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Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 

Merthur AU

It’s the 1st anniversary of Merlin & Arthur’s wedding day. Merlin was hoping to celebrate it with his husband like a hopeless romantic he was, however Arthur had been sent on a one-week business trip to Berlin three days ago. So naturally, since they finished their skype call this evening, Merlin has been feeling a little bit sad and lonely. He doesn’t blame Arthur for not being there, Merlin understands the importance of this meeting. He just… misses him, genuinely. Well, that is until Arthur appears on their doorsteps 10 seconds later, surprising his husband with an early arrival. He couldn’t miss the nice, amorous evening full of dancing, cuddling and snogging with the man of his dreams, could he? Moreover, he knows what it means to Merlin, to his beautiful, shy, lovely Merlin.


First kiss and last (so far) This ship is beauty and pain and everything good about this show. Mickey had better be back with Ian next season


In case you’d like to see the full progression of one of the best gay relationships on tv (according to many critics’ list) some beautiful soul has edited all of their scenes together.  It’s about 3 and a half hours total, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Trust me and my gay slash obsessed self when I’m saying YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR HEART WITH LOVE.  

So, since the writers wanted us to compare Fiona/Jimmy’s situation in Season 5 with Ian and Mickey’s. That’s what I did.

I transcripted Fiona and Jimmy’s last conversation in the show, which seemed to me like the most dense with information. And then I added some gallavich comments here and there. See if you agree with me. 

Fiona: “I do love you, you know”
Jimmy: “I love you too.”

When Jimmy first came back, Fiona told him he didn’t love him, and he called her out on it. She does love Jimmy - because when you have long-lasting relationship with people, most of the times in your life, you can never completely forget them. Ian and Mickey haven’t said their “I love you”’s yet. Actually, Ian’s never explicitely said it, but so far he’s been far more emotional with Mickey than Fiona was with Jimmy. Fiona avoided Jimmy’s touch, Jimmy’s kisses, Jimmy’s eyes. When they had sex, she cried and they had to stop. Also, Fiona was, at the moment, already in love with Sean a little (even though she was married to Gus, lol).

Fiona: "Would be easy to get back to our life together”
Jimmy: “Okay, good”
Fiona: “But it’s not who we are anymore.”
Jimmy: “Well, it could be.”
Fiona: “It’s not who I am anymore. I used to like the danger. The not knowing where you were… the bad boy.”

There’s a lot to say here. Firstly, in Ian and Mickey’s case, it wouldn’t be easy to get back to their life together - apart from the fact that their lives together were never quiet, so it’s not about going back to a domestic routine as much as it’s to create a new one. Actually, following Mickey, for Ian, is the hardest choice to make. It’s against all odds and all better judgement, because Mickey is an escaped convict.

But Fiona says it’s not who they are anymore. It’s not who she is anymore. She’s gone through major changes in her life, and she’s not attracted to Jimmy’s lies and mysteries anymore. Ian, on the other hand, is still attracted to Mickey. He’s undoubtedly a different person, and yet, the bond hasn’t faded. In fact, while Jimmy stalks Fiona, calls her and she doesn’t reply, shows up in her house without calling first, has stalked her for months before showing up, Mickey leaves Ian the room of choice, because he’s a much more functional lover now than Jimmy was then. While Fiona was attracted to the not knowing, the bad boy, Ian was attracted to Mickey while he was changing as a person, Ian changed Mickey and was changed by Mickey, and loved him all along. Even when he complained Mickey wasn’t the bitch-slapping, piece of southside trash he fell with, he wasn’t talking about who Mickey was, but was talking about how Mickey behaved with him. He was feeling the burden of being the sick one, who needed caring. He couldn’t face the change the bipolar was bringing in his life. It wasn’t about who Mickey was becoming, it was about who Ian was becoming to himself and to everyone else and to Mickey. 

Jimmy: “I’m not going to Dubai anymore.”
Fiona: “What?”
Jimmy: “I cancelled the trip. Already gave up everything for you.”
Fiona: “Why are you doing this?”
Jimmy: “We were right together, we are right together”
Fiona: “You said this was the biggest job you’ve ever had.”

Here, I’m just gonna say that this shows that Jimmy’s still lying, that Jimmy hasn’t changed as a person. Jimmy is still there, while Fiona’s in another place. Plus, Jimmy lying means the relationship wouldn’t be healthy, the relationship wouldn’t change. Jimmy’s still ready to lie to win Fiona back. He didn’t cancel the trip. The trip was already canceled. He’s trying to manipulate her.

