There’s probably a lot of dice shaming that goes on in our office. As it turns out, there’s a time out corner for dice right there at the reception desk. People come from all over the world to drop off their dice and have Tiamat berate and mock their low rolls. (Just kidding. Please don’t overwhelm our sweet receptionist with tarnished dice.) 

We have some more dice-rolling rituals to share. Have we told you lately how much we love you? 

“I take all my D20 out of there bag and place them on the table with the ‘20’ facing  up. I reckon this helps them remember how they are meant to land.”

“Kiss the dice, every time. Talk nice to them when they do good, and get REALLY passive aggressive when they’re not.” 

 “Crying  profusely on top of them, knowing each roll could be my last.”

“I warm up my dice about 15 minutes before the start of game play. Just roll them and see which ones roll the best and those are the ones I use for the night. If one of them seems to start doing bad, I put in time out and wont use until next session. I also replaced the time out dice if goes into time out more than 5 times in a row.” 

“I don’t roll dice alone. If I need to roll a d20, I’ll pick up two and roll them  together in my hand and release only one. I’ve found rolling a die alone  always leads to lackluster results.” 

“I always keep my dice in a dice box with a special crystal. When rolling I always warm my hands before touching the dice.”

“If your dice fall off the table or hit other dice, you’re allowed a free roll because the gods have interfered.” 

“When I have an important roll the dice color must match the action or character I’m rolling for. My collection of dice includes 6 pound o’ dice, so usually I can find one that will work.”         

And finally, 

“I rolled 6 ones tonight. I need a ritual.”

Well, Lyle, we hope you have found some inspiration here.