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The Luck You Got: The Basics

We’ve heard from some people that are wondering how the rewrite is going to be structured, and whether they should read it as a WIP or wait for it to be complete. So here’s some general information for you.

  • TLYG is a canon rewrite of Shameless season 5. It follows the basic structure of the season somewhat closely, but diverges in ways big and small to improve on the story.
  • The fic is 12 chapters, with each chapter representing an episode of the overall “season”. It’s written to feel like television, with an emphasis on action and dialogue and fairly limited introspection.
  • Every chapter features multiple character perspectives, with POV and story time allotment rotating throughout the season.
  • Individual chapter lengths range from 10-15k words.
  • The entire fic is planned in great detail. The first six chapters are already written, with the back six underway. Writing will be complete weeks before the last chapter is scheduled to post.
  • We recommend reading one installment at a time, as if it’s a new season of the show. There’s a lot going on in every chapter!
  • A new chapter will post every Sunday night at 9 pm EST.

Shameless Season 5: First Takes


Ian’s Green Shirts 5x01//5x02//5x03

this moment between Mickey and Carl really got to me because like, to me, there was that silent conversation where Mickey looks to Carl for comfort after the moment they had earlier on because Carl now understands Mickey and Mickey understands Carl and it just seemed like Carl silently said to Mickey “its okay” and it pulled at me like a magnet that Mickey is now a Gallagher and there’s a bromance blooming..

(Gif credits to mickswhores)