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Warning: Shameless Newt smut, you pervs! Feel free to leave requests in my ask box, don’t be shy! If you’re reading this, you must be pretty nasty so go right ahead, I won’t judge. Enjoy!

Newt x Reader

Rating: Explicit, obviously. Don’t pretend you’re reading this for the plot.

Newt looked up at you from his bed, a clear expression of surprise playing out across his face when he saw you standing by his door. His hair was mussed, his clothes rumpled, and a pen hung from his mouth. The scene was so utterly Newt. His dark eyes slowly rose to meet yours, drinking in the sight of you in your lose fitting, sheer clothing that the shaft had sent up for you to wear during the night. It was completely dark outside, and you knew no one else was awake. It was a habit of Newt’s to stay up later than everyone else while he was in his room studying the maps, creating his own diagrams, relentlessly trying to figure a way out. You weren’t surprised to find him doing just that when you walked in. He wasn’t even undressed or underneath the covers; instead, he was sitting with one leg pulled closely to him and the other dangling lazily over the edge of the bed. The diagrams he had drawn were fanned out in front of him. If you focused hard enough, you could make out his messy scrawl all over the pages, the intricate workings of his mind displayed in ink.

Newt cleared his throat, snapping you back to reality. “What-what are you doing here?” His voice broke when he spoke and he avoided eye contact. You saw one of his hands clench slightly beside him, a thing that he did whenever he was restraining himself from doing something.

The two of you had been together before, but an enormous fight had broken out between you two that had ended with two broken people. You had gone into the maze with the other runners despite Newt’s protests. You felt so useless as the only girl, and you wanted to make something out of your speed. So you snuck out with Minho and Thomas one night, and as a result, almost got yourself killed. You had never seen Newt so angry before. He had grabbed each of the guys, one in each hand, and thrown them against the wall. It took 5 gladers to hold Newt back before he finally calmed a bit and went to the Medjacks to see you. It was then that the two of you got into a massive argument. He thought you were dead and you knew that he didn’t believe you could handle yourself. The fight ended with you screaming for him to get out of your life. You didn’t know that by doing that, it would be as if you ended your life.

You missed him. You missed his touch, you missed his voice, his kindness, his humour, his ways in bed—you missed him. And so here you were, lost, vulnerable, and once again finding yourself going back with Newt.

You didn’t say anything, you didn’t need to. You just walked over to Newt’s bed, gently pushed his papers to the floor, and slid onto the bed so you were directly in front of him. Newt understood. He always did when it came to you.

“Please,” you whispered, and it was all you needed to do.

Newt made a sound in the back of his throat, a sound broken resolve and hidden desire. He crumbled in front of you, his walls falling and the ice melting from his eyes. Newt pulled you to him, hooking his arms underneath your shins and yanking slightly so that your legs were behind his torso and your chest was touching his. And then he was kissing you. You melted against him, allowing his soft lips to take control over you, to dominate you. His hands were light on your skin, gentle. You felts his fingers stroke your legs hesitantly, the feeling barely there. He was holding himself back, as if he weren’t sure if you were real. You dug your hands into his hair, pulling him harder against you. He let out a small groan against your lips. This was real. You were real. And then there was nothing holding him back. His hands traveled from your legs up to your thighs, his thumb pressing gently at the apex. You shuddered against him, but he kept on moving his hands up your body. They slid up along the smooth skin of your waist, up to your breasts, and then along the sensitive skin of your back as he ran them back down to the waist band of your panties. Newt applied the slightest bit of pressure to the soft spot on your hipbone, smirking just a little bit against your lips when you bucked against him, a light gasp falling from your parted lips. Newt’s mouth broke from yours and drifted down to your jaw line, ghosting along the skin there. Goosebumps erupted along your skin where his mouth had left a burning trail. Newt nipped lightly at your throat, causing you to mutter a curse underneath your breath. You pressed yourself against him, a burning sensation growing in the pit of your stomach.

“Tell me to stop,” Newt murmured, thick through his teeth.

You didn’t respond, only gasped with pleasure when his hand stroked you gently through the thin cloth of your underwear. Newt grabbed the hem of your nightgown and slipped it over your head with ease, immediately exposing your bare skin to the cool night air. You tugged at Newt’s clothing, impatient. He smiled at you, placing one brief kiss on your lips before pulling away to shrug his shirt off. He lifted his hips off of the bed, you along with him, and shrugged off his trousers and undergarments. You suddenly became aware of him pressed against you, hard and erect. Before you had time to comment, Newt was kissing you again, albeit a bit more roughly this time, his teeth catching on your bottom lip. He broke the kiss so his lips could travel down the curve of your throat to your chest.

