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Hello! Sorry to barge into your askbox like this, but do you have anything on travelling attires and accessories? Backpacks, sacks, trunks, relevant clothing, anything of the like? Thank you and have a nice day!

oh don’t apologize! i love answering asks like this (once i get around to it lol)

ok ladies first, because that’s just how i live my life:

i know there were things specifically called either carriage dresses or traveling dresses, depending. they were made of heavier, stiffer fabrics than other dresses, as things like muslin, while very pretty, would at the very least wrinkle quite a bit during prolonged carriage travel. they were also sometimes a little shorter at the hem, given how easy it is to accidentally crush a hem of normal length inside a cramped carriage. here are a few photos!

^these being a carriage dress from 1816, a pelisse made to go over a carriage dress from somewhere between 1818 and 1820, and two carriage dresses from 1830!

if your lady character has to ride on horseback for part of the way instead of a carriage for some reason, her traveling clothes would be her riding habit! (a less pretty/expensive set though, if she’s rich enough to own multiple sets), which i did a post on here

though if your character has no horse whatsoever to help her travel, and none of the associated clothes, i guess just her sturdiest walking dress would be her best bet? it wouldn’t be as durable as a carriage dress or riding habit, for sure, but it’s something. like carriage dresses, they were cut a bit higher around the ankle. just a couple pics:

^1816 and 1835


men’s fashion varied just a little less than women’s in this regard from what i can tell? it would most definitely be similar in that sturdier fabrics would need to be used, especially for riding. i’ll be the first to admit i don’t know quite as much about this stuff :|

i don’t think there were specific men’s outfits for carriage travel????? not that i’ve seen, at least? given that trousers wouldn’t really face all the same issues in a carriage that skirts would, it makes sense for me not to have seen any specially adapted ones.

though trousers most definitely could be adapted for travel on foot!

one of the most interesting things i have seen though are overalls! they weren’t like what we call overalls today, of course – i think the bib shape only evolved somewhere in the 1830s? here’s a very short little page aptly titled “the history of overalls” if you’re curious about that. but the overalls i’m talking about were a type of trousers that came about somewhere in the 18th century in america, and gradually spread overseas, where they were a popular feature of army uniforms. they’d cover the entire leg, ankle, and top of the shoe! excellent for protecting nice breeches and stockings. i think in slightly later vernacular the word also implied a looser fit? here’s a page on british military trousers during the napoleonic wars, including an anecdote about an experiment testing the efficacy of overalls! some nice overall pics, though very much out of our era:

^that first one from 1793 (lord i’m sorry it’s so far out of our time, it’s just very difficult to find nice examples), and the next one looks like it says 1813 to 1814! here’s another military history page that talks about overalls in the napoleonic wars, since that’s the best sort of source i have the time to dig up right now

alternatively, a man could also just wear spats like this pair from the ‘30s:

another solid option for protecting a few additional inches of your leg. though that overall anecdote i linked to did mention how buttons were prone to popping off during intensive travel on foot :/

riding boots were also very important! from what i can tell, at least. i actually know nothing about horse riding. from what i can see they had higher heels? for stirrups?? i guess??? pic:

ok so luggage now!

trunks i’m pretty sure were the most important pieces of luggage. they’d be keeping items safe during travel, and were designed to be really good at it – waterproofing, tin or iron bases, etc. this also made them often pretty damn heavy. here’s a bunch of pics:

^1820s, made of brass

^these three 1830s ones, the latter two coated in leather

^some unclear time early in the century; leather

^and just for fun this really really bizarre one from 1820. why is it like that??? who knows 

if your character is in the very horrible position of having to travel without a carriage, obviously a trunk is pretty much out of the question. hugo vaguely mentioned fantine carrying some sort of traveling bag when she left cosette with the thenardiers, so? those were a thing definitely

the problem is that the vast vast vaaaaaaaaaast majority of traveling bags you can find on the internet are from after the development of passenger trains (for kind of obvious reasons), which is a bit of a problem for us. mostly because i have no idea how much/in what ways the specifics of rail travel would have changed traveling bags??? obviously it would do something (like at the very least make this super adorable bag) but again ??? i’m likely being a little too nitpicky here but whatever

