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Hey hey!

Posting the full image of my piece for the MECH YEAR 2015 calendar!! Preorders are ONLY open until November 30, so hurry and reserve yours now!  Even if I didn’t have art in it, I know I’d definitely want one for myself!

AND ALSO if the physical calendar is too much for your wallet (though $20 is average-ish for a nice calendar, I wanna say, and is a SWEET DEAL for 12 individually awesome art prints, if it helps to think about it that way), there is a $5 wallpaper pack with both plain and with-calendar-grid versions of every month’s artwork!  And the wallpapers come as a free bonus with the physical calendar~~

[Artwork details: graphite rendering, digital postwork.  Was aiming for a cheesy 1970s sci-fi paperback cover high-polish chrome look.  I think I did okay. :D]

That’s what paint looks like when it dries up around the rim of a five-gallon bucket. I’ve held on to this one for a few months and I like to show it to people sometimes, it’s kinda neat for me.

*salesman voice* Northern California, Texas and Oklahoma residents! For your next project consider Kelly-Moore Paint’s™ Dura-Poxy+! Available in Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss & Gloss finishes, perfect for children’s rooms, kitchens or bathrooms! Dries hard and meets all local and federal VOC limits!