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Dipper catches Ford up on Star Wars, Ford compares the aliens with aliens in other dimensions.

“Well, at least now you’ve seen the whole original trilogy?” Dipper said as he pulled the Return of the Jedi disk from the DVD player “I don’t know if we’ll have time to get to all the prequels…”

“Some is still better than none, my boy,” Ford said from his seat on the sofa. “Particularly if the aliens they keep introducing are so jarring.”


“Those… fuzzy things.”

“Oh! Ewoks. They’re called ewoks. Nobody says it in the movie, but that’s pretty common knowledge.”

“Those ewoks, then. I had an unfortunate encounter with a species not unlike them in one dimension.”

“Really?” Dipper asked, folding his feet underneath him to sit and listen. Great-Uncle Ford didn’t talk about his time in the portal much, and while he assumed it wasn’t polite to ask he was still dying to hear stories. “…How did that go?”

“Well, their tendency to try to eat people wasn’t exaggerated…”

Dipper winced.

“Needless to say, I fortunately escaped the unfortunate indignity of death by teddy bears’ picnic.”

He waited a few moments more, to see if his great-uncle was going to elaborate, but when he fell silent Dipper accepted what story had been told. At this point, he’d take what he could get.

“Well, if living in a science-fiction movie hasn’t ruined them for you, we could at least start the others…” he suggested.

“Sounds like an excellent plan,” Ford said.

“The next one is The Phantom Menace,” Dipper said, pulling it out. “You can look at the case if you want.”

“Thank you,” Ford said, accepting it from him as he held it out. He was silent a few more moments, when he spoke again.

“Dipper, is this a Ksi’nbian?”

“…A what?”

“Sorry, sorry, this creature it just… it looks like one of the most diabolical peoples I encountered during my travels. Perpetual thorns in my side; I shudder to think of the nights I spent… well, that’s not important. But this fellow here is their spitting image, it’s a bit unnerving.”

“….Great-Uncle Ford, that’s Jar-Jar Binks.”

3 natural 1s in a row.

So I went into the water to fetch an item that, if we didn’t retrieve, would make the entire mission pointless. I was the most agile in our party and jumped in. I grabbed the item, but then I rolled a 1 and started drowning. Another member jumped in to save me. He rolled a 1. The dm gave me another roll to save myself and I rolled another one. This was the third session of my first ever campaign and I died. 


Ever wonder what books I own but haven’t read yet? Every wonder what books are in this photo. Well, your questions can be answered via this video! Welcome to the TBR Shame video! 

Be it the sky being extra blue, or getting to put on warm socks straight from the dryer, or the feel of a book’s page under your fingertips as you turn it to continue a story, I hope that you find at least one small little diamond of a thing about today that makes you appreciate the fact that you’re in this world and can experience something like that. 

And I hope those little diamonds patter over you like a gentle rain. 

Because you deserve the wonder of little joys. 


“Why don’t women just say no? Why don’t they answer me back and just say they’re not interested?”

Because this is why. Gross messages and being called fat (because OMGFATISGROSS!) are the very least of what happens when a woman says no. Other times, she could be stalked, harassed, or killed. Put your hurt pride away, and work to make it safe for a woman to say no. Refuse to put up with this bullshit, because you can be damned sure we are.

Okay so a few weeks ago…my lovely friend Jess from college was looking through my study notes on my phone and she stumbled across at picture of Kakashi (without the mask from that Kakashi’s face revealed chapter since I have it as my wallpaper on my phone) and she question me about it along with a “Whoa!”; let just say that my facial expression was a little something like this..

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So now on I keep all my study notes in my notebooks.