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Most Important Meal of the Day

Hey guys! So I wrote this in like ten minutes because I had just just get it out! I’m sure there will be similar stories floating around but I just wanted to put my take on it! It is unbeta’d so please forgive all errors and mistakes. I hope you enjoy!

After Snow leaves Emma rejoins her Pirate to finish what they started in the kitchen. This does contain spoilers for s6e18!

Rated M

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He could hear both Emma and Snow chatting about wedding plans as he awkwardly shuffled up the stairs, his member left aching and wanting for his Swan. But he knew he wasn’t getting any help with that any time soon. There was fated to be some sort of problem or crisis to fix. Even if there wasn’t any immediate threat he knew someone would kill the mood. This family  always did have impeccable timing.

Ever since their relationship began there was bound to be an interruption every time they had a moment alone. That’s why after Emma and Killian got home for the loft after their second proposal they wasted no time ripping each others clothes off, determined to get their fill of one another while they had the chance. They barely got any sleep, but for all the right reasons.

Reminiscing about last night was not helping his not so little problem pressing against the hard zipper of his jeans. He knew a shower was the only way he could move past this. Killian stepped into their shared master bathroom and turn the water on, knowing many cold showers may be in the near future if the Charming’s keep dragging on this crazed wedding planning process. He had half a mind to elope!

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Once Upon a Time Conventions are Upon Us!

April begins the Once Upon a Time con season and there will be many fans traveling all over the world to exciting locales like Barcelona, London, Paris, San Francisco… and er … Whippany, New Jersey.  This post is meant to help those new to cons know what to expect and to help fans and actors alike have better experiences.

General experience.

  • Always always always know here your con badge is and don’t leave your room unless you’ve checked to make sure you have your con badge.
  • Conventions can be exciting and expensive.  Many people try to stay up all night or skip meals.  One important rule at any con is 3, 2, 1.  Get at least three hours of sleep a day, eat at least two meals per day, and take a shower every day.  Remember to brush your teeth.  
  • If you are cosplaying and wearing the same costume on multiple days, bring a travel bottle of Febreze.  
  • Remember that Febreze is not magic.  Consider not wearing the same cos play the entire con.
  • Consider wearing layers.  Hotels often over air condition their spaces but it is summer (in most of these places) and it may be quite hot outside.
  • Expect to spend a lot of time in lines queuing for photo ops or autographs.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Talk to the people in line with you.  Everyone is excited to be there to see their favorites.  Make friends in the queues.
  • Don’t expect online drama to manifest at conventions.  In general it rarely does.  What is more likely to happen is for people who are not at the convention to try and create drama.
  • That said, everyone has a right to be there.  Everyone has a right to ask questions.  No fan is superior to any other.  Don’t try to gatekeep.  And if you think that you are whispering to your friend about how “those” shippers are annoying remember that there are very likely many of “those” shippers sitting right around you.
  • Every con can kick someone out for any reason.  It’s in the ticket terms.  They are not required to give you a refund.  This isn’t super common but it does happen when fans cross over lines, are drunk, aggressive, or threatening.
  • Cons are often chaotic and badly run.  In particular non-North American cons are less costumer service focused.  


  • There is no such thing as “too cheap” or “lazy” cosplay.  Elaborate Enchanted Forest cosplays are amazing.  But a red leather jacket and jeans still makes you Emma Swan.
  • Do not body shame or race judge cosplayers.  There are amazing black Snow White’s and great three hundred pound Regina’s.
  • The caveat of the above point.  Don’t wear black face.  If you are cosplaying a human being who is of a different actual not fictional race as you don’t try to use makeup to look more authentic.  Just don’t.
  • Do ask cosplayers if you can take their pictures.  
  • Do not ask cosplayers if you can hold their props.  In some cases they’ve worked a long time on elements of their costumes and don’t want them damaged and in other cases they may be “peace bonded” as real, potential, or simulated weapons and allowing them out of their control may get them kicked out of the con.
  • Do not grope the cosplayers.  I don’t care how naked they are.
  • If they are actually naked do find hotel or con staff.  While I wouldn’t call a convention an entirely family friendly space especially at night there are lines that people often cross.  Body paint is not clothing.