“Agh!” You arched against Newt, grinding against him as he took a nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, his tongue swirling around the sensitive skin.

Newt groaned a little at your response. “Bloody hell, (Y/N), you have no idea what you do to me.”

You couldn’t respond, not with intelligible words at least. Newt seemed to be perfectly fine with that, as demonstrated when he smirked against your lips. In one fluid motion, he flipped the two of you over so that you were underneath him. His toned arms caged you in from either side of your head, forcing you to look into his warm brown eyes. Light danced in his eyes, but lust clouded them as well. Your skin was flushed, your hair a mess, and it took all of Newt’s will not to finish right then and there. In another quick motion, Newt slid back off of the end of the bed so he was standing and yanked you so that your legs dangled off of the edge. A devilish smile spread across Newt’s handsome features, the light of the moon reflecting off of his white teeth.

Slowly, he lowered his hand and put it right against your heat, cupping it, as the other hand traced the sensitive skin at the apex of your thighs. You bucked against his hand, teeth gritted in attempt to bite back your moans. “Please,” you managed, biting your lip. “God, Newt, please.” Newt cocked his head. “Please what?” He asked, dipping one of his fingers just barely into you.

A strained gasp escaped you. “Please make me come!”

“Fuck,” Newt murmured to himself. “I had no idea how hot that’d sound.” And then he plunged his fingers into you. You had no time to react, only scream out in pleasure as he rammed three of his fingers into your dripping core, his other hand teasing your clit. Newt slid his fingers in and out of you, your wetness coating his fingers and squirting onto his bed each time he plunged his fingers in and out of you.

Moans and gasps escaped your body in a continuous string as newt pleasured you. You threw your head back against the mattress, your body arching when he rubbed and pinch the bundle of nerves. Your hands twisted themselves into Newt’s sheets, desperately attempting to grab something to anchor you down.

Newt growled at the sight. “Think you can still go in the maze, (Y/N)? Still think you’re shucking strong enough?” He thrusted his fingers even harder into you, making dark spots dance across your vision and your toes curl. He leaned in closer to you. Moans fell from your lips, one after the other. “Will you still leave me without telling me that you’re going to run in the maze?” He curled his fingers in you. Your body began to shake slightly when you felt Newt ramming his fingers against your g-spot. “Hm, (Y/N)? Still feeling strong?” You could tell Newt was taking some of his pent up anger out on you. He had never been this rough with you before. To be completely honest, you kind of liked it. You writhed against the sheets as you neared your peak, screwing your eyes closed as the pleasure tripled. Your breaths fell at a faster and faster pace, matching the speed Newt was pushing his fingers in and out of you.

“No,” You breathed, barely audible.

Newt’s eyes darkened. “What? Say it again, (Y/N), louder.”

Another groan slipped from your mouth as you struggled to form words. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” you breathed, the pleasure building.

Newt slowed his pace slightly. “I can’t hear you.”

“Ah, fuck, Newt! No! I fucking need you to dominate me! I’m weak, so fuck me already!” You threw your head back against the bed as Newt smirked and complied. He curled his fingers again, ramming his three fingers against your g-spot  repeatedly without mercy as  he rubbed your clit in harsh circles. The fire expanded in your stomach, creating an inferno of heat. With one final rub of your bundle of nerves and thrust of his fingers, you came undone. “FUCK!” You screamed as liquid squirted out of you and onto Newt. Your body heaved with pleasure as it traveled from your core and outwards in shaking waves. Your legs convulsed, your toes curling, in response to the massive amount of pleasure unraveling in you. You jerked upwards, trembling violently and body tensing as the largest wave of euphoria ripped through you, another gush of liquid squirting from you. It was as if you had run into a brick wall of pleasure. Your eyes screwed shut as you let the pleasure wash over your entire body. Your hand shot out from you and grabbed onto Newt. His muscled shoulders flexed underneath your grip, rippling under the surface. You dug your fingers in tightly, pulling your body as close as possible to him as one last wave of pleasure rocked through you. You hadn’t ever come like this before. When you finally fell from your high, you found that some moment in your orgasm, you had

Newt looked pleasantly surprised, a small smile teasing his lips. “That was new.” He kissed you gently. The hand that had previously been touching your clit slid around to your back, pressing you to him. You slumped against him. The hand that had just been digging into his shoulder slowly fell, tracing small patterns on his bicep as it did. You were so used to the usual soft, gentle sex with Newt that your body didn’t know how to recover from a session like that. You were a mess, you didn’t have to see yourself to know. Sweat kept your hair plastered to your forehead and heat pounded in your entire body. But you felt great.

