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The kids meet uncle Coran when he comes to help with Keith's book editing!!! Aka the addition of another family member lo

[The Voltron Family] The kids were at home because there was an event in their school that didn’t required the elementary kids to attend, so Keith had to stay home to work. The doorbell rang and little Hunk opened the door. There stood a man with red hair and—

Hunk: *tilts his head* *shouts* Daddy Keith! There’s a weird man with a weird big moustache at our door!
Coran: *surprised* Oh! I’m no weird man, little fella!
Keith: *appears from the bathroom* *sees the weird man* *smiles* Coran! You made it! I hope you didn’t get lost?
Coran: *waves his hand* I didn’t. Your instructions were very clear. And who might this young fella be? *looks at Hunk*
Keith: *picks up Hunk* It’s little Hunk. Our eldest. *kisses Hunk* This is Coran, sweetie. Daddy’s editor. 
Coran: *smiles and waves at the boy* Aren’t you a bit old already to be carried by your daddy?
Hunk: *frowns* *wobbly lips* *hugs Keith*
Coran: *guilty* Oh I’m sorry, little boy. I didn’t mean to.
Keith: My baby’s never too old. As long as Daddy can carry you— *gets a kiss from Hunk* *smiles* *turns back to Coran* Why don’t you come inside?
Coran: It’s my first time here and *whistles* Amazing, Keith. This is such a beautiful house. *enters*
Keith: *chuckles* Well, Shiro and I had wanted kids and we wanted them to have a space of their own. 
Coran: *walks with Keith* That’s nice and it’s really big. Big but homey. Where’s the husband? At work?
Keith: *nods* Yeah, just me and the kids today. I want you to meet them. *puts Hunk down by the living room sofa* *shouts* Lance! Pidge! Get down here. 

Little loud footsteps were heard coming from the second floor, the sound of kids running down the stairs. As soon as Lance stepped on the last one, he held out a hand for little Pidge to help her down.

Coran: *coos* So adorable.
Lance and Pidge: *walks hand in hand to the living room*
Lance: Are we having lunch already, Daddy? 
Coran: *waves at them* Hello, little ones.
Pidge: *scrunches her noise* Weird man with a weird accent.
Keith: *gasp* Pidge! Where are your manners?! 
Coran: *giggles* Oh it’s fine, Keith. This must be Pidge and Lance. I’m Uncle Coran, your Daddy’s editor and I’m here to help him with work today.
Lance: *brightens up* *sits down beside Coran* Really? What is Daddy writing? He never told us. Said it was a secret. 
Pidge: *climbs up the sofa with Coran’s help* Does it have ‘spearments?
Coran: *looks at the three kids sat beside him* It’s actually about three children. *smiles at Keith knowingly*
Keith: *shakes his head fondly* I’ll just go get some snacks while you kids talk to Uncle Coran. Any of you want anything specific?
Lance: Chocolate crinkles please! If Hunk hasn’t finished them all yet. *snickers while looking at Hunk playfully*
Hunk: *shock* I did not! There are still some left! *turns to Keith* Chocolate milk for me and cookies please?
Pidge: Can I have gummy worms? Daddy Shiro didn’t let me eat last night. *frowns* Said it was bad for my tummy at night. But he didn’t say they were bad in the morning!
Keith: Noted. And you, Coran?
Coran: Just tea would be fine, Keith. Thank you.

Keith left to go to the kitchen to prepare there food, leaving Coran with the kids to tell them about the book he was writing. His phone rang and he fished it out from his jeans pocket.

Keith: *opens the fridge* Hey, baby? What’s up?
Shiro: Just checking in. Did Coran made it there just fine?
Keith: *grabs chocolate crinkles* Yeah. He’s here now actually. He’s with the kids at the moment while I’m preparing snacks. Also, *eyes at the gummy worms* You told Pidge she couldn’t eat gummy worms last night and she’s thinking she’s fine to eat it now since you didn’t say anything about it in the morning. *opens the pack and pours some to a saucer*
Shiro: Did she now? *chuckles* She’s really sharp.
Keith: *smiles* She is. Smart little girl. She got it from her Daddy Keith. *pours chocolate milk*
Shiro: *scoffs* Excuse you. She got it from her Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Proof or it didn’t happen. *prepares tea*
Shiro: I will get you for that later, Kogane. 
Keith: I love you, too, sweet pea. *laughs* Now get back to work. Don’t have too much fun without me.
Shiro: I’ll try. *chuckles* Love you more, red bean. Always and Forever.
Keith: *laughs* God, we’re so disgusting. Now get off the phone! 