my best guesses (based on slightly later traveling bags) are that the bag would be leather, with handles as opposed to straps, and a bit smaller than a modern backpack. depending on the style, it might either have one clasp or two buckles. i’m not sure about the likelihood of it being a carpetbag?? my brain associates those much more with later victorian stuff but idk if that’s a totally sound judgement, and google is not helping me much right now :/

that third page i linked to (here’s the link again) also mentions briefly military knapsacks and haversacks. it tells us that knapsacks were apparently cow or goat skin with the hair facing out, had two buckles, and was worn over both shoulders. the haversack was more simple, made of fabric and slung across one shoulder. i have no idea how any of your characters would have gotten their hands on military stuff or if you’d want to put that in your story, but otherwise you might be able to just take these items as inspiration?? idk

here are a few articles on the history of luggage, though like i said, most of it only starts once the industrial revolution is in full swing what with its railroads and steamships and all that

so that’s about all i’ve got/have time to get without making you wait too much longer. do any of my followers have anything to add?? this is heavily condensed and i’m definitely missing some info so anything helps

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Hey, there again kookie nonnie! I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, but as for me??? GUILTY AS CHARGED. I definitely think Matt and Harry are hot. Apparently you do too, since you keep sending me these asks.





How to Tell BTS Apart:

Requested by @viva-la-fanatic-domains

**This post was made April 24th, 2016, with edits made later**

[WARNING LONG POST] Okay here we go!

BTS. aka Bangtan Boys. aka Bulletproof Boyscouts. aka 방탄소년단 (bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan)

As of the moment I am writing this post BTS has had 6 main comebacks, with each having a follow up track (except for two) (Basically what that means is they dropped an album 6 times with an MV for the title track on the album, and then later they dropped another MV for a different track on that album. BTS is known for doing this follow up thing but it isn’t common, other groups don’t really do that) along with a few in between… thingys that I will also include ^_^ and they are about to comeback again May 2nd! Here is all of them in order:

DEBUT: June 11th, 2013 – No More Dream

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: July 16th, 2013 – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

1ST COMEBACK: September 10, 2013 – N.O

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

**No follow up track for N.O**

2ND COMEBACK: February 11th, 2014 – Boy In Luv

[L to R: Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: April 6th, 2014 – Just One Day

[L to R: Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, V, Rap Monster, J-Hope]

3RD COMEBACK: August 19th, 2014 – Danger

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: October 21, 2014 – War of Hormone

[L to R: Suga, Jin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jimin, V, J-Hope]

REPACKAGE: November 20th, 2014 – Miss Right/Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) ft. Thanh

Note: This was a “repackaged” album. (meaning they re-released the Danger album but with a different scheme to it and a couple new tracks added on) Miss Right was the main track, but it didn’t get an MV. But the Danger Remix did for some reason.

[L to R: Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope] (the guy at the piano is Thanh the featuring artist - not a member)

4TH COMEBACK: April 29th, 2015 – I Need U

[L to R: J-Hope, V, Jimin, Rap Monster, Suga, Jungkook, Jin]

FOLLOW UP: June 23rd, 2015 – Dope

[L to R: Rap Monster, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope]

SHORT FILM: October 1st, 2015 - On Stage : Prologue

Note: This is not actually a comeback or a follow up, or even an MV, but I felt the need to include it because the I Need U MV, this little in between thing, and the next MV, and their most recent comeback are all one storyline. “The Youth Trilogy”

[L to R: Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope (behind), V, Rap Monster]

5TH COMEBACK: November 29th, 2015 – Run

[L to R: J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jin, V, Suga]

**No follow up track to Run**

PRE-RELEASE: April 19th, 2016 – Epilogue: Young Forever

Note: We don’t really know what this is. Apparently it’s a teaser for their comeback, but it’s like also a full MV??? And also it says Epilogue which makes it seem like it’s like the Prologue??? Dunno. They just dropped it out of the blue. No warning.

NEXT COMEBACK: May 2nd, 2016 –  Fire + Save Me

Note: This comeback had 2 MVs. Save Me came a little bit after Fire, but it’s not a follow up track, they promoted them at the same time.