Photo Ops

  • Photo ops are cattle calls.  You will not have time to say more than “hi” to the guest.  Some of the cons say 15 seconds is the amount of time you can be expected to be there.  This is not an exaggeration.  At most cons you will have to pay separately for a digital file of your picture.  $10 at North American cons is not unusual.
  • If you are nervous about the photo op ask other people in line with you how your hair looks.
  • Consider not planning elaborate “poses”.  They may or may not allow any at all depending on the con, the guest, or how long the line is.
  • Don’t grope the guests.  Don’t kiss them.  Don’t grab their asses.  Don’t grab their breasts.  All of these things have happened at Once Upon a Time cons during photo shoots.  To guests of all genders.


  • Autographs are where you are most likely to have personal interaction with actors and where you are most likely to be able to ask questions.  If you want more time buy more than one autograph.  
  • Try to be mindful of the line behind you.  If there isn’t much of one taking more time with the actor is fine.  But if there is a big line try not to take more time than you have to once they’ve finished signing the autographs.  In some cases the handler will move you on but sometimes the actors don’t want to disappoint fans and … it’s a vicious cycle.
  • In most cases (I’m side eyeing you Rogue Events) you can bring things from home including fan art to have the actors sign.  I don’t know of any Once actor who has declined to sign fan art… though I’ve never heard of any Once fan who has asked for erotic fan art to be signed.
  • Don’t ask them to sign erotic fan art.
  • In general, multifandom cons like Emerald City Comic Con or Dragon Con will hae a limited selection of free 8x10 head shots and episode stills for you to pick from that come with the autograph.  Usually from a range of their most common work.  So for example you can usually expect that Rebecca Mader will have a shot of Charlotte from Lost as well as Zelena.
  • In general, single fandom cons will not provide free 8x10s but will have them available for purchase in the vendor area.  We’re still talking about the same kind of general selection of 10-20 shots.  They are most likely to have head shots, shots of canonical romantic ships, or shots with other actors at that con.  Two years ago at Regal Con you could get a picture of Lana with Dr. Whale because David Anders was at that con.  The going price is usually $5.  Do this before the autograph time.
  • Have a folder or plastic sleeves for autographs/photo op pictures.  The sleeves will be massively marked up at the con so consider purchasing them ahead of time.  Amazon sells them, just search for “top loader” and make sure you are getting the right size because they come in a range of sizes.  Somewhere under $2 per sleeve for 8x10s is normal.  It is not unusual for them to be $5-6 at cons.
  • Other things that actors often sign… DVDs, toys, autograph books, convention programs…
  • Sometimes the best con experience can be talking to someone you didn’t think was going to be exciting.  You will have more time with “lesser” actors than with the headliners.  Gil McKinney who played Prince Eric is much cooler than you might be expecting.
  • Some fans like to bring gifts to actors and usually the autograph table is where those are given.  The Creation cons have specifically asked fans not to bring gifts for the actors.  I’d recommend against it in general.  In many cases they don’t have room in their luggage for all the gifts they are given and it’s not uncommon for con staff to end up donating bags and bags of stuffed animals to charity after a con.  Don’t give them food or drink.  They will not eat it.  If you really want to give something consider a card.  Cards are easier to pack and take with them and many will take digital pictures of them to respond to later.  
  • If you insist on giving a gift, put it in a gift bag with a card with your contact information on it so they can send a thank you note later if they wish.  Do not expect them to open the gift at the table.  Remember there is a very long line of people behind you in most cases.
  • If you are getting fan art signed by an actor make sure to ask the artist if they are alright with that first.  If you’ve commissioned the art there is an assumption but especially if they’ve made it available for free.  Some artists don’t want particular pieces shown to actors.  And others would love to hear the response to their work from the actors.

