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Stare Game

Title: Stare Game

Genre: fluff

Words: 2.8K

Warnings: none unless you get triggered by extreme sexual tension, in which case avoid this fic.

Beta: arcticphan

Summary: Dan and Phil play the ‘look into each other’s eyes and see who laughs first’ game but it ends up going in a quite different direction… (friends to lovers fic)

A/N: I can feel myself not going to post much in the next few weeks as school is taking overhand…

Phil let his hand go through his sweaty fringe, yawning loudly to himself. His eyes drifted from his laptop screen to the clock every few seconds; 2 am. He’d been editing his new video all day. He yawned again. He had told himself, sternly, to finish editing early, but somehow the complicated techniques of editing had been swapped for the addicting quirkiness of tumblr, and he had shamefully missed his deadline.

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