Newt pulled away slowly. He slid his fingers out of you, still glistening wet, and licked them all clean. A small tingling began again in your core, despite having come so hard just moments before. “You never squirted before, did you? Do you think Thomas could’ve made you done that? Do you think Minho could’ve made you come so hard for him?”

It hit you like a ton of bricks. You had never considered that Newt would have gotten jealous that you went out in the maze alone with Thomas and Minho. You always assumed that it was only because you hadn’t told him and recklessly got yourself in danger. But you now knew that he had jealousy pent up inside of him as well. Something devious began to form in your brain. You weren’t quite satisfied yet, you decided. You wanted more rough pleasure. Maybe you would regret it later, but you knew what you wanted now. You cocked your head to the side, a small smirk on your lips. “I’m sure they could, Newt. I’m sure they could fuck me harder, better and rougher than you ever could.” Perverse glee built up in you as you saw Newt’s eyes darken even more.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” was all he growled. In a rough pull, he forced your legs to hook around his waist as he pushed you back against the bed. Your arms fell to your sides from the force. In a swift movement, he grabbed them both with one hand and pinned them above you. He hovered over you, his dark gaze leveling on yours. “I’m going to fuck you, harder than they could ever.”

You didn’t drop your smirk and maintained eye contact. “Prove it.”

With a throaty growl, Newt buried himself in you. You had no time to adjust to his large size, only gasp in the little amount of pain. But the immense pleasure overrode that pain in no time and you were left to whimper at the fact that he wasn’t fucking moving, that he wasn’t fucking moving an inch. The pleasure was torturous, you found yourself quivering in anticipation, breathy whimpers coming out of your mouth almost involuntarily. Newt watched you, aroused by the noises you were making. His dark eyes bore down on you, a slightly malicious and lust filled glint in them. “Who’s making you feel so good right now, (Y/N)?” He whispered throatily.

You couldn’t respond, only whine in desperation. Thankfully, it seemed that he was barely holding himself back as well, and he didn’t ask for more. Slowly, he drew his cock out of you, aware of the torture it caused, and teased the entrance of your slit by rubbing it between your glistening folds. You whimpered desperately, wanting nothing more than for him to fill you again. You wanted to be slammed into, to be fucked so desperately that you bruised, you wanted to be fucked so hard that your back would rub against the sheets so much it would become raw.

Slowly he eased himself into you, angling himself in such a way that each time he slipped in, he would brush against your clit. He did this a few more time, slipping into you in shallow strokes, teasing your clit. He wanted to pound you, force you to orgasm all over him repeatedly, fuck you in such frenzy that you wouldn’t be able to remember your name the next day, but he bit his greed back and continued to torture you.

You pulled against his restraints, voicing your desire. “Please, Newt,” you murmured.

Newt only tightened his hold, his thrusts still small and shallow. “Can Minho get you begging like this?” Just to humour you, he drove into you hard once, drawing a loud moan from you.

“No,” you gasped, barely managing to form the word.

Newt resumed his pattern of shallow thrusts, eliciting a whine from you. “Louder.”

“No!” You screamed desperately, wanting him to fuck you harder, deeper. The ache for him intensified, and now you could tell that he was barely holding himself back as well. You could tell from the jaw muscle that tensed, the way he was clenching his teeth. It made it so much hotter. Unfortunately, it also made it so much more torturous. You felt yourself become slicker, dripping onto Newt. Every pulse of your heat affected him as well. He continued his shallow torture until he could barely hold on, burying himself to the hilt in you without a warning.

“Please,” you whimpered, “just finish me.” You felt your walls clench on him, desperately trying to milk out his orgasm. Newt almost lost himself then, at the sound of your desperate, sexy fucking voice, but he held back, allowing the wave of pleasure to wash over him.

Newt smirked his cocky smirk. “In due time, love.” But his resolve slipped for just a bit. He drove into you, hard and deep, fucking you just as viciously as you had wanted him to. And god, it felt so good. He shoved himself into you desperately, groaning along with you as you let out sounds of pleasure. His pace exploded then, changing from his shallow and depriving thrusts to deep and animalistic thrusts as he slammed into you repeatedly and brutally. You felt as if you were going to split apart from the sheer force of his pounding. You couldn’t help but love it.

