Don’t let anybody make you feel you are nobody

Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on July 28, 1967

Never be ashamed of the body you been blessed with. You can be African in the office, at the club, on the streets, at the farm, at school etc.. Black is beautiful therefore you have no reason to be ashamed of who you are. #Love it!

Shame on you if you think it’s funny to take advantage of someone who cares about you.

If you think that ignoring them for a while is okay because they will be back.

If you treat someone like they’re replacable.

If you feel like taking your anger out on them is okay because you know they will handle it.

If you’ve stopped letting them know that you care because you don’t, but you won’t let them go because of your ego.

If you think that no matter whose fault it is, they’ll be the one to apologise.

If you take advantage of someone who truly, truly loved you.

Shame on you for what you did to me.

Steps to Self-forgiveness

1. Take responsibility for what you said or did.

2. Think about how you were feeling at the time, or what was driving you to act in that way.

3. Related to this, try to identify the underlying need, or the motive behind the thing you now regret. (For example, respect from others, approval from others, wanting to feel good about yourself, wanting to pay another back, and so on.)

4. Express your regrets and attempt to make amends if your words or your actions have affected someone else.

5. Think of how you’ll change and will act differently, if the same situation occurs again. This is the real person that you truly want to be.

6. Write yourself a caring and empathic letter where you forgive yourself, and tell yourself you can move on.

7. Remember that you’re human – and we all have deep regrets; and we’re all on a journey – for there’s no-one who is perfect.

Former Texas police officer who slammed teen girl to ground at pool party will not face charges

The former suburban Dallas police officer seen on video slamming a teen girl to the ground at a pool party will not face charges after a grand jury declined to indict him Thursday.

So, if you forget the original story, I’ll give you a brief retelling:

Casebolt, who is white, could be seen in a witness cellphone video pushing the bikini-clad 15-year-old black girl, Dajerria Becton, on to her stomach on the grass and holding her down with his knees on her back. Casebolt took out his gun when two young men came to her aid but put the firearm back in its holster after two other officers came to his side. 

The jurors determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute Casebolt.

A Collin County grand jury elected not to indict Casebolt Thursday after reviewing evidence from a Texas Rangers investigation into the Craig Ranch Pool encounter, according to the McKinney Police Department.

Huh, we seem to have different opinions on what constitutes evidence. Most people would say a video was pretty good evidence…

source / source

Even when these psychos get caught on camera they STILL don’t have to pay for their actions. For those still wondering, THIS is why Black Lives Matter needs to exist. #Love it!

Aight I been wallowing in my dumpster all week and have a buttload of trash for you so hold onto your asses!

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Rat boy practice. I hate drawing his mech arm so much.

We have the Jailbird skin now give me the gay prison hijinks I want. Just what Roadie needs is horizontal stripes amirite

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