I just saw someone do the dontjudgemechallenge on my Instagram.
How the fuck is this any way not judging.
You’re shaming people for looking “ugly”, you’re just showing how wonderful your make up is. And it’s just terrible. Everyone is beautiful, why the hell are people doing this? It’s so dumb.

World War II (part III)

[ At some point, his nerves collapsed so bad that he decided to… take care in his own way of the shameful mark impressed on his neck. By that point he was so used to pain that he didn’t care about how much it was going to hurt. All he knew is that he wanted it off his skin. ]

[ He was slowly getting out of control. He couldn’t stand the situation any longer. Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, he started to openly rebel against the whole system. After all, he thought that they couldn’t do anything worse than what they had already done to him and to his people. ]

[ And he was right about that. All they could do to him, at that point, was throwing him in jail and leave him to rot. From that moment he had no way to know how the war was going. All he could do was wait. And wait. And wait. ]

[ As time passed by he became more and more damaged and weak.. and eventually started to fade away. The only thing that kept him from disappearing was his strong, indestructible willpower and pride. But they kept an eye on him. Nations can’t be killed the way a human can, but they knew that if he faded away, it would have meant that the Austrian identity and culture got finally eradicated, for the better of a bigger, purest Nation. And that was exactly what they wanted. ]

[ He spent the last years of war in his jail cell. When everything ended and the Allies found him, he was so underfed and broken he couldn’t even stand on his own feet, or pronounce a single word. Despite feeling deeply relived and thankful to them, at the same time he never felt so humiliated in his whole life, being seeing in such poor conditions. ]

[ He was left to the supervision of France, England, America and Russia, and years had to pass before he was able to speak and walk again. He had plenty of time to think about his situation, and even if he was slowly recovering, the war had left deep scars, both on his body and his soul.. and those never really faded away.

Nowadays he mostly refuse to talk about what happened back then. ]

I really hate it when people do the whole “I wish you all cared about this ~important thing~!!!!”  Like if you’re gonna spread awareness just do it. Isn’t that the whole point? Idk it just seems disingenuous to me to bring attention to something people wouldn’t know about otherwise and act as if they’ve been purposely ignoring it.  It just seems really self righteous to me, like it’s really easy to act holier-than-thou without actually proposing any real solutions. It always feels like the person is putting on a spectacle rather than doing anything helpful. Also in some circumstances I wonder what exactly awareness will do. It reminds of me of those “1 million likes/share this post to support _____” posts on facebook, I mean they’re nice sentiments but what exactly are they doing?

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What are your views on Shelly?

Very much like I view every member of Team Aqua… a hindrance in the way. It’s a shame that such competent woman decided to join the likes of Archie. She seems very determined to do her job as an admin. But, no matter. As long as she stays against us, she will be treated as very much like every single one of our

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Re: the sex-positive thing, I think Cliff's list is awesome, but I did have a loudly "sex-positive feminist" friend at one point who quite seriously told me that my being unwilling to do painplay or do a gang-rape scene in real life (if I could magic away the consequences) meant I have issues and am generally not well adjusted. She was kind of a bully in general though. (Anon12090)

(Anon12090 cont’d) It’s not that I attribute her attitude to online sex-positive feminists, most of whom strike me as very thoughtful even when I disagree with them, but that the part of our culture that’s really into prude-shaming tends to glom onto it in a less thoughtful way and call themselves “sex-positive feminists” when they’re actually just jerks. Which is going to happen with literally any philosophy, granted, and isn’t the fault of sex-positive feminism.

Yeargh, yeah, wow, that’s pretty gross.

I’m kind of glad I’m not a feminist any more and don’t have to go looking for good eggs in any sublabel category now…

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Maxwell had another cigar between his fingers. But a shame it was that this time he was lacking a way to light it. He had ran out of matches, and he had no lighter to use. Before, it was so much easier to use these cigars, but in his current state, he was a bit more hard-pressed to keep up this habit of his.

And it probably wasn’t doing any favors for his health either.

So at the moment, Maxwell decided he would go around, hoping there would be someone who could help him out in this predicament. And lo and behold there was this woman, who seemed that Maxwell could at least ask for some help.

With a wide grin on his face, and cigar in hand, the puppet master slowly strolled over to the woman, eyes narrowed in an almost suspicious way.

“Say, pal… do you have a light to spare?”

I love the idea of being “body positive” but so many people who identify that way still find ways to fat shame, typically under concern trolling. So I am specifically “fat positive.” Whatever your body looks like, you deserve respect. Whether you’re “healthy” or not, whether you choose to look the way you do or not, you’re awesome.

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What are your thoughts on Alex Gerrard texting during the U.S. national anthem? I can understand if she truly made a mistake and just isn't used to American customs yet. However, I was really disappointed in how she didn't own up to her mistake and just apologize for being disrespectful. It's a shame she behaved that way because Steven is such a class act.

tbh i think the fuss over national anthems here is a bit much and anyone being offended by it needs to relax. she wasn’t texting anyways, she was filming it. she posted it on her instagram. so she clearly wanted to mark the occasion cause she thought it was important. nothing worth getting upset over for me.

ramadan is a time to be humble towards other people, let alone other muslims. ramadan should be about giving and kindness and gratitude etc. i’m not saying this in a “love those who hate you” way, of course not. but it’s such a shame to see people purposefully go out of their way to be hateful towards others for NO REASON. it’s absolutely shameful. ‘muslim tumblr’ has been nothing but chaotic this past month, and i really hope you are proud of yourselves.

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hEY, I remembered I thought you were a feminist. I've been dealing with anti-feminists today with the whole "Well, women are pretty equal now, so we don't really need feminism anymore." Any suggestions?

I am a feminist, hell yes

Thing is, women AREN’T equal. The wage gap is still a thing. They’re still getting harassed on the street. They’re still being shamed for really ridiculous things like how they dress and the way they live their life. Because victim blaming is a thing. “She was asking for it” is so disgusting.

Also, remind them that feminism is about EQUALITY, not just women’s rights. Feminism fights for men, too. Men get raped and abused too, but people just brush that off. Men lose custody of their children, and that’s unfair. 

There’s honestly SO MUCH I could get into, but unfortunately theres so much, I seem to be blanking on most of it. I’m also pretty braindead after answering all these gender-related asks for the past couple hours, so I apologize.

Point is: women are still treated as lesser than men and feminism actually wants to help men out too. Feminism =/= man hating.


‘Hispanic Girls United’ Hashtag Smashes Ethnic Stereotypes

“Women are taking to Twitter to turn the spotlight on what it means to be Latina in the United States.

They’re part of the largest minority ethnic group in the United States, and now they’re using social media to speak out about the ways they’re stereotyped and shamed.

On Thursday afternoon, the hashtag #HispanicGirlsUnited began trending on Twitter in the U.S., detailing the experiences of Hispanic women who are sounding off about narrow beauty standards, cultural expectations, sexism, and racism.”

Read the full piece here

shaming people who are addicted to drugs is ableism there is literally no way it’s not ableism and you are a trash can if you shame people who are addicted to drugs