Interacting with Actors

  • The actors are strangers to you.  Do not say or ask them anything that you would not say to or ask of a stranger.  
  • Do not call them “mom/dad”.  Many many actors have publicly asked their fans not to do this.
  • Do not stand closer than an arms length from the actor for conversation.
  • Do not touch an actor without permission.  Permission for one hug is not permission for a second/third/fourth.  Permission for a hug is not permission for a grope.  All of these things have happened at Once Upon a Time cons.
  • Do not secretly record meet and greets.  It’s illegal in many jurisdictions to record someone without their knowledge.  It’s unethical to record someone without their knowledge and you do not have the consent of not just the actor but all the other fans in the room.  Whatever your personal justifications for doing this are by definition entitlement.  
  • Do not follow actors anywhere.  Especially do not follow them into bathrooms.  Bathrooms and elevators are not appropriate places for your very own meet and greet.  There have been (this time not in this fandom) really scary incidents where actors have felt cornered and trapped in bathrooms.
  • Do not approach actors while they are eating or if they are with their families.  
  • You can approach an actor if they are drinking in the hotel bar.  If they didn’t want to be approached they would not be drinking in the con hotel bar.
  • Do not try to stop an actor in the hall, they are probably going somewhere and they are probably late.  Wave and say hi.
  • If you find yourself in a place where you are waiting for an elevator with a con guest ask if they mind if you ride with them.  If they say no be okay with that.  They may not want people to know which floor their room is on.  They may be overwhelmed and trying to get away.  Some of these people have body guards for very good reasons.  
  • All of that said:  Cons are a place where sex happens.  Including sex between actors and fans.  If you find yourself in a situation where you think an actor has propositioned you don’t assume that it was in your head.  There are people going to these cons that have reputations for this.  In some cases that go long before Once Upon a Time.  
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable (other con goer or actor) don’t ignore your instincts.  Be safe.  

Asking Questions

  • Do not ask about sex, fictional or real.  Do not ask for details of pregnancy, not to the person who was pregnant or about someone who was pregnant.  Sean Maguire was once asked for “funny Ginny pregnancy stories”.  He quite reasonably did not think it was appropriate.
  • Do not ask about their kids/family.  Many of the Once actors have gone to great lengths to keep their kids out of the spotlight.
  • Do consider googling your question before you ask it.  The actors have been asked many of the same questions over and over and over again.  Lana Parilla’s favorite Evil Queen dress is the strange rubber one from 3.02.  No one is perfect.  Colin O’Donoghue’s captain hook coat weighed 30lbs.  Lana Parrilla would have been a marine biologist if she hadn’t been an actor.  Rebecca Mader doesn’t want to play any other character on the show but Zelena.
  • Lana Parrilla wont sing, she always declines, and it’s really awkward when people ask.  Please don’t ask her to sing.
  • The Fuck/Marry/Kill questions have gotten old and the actors have become obviously impatient with them of late.
  • Try to ask more emotional and less specific questions.  Actors aren’t super likely to remember what their character was thinking in a specific scene in a specific episode.   What part of Regina and Snow’s growth of their relationship is your favorite or something is a better question than “in X episode, what do you think Regina was thinking?”
  • Don’t assume actors know fandom terms.  Even related to their own character.  Avoid jargon.  Last year Lana Parrilla didn’t know what Evil Charming or Dragon Queen meant. 
  • Do not ask actors who they ship.  Most of them don’t and even if they did you are are putting them in a terrible position with a question they likely can’t answer at all or in a way that will please anyone.
  • Consider asking non-romantic ship questions.
  • Don’t assume that a con guest that was in one or even a handful of episodes knows that much about the show.
  • DO NOT expect the actors to bash other characters on the show.  Avoid questions that place them in an awkward situation where they face upsetting portions of their fans or the coworker they have to see and work with on a day to day basis.
  • DO NOT ASK about contracts or if there will be a new season.  You wouldn’t ask someone how much money they make or if they’re out of a job.  They can’t answer these questions.  It’s awkward.  Just don’t.


  • Try not to spend so much time taking pictures you don’t hear what the actor is saying.
  • Unless you have a very good camera and a very close seat consider that others will probably have better pictures than you can take.
  • Many Once panels for the last few years have had questioned screened.  This has been largely because of sexual questions asked by people of canon romantic couples.  Please remember that these people are co-workers.  Consider not asking about what it’s like to kiss X person (in front of fifty crew who you are not in a real life relationship with).  
  • Some of the actors will give incredibly raunchy answers without much prompting.  Let them do it on their own.

People in the Hotel not for the Con

  • Be particularly careful of non-convention hotel guests.  It is not uncommon for hotels to have other events or large groups of “civilians” or “bystanders”.  They may be curious and interested.  Back in my Battlestar Galactica fandom days I had a number of very charming airline pilots hit on my friends and I when we were dressed like Admiral Caine and Kara Thrace.  But I’ve also seen and heard horror stories about con goers cornered often by young men on sports teams or sports fans.  My ex wife had a very big male actor physically pull her out of a group of aggressive hockey fans.
  • But also try to be respectful of non-convention hotel guests who may be doing crazy things like… trying to sleep in the middle of the night.