Newt grinned, a perfectly even flash of pearly white teeth. He slowed his pace again, a rumble of laughter in chest when he heard you whimper. He pulled himself completely out of you before burying himself completely into you once more. Again and again he forced you to endure his torture, pulling all of the way out, coated in your juices, before sinking back in. You lifted your head weakly, focusing on the intersection where the two of you became one. You watched as he sank slowly into you, looked at how his cocked glistened with your wetness each time he pulled out. You threw your head back again, the fire growing to near unbearable heat in you.

“Please!” You finally exclaimed, unable to be strong anymore. You hadn’t expected him to be able to knock you down; you were the most stubborn person in the Glade. But yet here you were. “Please, Newt! Just fuck me, please! Make me come all over you, make me yours, just shucking take me already!”

Newt let out a full laugh, dark and sexy, his eyes shining with amusement. Before you could do anything, he was ramming into you relentlessly, every thrust drawing pure bliss from you. All you could do was moan and writhe against the bed from his savage pounding. He pistoned into you, his muscles rippling with the effort. You began to thrust up against him, wanting nothing more than to reach that high again. Newt groaned darkly, as you moved, the pleasure tripling. Your breaths became lighter, your moans louder, and you neared your peak. You hooked your legs around Newt’s waist, your heels digging into his back and pushing him deeper into you. Newt grunted in response, sinking deeper. “Can Thomas fuck you like this?” He forced, thickly through his teeth. His free hand went to your clit, rubbing hard and fast.


Newt lowered his voice. “Come, (Y/N).”

You screamed as your orgasm tore through you, exploding through every cell, launching you into pure bliss. You felt your walls clench on Newt, but he held out, the muscle in his jaw clenching. Newt was relentless, focused on finishing himself now. He released his hold on your wrists, bring his hand down to the side of your waist. He grabbed you on either side of your waist with both of his hands, lifting you off the mattress effortlessly. His control slipped, he needed his release. The rougher, the better. He impaled you on his cock, eliciting another scream from you as you felt the heat building in you again. All of your weight was in his strong arms, allowing him to control everything. You arched your back, heels digging into him, forcing him impossibly deep into you. The new angle allowed him to hit that spot in you, that sweet, sweet spot. His fingers tightened on you as he rammed into you with a ferocity you didn’t think possible. His pace was frenzied, your cunt beaten and bruised from him. You wanted more. He was on the verge of explosion, his grasp tightening, his moans becoming deeper and more guttural. You could feel his cock swelling, hardening, and stretching in anticipation, forcing your flesh to stretch to the point you were convinced it was going to tear. You were almost there, the coil expanding in the pit of your stomach, growing larger and larger, the pressure building. He was fucking you so hard, and god, the way he was muttering your name underneath his breath, that guttural purr… you couldn’t hold on.

With one last powerful thrust, you came undone. Stars exploded in your eyes as you unraveled, waves of euphoria slamming down onto you, over and over again. You shook violently on Newt, the orgasm traveling throughout every vein in your body. He tensed, taut as a bow, and exploded in you. “(Y/N)…” He groaned, his mouth falling open. His hair stuck to his forehead with sweat, but he kept thrusting into you shallowly, riding out his orgasm. His come spurted out in long streams into your core, your lower stomach filling with his scalding heat. “(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N),” he moaned again and again, repeating your name like a mantra.

Weakly, you looped your arms up around his neck and pulled yourself up so that you could fit yourself in the crook of his neck. You bit his shoulder lightly, drawing up enough pain to elongate his orgasm. He moaned in appreciation.

Slowly, his heat burned away and you felt yourself going boneless, all of your weight in Newt’s arms. He pulled out, leaving you feeling a weird emptiness. Newt shifted so that he could fall against the bed without crushing you. He held you there, the room smelling of sex and the only sound filling the room being Newt’s heavy breaths.

Finally, he spoke. “Never sneak out on me again, alright, (Y/N)? Or else next time, I won’t be so gentle.”

You laughed a little. “I look forward to it.” Newt ran his fingers through your hair absently, slowly lulling you to sleep. You nudged his chest affectionately with your nose. “You know, you’re not so bad.”

“What?” Newt cried indignantly. “I remember making you come 3 times!”

“Yeah, yeah, you arrogant cock.” You smiled lazily. “Until next time.”

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