On the other hand, Mickey never lied to Ian. And since Season 4, he even stopped lying to everybody else, and to himself. Because, again, he grew as a character, Jimmy didn’t. If anyone was lying after Mickey went to jail, it was Ian. Ian lied to himself to get over the pain he felt after splitting up with Mickey, and told himself he didn’t love him anymore, didn’t care. Luckily, last episode, we saw Ian resist for a bit, and then let go pretty quickly. He lied to Trevor, but he didn’t lie to Mickey. He’s being true to himself and to him, by showing that he can’t let go, he won’t let go. He still loves him. 

Jimmy: “I don’t care about any of that. I want us to have a life. Just tell me you want the same thing. Just tell me.”
Fiona: “Part of me does want that. But I need something else now.”
Jimmy: “Gus?”
Fiona: “I don’t know. But I know it’s not you. You have to let me go. You have to let me let you go. I need you to do that for me.”

Final part. Jimmy lies again, but is honest when he says that he wants them to have a life together. And Fiona is honest when she tells him that part of her wants to be with him, but the other part, the strongest one, know that she doesn’t need him now. She needs something else. Probably, stability. Health. Rest. She knows she doesn’t need Jimmy.
In Ian’s conversation with Fiona, he says that nothing gives him the thrill Mickey gives him. And you know that by thrill, he means emotion, happiness, passion, being there, being loved. Yes, that’s right: not even his job gives him the ‘thrill’, and it’s a thrilling job, I assure you. 
So Ian knows that he needs stability, but he also knows that he needs feeling things again, because he has gone two years without Mickey, and has realized that he’s never really been happy all along. He doesn’t want Mickey to let him go, although Mickey gives him the freedom to. Mickey is ready. “This goodbye?”, he asks, ready to be rejected once again. Ian seems conflicted: he knows he’s making a choice that will put his routine, his health, his freedom, at risk. And yet he takes that choice for the third time in the episode. Because he knows what he needs. And what he needs, right now, is Mickey. 

The writers have built Ian’s self-confidence, his self-awareness, his judgement up since Season 6. he’s been building himself up since then. So there’s no point in pretending that his decision-making has failed this time. There’s no point in pretending like he’s manic and that’s why he chose risk-taking, dangerous thug Mickey. Why make him grow as a character for the whole season, only to then say “ops, he made a bad choice, guess he wasn’t as stable as you thought, huh?”

That’s not only boring and stupid, but it’s insulting towards Ian Gallagher’s character. 


Ok so, why is everyone saying that Gallavich is an unhealthy ship? Actually, it couldn’t be healthier. I mean, do I have to remind you how fucking bad was Ian in s5? When he stole Mickey’s baby? He was in one (actually the worst) of his worse maniac episodes. Or when he thought that the army had come for him and he almost hit Debbie with the bat. And there was Mickey. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for him, who knows what would have happened to him… Mickey was such a supportive boyfriend. Like srsly, he did everything he could. He tried. He fucking tried. And when Ian broke up with him, he understood, even though he still loved him soooo much.
Remember what he said in s4 when they discovered that Ian was bipolar? “We take care of him here. You. Me. Us. His fucking fucking family.” Or the “sorry, I’m late” scene, which is so fucking beautiful bc you can actually see how much Mickey loves and cares about Ian. He’s the one who got him “some kind of fucking help”, because he knew he needed it. He cared enough to make him take the med (like in the “shut the fuck up and take your pills, bitch” scene). Also, when they went to the hospital to get Ian new pills or whatever and the doctor said that he should do a suicide list, and Mickey says something like “he doesn’t fucking need that, he has me”. He literally did everything he could to help him when he was at his worst.
Now, Ian has got better, so much better. And if he wants to leave with Mickey, let him fucking do that, because that means that despite all the shit they went through, Ian knows that he has always loved Mick. Always have. Always will. Now he’s (more or less) ok, and he has decided to go with him because that’s how he feels now. And if he’s fine and he wants that, then I’m so fucking happy about him, because he made the choice that his head really wanted.
So stop throwing shit at Gallavich, because if someone can make Ian feel ok and happy, that’s Mickey.


how shippers are born part 1

The Art Shipper
someone who ships 80% because of the fanart and the doujins available and 20% from observing the way the characters interact in the shipping. Mostly composed of shippers with rare ships or shippers who are very new to the fandom.