Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 

Masterlist (to be continued...)

(i have at least 2 unfinished drafts for each one of these characters.. now everyone can see why I’m so frazzled lol)


Carl Gallagher

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she cheated

are you gay?

he thinks he’s the black el chapo

ship 2

is he fucking dead?

Lip Gallagher

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ross and rachel

ship 1

back in action

the stars

Mandy Milkovich

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brazen hookers

Fiona Gallagher

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Ian Gallagher

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Debbie Gallagher

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Mickey Milkovich

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Karen Jackson

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Svetlana Fisher

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Gus Pfender

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Mike Pratt

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13 Reason’s Why

Jeff Atkins

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smoke, fog, and haze

Tyler Downs

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Zach Dempsey

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James Cook

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Sid Jenkins

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eye contact

Richard Hardbeck

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The Get Down

Shaolin Fantastic

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Dizzee Kipling

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The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Tim Sullivan

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Good Kids

The Lion

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Eli Goldsworthy

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Jimmy Brooks

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Adam Torres

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Peaky Blinders

Isaiah Jesus

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Michael Gray

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John Shelby

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Shane Botwin

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Embry Call

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Jasper Hale

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The Mighty Ducks

Dean Portman

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Sean Cassidy

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Peter Maximoff

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Fast and Furious


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Step Up


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Sky High

Warren Peace

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Bucky Barnes

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Peter Parker

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American Horror Story

James Patrick March

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Tate Langdon

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That 70′s Show

Michael Kelso

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Steven Hyde

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Is he fucking dead?

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“Hi!My name is Jasmine and I’m Dominican. I’m have light brown skin, loose curly hair that I dyed blonde, and I’m like 5fteven. I’m pretty blunt and quick to shut down any bullshit and I swear a lot. I like boys who’ll argue with me but still be romantic. I do gymnastics and I like to go rollerskating on thursdays during adults night (Dorky as fuck i know) and i like to cook and hope to go to culinary school.”

“oh and a shameless ship with a guy please”

i’m not gonna lie to y’all, I just now finished season 6 of shameless. I’ve been trying to put off watching seasons 6 and 7 so that i wouldn’t have to wait forever for season 8.

that being said, I’m a little obsessed with wedding scenes so bear with me lol..

ANYWAY… i ship you with Carl.

(up next: another carl ship, a karen ship, a gus ship, a fiona ship and many more)

2037 words


The back room of the church was in complete disarray. Jasmine knew that the Gallagher’s were used to Frank being a total fuck up, but she was sure that that didn’t make this situation hurt any less. In fact, Frank’s current display of shit parenting wasn’t what boiled their blood; instead it was watching Fiona’s heart break as she stood in a church in her wedding dress.

Jasmine turned to her boyfriend, and gazed at his profile, as he watched Kev attempt to tear his older brother off of Frank. He had remained uncharacteristically quiet and that worried her as Carl Gallagher was never one to turn down a chance to call Frank what he was; a monumental waste of fucking space.

As Fiona fled from the room, Carl pulled his arm from around Jasmine’s waist and jumped in to the fight leaving Jasmine to escort Debbie and Frannie out of the room as the baby started to wail from all the noise. When Debbie was safe in one of the pews, Jasmine made her way to the back once again, grabbing the crystal bottle that the sacramental wine was held, in from a side table and taking a few long swigs before entering the still noisy room.

The entire church was loud with the screams of various Gallagher men, and Kev, as they attempted to restrain Frank until it all ended abruptly with the breaking of glass and a thump.

Lip, Ian and Kev froze in their spots as they watched Frank’s body fall limp onto the floor in a pile of crystal shards and wine before looking up at Jasmine, who sported an apologetic look on her face as she addressed the priest with a quick, “Oh shit; lo siento padre.”

“You couldn’t have done that sooner? Like when he was trying to break my fucking ribs?” Carl asked in annoyance as he straightened out his body and stepped over Frank’s to get to the curly haired girl in the little pink dress.

