shameless advertising ftw

Neku: Hey, Josh

Joshua: Yes, Neku dear~?

Neku: Where the actual hell am I?

Joshua: Why are you asking me~?

Neku: Because every goddamn weird thing in my life seems to revolve around you, that’s why. Now answer the question.

Joshua: My, my, you’re certainly not beating around the bush~

Neku: Yeah, but you are, now answer the goddamn question.

Joshua: Fine, fine. Apparently we’re here to alert the public of a new blog.

Neku: Annnnd what the hell does that have to do with me?

Joshua: Tsk tsk Neku. I think by “you”, you mean “us”. Miss Misaki, Beat, Rhyme, and the rest of them are here too. In spirit at least.

Neku: Okaaay then, I see, shameless advertising. But why are you here exactly?

Joshua: Oh, I just wanted to spend a little, what do you call it again…Quality time together? 

Neku: Why the hell would I agree to do that? 

Joshua: You invited me, no? To Hachiko? You sounded very sentimental, it almost brought tears to my eyes.


Joshua: Yes Neku~?

Neku: Fuck off.