shameful existence

their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)

(( OOC: So I had to pick my car up from the garage straight after filming. And instead of explaining to the mechanic why I had purple eyebrows, I chose to completely ignore the situation. Until, of course, he asked me.

But instead of trying to make up a relatively normal-sounding excuse (photo shoot, makeup experiment, ANYTHING) … I said I had an accident with some hair dye??

So let’s hope my car never breaks down because I cannot show my face there ever again. ))

Please know you should never have to be ashamed of asking for help. Please always do what’s necessary to stay alive. Please keep striving to be fed and clothed and housed and medicated and emotonally supported.

Staying alive in difficult times is an achievement, not a source for shame. Capitalism, politics dictated by greed and not community-mindedness, oppression - those are shameful.

But you existing in that system despite its best efforts to destroy you? Every day is a fucking achievement, and I am proud of you for being here. You deserve to be proud of yourself for being here.

I’m glad you exist. I hope you keep doing it however you know how.


I’m putting effort into not being overtly negative here, but remember in the previous post tags I mentioned that Pretty Hair Detective knows just how to steal a moment? This is another of those times. Now the race is his idea and not Tomoyo’s, as was the natural assumption, and now I’m side-eyeing him all over again. 



I can just imagine this conversation unfolding and it’s beautiful. 

“But how do we know they’ll want to win the race that badly?” Piffle Tomoyo asks. 

And Nihon Tomoyo just starts to laugh. 

WHICH, on a side note, brings us back to a very important piece of character development in that Kurogane’s incessant need to be the best was part of the Piffle plan from the start AND YET HE THREW IT ALL AWAY TO SAVE SAKURA IN AN INSTANT. 

I am so proud of him.

dear people who see this: im so sorry

greenkneehighs  asked:

Trappist-1 makes me laugh because Trappist monks brew beer so now I'm just imagining a Star Trek universe where people visit the Trappist-1 to get wasted on beer brewed by space monks.

this is amazing and i love you

the Trappist system have found a way to get along, and a great many centuries have passed since the last war ended in a sulky peace. each planet returned to their homes and got piss drunk. decades passed in nearly no communication between the planets as they quietly got over their resentment and made various alcohols. Each planet got very good at their preferred drink. 

The second planet, where it is unbearably hot, live underground because even though all the planets are tidally locked (i checked, that seems the most likely option, which is a shame, but hey, Remans exist) theirs is the hottest soil. So they live underground and grow their edible roots and make their vodka with ice and they love it. It is an awful colour for vodka, but they’re mostly blind so they don’t give a fuck.

The third planet, comfortably in the habitable zone, has a ring of rainforest-esque flora and they make some damn good rum. They live in their trees and have still got their large climbing claws, but they have developed modern methods of movement, they have escalators and moving platforms, and so on. They like their rum.

The third planet have sooo many rivers and the habitable ring resembles venice or just straight up pirate ships depending on the area. These guys have the best. fucking. grape. vines. wine up the ying yang. These guys are wine mums personified with gills.

The fourth planet, the last one with life, is fucking cold. Any day over freezing temperature is a day for a party. These guys go for beer, and they go hard. How tf are you gonna sleep if you don’t have alcohol thinning your blood so that you don’t freeze cos it’s so fucking cold. They got beer, blubber, and hard, leathery skin. Rockin.

They finally meet up again, 50 years having passed and the treaty demanding contact. Each planet brings a gift to the banquet, and each one brings their drink. There is some confusion and awkwardness at first, but then they realise that they’ve all brought alcohol, and maybe they have a bit more in common than they’d thought. 

I was crying in the bathroom at school today and a girl I didn’t even know saw me and asked me if I needed some water and asked me why I was crying. After telling her that it was just something stupid, I guess she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it, so she completely changed the subject and asked me my name and she was joking around then, and she talked to me about herself as well. She made me feel so much better and I actually started laughing then and she made me forget everything I was worrying about, at least for that moment. Also it’s so ironic how the reason of me running straight to the bathroom and crying was some girls.

seriously why can’t all girls be like that one girl? Why do we always have to fight and make each other feel worthless? Why are we jealous of each other? Let’s all be nice please. Girl power is so strong and important. Let’s use it to make each other feel better not completely worthless.

I woke up this day
extremely annoyed
by sunbeams,
and moon rays,
and star bursts,
and storms.

I’ve circled the mountains
escaping this void,
this relentless smothering
of the Congoid’s humanity.

I woke up this day
extremely amazed
by systems and societies
that seek to segregate
souls from hearts,
hearts from minds,
minds from ideas,
ideas from blooming.

I’ve trekked the highways
the byways,
and no ways.

I’ve skirted the stop signs,
the go signs,
and ho signs…
Escaping these bilboes
of shock and shame.
Escaping this existence
of resentment and blame.

—  WALLS (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon)

Just a reminder that Octavia Blake spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding under floorboards in a tiny room in space and yet she’s a thousand times more competent at being a decent human being than 90% of the characters on this show. 


Honey Lemon in the labb, ya all!! To think that I had to be reminded of this movies existence… Shame on me. (*my animation-nerd pride got hurt*)

UPDATED! (This one got many “uncanny-valley” warnings, so I tried to balance it out more!) 

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLindaMavis

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.