shameful existence

their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)

PSA to people who read/ write fics that involve sexual assault and hold it in a positive light.

It’s not okay. It’ll never be okay. Normalizing rape culture is wrong. Abuse is disgusting and should never be made acceptable. Having sex with someone who is unable to give consent is rape and wrong. A character forcing themselves on someone and taking advantage of them is wrong. And no. That isn’t romantic. As someone who was molested while in a relationship, it didn’t make me suddenly want him. Him taking away my choice wasn’t sexy or endearing. An abuser is not a lover. An abuser is a theif. And if you reblog/ rate these fics as being “good” “amazing” “so sexy” wtf ever. You can remove my blog. You can also shoot me a message to let me know who the people are that I need to remove. Because abuse is never okay. Sexualizing abuse is never okay. Romanticizing abuse is never okay. And you can fight me about it.

If marathons exist for people to prove that they’re intrinsically better than you, ultramarathons exist to shame you for drawing the same air as their participants. And Australia’s Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon is the pinnacle. The event consisted of a 544-mile run – we’d give up on driving that – across brutal and unforgiving territory. So imagine everyone’s surprise back in 1983, when a 61-year-old potato farmer named Cliff Young lined up right alongside the strapping young gods and goddesses that normally go in for this sort of thing. Literally toothless, dressed in gumboots and long trousers, he ran in a weird old-man shuffle. Cliff further revealed that he was a virgin who still lived with his mom – as though that needed elaborating.

By the end of day two, Cliff was not only markedly less dead than everyone expected, but had a sizeable lead on his competitors. This was largely due to his coach/insane friend Wally Zeuschner who, after an exhausting first day of running, accidentally set Cliff’s alarm clock for 2AM. For the remainder of the race, Wally was right there, informing Cliff that sleep was for pussies, and hacking off foot blisters with a rabbit knife. When Cliff shuffled his way into Melbourne, he wasn’t just ahead of his competitors – he was miles and miles ahead, having knocked a good two goddamned days off the previous record for the course.

5 People Who Ruled At Things They Had No Right to Even Try

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'll forever be mad at the fact that colin farrell never got the appreciation he deserved for his stellar performance as bobby pellitt in the american black comedy film horrible bosses (2011); considering all the effort farrell had put into making his already gross character look even more despicable. the fact that farrell, a devastatingly handsome man, had chosen to make his character look like the human version of a sewer rat, complete with a terrible comb-over, pot belly and an absolutely disgusting personality (all of these being his personal inputs to the characterization of pellitt), only show how serious he is about his work. and yet, despite the fact that bobby pellitt was the literal personification of a trashcan, people loved him, a few probably feeling bad when he was killed. after all this, seeing how he never got appreciated as much as he should have, upsets me greatly. even today.
overrated [m]

» summary: notorious bad boy, dong sicheng, was never one for attachment. well, not until he met you.
surprisingly, there was more that met the eye of the reckless bad boy—something outrageously… pure.

pairing: “bad boy”!sicheng & reader insert || university!AU

includes: light fluff, humour, smut (trivial dom/sub elements, teasing [public & private], oral, sixty-nine, fingering, handjobs, penetration), alcohol mentions, light drug mentions

wc: 41.7k

note: I finally have a fic out for my baby ;; I hope you guys have fun reading this as much as i had fun writing it!!
The word “bad boy” is in quotes because we all know that our baby winwin is a chaste little angel—for now ^~^

I made a few changes to this from the preview, but the most prominent one is the tense change, ahaha. I wanted to try writing in present tense, so this is a little different! And i dont think ill try this again… lmao. I also lost a lot of motivation to finish this along the way, so i apologize if this isnt the best. :( Nonetheless, i hope you enjoy!

Dong Sicheng has a tarnished reputation that is effortless for him to maintain.

Sicheng wreaks havoc day by day, practically stirring an immature calamity on university campus. He carries a storm wherever he goes, his footsteps equivalent to a roll of thunder. From his sour persona to the sharp way he talks; his words are bullets to those he aims them to. Yet, girls flock around him mindlessly and praise him like none other, falling for his recklessness without a care. On campus, students are either irked, find his personality rebarbative, or completely in love with the idea of him.

Sicheng is stellar in his own way, a star in the worst way possible that manages to outshine the rest. Men ache to be him while girls crave to spend a night with him—just one, enough to see what he truly, dutifully packed. But that is where Sicheng expeditiously draws the line, austere and grim, and leaves them. Like rain battering down on a scorching pavement, his trace disappears within seconds.

It is not because the spark of attraction towards the girl is absent, nor is it because he wants to bring each to the edge only to leave them hanging, adding each to the list of rejected individuals. It is due to something else—something borderline shameful to his existence and reputation.

And it is because not a single soul knows that Dong Sicheng, notorious bad boy and ruthless heartbreaker, is a virgin.

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It’s probably been too long since you’ve seen this video. 

Shadow Moon is just so pure and unequivocally good, and I’m just in awe of him. He’s confused and unable to grasp what’s going on around him. He’s in denial. Sure, he’s seen all these ridiculous and illogical things but he’s still unwilling to believe what he’s seeing. He still wants to hold on to his long-held philosophy, and can we blame him? I know some people think it’s odd that he’s still unable to believe what he’s seeing, but it’s realistic. No one really wants to believe in something that challenges everything they already believe in, even if they’re seeing it with their own two eyes. Once you start believing in the impossible, you can’t go back and your entire life changes. That’s when it becomes real. You’re more comfortable gravitating towards what you know, even if evidence says otherwise. The unknown is terrifying; no one wants to venture into the unknown because there’s a lack of predictability that comes with it.

When something’s familiar and predictable, it’s safe. When it’s not, it’s not. You know what to expect from the familiar, but you don’t know what to expect from the unknown and that makes some people hesitant to move forward. I’m just happy that we’re finally able to get this take on this strange new world from the perspective of a Black man. In Abbie Mills, we were able to get the perspective of a strange new world where weird things happened through the eyes of a Black woman. As short-lived as that win was, it was still a win. I wish we could have seen a world where Shadow Moon & Abbie Mills existed at the same time, because the possibilities would have been endless. It would have been amazing inspiration for some thought-provoking, abstract meta.The comparisons would have sparked quite a few things that we probably wouldn’t have thought about before. Abbie, just like Shadow, saw something impossible happen too but she refused to believe what she saw. Even though there was evidence of what happened to her, she blocked it out and refused to believe it. Abbie & Shadow are so much alike, and it’s a shame they couldn’t exist at the same time.

With all that being said, I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate how groundbreaking Shadow Moon is and how different he is from the other Black male characters we’ve been exposed to in the last few years. He’s so different, and I don’t think we give the writers & Ricky enough credit for bringing Shadow Moon to life and creating a character you genuinely want to see win.

I don’t always create ocs for existing media but when I do…they’re gay and so far removed from the main cast that they’re basically their own thing.

I love how aphobes wanna say that aces and aros don’t face oppression, then turn around and exclude them from pride parades because they’re “not LGBT enough”