer would have to be;

Because I love poetry.

I love jarring juxtapositions and cacophonous contrasts and oxymorons near moronic in their contradictions. I love the idea of a vicious Slayer of Slayers who spills more blood than beer, cashing checks and snapping necks, gleefully causing chaos all around him, before coming home with some flowers for his girlfriend and snuggling up with her while they watch Passions on TV. I love the idea of a murderous demon whose idea of a birthday present is a dismembered demon to resurrect and wreck havoc with, whose tea is suspiciously red in hue, who is likely to be seen giggling whilst playing with a bartender’s eyeballs, who after all the atrocities of an average Saturday night returns to her boyfriend acting like a college kid falling in love for the first time. I love the idea of her amorously writing their initials in her diary, using ink from the blood of her enemies to scribe all the little hearts around their names. I love the idea of him nervously watching her opening her Valentine’s present, worried that she already has a severed ribcage from before they got together. There’s something darkly amusing to me about their dynamic, though I do worry that I’m doing a great job of romanticizing violence consequently.

I love tragic endings in ballads and sad stanzas and how nothing ever seems to work out for the protagonists in Victorian poems. I love how you can love someone for over a century, only for but a single year of bad luck and temptation to send it all crashing down. I love how you can go from offering someone everlasting life on the basis of liking them that much, to abandoning them the moment their kisses taste like ashes. I love how you can go from dedicating your whole existence to worshipping your dark Goddess to casually offering to kill her for someone you fancy two years later. Why? Because weirdly (and unfortunately) enough, to me it feels painfully accurate. No, I don’t mean I’ve ever been offered up as a human sacrifice by an ex. But damn, I’d be lying if it didn’t feel like that sometimes, and I’m sure it felt similar for them too. I like the tragedy of it all. The way Spike bitterly looks back on Dru once their relationship is truly dead and gone. Because the one person you hate the most is usually the person you once loved the most too. Think about it. Because while I can only speak for myself, I’ve often found that hate is the result of love gone wrong.

If I had one word to describe Spike and Dru, it would be ‘poetry’. After having her heartbeat, breath, soul, reflection, and sanity stolen by her sire, Drusilla is possessed by the ghost of a poem that babbles metaphors and similes through her. She is bound by poetry; it becomes the only way she can communicate. And as such, the only person who can understand her is…A poet. A bloody awful poet perhaps, but a poet nonetheless, who could interpret and understand her. And I firmly believe that’s why she sired Spike. Because Drusilla wanted to be understood, to be appreciated, just like the nonsensical sonnets Spike wrote that only his Mother could bare to listen to.

Spike and Drusilla are poets by nature, just as they are vampires by nature. And for that reason, they will be always be my favorite ship.


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If you ever end up in a situation where you think 'oh man, I really feel like drawing Emelan crossover, but I just don't have any ideas!' I just got a vision of Sandry as Sleeping Beauty and Briar as the prince parting the rose thorns to get through (or the other way around, each fighting the others elements). And Lark, Rosethorn and Niko as the fairies! And Tris as Maleficent (she does call lightening at one point). I just don't know where to fit Daja..

I like this AU except - I’d have Daja as the prince and Briar as Maleficent’s raven (who also somehow has the power to summon those vines - they were meant as an obstacle for the prince anyway), which makes more sense to me ;P

Reblogging your OTP

I realized something about myself. When I start looking up my OTP on Tumblr I just:

And start hearting and reblogging everything, when I get back to my dash and I just see that I reposted so much. I sit in shock for a bit then go:

Then my friends look at it and go GOD DAMN IT YASSY THIS IS ALL I SEE ON MY DASHBOARD IS YOU AND YOUR SHIPS! So I simply go:

“I take my ships seriously okay?!”