Most importantly … have fun.


Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)

I swear to god, if I hear one more 'Emma looks ill and tired. She had done since dating Hook. She looks ugly.... I will fight somebody.

Yes yes, you must be right, CS are confirmed True loved but Adam and Eddy are secretly planting hints of them being abusive and that SQ is going to happen, so to do this we’re going to make Emma look sick. (As if they would be smart enough to do that)
Jen doesn’t wear as much make up as she did in earlier seasons and you know what, that is brave af. Going ON TV where THOUSANDS of people can see you with limited makeup on your face. Also, news flash, women don’t just naturally have bagless eyes, perfect skin, rosy cheeks and bold eyes. No one naturally looks like that unless your the luckiest person on the planet. It’s not that she looks ill it’s that she LOOKS LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING PERSON.

And if you don’t want to believe me even here let’s just talk about her appearance within the tv world. What has happened since CS happened. Well, her parents lied to her, she found her ex best friend, was battling with the darkness; it would make sense that you would look a mess. Season 5? Became the DO, battled the darkness, watch TL die twice, went to the underworld and encountered a lot of shit, almost didn’t get TL back, had a friend die, had to save town from destruction and get back rebellious child with woman who never stops insulting you. Season 6? Has visions that she’s going to die, can’t live happy domestic life with fam because she has to go out fixing other people’s shit.
I would look like crap too.

Not that she does.

Listen, you can hate CS but don’t go shaming Emma (or Jen for that matter). If she wants to wear a dress she can do so; you can be feminine and badass at the same time. If she wants to wear a puffy shirt then she can. It’s not because shes gay, she’s not trying to be someone else (apparently she’s trying to be MM according to one person because she’s being abused by Killian??) or because she’s unhappy and abused.

I don’t know if we’re watching the same show because every time I see my precious cinnamon roll I go ‘dam girl, you look PURRfect😍’

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31 Days of Positivity: Day 28: Fairytale

My husband has a longstanding hatred of Winnie the Pooh. We don’t know why.

“Not that one again.”

Emma pauses, her eyes flicking from the copy of Winnie the Pooh open on her lap to her baby brother kicking away between them.

“Why not? It’s his favourite.”

Killian grumbles, looking down at the well-worn book with something not unlike disgust.

“He must have heard it a hundred times. And regardless, that bear’s a menace.”

“Oh, and what would you suggest then?”

“Something a little more swashbuckling perhaps?” he waggles his eyebrows and sends Neal into fits of giggles.

“I’m trying to get him to sleep, not traumatise him.”

“You wound me, Swan. I’d never dream of upsetting the little prince.” He sticks his tongue out, and Neal gives another shout of laughter before muting it with a well placed foot.

Emma narrows her eyes, unconvinced. Killian’s sudden enjoyment of babysitting is something she’s yet to get her head around - it’s hardly swashbuckling after all - and she’s reasonably certain he has ulterior motives for volunteering their services. She just hasn’t figured out what they could be yet. Especially since Neal seems to save all his grossest moments for when Killian is around.

“I dunno,” she says as if considering the likelihood, “He did puke in your mouth earlier.”

Killian cringes slightly, rubbing at his mouth with the back of his hand and clearly wishing that he could rinse the memory away as easily as the taste.

“A fact I shall be sure to bring up quite regularly when he’s susceptible to shame I assure you.”

Emma sighs, and closes the book. Truth be told she’s pretty tired of the gluttonous little creature herself.

“All right. What are you gonna read him?”

“Ah!” Killian grins down at Neal, and leans over to pull Henry’s beloved storybook from underneath the coffee table, “It’s about true love, a beautiful princess, and an extremely dashing pirate.”

Emma rolls her eyes, but she can’t help the smile that follows the way Killian oh so carefully tucks Neal into the crook of his elbow and pays no mind whatsoever to the tiny fists grabbing for his jewellery.

“Now settle down, little lad, because this is my favourite fairytale.”