[L to R: TOP - Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga / BOTTOM - Jungkook, Jin, V]

Boom. All the stuff. It’s a lot.

They have a few other things labelled as MVs but they’re either unofficial or pre-debut stuff so I didn’t include them c:


**I’m only including a recent photo of each**

Rap Monster: Real Name: Namjoon. Sep. 12, 1994. Leader. Rapper. 

Yo like we literally didn’t get to see his eyes uncovered from those freaking sunglasses until like LITERALLY 8 MONTHS after they debuted. Their company had him do that or smthn idEk. Hair has most frequently been bleach blonde, but it was this black fro-hawk thing when they debuted man i don’t know why they thought that was a good idea….. the literal Dance Master go look it up ;)

Jin: Real Name: Seokjin. Dec. 4th, 1992. Vocalist. Visual. (aka the handsomest)

Nicknamed Princess Jin by the fans, he’s the prettiest. Don’t question it he just… IS. okay. He most recently went blonde and slayed the hearts of many. Otherwise he has always been some shade of brown and that one time he went like a dark auburn red. hot damn. (Just One Day era) He’s got lips for days, like are they even real? i didn’t know lips could be that plump but apparently god bestowed us this gift that is Jin’s lips. ya can’t really see them in this photo but they’re there i swear. google it. have no shame. you won’t regret. 

Suga: Real Name: Yoongi. March 9th, 1993. Rapper. 

If you google “wealthy housewife” pics of Suga come up. he got memed. it’s a long story. he has a really gummy smile that is so adorable. He’s had been one of the more colorful hair one of the bunch for a while now. it’s been black, brown, red, pink, bleach blonde, mint green, now silver. have fun keeping track lol

J-Hope: Real Name: Hoseok. Feb. 19th, 1994. Dancer. Rapper.

Usually screaming. I’m not exaggerating. His catchphrase is “I’m Your Hope” (in english, yelling) Skinny and always flailing. Actual unicorn. Dunno what else to tell you, eventually when watching a BTS video something loud and bizarre will happen and you’ll be like ohhh so that’s j-hope….

Jimin: Real Name: Jimin. Oct. 13th, 1995. Vocalist. Dancer.

Squishy face c: not so squishy body D: it’s stressful. don’t let the shirtless pics fool you, he’s a fluff ball. Has the nicest ass of the group. Certifiably accurate. Also he’s obsessed with Jungkook and Jungkook is just not having it. Makes for quite the entertaining shit to watch. Told the fans he wasn’t going to have dark hair for a while. Was obviously lying. (see above) 

V: Real Name: Taehyung. Dec. 30th, 1995. Vocalist. 

V is weird. Like literally the fans call him an alien. We don’t really “get” him. Like he’s from another plant or something, he’s always doing strange things for no reason. Put him together with screamo a couple members up and you get a COMPLETE wtf fest. Another one with a lot of different colored hair. TBH Tae is H O T. and like I think he knows it too >_>

JUNGKOOK: Real Name: Jungkook. Sep. 1st, 1997. Vocalist. Maknae. (meaning the youngest)

Is super freaking hot. Also barely legal. How dare. Sometimes he’s an adorable fluff ball and other times he is way too dangerous for this world. But mostly a fluff ball. It’s not fair. Has literally never had hair lighter than the pic above. Went reddish once. (Just One Day era) but that’s the most exciting it’s gotten. Can be identified as the one always bullying and insulting his dear older members. And acting way older than his age.

So there you go! That’s BTS. They’re all crazy and we are too have fun~~

[½ species] Twi'leks (pronounced /‘twilɛk/), sometimes referred to disparagingly as “Tail-heads”, were an omnivorous humanoid species originating from the planet Ryloth. They tended to eat cultivated molds, fungi, and rycrit meat. Their distinctive features included colorful skin, which varied in pigment from individual to individual, and a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grew from the base of their skulls. The tentacles, called “brain-tails”, “lekku”, “tchun-tchin”, or “head-tails” were advanced organs used for communication and cognitive functions. Twi'leks possessed a fairly standard humanoid vocal structure and were capable of learning most alien languages; however, they usually preferred their native language of Ryl, which incorporated subtle movement of the lekku. When they wished, they could even communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile brain-tails. Twi'lek females were often used as slaves or dancers because of their beauty.

