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Opinions on Miley Cyrus ?? :) xx

Equal parts amazing social activist/feminist and terribly problematic

Her new music style is no longer my jam at all, but I think she has incredible vocals and will belt out songs from her early albums til I die.

I think it’s great that she embraces her sexuality (always good to have open LGBTQA+ celebrities who are outspoken) and teaches that it’s okay for girls to be like that

Very impressed with everything she does for homeless youth with the Happy Hippie Foundation

Super glad she’s finally gone vegan

Super cringey cultural appropriation in a Kylie Jenner way that people (often the media) tend to attribute certain things (twerking, fetishisation of WOC butts, racist imagery, speaking in AAVE) to her “i.e twerk like Miley!! rather than their cultural origins, which is often either overlooked or shamed

It brings me joy knowing that she now feels comfortable in who she is, the Disney contract can be a heavy thing and she seems incredibly free now, not caring about what anyone thinks of her

I like her approach “going to clubs doesn’t make you a bad person, just like going to church doesn’t make you a good person, it’s about the way you treat others”