He said in a low voice, just for her,
“My heart is beating like crazy right now.”


But it didn’t feel like a game, if he was being honest.
Adrenaline whispered in his heart.

I know I have a lot of wonderful followers, but right now we’re going to talk about just one of them, specifically this girl named Mathilda, aka @theteacupprinciple 

This is amazing, and so is she. I have no clue what I did to be given friends as amazing as this.

Shame resilience is the ability to say, ‘This hurts. This is disappointing, maybe even devastating. But success and recognition and approval are not the values that drive me. My value is courage and I was just courageous. You can move on, shame.’
—  Brené Brown, Daring Greatly
July 9


For shame,

Hide your name,

You’re the only one to blame.

Head down low,

Don’t think all is what you know.

This friend’s a foe,

You’ll see in the next blow.

In your face,

Lie to your face,

Everyone’s not within your pace,

Don’t think everything’s a race.


Go slowly,

Act lowly,

And think slowly.

This is you,

All about you.

The world thinks this is true,

Greatness reserved for a few.

‘What were you thinking?’ He asked lightly, not disapprovingly.  'And why are you looking at me like that?’

Sin’s intense green eyes focused on him and he raised one broad shoulder nonchalantly.  'My mind started to wander,’ he said simply.  'I was trying to refocus’

Boyd raised an eyebrow.  'How does covertly molesting me help you refocus?’

'Gives me something better to think about,’ was the unapologetic reply.

—  Afterimage