The Neighbours (Part 6)

Originally posted by cyyphr

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Romance, Mild Angst

Summary: At last everything seemed to be going your way, you had a new flat, a nice job and fantastic friends. However, your life descends into chaos when one of Korea’s most popular boy groups, BTS move into the flat next door to you. And things go from bad to worse when you find yourself falling in love with one of them.

ღ  Part 1 Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5  ღ

These days Min Yoongi seemed to be the only thing occupying your mind. You could never get the image of him out of your head, it was liked he had been engraved into your brain. You would often find yourself going over every single intricate detail of him in your head, anything from his shy little smile, his small frame, his overwhelming presence or his frustratingly confusing personality.

He was a riddle that you were perpetually trying to work out. Every attempt you’d made so far had failed miserably, every time you found yourself a little closer, every time the distance between the two of you started closing, something would go wrong and you’d be back at square one again. It was like he was purposefully forcing the distance between you to become wider, until he was totally out of your view. Just a mere figure in the misty distance. Of course, due to your rather worrying desire to be close to him, your aggravation grew everyday. You found yourself wishing, more than anything, that he’d smile at you the same way he had before in those few brief occasions when he hadn’t been avoiding you.

Obviously, he’d gone back to his usual trick of avoidance. Not that you were surprised. It seemed to be a great skill of his. He crept around the corridors like a ghost in the dead of night, had he been leaving so ridiculously early and coming back unfeasibly late simply to avoid you? That seemed a little dramatic and Yoongi wasn’t a very dramatic person from what you understood. Perhaps your paranoia had just gone a little too far.

You hadn’t even caught sight of him since the day he unknowingly walked into your cafe. Annoyingly, you missed his face, you missed his mess of black locks and his dainty lips. Though of course, you weren’t willing to truly admit that to yourself, because as far as you were concerned, you hated Yoongi.

There was a summer storm slowly brewing outside as you open the main door to your apartment complex and slowly heave yourself up the seemingly never ending staircase, your knees feeling weak and ready to buckle. Today had been a particularly exhausting day, it had immediately gotten off to a bad start when Mina had dragged you to the gym for what she had called “a pre-work workout”. She’d seemed especially proud of her coinage of the term and her mood had been so high that when you enquired as to why she’d suddenly decided to become some sort of gym addict, she simply placed her fingers over your lips to cease any further words. In the end you’d just decided to go along with it, though your sore muscles were paying the price for that decision now.

You wonder if Yoongi likes girls who work out. You think back to that one shameful night when you had googled what their ideal types were (you had told yourself it was just research, you were merely showing a friendly, casual interest in your neighbours of course) it hadn’t said anything about Yoongi liking girls that worked out. But didn’t all guys like girls who worked out? Or did they not care? More importantly, why exactly did you care?

When finally you make it to the top of what had felt like mount Everest, you let out a long, overly- dramatic sigh as you fumble around in your bag for your keys. The keys seem to evade you and you stand for a good two minutes desperately trying to locate them, the sound of them jangling taunting you. You often swore your bag was bigger on the inside than the outside, because despite its smallness, all your possessions were forever getting lost within it. When you finally find them you almost cry out for joy, you wanted nothing more than to get inside and laze around for the remainder of the day.

Just as you are about to slide the shiny key into the lock, you hear footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. By some sort of strange intuition,you could tell who they belonged too, perhaps you’d become so obsessed you’d even perfectly memorised how his walk sounds. God, you really needed to get a life. However, in spite of that, something about the noise was different today, like he was slowly dragging his feet across the tiled floor, as if each step was a strenuous effort.

You spin around, and sure enough, you’re met with the sight of Yoongi. His hood is pulled over his head, masking the upper parts of his face, but you would probably still be able to identify him correctly from a mile away. You notice that he looks smaller than usual, he’s hunched over in an odd fashion as he ignores your presence, continuing to his front door.

“Yoongi?” you say weakly, unable to resist the temptation to call out his name. Ordinarily, you would have been able to restrain yourself, but not today, you can tell there’s something wrong with him. The whole atmosphere surrounding him is unusual, he isn’t walking with strong purpose and determination. He seems sort of…frail.

