shameless sillyspeak

u want a comedy novel that’s funny without being offensive?

you want a comedy novel where the main character is a woman? and the primary characters are all women? and the title of the book itself is a reference to women’s rights?


and religious/war commentary?? while still being absolutely shitfaced hilarious?????

an inhuman cecil that doesn’t have anything glamorous like a great and powerful eldritch form or tentacles or w/e, an inhuman cecil whose true form is just a vague shape of something, a Thing existing across multiple planes of reality of existence and in all honesty it’s exhausting and not very fun at all

a multidimensional cecil that has trouble remembering things because his omnipotence gives him a headache, he has to pick and choose what to remember from all the things he knows and sometimes it causes the important stuff to get muddled (but he remembers every single thing he notices about carlos)

a cecil with severe depersonalization issues that deal with it by parading as human as possible when he can but suddenly realizing no, he’s not real, this isn’t real, he KNOWS everything that’s real because he knows everything and nothing all at once, what is he, where does he, does he even really exist here or is everything around him a trick he’s playing on himself too? (except carlos. he’s real. cecil knows that for a fact, even if he isn’t sure about himself.)

inhuman, struggling cecils who sometimes vanish for a few days because the reality of their own existence is sometimes too much to handle and they don’t want to remember what they are

inhuman cecils…….

current living & financial situation, or, why i need some help.

hey, all. nicc here.

i’ve been holding back from making this post for a long time, mostly out of guilt and uncertainty over the validity of my situation & the fact that i already owe people so much already, but things have gotten so bad that i just. i couldn’t hold it off anymore, i’m so sorry. i don’t want to bug or pester anyone, but i’m going to be upfront here: i really need some help.

you can find a detailed description of whats been going on in my life here. for a summarized version…

i’m a 20-year-old queer student living with my father and my emotionally abusive mother. i have a job that only gives me 4 hours a week and pays minimum wage; i go to two colleges at once, including art school, so a second part-time job isn’t possible for me right now. i do commissions on the side, but even then, i can barely cover my bills and gas and everything else i need right now.

my mom invalidates my gender, has threatened to kick me out, gaslights me, and withholds money from me to an extent where i am in credit card debt up to my ears (not all her fault, but contributing) and i am in no position to move out. i need my car, which is under her insurance, in order to go to school and work; taking public transit is too expensive, and my schools and work are so far from each other that i wouldn’t be able to find a place to live outside of that.

my mom is a danger to my mental health, which i have worked VERY hard to keep managable. i’m terrified of regressing to points i’ve been at previously, and that terrifies me. i’m literally terrified of. of being like that again.

i hate this. i hate…having to ask for help, having to admit that i need it. but here i am. i’m taking commissions to help get some extra funds, but if you don’t feel like doing that, i have a donate link set up on my blog as well.

i really appreciate you taking the time to read this! even if you can’t commission or donate, a signal boost would be awesome, but only if you want to.

again, thanks, and sorry. again. for having to do this. i hope you all understand that i wouldn’t do this if i had any other choice.

thanks (again),