Just because you constantly call out the insensitive and problematic things that people subscribe to, whether its racism, sexism, body shaming or anything of the sort, it does NOT make you "sensitive" or a person who "looks too deeply into things". A lot of people dismiss those who call out problematic things because they cant see it (or don't want to) and people are afraid to speak out because they might get dismissed. I'd rather wake up to a false alarm than sleep through a fire.

Just my opinion.


Source: Pink Slams Weight Critics With Messages Of Body Positivity

“Pink took to Twitter Sunday to address weight-shaming bullies who made comments about how she looked at the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary 29th annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills on Saturday. She wore a voluminous black dress to the event and some apparently thought it was necessary to critique her figure. The 35-year-old, however, was not concerned.”

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When you love you carry the failure, weakness and brokenness of the Beloved. The Beloved hands you their shame and you bear it, you carry it, you share in it. And the Beloved, in turn, carries your shame. Love is the bearing of shame. Love is sharing the burden of our common humanity, sharing the burden of our failures, imperfections and weaknesses.
Fat Shaming

There’s a lot of people who are against body positivity because they believe this movement promotes unhealthy issues that are associated with being over-weight and obese.

Please tell me though, when has fat shaming EVER brought about positive change? There is no link between fat shaming and a decrease in obesity. 

There is however a large link of fat shaming and

  • Eating disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Suicide

I saw some of these amazing posts for #NoShameDay and it really touched and inspired me to share. It’s not something I’m still completely comfortable talking about but seeing the community here that deals with the same problems really comforted me so much, that being said I’ll try to keep it short but you’re all so strong.

Off with acronyms, I’ve been diagnosed with EDS, POTS, and SED, all which often piggy back with each other. I’ll talk a bit about my time just to get it out there or if people want to hear about it, but I wanted to voice how thankful and inspired I am by everyone who’s shared and supported. I didn’t know having anyone say “yeah that’s a real thing that exists” would make it feel like such less of a burden. Thanks for #NoShame.

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14 Reasons The Rich Wouldn't Exist Without The Poor

14 Reasons The Rich Wouldn’t Exist Without The Poor

Americans, constantly in search of someone to hate, have landed lately on the poor. States are passing laws that tell poor people what they can and can’t eat and at the same time, businesses resist raising the minimum wage to a level above where people need help to survive.

The poor are demonized. They are called lazy, useless and moochers. The poor, however, are some of the hardest working of…

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I suppose ;u; I kinda missed it, but… why not. Last February on Valentines day I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, something I’ve had my whole life and will have to manage for the rest of it. It’s an autoimmune disorder where your immune system attacks the lining of your colon. Fun stuff. I don’t often see a lot said about UC but seeing others with it in the no shame day tag was… kinda nice, I’m not alone. 

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