I read an article this girl wrote about how offended she was that Harley isn’t going to be played by a plus sized actress in the Suicide Squad movie. Like, she genuinely had her hopes up for a plus sized Harley Quinn and I just – My brain still hurts from reading her stupidity.

Universalism and colorblindness can be comforting ideas. They say: we are all the same, we all share the same struggles. I am you and you are me. I can therefore talk about you because I am also talking about me. And therefore Black women are not different. We can deny for a small moment that we are not the abject and deviant bodies society tells us we are. We are just like everyone else! That is not true. Not every woman of color has had their body exposed, hypersexualized and then dismembered after death to be shown in a museum for decades. Not every woman of color is subjected to police brutality the way black women are. Not every woman of color is being made fun of, caricatured, shamed and stigmatized the way black women are. No one experiences the trials and woes of black womanhood except black women. No one wants their body to experience that. So why would you be entitled to it if you’re not a black woman?

hey man like if any of you ever become parents or maybe you’re already a parent but your kids are super young I just want y’all to know

please validate your little kids’ feelings. like I don’t care if they’re crying because they accidentally let go of their balloon or if they’re crying because you wouldn’t let them eat hazardous waste please please please just acknowledge that your kid is feeling justifiably upset

when I was a kid I was a super ultra mega cry baby like I would probably be that little girl who is screaming at the very very very top of her lungs at wal-mart because “one of my siblings is being mean to me!!!” or w/e and USUALLY all my parents ever did was bitch and moan about how badly I’m embarrassing them!! or they would flat out make fun of me for throwing a fit!!!??

and hey berating and shaming your kids is probs the #1 way to guarantee that their spouts of anger/sadness will be LONGER and more INTENSE because they can’t let sh*t go until they feel validated and reassured and that hey maybe they are living in a safe environment!!??

I kno because while I don’t get as sad/angry and I try to direct it towards things that deserve that sort of brutal treatment (injustices of the world etc) I also end up going into full on “psycho bitch” mode because I have trouble shaking these feelings away!

thank u for your tiem & goodnite

actually what i think the update will do (which is possibly the intention tho i hesitate to give the  s t a f f  any credit for having a purpose behind these inane decisions) is make tumblr less-text friendly, less functional for conversational/ community purposes and therefore more video/ image based. it would make tumblr more like pinterest- already, TONS of themes look like pinterest pages. i think that’s a damn shame; comedic text posts made funny with replies from other people, and the way that communities could spring up and have really naturally flowing, accessible dialogue with each other across many blogs were really, for me, this site’s best feature.

The reason why I don't support Nicki
  • Nicki Minaj:I didn't win this award due to racism! My horrible over glorified remix of this novelty 90's song totally deserved to win!
  • Tumblr:Wow, she's right, it must be racism! It's not like these awards have no integrity, or all these talentless artists wouldn't be nominated! Taylor Swift must have won because she's white, not because she's more marketable to a younger demographic which is all that seems to matter these days
  • Nicki Minaj:*Acts like a child and throws a tantrum for like the 8th time this month after winning an award at the VMAs*
  • Tumblr:Wow, oh my god, she's such an inspiration! She's a goddess! She totally schooled Miley! She's my actual mother! :)
  • Nicki Minaj:*Continues to skinny shame, play the victim at every opportunity, and be way more problematic than most of the people Tumblr hates*
  • Tumblr:She's literally the greatest! She's a feminist icon! She actually cares about me specifically! She's my unproblematic fave! :)

Bawww now im 2-2 in Spatfests.

The only things I gained are 18 sea snails and a hatred against Krakens LOL;

Still, GG Decepticons, you really whooped our butts good.

Taking a shower with Michael

•trying to get his hair wet

•almost slipping when he pushes you away

•rubbing your shoulders with soap then non-discreetly working his way to you boobs and having no shame whatsoever

•always dropping things and asking you to pick it up

•making you stay down there for a bj


•rubbing himself on your ass and asking you if you’re ready

•you wanting it hotter and him wanting it colder

•back hugging you the whole time and never wanting to let go

•slowly running his fingers through your hair

•kissing your neck all the freakin time

•whispers and sometimes screams in your ear

•boob touching

•long hugs

•boob touching

•boob honking

•ass grabbing or lightly slapping or both

•singing really loud and really badly together and harmonizing

•getting soap all over your bodies and weirdly rubbing yourselves together like worms cause it feels funny

•so much foreplay before the shower

•sex during and after the shower

•taking another shower cause your gross from all that sex