He gives a uncommunicative little hum of acknowledgement before continuing his torturously slow, painful walk. As he gets closer to you and his features reveal themselves one by one, more dread builds within you. His fairly pale skin has dropped to an even whiter colour, almost to the point of transparency, and his face is covered with a glistening sheen of sweat. His expressionless eyes seem sunken in and the surface of his lips are cracked beyond belief.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” you attempt again, determined to get some sort of answer out of him, though you aren’t sure why. If he wasn’t going to answer you, you knew in reality you should just leave him be. Yet you could not bring yourself to do such a thing.

“Yeah I’m great, everything’s just peachy” he spat back sarcastically. Hidden within the sarcasm is a frailty, one that makes you bit your lip out of anxiousness and worry.

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What are your opinions on Michifer?

Michael: Michifer?

Lucifer: What’s that?

Raphael: Not the name of anyone I know. Maybe you should Google it.

Gabriel: nO. Don’t. Don’t Google it. For Dad’s sake don’t. Shame on you, Anon. Let the poor, innocent Archangels remain unaware.

Lucifer: Okay, well now I’m definitely going to Google it if you don’t tell me right now.

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dappledwind  asked:

Hello, how do I name a fictional species? It's so hard and whenever I something it's already taken a popular franchise already? Thank you

Hello!  I would personally go about this one of three ways:  

1)  Use inspiration from a different language.  

Let’s say, for example, I wanted to invent a species of rabbits with unicorn horns.  I know that the Latin word for rabbit is ‘lepus,’ so I might call them a lepicorn.  If I wanted to get a bit more creative, another Latin word associated with rabbit (or “to burrow”) is cuniculus.  So, I might call them cunicorns. 

Also note there’s no shame in Google Translate, just so long as you fact check to make sure it’s not totally nonsensical.   

2)  Play off of the names of real animals.

This can be something as simple as “snow rhinos” or “phoenix hawks.”  Not all of us can be J.R.R. Tolkien. 

3)  If all the names for your animal truly are taken, know there are still ways to have an original take.

Take orcs, for example.  We all know they’re smelly, crass, and barbaric, right?  Well, let’s you made a species of orcs who were incredibly intelligent, articulate, refined, and aristocratic?  In this way, you can still have a fresh and original take on the mythology of orcs without necessarily giving them a new name.

Also note that other cultures have different names for “common” mythological creatures that are very interesting and worth exploring, like the Kirin (Japanese unicorn), Draugr (Norse vampire), and Wulver (Scottish werewolf.)  I highly recommend exploring them, as they can also be a great source of inspiration. 

Best of luck, and happy writing!  <3

Hey there, friends! People ask me all the time what they should read in the Marvel Universe. I figured this was a question a lot of new comic fans might have, so I’m gonna do my best to put together a little primer.

  • Book: Er, depends on the context. Can mean a single comic, can also mean the entirety of a title.
  • Trade: a collection of several comic books in one volume, like a graphic novel. Trades usually collect 6 books in a single volume, so Black Widow Volume 1: A Finely Tangled Web is Black Widow #1-6. They’re a way to read and own comics after the weekly (or biweekly or monthly or whatever) paper comics are unavailable.
  • Event: An event in comics is a major storyline that involves multiple, usually separate, titles. Events are big and have lasting repercussions on the entirety of a comic universe. Examples of events are Civil War and the upcoming Secret Wars/”Battleworld” books.
  • Crossover: A crossover in comics is just like a crossover in fanfic; it’s when two separate titles have the same storyline or appear in each other’s books.

Okay, got that down? Awesome! Here’s some suggestions on what you should read based on your favorite character. Well, er, the six main characters, because this got MAD LONG and I can’t even imagine doing everybody else who’s relevant in Ultron. Jesus.

