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Relationship status: single and crushing skjelfkjls

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick 

Last movie I watched: Dirty Grandpa, it was hilarious omg

Last song I listened to: Roam by Theia, it came on in a playlist on my spotify and i love it omg

Top 3 shows: Supernatural, Steven Universe, and Shameless 

Top 3 ships: Phan, Viktuuri, and Destiel 

I tag @eli-howlter @rosequartzlester @devilester & @mooniva & anyone who wants to i guess! :)


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 

Am I the only one that smiles like an idiot every time I read fanfic fluff?

I like how there is like 1 straight ship out of 7.

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First kiss and last (so far) This ship is beauty and pain and everything good about this show. Mickey had better be back with Ian next season

Something new I’m gonna try out babies!
Please let me know if you like this, and I’ll do one for each character requested, obviously I had to do baby boys first because um love of my life??
But here’s Carl’s Playlist, all these songs have a feel to his personality (in my opinion, pls send in songs that remind u of him and I will even make a longer Playlist babies)
- ramona