“Holy fuck Jaz… is he fucking dead?” Kev yelled as he tangled both of his hands in his hair and looked toward the priest who seemed far too calm for the current situation. Jasmine shrugged her shoulders in response before grabbing Frannie’s baby bag off the nearby chair and holding Debbie’s compact mirror under Frank’s nose, sighing when she saw his breath fog up the mirror. Though not even she knew if she was sighing in relief or in exasperation that Frank fucking Gallagher could not die.

“What do we do?” Ian asked, the rest of them looking to Lip for some kind of leadership as he was clearly the most levelheaded in the group, which isn’t really saying much when you’re in a group of spontaneous idiots. Lip nodded his head as the wheels in his head began to turn, before turning to the young couple in front of him.

“Pull the car around and pop the trunk,” Lip commanded. “Want me to lay down some plastic so the cops don’t find blood?” Carl asked and Jasmine shook her head instantly and rested her hands on his bicep, “No baby we’re not killing him; just dumping his body in a dumpster somewhere where he belongs.” Carl nodded and let Jasmine lead him out of the church and to the parking lot next door where the little, beat up, gray car sat alone now that all the guests had gone home.

“You okay?” Jasmine asked, as she sat in the driver’s seat. Carl nodded, and bit his lip to hold back a laugh as he watched her wait patiently for the automatic seat to finish its slow journey closer and closer to the steering wheel, as her feet were nowhere near the pedals while in its previous setting meant for Kev. “I mean, if Frank wasn’t fucked up and making someone cry, was it really a family event?” Carl asked with a raised eyebrow as she backed out of their space. “You mean did you really fuck up if Frank wasn’t there to fuck up even harder than you to assure his dominance” Jasmine replied jokingly, glad to see him smile despite the shit situation. “Was it really your birthday if Frank didn’t pull up, high on coke, and then get up on the table and piss all over your cake while your family sang happy birthday?” “Did you really just have sex if a drunk Frank didn’t stumble upon you and watch for a bit before nodding appreciatively and leaving without a word like a fucking creep?”

Carl tilted his head back to laugh loudly at her words as the car pulled to a stop in front of the church. Jasmine grinned as she snuck a glance at his bright smile. He watched her as she put the car in park and removed the key, before he rested his right hand on the steering wheel to pull himself forward, where he could rest his other hand on her neck and pull her head toward his, letting their lips smash together in a sloppy kiss that was interrupted by a loud tapping on the window.

Suddenly realizing wear they were and what they were doing, both teens hopped out of the car and Jasmine made her way to the trunk to open it up. She didn’t bother hiding her laugh when Ian and Lip dropped Frank’s body onto the tools littering the floor of the trunk and shut the door over him. “Kev, Fiona just wants to be alone right now; wants us all to head home.” V announced as she and Svetlana made their way to the group, slowing down when she noticed Kev’s pathetic attempt at keeping a straight face. The Gallagher boys and Jasmine glared up at Kev’s reddening face, silently ordering him to keep his mouth shut but they all knew that Kev couldn’t keep a secret no matter how badly he wanted to. “Jaz knocked Frank the fuck out in the church with a fucking crystal wine bottle!” Kev blurted out making the others groan as he continued, “He’s in the fucking trunk V!”

V paused and glanced at Svet, who looked extremely amused by the situation, before shrugging her shoulders and reaching for the handle of the passenger door, “Y’all wanna get some food before we dump him?”


Kev, V, Svet, Ian, Lip, Carl and Jasmine piled into the car with full stomachs, just barely noticing the screams and thumps coming from the trunk. “Guess he’s not dead,” Carl said aloud as he wrapped his arms tightly around Jasmine’s body as she sat on his lap in the back seat. Jasmine pouted as she tilted her head back and to the side, her lips grazing his, “Sorry guys, I’ll try harder next time.”