SQ Week - An Act of True Love
  • Emma [entering the office]: Hey, Regina. I brought lun-
  • Regina [interrupts]: Don't tell me it's another kale salad.
  • Emma: Uh... [guilty face] no... Yes.
  • Regina: That would be the fourth this week, Ms. Swan. I appreciate nutrition, but I am no rabbitt. And, is that a bearclaw? [she sees in Emma's hand]
  • Emma: Yeah, but I already bit- oh, hey!
  • [The bearclaw disappears from Emma's hand and appears in Regina's - Emma looks devastated]
  • Regina: Is there a problem, Sheriff? [she asks as she brings the pastry closer to her mouth, eyes defiant]
  • Emma: No... I guess we could trade lunches today; I could use the fiber. [sulking]
  • Regina: Or maybe we could share. [rom com zoom like it's "witch hunt" all over again]
  • Emma: I'd like that. [Her smile puts all puppies to shame]
  • (Later)
  • Regina: Thank you for the bearclaw. Dinner's on me, Emma.
  • EMMA: (◕‿◕✿)
A Friendship Set on Fire (Blackstairs)

A/N: Okay, I’ve actually been having this fic percolating in my head for quite a while, and THE QUOTE FREAKING MADE IT so I decided to write it ehehe.  I apologize in advance- I’m reeeeaaaaally not good at writing romantic scenes.  I’m really really not.  Plus, I personally think the ending sucked… UGH.  But, my insecurities aside, I hope you enjoy it anyway! :D 

This was a request from thedauntlessherondales and I really hope you like it, dear!  I just wrote what first came to mind when I read the quote- there are actually two different one-shots that I wrote based off it (and you’ll get to see both).

This is set in 2012 (Emma and Jules are 17).


Emma and Julian sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the cliff overlooking the sea.  Twilight was descending on Los Angeles, and if you looked off to the right, you could see the flickering lights of the metropolis as the sun was swallowed by the dark sky.  The wind was picking up, whipping around the two teenagers, sending Emma’s hair flying.  The atmosphere was heavy, not in an uncomfortable way, but in the way when both companions are deep in thought and are at peace.  The air was also charged, like something different, earth-changing even, was about to happen.  Julian noticed it, though he doubted Emma did.

“Jules?” Emma asked in a quiet voice.

“Hmm?” Julian was broken out of his thoughts.  “What’s up, Em?”

“I’m glad I have you.” She said out of the blue.  Julian furrowed his brow slightly in confusion – Emma was never this affectionate – but he let it go, choosing instead to wrap his arms around his parabatai’s shoulders.

“I’m glad I have you too.” You’re everything important in my life, he wanted to say, because it was true.  She was his best friend, his warrior partner, his sister-in-arms.  She was fire and air and water and everything that he needed and everything he wanted.  He had spent many nights lying awake thinking about how much he cared about her and trying to avoid the sinking suspicions that he loved her in a different capacity than agape

“I don’t know what I’d be without you.  I’d probably be a serial killer.  Or dead.” Emma mused.  Julian shuddered.

“I couldn’t imagine life without you.” He told her.  She laughed.

“I bet you dream about it sometimes.” She joked.  Julian smiled.

“Only after you’ve gotten me into trouble again.” He teased.  His expression sobered a minute later.  “But seriously Emma, if you died, I couldn’t- I wouldn’t- “ Emma swiveled so that she was looking her parabatai square in the face.

“Jules, I’m not going to die.  I wouldn’t dream of leaving you.  You’re everything to me.  I need to live because you’re here.  If I died, we’d be separated, and we swore we’d stay together no matter what.  And I always keep my promises.” Julian felt tears prickling in the back of his eyes.  That was quite possibly the soppiest thing that Emma had ever said to him.  He was aware of how close the two of them were- Emma’s hair was blowing forward and brushing his face.  Julian’s heart was racing and his mouth was dry.  He was so confused as to why he was feeling like this.  It wasn’t how you normally felt around your best friend, was it?

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Before she turns around and walks towards the sun yellow bug of a car that will lead her and their son away from home, she kisses Regina.

She kisses Regina and does not hear the gasps of her family. Or maybe she does and just doesn’t let them distract her from the last moments where she’s still the Emma that’s Emma. She kisses Regina and wipes away a single shining tear with the tip of her thumb from the face of a queen, because the queen is human and human hearts break. She kisses Regina and does not say goodbye. She kisses Regina… and then she forgets.

