shameless mick


Ok so, why is everyone saying that Gallavich is an unhealthy ship? Actually, it couldn’t be healthier. I mean, do I have to remind you how fucking bad was Ian in s5? When he stole Mickey’s baby? He was in one (actually the worst) of his worse maniac episodes. Or when he thought that the army had come for him and he almost hit Debbie with the bat. And there was Mickey. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for him, who knows what would have happened to him… Mickey was such a supportive boyfriend. Like srsly, he did everything he could. He tried. He fucking tried. And when Ian broke up with him, he understood, even though he still loved him soooo much.
Remember what he said in s4 when they discovered that Ian was bipolar? “We take care of him here. You. Me. Us. His fucking fucking family.” Or the “sorry, I’m late” scene, which is so fucking beautiful bc you can actually see how much Mickey loves and cares about Ian. He’s the one who got him “some kind of fucking help”, because he knew he needed it. He cared enough to make him take the med (like in the “shut the fuck up and take your pills, bitch” scene). Also, when they went to the hospital to get Ian new pills or whatever and the doctor said that he should do a suicide list, and Mickey says something like “he doesn’t fucking need that, he has me”. He literally did everything he could to help him when he was at his worst.
Now, Ian has got better, so much better. And if he wants to leave with Mickey, let him fucking do that, because that means that despite all the shit they went through, Ian knows that he has always loved Mick. Always have. Always will. Now he’s (more or less) ok, and he has decided to go with him because that’s how he feels now. And if he’s fine and he wants that, then I’m so fucking happy about him, because he made the choice that his head really wanted.
So stop throwing shit at Gallavich, because if someone can make Ian feel ok and happy, that’s Mickey.