The car had been in motion for a while as its occupants discussed where to leave Frank. Jasmine, however, was barely listening as she stared out the window at passing cars; that is, until they began approaching the bridge and she felt herself getting inspired. “Hey Carl,” she said as she turned back to the other body’s in the car, “Remember that one summer, before you went to juvie, when Debbie fucked up Holly Herkimer at the pool?” Carl nodded with a smirk at the memory, making a mental note to find the old phone that held the video he had taken of the fight. “Remember that time Frank showed up, high off his ass, and asked me why I wasn’t swimming? And when I told him I didn’t know how-” “He picked you up and threw you in the deep end,” Carl finished, exchanging a look with his brothers and then with Kev through the rearview.

And that was how they found themselves opening the trunk and lifting Frank Gallagher’s body over the side of the bridge, grinning victoriously as they watched him fall into the freezing cold water below, before piling into the car once again.


Fiona slowly pushed open the door to the bedroom, cringing as it creaked. She stepped through the doorway and glanced around the room that used to belong to all of the boys before Carl had taken it over for himself. However it was clear that the room no longer belonged to just him by its new set up; the dresser where 2 of the drawers held Jasmines clothes, her roller-skates in a pile with her and Carl’s sneakers, her leotard and sweats folded neatly on the top bunk with his freshly ironed button up, the discarded tux and little pink dress laying on the floor. Fiona leaned onto the side of the bunk bed and gazed down at the sleeping couple on the large bed, wiping another stray tear as Jasmine’s eyes opened.

“Hey, you okay?” she whispered, attempting to remove herself from Carl’s arms, but he only held her tighter in his sleep, before freezing in her spot and face palming, “Sorry that was a shitty fucking question.” Fiona laughed at the younger girl’s foul mouth as she looked around the room wishing she was 20 again; scolding Carl, Jasmine, and Debbie after one of their ridiculous money making scams and making dinner with Ian while he and Lip bantered over something they’d watched on tv on one of the channels she kept forgetting to block. “Yeah, just another failed relationship,” Fiona whispered back as she sat down on the floor next to the bed and massaged her temples.

Jasmine laid flat once again and turned her head to the side, making eye contact with the emotional woman, “You know you’ve spent your hold life taking care of everyone. Maybe this is the universe telling you to take a step back and take care of yourself for once. Besides, any guy who treats you like that is absolute fucking trash and deserves to rot in hell.”

Fiona laughed through her nose, “Are you talking about Sean or Frank?”

“She already tried to murder Frank, so she’s probably talking about Sean,” Carl muttered as his eyes opened slightly while he got comfortable and nuzzled his face against Jasmine’s neck.

A wide smile spread across Fiona’s face as her eyebrows rose, “You tried to kill Frank?”

“Right? Now she’s a real part of this family,” Lip announced from the doorway where he stood with Ian while they shared a joint before entering the room as well to hand his older sister the drug. Fiona nodded appreciatively and took a hit while Ian got comfortable on his old desk and Lip flopped onto the edge of Carl’s bed, landing on the couple’s intertwined legs and making them groan.

“I thought I became part of the family that time Frank thought my mom was a woman he fucked and thought I was one of his kids and stole me from the park,” Jasmine said seriously as she reached out to grab the joint from Fiona who paused before she and everyone else burst into the kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt.

“I thought she became part of the family when I gave her that stupid fucking promise ring,” Carl mumbled making the room go silent. “It doesn’t count if I gave it back.” “It counts if you only gave it back because I bought it with drug money and cried like a pussy when you saw it.”

Fiona bit back a smile as she watched the bantering couple, “You got her a promise ring? Like, in the old movies, where the guy in a letterman jacket promises to marry his girl after high school?” Ian and Lip raised their eyebrows as they looked over at the couple while Lip took the joint from between Jasmine’s fingers.

“Yeah but not after high school… maybe when Frank is dead,” Jasmine replied. “Deadass,” Carl contributed sleepily. Ian, Lip and Fiona exchanged surprised grins before their taunts began to fly getting louder and louder until Debbie was entering the room.

“What’d I miss?” the redhead asked before Lip grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the bed, laughing as she fell onto Carl and Jasmine, making them groan loudly in pain.


-sorry I’m shit at endings lol-