shameless sillyspeak

what do you do when you like someone who doesn’t like you back??

you respect them and their choices and acknowledge that you can be friends without any hard feelings as long as you act like a mature adult and know that just because you think you deserve their affections, they don’t owe you anything and that if you really liked them you would be tolerate of the fact that maybe you’re not they’re type and it doesn’t make you ‘not good enough’ for them or anything else self-depreciating, because lets face it trying to guilt someone into liking you or wallowing in self-pity isn’t going to make yourself any more attractive to that person whatsoever so just stop

good morning, everyone! here’s just a very quick psa  – if you are a US citizen and registered to vote, please be sure to go out and vote today!! voter apathy and the mindset of “oh i know my candidate is going to win i don’t need to vote” accounts for so much of the non-voting folk of the country, ESPECIALLY among those of the prime tumblr age. so go go go!! vote!!! do it!!!! it really doesn’t take that long at all, so what’re you waiting for?

so hm what’s always kind of bothered me about tumblr is like

why do we as a collective group seem to reward things like slacking and procrastination and believing that it’s a good thing to waste time on here for hours when there are other things we should be doing

instead of encouraging productive behavior and actually getting things done and like saying it’s good to study for tests instead of dicking around on the internet panicking

idk it seems to me like a big unit of this site is hellbent on justifying their lazy behavior and hm it bothers me a little bit

remembering when you were really good friends with someone and you two were really close but then you realize how much you’ve drifted over the years and how they never really talk to you anymore and even if you’re still friends it’s not the same

and you can’t bring yourself to be angry at them for not talking to you because part of it was your fault too