ANYWAY. If your favorite character is…

  • and you also love Bucky: The Heroic Age will be fun for you, featuring Commander Rogers and Captain Barnes. Try the Avengers run from this era, written by Brian Michael Bendis. The Super Solider run is kinda weird but fun, too, like virtually everything Brubaker wrote. The art in Super Soldier and Secret Avengers during the Heroic Age is significantly better than the art in Brubaker’s previous runs imo.
  • and you want to know why people ship Steve/Tony: friend, read literally any Avengers run where Iron Man and Captain America are on the same team. But if you’re specifically wondering this, it’s time. It’s time for you to read Civil War and cry.
  • You can probably skip: I’m gonna get murdered for this, but Brubaker’s Captain America and Winter Soldier runs are fun to read for understanding the MCU and if you want a more comprehensive understanding of each character’s backstory, and some weird AF arcs like Bucky fighting a bear with pecs in a gulag while shirtless. BUT. The art is so aggressively Jean Claude Van Damme 90s it’s hard to look at (for me). If you hate that style, you’re probably fine Wiki-ing.
  • and you just want to read about Natasha: As much as I want Black Widow’s title to be written by a woman, honestly, her current run – written by Nathan Edmonson, with art by Phil Noto – is one of my favorites. The art is stunning and it’s chock full of fun cameos. Highly recommend. Two trades are available pretty much anywhere you can buy graphic novels, because she’s so popular.
  • and you want to understand why people ship Nat/Bucky: Welcome to the world of Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier, but be aware that the art is (sometimes) the kind of art where even if you can’t see Natasha’s face, you know exactly where both of her nipples are at all times. Also she spends a lot of this run being kind of a fighting fucktoy and advancing Bucky’s character development. Comics historically have not been written with ladies in mind, y’all. And yet there are a lot of good reasons to adore this comic, and there’s a reason it’s a classic.
  • You can probably skip: Literally anything Greg Rucka worked on. Ugh.
  • Update! Someone has informed me that Greg Rucka did not just work on this pornified nonsense (which admittedly is a different Black Widow, but new fans might not know that) but also worked on a title with Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones that I’ve never read that is apparently amazing. So now I’m gonna read it, and maybe you’d like to also. (Also, a bunch of you have asked why I don’t like Greg Rucka. I really like Greg Rucka! I just don’t like the shit in that first link.)
  • and you want to know what all the fuss is about because Renner’s Clint is kinda eh and you don’t really get why people are so into Clint: All the fuss is about Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run with art by David Aja, which starts with a trade volume called My Life As A Weapon and also is an excellent introduction to Kate Bishop, who is also Hawkeye. People ADORE Clint largely because of Fraction’s run, honestly; there’s some other good Hawkeye stuff, but this one is the best.
  • and you want to see him make some use of himself as an Avenger: The Avengers West Coast run that started in the 80′s is pretty fun, tbh. There are two volumes of an omnibus of all West Coast Avengers stuff, and also some trade volumes. Plus you get a bunch of Wanda Maximoff!
  • Bonus: If you want something shorter and fun, try Widowmaker. It’s got Clint, Mockingbird, and Black Widow, and the art is pretty. (David Lopez, one of the pencillers, is currently working on Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel title.)
  • and you’re into something people have very divided opinions about: Planet Hulk is the kind of thing people love or hate, but it’s been rumored that the movies are going in this direction, so it might be worth checking out.
  • and you wanna see the Hulk destroy some stuff/are really into weird storylines: Yo, World War Hulk is a continuation of Planet Hulk and involves the Illuminati. It’s a crossover event as well, so there’s some fun extra X-Men stuff.
  • and you just want to get your Avengers fix: Avengers Assemble is great for anybody who wants the familiarity of the film characters, but in comic form. It’s funny, fun, and you get an intro to some other characters but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • and you suspect he has a drinking problem: You’re right, and the arc where he confronts it is pretty damn good. It’s called Demon in a Bottle and it ran in 1979.
  • and you want to know more about Good Guy Tony: I hate to break it to you, but as Tony is one of my fave characters I can tell you this for sure: Tony Stark is a complicated, fucked up, deeply flawed person; he’s an enormous asshole; he’s selfish and egocentric and narcissistic. But also he has a bunch of Good Guy Tony moments. They are most notable, imo, in the Heroic Age immediately following Civil War, when he beats himself up constantly for being a dick. The Stark Resilient arc, written by Matt Fraction, is super duper good, collected in Invincible Iron Man volumes 5 and 6.
  • and the thing he was trying to do with his suit in IM3 was interesting to you, like what even was that: Totally read Extremis. It’s the arc that establishes Iron Man’s modern image.
  • but you also would like to support a book about a female character: The current Thor title has lady Thor. Dude-Thor makes several appearances. Also, it’s super good.
  • and you want to read more about Thor’s face-off with Thanos: That you can find in Jurgens’ Thor run, starting in Volume 1 and ending just before the events of Civil War.
  • and you want to know how this character came to be: Read Journey Into Mystery, which started as a horror comic and is just as delightful and pulpy as could be expected.


