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I would just like to take a moment to applaud Ariana fCKING Grande. This is a girl who’s at the top on her game in the music industry, and literally does her best with everything she puts out. She keeps getting slut shamed because of her songs, the way she dresses. She keeps being assumed to be a certain way and she taKES NONE OF IT. WHAT DOES SHE DO? PUTS OUT A FREAKING FIERCE ASS INTERLUDE VIDEO ON HER TOUR, “NOT ASKING FOR IT, LADYLIKE, FEMALE, HUMAN, SEXY, (was only part of the message)”. Not only does she clap BACK HONEY, but he does it in a way to INSPIRE. Not only that, I love how she doesn’t NEED PROPS ON HER TOUR. It’s so simple and good because of HER DAMN VOICE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND NOTHING ELSE. Most artists need to rely on heavy props, flashy performances to cover up their lack of vocal skills so people focus on something else, BUT NOT ARIANA GRANDE, BITCH.

look before it was released that taylor swift wrote better man you wouldn’t find a single negative or slut shaming comment about the song, no “wow can she stop writing about her exes”, no “this woman needs to stop complaining about her relationships”. what you did see was “woman gets the courage to leave toxic relationship” and “good for her”. but once people found out taylor wrote it? suddenly there’s a ton of sexist comments, and if that doesn’t show you how the media unjustly portrays taylor swift then idk what will

Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)
Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)

Merry Christmas to all sterekers!

Adore Derek Hale (2x)
Adore Derek Hale and leave him happy, with a wagging tail.
We want to wish him a merry Christmas (2x)
We want to wish him a merry Christmas from inside our fandom heart.

You’re completely done with your normal life when you reached the point where you sing dadadada and dodododo while holding your nose because you need more voices for your feliz navidad cover that turned out as a Derek Hale anthem


Found another Joeck edit on YouTube 🙌

Edward Alderson x Elliot Alderson ellibot
(part 2)

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We’ll run away, to everything simple
Night will come down our guardian angel
We rush ahead the crossroads are empty
Our spirits rise they are not gonna get us
Not going back - not going back there
they don’t understand
they don’t understand us

( t.A.T.u. - Not gonna get us )

ok yall this is just idk 

i genuinely do not understand taylor swift fans (or anyone for that matter) who have been sitting around for her entire career watching her be slut shamed for dating a couple people and shamed for writing songs about love/heartbreak. like yall know damn well that if she were a man she would be praised for doing those very things!! and YET, for SOME REASON, people think that she cannot use those experiences as a way to justify why we need feminism?????? like suddenly when she goes “i dated 3 people and became the national lightning rod for slut shaming but if it was a guy it wouldve been ok” sudDENLY HER FEMINISM IS ALL ABOUT HERSELF or when she says “i can write a love song and people will hate it, but bruno mars can write one and everyone will love it” and SUDDENLY, AGAIN, just because the woman is drawing from her own experiences means that her feminism is invalid because of that???? like i was not aware of this whole thing where you can only be a feminist so long as it is for every other woman but yourself???? that would be like me saying “my male colleague makes more money than me even though we are equally qualified, which is why feminism is important” and yall going “yeAH see, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A FEMINIST, but unfortunately you just used an example from your own life so now you cant be one :/” 

like what kind of bullshit logic is this??? all the girl has done is said that women should be treated equally to men, and has given examples from her own life and yall just come for her throat???? 

Taylor Swift

1) The whole Kanye song/video thing. Yes, his song/video is misogynistic and overall, pretty gross, but she still shouldn’t have lied about things to make herself look better in the media, affecting Kanye’s public image in the process.

2) She claims to be a feminist, but only really speaks out about issues that affect her. She stays silent about anything that affects the gay or black community, and is, in every essence of the word, a white feminist.

3) Wrote homophobic lyrics.

“So go tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy, that’s fine, I’ll tell all mine that you’re gay.” (These lyrics were altered in later versions of the song, but still…)

4) Has taken fans to court over Etsy merchandise.

5) Sued her old guitar because he used her name on his website, even though he helped her achieve her fame and deserves recognition for that.

6) Slut-shames in her song “Better Than Revenge”

“She’s not a saint, and she’s not what you think. She’s an actress, woah, but she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.”

7) Posed with a fan wearing a shirt depicting a swastika (she claimed she didn’t realize it at the time, but ????)

8) Appropriation of a kimono and geisha imagery.

9) Perpetuates the idea that women are only worth their virginity.

“Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind…” (Referring to pre-marital sex)

10) Once said “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”, while she perpetuates many harmful misogynistic stereotypes and doesn’t offer any support to women who aren’t straight and/or cis and/or white.

There’s tons else, but I’d be here for days listing all of it. Let’s just say, she’s definitely problematic..