shameless balls

Took Him Down

Summary: The Gallagher clan is at the Alibi when Terry and themselves find out about Mickey and Ian’s relationship. When Terry goes to attack Ian, no one knows what  to do beside Mickey.

Word Count: 1654

“Hey,” says to V without realizing Terry Milkovich has walked in and taken his seat, which was relatively close to them. There’s a big fundraiser going on at the Alibi, so with the kids in the bar, it’s no wonder they didn’t noticed him– the place was packed. Plus, ever since he got locked up after Mickey and Svetlana’s wedding, no one knew when he was going to be released.

“What’s up, baby?” V asks her husband.

He glances over to where Mickey, Ian, and Mandy are sitting. “Why do you think Mickey’s been staying at the Gallaghers? I mean he has a fucking wife and kid, and he hasn’t spent a single night with them both–”

“Who knows? He and Ian seem close, for fucks sake he sleeps on Ian’s bedroom floor, but I’m sure he’s just using Ian for something. He is a Milkovich,” Veronica informed her husband of her thoughts and left him to process. Unfortunately Terry’s already been exposed to Ian and Mickey’s relationship, which he figured he ended, so he now knows better.

Suddenly everyone hears a loud shatter of glass that came from the Milkovich man slamming his beer on the counter. Terry stands up and abruptly turns to Ian, who had just gotten up from where he was sitting next to Mickey. Now he was near the bathrooms with no one around to help him with the Milkovich man. When they met eyes Terry surged forward. “Fucking AIDS monkey, I’ll fucking kill you!” He screamed.

“Fuck!” Ian yells and tries to run, but it’s too late. Terry grabs the redhead by the collar and starts repeatedly punching him in the face– which happened to draw a lot of blood.

Fiona and the rest of the Gallaghers were screaming while all the other people in the bar didn’t know what to do. You don’t try to fight off a Milkovich. “What the fuck is happening?” Fiona shouted in fear.

“What’s going on?” Debbie cried. “Ian!”

Terry let out a loud and angry scream. “Queer! You tried to turn my son into a fucking fairy!” He puts his hands around Ian’s neck. “I’ll kill you,” he repeats himself as he tightens his grip.

As Mickey processed everything that was going on, an extreme wave of rage and hate washed over him. To his benefit, he was a lot stronger than he was the last time he faced his father, and there’s a lot of adrenaline in him. He needs to help Ian because he’s sure as hell no one else will, along with the fact that it is his priority. No one hurts Ian Gallagher.

Mickey viciously grabs a random beer bottle of of someone table and approaches his father. When close enough, he smashes it over Terry’s head. Luckily– since he was so invested in choking Ian– it took the man by surprise and caused him to loosen his grip around the Gallagher boy’s neck. Before Terry had a chance to do anything, Mickey punched him in the face, causing him to fall backwards.

Like usual, Terry found the strength to scurry to his feet. Just like he did to Ian, he lunged himself at his son, throwing a hard punch that caught to Mickey jaw. “You are not my son, you fucking faggot!” Mickey bitterly laughed and spit out the blood.

“Hey,” Mickey calls out to his father. “Ian fucks me hard, daddy!” He screamed between their exchanging punches. “I suck his dick, and I fucking love it!” These statements drove Terry over the edge.

The Milkovich father and son brutally fought. Terry was definitely more sluggish than he has ever been, so Mickey got to use it to his advantage. At some point though, Terry found a cord and wrapped it around Mickey’s neck. Before pulling on it to choke his son he hackled, and spit in his face. “I’ll end you right now, you worthless piece of shit.”

“Fucking do it,” Mickey spat back.

Neither of them could hear the screams of everyone in the bar, but suddenly all the regulars pulled their guns and pointed them at Terry, which got their attention. “Pull that cord any tighter and we’ll fucking kill you, Terry,” someone said– surprisingly it was Kermit.

Somehow the thought of everyone turning against him distracted Terry enough to give Mickey time to pull out of the cord and wrap it tightly back around his father’s neck. “Guess what, bitch. I am a fucking fag,” he said in an ice cold voice. “Remember the last time you caught us? Beat the shit out of us both. You even had Svet try to fuck the faggot out of me right in front of Ian and it didn’t work. I fucking love him, you asshole, and the next time you lay a hand on him I will bury you six feet deep,” he said before his father went unconscious from the lack of oxygen that came from the cord.