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As somebody who started gaming when 3d was the standard, what was gaming even like in the 80's? What direction were you even expecting games to go?

Oh, gosh.  Honestly, I could never have anticipated back then the kind of games that we have now.  As a kid back then, I was blown away when Jurassic Park came out for the SNES with the indoor segments that were pseudo-3D:

It looks absolutely archaic now, but back then, it was some amazing shit to a little girl (yes, I’m aware that Doom had come out the year before, but I didn’t learn about that until years later, and that was on PC).  Then the Nintendo 64 came out, and later the Playstation, and suddenly you could genuinely move around things!!  When I played GoldenEye with my brother, I was just amazed, which I’m sure is hard to imagine, given how outdated the graphics are by today’s standards:

(Of course, RARE had a knack for creating impressive games that utilized console technology to the fullest)

Though the in-game player models weren’t the greatest, I remember people going apeshit when Final Fantasy VII came out, with the commercials showing the cutscenes.  Similarly, I remember I just had to have Parasite Eve when I saw photos of the cutscenes for that in a gaming magazine, because it was 3D gore.  When I saw that first rat mutate, I was just stunned.

After that, it was really just a matter of watching models become smoother and smoother over time, so it was less of a “shock”, though still pleasantly surprising to see the increasing tiny details in each new game to come out. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have watched video games go from games on the Magnavox Odyssey²–

to games with incredible atmospheres like The Evil Within

or the cancelled Silent Hills teaser, which ran on the marvelous Fox engine.

Don’t even get me started on watching a character model I’ve spent hours meticulously customizing talking in cutscenes, because the level of work necessary to make that happen still impresses me (even though the game is older now, I just really enjoy watching my angry mohawk guy in Saints Row 2 bossing people around with his big ol’ muttonchop sideburns).

Body hair and Body Shaming

I am a hairy man. I have chest hair, facial hair, arm hair, head hair, back hair, and leg hair. I’ve got it all.

And you know what’s funny… the very same people who share posts about body shaming and beauty being available to all sizes are the ones who most vehemently suggest that I “manscape”.

Short answer: No!

I’m proud of my masculinity, and the features that come with it, and I’m not ashamed of it. I won’t hide a feature that I was born with because pc-culture prefers men to be emasculated.

I find it very hypocritical that people who praise plus sized models are stunned by a trait that my genetics bestowed upon me. It’s just hair.

And you know what else? My Wife likes it. A lot. She likes it when I unbutton my shirts to reveal more of my chest hair. She has said that, “Chest hair is the closest men can come to having cleavage”. Her opinion, and approval, trumps that of the vapid masses. And I value that she accepts me as God made me.

Men, don’t let society tell you to hide or cover up your masculine features. Be yourself. Be a man.

ann takamaki is such a great character. i love how she’s confident and she clearly knows how beautiful she is but isn’t full of herself at all and has no malice, she’s super supportive of other girls and sincerely compliments them. and she’s so strong, she went through so much shit and never let it stop her from being positive and kind. she takes no shit, she’s honest and speaks her mind but she doesn’t come off as arrogant or agressive at all, she’s incredibly kind and genuinely cares about people. it’ just really hard to see this balance in female characters

French people, little reminder (FRENCH) YOUTH SCREWS THE NATIONAL FRONT

We’ve already been here in the late 80′s, and in no way we’re gonna accept that again. “NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES ENFANTS D’IMMIGRÉS, PREMIERE, DEUXIEME, TROISIEME GENERATION” (”We’re all children of immigrants, first, second, third generation”).

