Been seeing some uni peeps uploading their fantasy-selves, so here’s mine for our 3D character assignment. Love how a lot of them could fit in some little rpg-esque world together ha ha

(On that note, since I’m a quiet spectator potato irl, she’d probably be that sketchy npc that watches what the protagonists get up to on their adventures.)


If you’ve never watched this train wreck, do. This is such a powerful song, and if at all possible, this woman drains the power from it.

anonymous asked:

They didn't "shove" anything with Laurel. And KC contract has nothing to do with anything. Actors are fired all the time. And FYI Marc himself confirmed 95% of the hate mail he received in season 2 was from fans angry he made Sara Canary over Laurel

Howdy, Anon! I’m not quite sure what you were hoping to accomplish with this submission. If your goal was to illuminate me on my wrongness and totally blow my mind with your rightness, you made a few fatal mistakes to sabotage your mission. My sympathies, chum.

Fortunately, since I am so historically magnanimous toward folks who send rude anonymous asks my way, I am more than willing to help you understand where you went wrong.

As best I can, anyway.

Let me start by rephrasing your ask:

“Hello, Laura! My name is Lord Voldemort. You have no way of confirming or denying that this is in fact my name, but I just know that chances of my criticism being taken seriously would increase exponentially if I do so without the protection of anonymity.

The gardeners did not ‘shove’ anything by planting that variety of the laurel plant in Missouri botanical gardens. The Kansas City contract has nothing to do with the types of greenery that could be made available. On an unrelated note, actors are fired from cannons all the time. Also, for your information, the singer Marc Anthony confirmed that 95% of the hate mail that he received in Season 2 was from fans that he enraged when he made somebody named Sara Canary do something on top of a laurel plant.


Lord Voldemort”

I want to first say that if I have misinterpreted the intended message of your ask, I am truly sorry. The total lack of specificity on any front that could have provided a grounding context to your complaint forced me to fill in a whole lot of blanks myself.

I did not know to whom you were referring with “they,” so I naturally assumed that you were thinking of gardeners. Of course, since gardeners were involved, I understood that you’d made a slight typo by capitalizing “Laurel” when referring to the plant in general rather than a specific species. Don’t fret - it’s a common mistake.

Without an apostrophe after the “KC,” I was unsure as to which particular contract you were trying to draw my attention. As you were discussing gardens, however, I quickly realized that you were using those botanical refuges in Kansas City as an example. I’ve never been to Missouri, but Kansas City is certainly a large enough city that my mind would leap to such a conclusion when no other modifiers were included to guide me in a different direction. I am somewhat alarmed for the Kansas City community of gardeners if their contract has nothing to do with anything. Honestly, that would just be a waste of paper.

I’m not sure why you suddenly changed the subject from gardening to actors being fired out of cannons, but I can’t say that I blame you. What an exciting prospect! Personally, I was unaware that people were fired out of cannons anywhere not involving three rings and a creepy variety of clowns. I learned something new today. Thank you, Anon.

Finally, I really appreciate the update on Marc Anthony. I’ve fallen sadly behind on my gossip about this particular singer. I do not know how this Sara Canary person relates back to the Kansas City gardening conundrum regarding the laurel plant, but perhaps it is time for me to pop my old Marc Anthony cassette back into the boom box and do some research.

It was nice corresponding with you!



P.S. You should check out this show called Arrow. It’s a real winner.

anonymous asked:

thats not cute thats too thin ! really a antirolemodel! please remove. thats not cool.

I am not going to hide my body because you deem it too thin. I eat healthily, I eat as much as I am hungry for, and this is the body I get when I do that. This is not the result of dieting, so I think it is fine to post. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I have said many times that not everybody needs to be thin, and certainly not everybody needs to be as thin as me. I just happen to be like this. I have a tiny upper body. There’s no doubt that for some other people, this would be too thin. We all have different bodies.

By the way, I meant to say that the crop top was cute. But if you insist: yes, my body is really cute too.

It is easy for me to not feel hurt by your message because I’m thin and society grants me privilege because of that. So let me take a couple lines to say that shaming anybody because of how they look or how much they weigh (no matter how fat or thin they are) is not okay. I don’t understand how you can think that it is your right to tell someone to hide their body. You don’t have that right.

I’m going to start tagging all the pictures where you can see more than just my face as “mybody”, so that people can block those posts. I’m not doing this for you (because you are really rude), but for the people who have been bombarded with pictures of thin bodies their whole lives and are triggered by it.

I had an incredibly detailed, incredibly well-paced, incredibly gripping dream last night.

it involved Batman and Superman making out. and Learning To Trust One Another. and then making out some more.

after which I woke up and proceeded to avoid eye contact with every single person in this city

Blogrates by Fay

So I never actually did blogrates, but it looks like fun and I wanna try because I am bored and want to go stalk some of you people ;). Here we go:


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