He watched as his father fell the ground. He knew the man would wake up soon so the cops definitely needed to be called. Quickly, he turned to Ian who was sitting on the floor, covered in blood with black and blue hand marks around his neck and face. As the Milkovich boy sunk down next to his not so secret boyfriend, he went to check Ian’s wounds, but got distracted when Ian grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a passionate kiss. “I love you too,” he whispered. It was the first time either of them had exchanged those words.

When their faces separated, they searched each other’s face and bodies, inspecting the other’s injuries. Mickey frowned and traced his fingers along the hand marks on Ian’s neck. “Hey,” Ian said. “I’m okay. You look worse than me.”

“I’m fine.” Suddenly Mickey was hit with the realization of everyone who was standing behind him. He grabbed Ian’s hand as an anchor, and slowly turned his head to look at the crowd. Everyone’s eyes were wide and their jaws were dropped, despite the fact that moments before they all pulled their guns on Terry to save him– must’ve been that heat of the moment type of shit. “Fuck.”

Suddenly Tommy started clapping, and everyone else followed along. Mickey looked at them all quizzically while Ian stared at Mickey with proud eyes. Mandy and the Gallaghers– discluding Frank and Lip– held the same shocked expression.

“You took down the biggest asshole on the Southside!” Tommy said in an impressed tone.

“Well Mickey is the offspring of Terry, he’s obviously going to be the one to take him,” Frank said like people we stupid for thinking otherwise. “Plus, he’d kill anyone who’d try to touch Ian. I’ve been aware of that for years.”

Fiona’s head snapped to her father. “You knew about them?”

“Well, obviously,” Frank said. “I caught them fucking one time like three years ago,” he said in a tone that suggested he’s smarter than everyone.

“Goddamnit,” Mickey said to himself at Frank spoke.

Fiona’s eyes looked like they were about to fall out of her head in shock. “Three years?”

Lip now stepped forward. “They’ve been fucking for four.” He was very amused by everything that was going on. He never really knew that Ian and Mickey’s relationship ran so deep, but it was sort of impressive.

“Holy shit! Good for you,” Kermit said. “That’s an eternity in this place,” he said kindly.

Though Fiona was surprised and clearly offended that Ian hadn’t told her of their relationship, she still seemed okay with it. Mickey was beyond baffled by everyone’s accepting nature towards them.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Mickey?” Mandy sounded sad. She wished her brother was more open with her about his life. “Or you Ian? I’m your best friend.”

Mickey put his head down. “I couldn’t do it, Mandy. I wouldn’t let him tell anyone for this very reason,” he pointed at his unconscious father. She nodded in understandment, but it still upset her.

The Milkovich girl walked to her father who was laying on the ground. She watched as his eyes started to flutter, it looked like he was about to wake up. She let out an angry scream and kicked him hard in the head, making him fall unconscious once again. “That’s for make our lives a living hell, you fucking asshole.”

Everyone watched as Mandy then ran to wrap her arms around her brother. She then did the same to Ian. Ian wiped the tears off of her face when they separated and she let out a weak smile. She walked back to her place next to Lip and watched the two boys stare at each other.

“You love each other?” Carl then asked.

“Yeah, bud,” Ian informed his brother. He had a big smile plastered across his face despite being completely beat up, and it truthfully helped calm Mickey down.

Carl smirked. “That’s cool.”

Suddenly the sound of sirens neared the Alibi. A few cops came rushing in. They immediately put Terry in handcuffs and forced him out the door.

Once again the regulars at the bar started to clap as he was shoved out of the building. Everyone hated when Terry Milkovich around, and it was a much better environment when he was out of the picture. People were also clapping because of Mickey and Ian having a chance together now.

Once everything calmed down Mickey turned to Ian. “I did it,” he said softly.

“You fucking did it, you came out,” Ian giggled. “Maybe not in the easiest way but you did.”

Mickey rapidly nodded. He then grabbed Ian’s face and pulled him in a hard kiss. Ian leaned his forehead against Mickey when they separated and took everything in. They blocked everyone else out in the room and sat there covered in blood and bruises with the happiest expressions. Nothing could separate them now.

most underrated shameless scene imo is when mickey goes to the alibi the day after coming out and he’s all high strung before kev deflates the situation by starting the conversation about celebrities who have come out. that was so smart of kev and just to see mickey surrounded by all of the people in his life acknowledging that he’s gay and that nothing will have to change because of it is so heart warming.