  • and you’re even reading this section:  READ HOUSE OF M, IT WILL CHANGE YOU, feel free to Google for context everyone does it
  • and you want to see her as an Avenger: Wanda was part of the West Coast Avengers for most of her time as an Avenger; start there. If you’ve already got that down because I also suggested it under Hawkeye, please feel free to read Uncanny Avengers.
  • A-Force is an upcoming title that will be written by G. Willow Wilson and Maguerite Bennet with art by Jorge Molina, and will feature an all-female Avengers team.
  • Captain America and the Mighty Avengers is fun as HECK and has Sam Wilson as Captain America, so go revel in that.
  • Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick; Carol Danvers is a BAMF and there’s a GOTG cameo; several trade volumes are available
  • Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson; yo I love this comic so much words can’t even do it justice; two trades are available with the third coming 6/23
  • Young Avengers by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillan; this is for you if you’re constantly asking yourself who Kate Bishop is, or want more teen superheroes in your life; there’s an omnibus available and several trades
  • She-Hulk by Charles Soule; MY QUEEEEEEN; a few trade volumes are available, and to the best of my knowledge this arc is coming to a close very soon and will be available in total in trades

That’s it! That’s all I got! Remember that there is absolutely no shame in Googling the characters you like to figure out what you want to read, and wiki-ing the rest. Anybody who tells you that you can’t is a dick. Don’t listen to them!!


Its a shame really, when you type in Joes name into Google its all about Taylor Swift. I get that they are rumoured to be together, and Taylor has pretty much confirmed it, but i mean he’s still Joe, he’s his own person he’s not “Taylor Swifts boyfriend” he’s Joe Alwyn, an up and coming British Actor.

steegeschnoeber  asked:

Heya! I was gonna start listening / watching Adventure zone, but I'm kinda confused where to get it from and where to start? Maybe you could point me in a direction, I'd be really grateful. Shame on my poor googling skills.

Of course! You can find it on as well as iTunes and other podcast apps (I use Overcast on my iPhone) and you should absolutely start from the beginning, episode 1, or 1,5 (same episode but edited slightly to cut out some irrelevant banter) - it’s really important that you do not listen in the wrong order or you will be severly spoiled D:

I’m so excited for you, damn I wish I could listen to TAZ for the first time all over again! (I am currently on my second re-run!)

anonymous asked:

Hello!can I have a scenario where Gom + Hanamiya just spending the rainy day inside with their s/o probably drinking hot chocolate, building a fort and, reading a book and cuddles! Thank you! :) have a nice day!

This is very long and i really want to get someone to build a fort with me now.

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Writing Tip #23

Please, do your research. No one likes incorrect information written into a story. Even if you just do a tad, it’s better than none. If you don’t know something, Google it. There’s no shame in having to look something up. No one knows everything!

  • Retailer: [Phone rings.] Hello, X from Y speaking. How can I help you?
  • Customer: Hi, are you busy?
  • Retailer: No, not at this second.
  • Customer: Could you go outside and tell me the phone number of the bakery across the road from you?
  • Retailer: Uh, I might be able to do that, sure. [Puts the phone down and briefly goes outside to check.] There doesn't appear to be a number visible on the store, sorry.
  • Customer: Oh, that's a shame.
  • Retailer: How did you get our number, may I ask?
  • Customer: I Googled it.
  • Retailer: Then maybe you'd have better luck Googling the bakery instead of Googling the store across the road?
  • Customer: Oh, that's a good idea! I didn't think of that!
  • Retailer: [Facepalms.]