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- ASOIAF / Game Of Thrones
- House MD
- A Series Of Unfortunate Events
- crystals / plants
- witchcraft / spellwork
- The Defenders, and their individual shows (daredevil, jessica jones, iron fist, luke cage)
- The Punisher (extra points for Kastle)
- lava lamps (specific but i love them)
- Animal Crossing New Leaf
- angelkin stuff
- gold aesthetics
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Eldritch Angels / Eldritch Abominations
- humor / memes ?? idk
- The Neverending Story
- The Dark Crystal
- The Labyrinth
- pins / patches / stickers
- tattoos / piercings / alt fashion
- Shameless US
- mermaids

mrsenneshaw-deactivated20151020  asked:

Do you not watch the show at all anymore? And if so, will you still write Ian/Mickey fan fiction though? Just really very curious, also about why exactly you don't watch it anymore, if you really don't watch it anymore. I mean, I can guess the 'why' because I think we all have the same 'why', but not watching at all anymore (that is assuming you don't watch it at all anymore) is pretty definite, I don't know:D Sorry, I'm just curious :)

Long answer after the cut, but short answer: I am still watching the show, but it is very casual, and pretty begrudging at this point. I’m going to finish my current Shameless fanfics - BITB and the long-awaited Over My Dead Body sequel this summer. I’ll be shifting focus after that though. Who knows if Shameless fanfic inspiration will strike again. At the moment, I really doubt I’ll tune in for season 6, but who knows, man, the universe is vast and unknowable.

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