3 natural 1s in a row.

So I went into the water to fetch an item that, if we didn’t retrieve, would make the entire mission pointless. I was the most agile in our party and jumped in. I grabbed the item, but then I rolled a 1 and started drowning. Another member jumped in to save me. He rolled a 1. The dm gave me another roll to save myself and I rolled another one. This was the third session of my first ever campaign and I died. 


“Why don’t women just say no? Why don’t they answer me back and just say they’re not interested?”

Because this is why. Gross messages and being called fat (because OMGFATISGROSS!) are the very least of what happens when a woman says no. Other times, she could be stalked, harassed, or killed. Put your hurt pride away, and work to make it safe for a woman to say no. Refuse to put up with this bullshit, because you can be damned sure we are.


Ever wonder what books I own but haven’t read yet? Every wonder what books are in this photo. Well, your questions can be answered via this video! Welcome to the TBR Shame video! 

Also you don’t have to be an abuse survivor with coping mechanisms to justify liking an abusive ship

I doubt the entirety of the Hannibal fandom that ships Hannibal and Will Graham is made up of people who experienced some traumatizing shit in their lifetime

Sometimes you just like dark ships. You acknowledge they are dark, acknowledge they are wrong and terrible, and you ship them anyway. There’s no sign on an amusement park ride that says “you have to have been abused to like this ship” I mean for one thing it’s fucking disturbing that people have to share their awful experiences with total strangers to not get bullied for enjoying a fictional relationship, and for another you don’t have to relate to a ship to enjoy it, and you certainly don’t have to agree with the ship’s dubious if not outright disturbing values and morals to enjoy it either

A ship can just be interesting for somebody to enjoy it. You don’t have to jump through hoops to find a fictional relationship, bad or good, to be interesting enough to enjoy. 

Fans don’t watch Hannibal because they romanticize killing and eating people, and they certainly don’t romanticize abuse when they ship Will and Hannibal. So why assume that this is the case with other abusive or arguably dirtybadwrong ships? 

I get that Bernie Sanders is a fantastic candidate and so many of my generation are wholly supporting him, but the villainization of Hilary Clinton really makes no sense. I’ve literally seen her compared to Umbridge, when the fact is their politics are comparable (they’re both democratic frontrunners for christs sake) and the defamation of half our party’s largest candidates only hurts us. People think they’re being edgy and funny by comparing the two in irrelevant memes and dragging her, but they’re really just doing a great job of spreading the kind of confusion and false information that characterizes the ignorance of much of our generation. I say this as a Sanders supporter, but I can’t get behind the way other supporters are going about “being political.”