Not all curses break from a kiss. But some kisses unravel the edges of spells.

Emma forgets. And yet Emma is a single mother who always thinks to herself ‘our son’.

Emma forgets. And yet when she catches their son watching Disney’s Snow White she flees the room and staggers against her bedroom door, and can barely breathe, and her heart hurts.

Emma forgets, but though she’s always loved them, will not eat apples.

Emma forgets. But when Henry screams in the middle of the night for his mom, and Emma rushes to his side to wake him from his nightmare, and he looks at her with a silent 'not you’, she is not surprised.

Emma forgets. But every morning she wakes up with numb skin around her eyes and dried saltiness on her cheeks. She knows she’s cried and yet does not know why.

Emma forgets and forgets and forgets and knows that she has. And a mind cannot take knowing, so she pretends that she notices nothing.

Emma forgets, but when the doorbell rings and she opens the doors, and a woman she’s never ever seen before, stands there with wide terrified eyes, she almost smiles.

And when that woman tells her impossible things, though it’s not in her nature to do so… Emma believes every word.

Not all kisses break every curse. But if there’s just enough love to make a dent, there’s just enough love for a happily ever after.

Imagine if Emma have access to all the memories of the previous DO?
  • Dark One Emma : Now that I'm the Emo-Dark-One, I have acces to all the memories of the previous Dark One, including Gold
  • Belle : Hum... ALL his memories?
  • Dark One Emma : Yes Belle... ALL. And I must say that that's quite impressive, how are you so flexible ?
  • Belle : This is awkward
  • Dark One Emma : Awkward? Let me tell you awkward, I now have memories of having sex litterally everywhere in town! Even on Regina's desk!
  • Regina : Excuuuuuse me?!
  • Belle : I can explain
  • Dark One Emma : And at Grannys? Seriously Belle, my son, YOUR step-grand-son eat there, do you have no shame?
  • Belle : Well....
  • Dark One Emma : The worst is that it was your idea! Like, it's a good thing he was the Dark One or you would have killed him with to much sex...
  • Belle : Alright that's it, I'm leaving on adventure with Merida, I'll take my Rumple!Rose with me
  • Dark One Emma : Yeaaaah, try to not have sex with it...
  • Belle : ENOUGHT
  • Emma: You've mentioned an extortionist warlord bothering you and your mother before but you never said that it was little Bo Peep.
  • Charming: And this is why.
  • Emma: What? I'm not going to say anything.
  • Emma: I totally get why you wouldn't want to bring the name up. If it were me, I'd definitely be a little...
  • Charming:
  • Emma: Sheepish.
  • Charming:
  • Charming:
  • Snow: And that's why he's not talking to you?
  • Emma: It's a shame too. I had, like, 12 more sheep puns all lined up.

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Charming and snowball in on Emma and hook making out and freak our

Caught In The Act

“WHAT THE HELL?” David yells, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

Emma lifted her head up over the couch, bringing her hand up to her lips to wipe away the wetness that was outlining them and covering up the redness given to her by Killian’s soft nips. She saw her parents standing in the doorway, David’s mouth hanging open and Mary Margaret’s hands covering her face. She looked like she was on the verge of trembling in her spot. Neal was lying in his stroller, cooing and giggling at nothing in particular.

Emma quickly fell back down, the back of the couch shielding herself from her parents. She hit Killian, who was silently laughing underneath her. Emma’s face was turning redder by the minute. She was racking her brain to figure out what she was supposed to do in this type of situation – she had never had parents walk in on her intimate with a boy growing up, and she needed a second to decide what to do.

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Captain Swan and Sex shop, of course~

Some smuff for ya…

“I can’t believe you got us locked in a sex shop!”

“In all fairness, love, I was only trying to help-“

Emma glared at the pirate as she tried the door again. But it wouldn’t budge. Through the glass-paned door she could just about make out the broken down bug, the rain outside almost obscuring it completely.

“Try the phone again,” she ordered, her tone defeated. Killian walked over to the catch register and picked up the black, cordless handset.

“No power love - means no line.”


“And you are sure you left your talking phone in the car-“

“Yes!” she insisted, wrapping her arms around her waist, “You said you had found something-“

“I’d said I’d found an open window-“

“Which jammed as soon as we got inside!”

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