Reblogging your OTP

I realized something about myself. When I start looking up my OTP on Tumblr I just:

And start hearting and reblogging everything, when I get back to my dash and I just see that I reposted so much. I sit in shock for a bit then go:

Then my friends look at it and go GOD DAMN IT YASSY THIS IS ALL I SEE ON MY DASHBOARD IS YOU AND YOUR SHIPS! So I simply go:

“I take my ships seriously okay?!”


catspyr  asked:

If you ever end up in a situation where you think 'oh man, I really feel like drawing Emelan crossover, but I just don't have any ideas!' I just got a vision of Sandry as Sleeping Beauty and Briar as the prince parting the rose thorns to get through (or the other way around, each fighting the others elements). And Lark, Rosethorn and Niko as the fairies! And Tris as Maleficent (she does call lightening at one point). I just don't know where to fit Daja..

I like this AU except - I’d have Daja as the prince and Briar as Maleficent’s raven (who also somehow has the power to summon those vines - they were meant as an obstacle for the prince anyway), which makes more sense to me ;P