No one wants fascists ass at the head of our country. Just because some of us are scared by current events, doesn’t mean we should give up to the worst assholes out there, and sacrifice our freedom by a promised safety. They’re not going to give us safety. They’ll just shape the country with their twisted view, their hostility towards people who have never caused them any harm, except showing that humanity doesn’t come in one shape and color and that it’s not because we have different skin colors, cultures and languages that we can’t get along together.

The Le Pen family is a rich white and xenophobic family, who’s party, the Front National (often shortened to “FN”), is a far-right party known for the many scandals and other absurdities of its representants. Among its creators we can count ex-Waffen SS Léon Gaultier, ex-member of the SS Charlemagne Division (French unit which voluntereed in the Wehrmacht), Pierre Bousquet and many other people from extremist groups and militias.

Of course we also count the very infamous (no need to explain why) Jean-Marie Le Pen, among the founders of the party. This man was for a long time the reason why people were aware of the danger of this party, he was very open about his xenophobic and negationnistic views and was the leader of the party at the time Bérurier Noir sung the song above, chanting “Never again with the 20%” (FN scored high in various elections at the time, it was unacceptable for them - and we understand why).

But recently the party leader changed to Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Lepen’s daughter. She changed the form of the party, the speech, gave it a little face-lift, but we most of us still know what’s still behind the mask, as the many members of the National Front never fail to get into a lot of trouble, quickly move from scandal to scandal, have barely hidden shady aquaintances. Most recent scandals involve fiancial fraud, and using her immunity as an MEP to avoid any judicial procedure (although she’s anti-euro as much as her party) and denying that the Vel d’Hiv roundup (mass arrest of Jews in 1942 who were confined in a winter velodrome in Paris before being sent to their deaths in Auschwitz death camps) was the responsibility of French governement. Spoilers: it was. But here we can see how she follows her father’s legacy of historical negationnism. And we all know were it leads, to forget or deliberatly ignore and/or modify History.

Sadly though, this doesn’t stop many French people to think that “it has changed with Marine”.

Now. I know a lot of our many parties and political representatives are neither clean or angels, may they be from the right or the left or every other part of the political spectrum. But voting for the far-right, especially when they’re crystal clear about their intentions, when we have books, websites, studies, archives (texts, videos) with the help of which we can understand, and see how bad these people are, it’s incomprehensible, unacceptable, to see people chosing this party over the rest. It’s unacceptable, for our country, to see such people rise again, 84 years after the election of a certain nationalist in Germany (The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was only socialist by name, so stop bringing that up), 78 years after the start of a war that will leave a considerable scar in our people’s mind and our own History (and all of Europe). For a country who has witnessed and endured such horrors, less than a century ago, happening to its neighboors and itself, I cannot understand how we can accept to repeat History. And to those who will tell me the FN is not like that, and that we’ve never tried it: you don’t need to taste shit to know it’s shit.

You might accuse me of reaching the Godwin’s Law, but just because some people are quick to use the “NAZI!” argument (especially on tumblr, oh god), doesn’t mean that everytime we try to warn people about fascism and rising populism it’s a joke. The National Front is truly a danger, a 45 old party, founded by xenophobic people, still led by the Lepen family, a rich, white and xenophobic family who still doesn’t understand shit (or wants to) about French people’s situation.

This is just a really really fascinating way to look at this scene that I hadn’t thought of. The concept that the Titan’s themselves, previously neutral (with the exception of the Female Titan which is what made her notable), become gendered in this moment. The Titans up until this point have just been a force the represents fear. They are more powerful than humans because they’re higher on the food chain and that’s where the terror comes from. Isayama himself said he created Titans to represent his social anxiety.

Now, by adding in gender to the Titans it completely changes the tenor of things and, in my view anyway, perverts their original intention. @potterwhos, you make some really great points here!

Not that anyone gives a shit but I need some where to vent. I’m at work today and these two little kids around 7 start making fun of my weight. I get kids are assholes but their mother starts laughing and encouraging it. I finally snapped and I told them they were rude little girls. There mom is like yeah you too. I hate this job so much. Just because someone works retail or is big doesn’t mean they’re not a person with feelings. How shitty of a parent are you that you would actively encourage your child to treat another human being that way?