today in sociology we were talking about gender roles and how historically men have preferred “docile, delicate” women, and so my teacher goes “ok guys raise ur hand if u would marry a strong woman” and I raised my hand and the teacher just kind of looks at me and i look around and everyone is like “???” and then i realized that i am a girl and this survey was not for lesbians so i slowly lowered my hand

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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a peek at a lynx resting on the forest floor, turning to look at the viewer with a disdainful expression, with a post on it by user confusedpolykin.

The post reads: “my body may be a temple but i am the god to whom it is devoted

do not presume to tell me how i may decorate my altar” ]]





I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

Which Psycho-Pass Character Will Fall For You?

Ginoza has fallen for you! It takes a lot to make him fall for you, especially since he is very strict and doesn’t allow such feelings towards co-workers. He believes having such feelings would cloud his psycho-pass, but he is willing to take that chance for you. Ginoza likes a girl that can keep a fairly clear psycho-pass while balancing emotional things with her job. He will do anything to keep you from going crazy.

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(1/2) Watching Shame totally wrecked me too. But I think there's a slight glimmer of hope when you compare the first train encounter with the last - at the end, she was the one pursuing him, and he looked reluctant to give in to her advances. You don't get to see whether he chooses to go with her or not, but I think that even the hesitation is a step in the right direction.

You know, I think Steve McQueen is kind of a genius, so no doubt he left that ending open for us to decide if he resisted the urge or not. I personally believe he didn’t. Obviously he recognized he had a problem and tried to fix some of it (thus throwing away all his porn, etc) but after what happened with his co-worker and then his binge (ugh that whole night was just too sad) and then his sister, I’m pretty sure he’s going to relapse immediately. It’s the only thing that makes him feel anything. So the way I interpreted that ending with the girl on the train is that he is literally right back where he started, perhaps a bit wiser, but also 100% more raw and vulnerable than before. So in my mind, he definitely took up her offer. He’s learned that he has a problem, but he’s also learned that he doesn’t know how to fix it. So I guess I saw the movie as a study in him understanding himself and his problems and finding himself powerless to do anything. Damn, what a downer.

But since it was left open to interpretation, maybe this just points to how bleak I am…. :(

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Top 10 CM and Castle episodes?

Why do u do this to me. It’s gonna take me so long to answer this because I will be INTERNALLY SCREAMING

Ok for Criminal Minds:

  1. ‘Valhalla-Lauren’ 6x17-18 - Do I even need to explain this one? (this is a 2-parter I can include both FIGHT ME)
  2. ‘Minimal Loss’ 4x03 - I’ve seen Minimal Loss probably like 50 times and I can quote the entire episode in everyone’s voices w/ facial expressions haha I’m so cool
  3. ‘Open Season’ 2x21 - It’s such a classic CM episode and I swear I’ll never get tired of it. Plus Emily in cargo pants.
  4. ‘In Name and Blood’ 3x02 - Emily fucking slays and I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH. Also Giddy titty leaves lol bye…
  5. ‘Demonology’ 4x17 - I used to watch this one all the time, but ever since my friend Matthew died (who coincidentally had the same name as Emily’s friend) it’s just too hard for me to even sit through. Still one of the best episodes tho, Paget is too good for this world.
  6. ‘100’ 5x09 - Honestly s5 was the peak of CM and 100 is so fucking good and sad and JUST I JuST..!?@?!2/
  7. ‘A Thin Line’ 7x15 - Why do my fav episodes involve Prentiss getting brutally injured?
  9. ‘Children of the Dark’ 3x04 - This one fucked me up for a solid month after I saw it the first time alsO YOU. KIDS. I CAN SEE IT. HAHAhaha AHAHahhahHAH HAA
  10. ‘52 Pickup’ 4x09 - Paget Valerie Brewster IS INSANELY HOT WHEN SHE RIPS APART MEN also Prentiss and Todd r so gay literally. This episode is complete gold.

And Castle: (if you don’t watch it yet you really should just sayin…)

  1. ‘Sucker Punch’ 2x13 - haha kill me :)
  2. ‘Flowers for Your Grave’ 1x01 - my tiny angry daughter and lil puppy son.
  3. ‘Knockdown’ 3x13 - HAHA KILL ME :))))))))
  4. ‘Always’ 4x23 - *sings In My Veins for 30 hours straight while crying*
  5. ‘Tick, Tick, Tick-Boom!’ 2x17-18 - I loved watching these ones when they aired and they will always be one of my favorites!
  6. ‘Kill Shot’ 4x09 - Stana Katic is a phenomenal actress and I AM A MASOCHIST.
  7. ‘Knockout’ 3x24 - You know a finale is a good one when you scream bloody murder and your friend falls off the couch while watching…
  8. ‘A Chill Goes Through Her Veins’ 1x05 - I’m a sucker for season 1.
  9. ‘Famous Last Words’ 2x08 - This one is an amazing episode and if you’re iffy about watching castle I recommend seeing this first!
  10. ‘3XK’ 3x06 - Dat end scene. (Also I’m not over the fact that the psychotic serial killer also played Paget’s character’s boyfriend in a movie. Not over it at ALL)