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Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock. I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson. I have no intention of being rude, but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literatures most loved characters.

{{Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock.}}

Such a shame that you think that a great and interesting woman character ruined your interpretation of Sherlock. Even with yer preconceived notion that Sherlock and Watson were gay and in love, I think you could have still enjoyed MG and SM version of Mary Watson. Mary brought love into John’s life and made him happy when he was sadly mourning Sherlock’s death. She gave him a beautiful daughter and most importantly, she became best friends with Sherlock too.

That is the most important part because up until then, Sherlock was the only close and trusted friend that John had (yes Stamford was his friend too but not on the scale of what Sherlock became to John) Mary liked Sherlock instantly and Sherlock liked Mary instantly as well. 

Sherlock knew that Mary was not perfect and that when he read her that she was a liar and keeping secrets but Sherlock had just come off 2 years of lying to his best friend and was still keeping secrets so who was Sherlock to judge when he himself was far from innocent. Sherlock could see that Mary made John happy and Sherlock knew that John needed and deserved to be happy, especially after faking his death and coming back to life.

For John to have Mary in his life at that time was the best possible thing that kept the Holmes and Watson friendship going, she saved that friendship because she knew how much they needed each other, she knew how important that friendship was to each of those men. The addition of Mary Morstan to the Holmes and Watson orbit was not about dividing these best friends, it was about enhancing it, about helping it grow to the next level, which was the brotherly bond that Sherlock and John had.

It was Mary who saved that friendship not once, but twice.

It’s all fine and good you think Sherlock and John were in love, I wouldn’t tell you that yer wrong. If that is yer interpretation of these two characters then, awesome. BUT that shouldn’t cloud yer judgement and enjoyment of the character of Mary Watson because even in the ACD canon stories Sherlock liked Mary. And in BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes loved and protected Mary Morstan Watson. She was his 2nd best friend and they had a bond that was totally real because they both understood each other.

They were very much flawed but they wanted to be better people and they became better people because they had one common denominator, and that was their love for John Watson. And both of them lied and did things to protect John from their truths. They didn’t judge each other and they didn’t have impossible expectations of what a friendship was supposed to be. Sherlock and Mary did the best they could. That is why their friendship worked perfectly.

{{I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson.}}

Honestly I probably won’t ever read the books. My husband who is a huge fanboy of Sherlock Holmes on the scale of the Mofftiss, tried to get me into Sherlock LONG ago but failed. I only became interested in watching Sherlock when I fell in love with Benedict and then fell in love with the BBC version of Sherlock. The writing, the setting of London, the actors that use their talents to bring these wonderful characters to life. The BBC version of Sherlock is the only version I’d ever be into. Fingers cross we will get S5 because S4 was AH-mazing! and I loved every minute of it and I’d love to see them expand on Eurus and explore more of the Holmes Family narrative. I’d love to see John and Rosie interact more, I’d love to see Irene Adler make a surprise appearance and cause some playful trouble for Sherlock AND I want to see how the Molly and Sherlock dynamic continues, now that we know they both love each other. I’d like to see where that love takes them..

{{I have no intention of being rude,but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literature’s most loved characters.}}

Anon, no rudeness taken! But I believe you are confusing interpretation with truth. The version of Holmes and Watson, YOUR interpretation is that you believe they are and have always been in love. That they are gay and that is the way ACD wrote them to be, gay on the down low because back then homosexuality was not acceptable. Well, the truth is, ACD modeled these 2 men after people he knew in his real life. And gave them personality traits of the people he knew in that life. We don’t know what the truth was about them. All ACD gave us was the stories of 2 men and their ridiculous adventures and it’s up to the reader on how they want to view this 100+ year old relationship between the world’s only consulting detective and a doctor who became his trusted confidant and documenter of their adventures together.

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I bought a book called “Who Ology" and the beginning of the book is a timeline of significant events in the series. It even mentions Donnas first (brief) appearance and Astrid. Notice someone missing from this timeline?

Martha Jones. It annoys me so much that this companion is sidelined and unappreciated so much, not only by the fandom who largely resented her for having a crush on the Doctor, but also by the actual creators of Doctor Who! This is an official BBC book. It only mentions that the Judoon make their first in appearance in Smith and Jones, but not a wird that the Jones is Martha! It bugs me that Martha Jones is so unappreciated that she wasn’t even worth mentioning in the timeline.
She was a companion, she was smart, brave, saved the world, saved the Doctor numerous times, and she was BRILLIANT.

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will you please talk about your shame as far as BBC Robin Hood goes because I just finished it and holy shit I'm so mad at myself

OKAY LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY SHAME. My shame is that I didn’t just watch it once for The Armitage.



TWICE. MORE THAN ONE SIT THROUGH. FOR WHAT? Its not a particularly good show. The acting is kind of terrible. THE JOKES ARE SO BAD. The fucking theme song plays every three goddamn seconds. Marian is sometimes awesome and sometimes mostly an idiot. Robin is FUCKING AWFUL. The costuming is so bad. The Sheriff wears silk pajamas and FLIP FLOPS!? WHY? The Armitage’s hair looks like Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid AND HE IS MY LEAST FAVORITE PRINCE OKAY? AND HIS COSTUME LOOKS LIKE HE FOUND A GLAD TRASH BAG AND WAS LIKE OH WHAT A LOVELY SHIRT I WILL WEAR IT TWO SEASONS STRAIGHT BECAUSE THAT’S A THING THAT HAPPENS!??!?! I’M RICH BUT I HAVE ONE SHIRT!?!?!?!




  • Miss Quill: I won't [forget], I relished each and every [one of your people I killed]
  • Charlie: You don't mean that
  • Miss Quill, internally: Of course I don't, I did it for my people, I'm not psychotic, there was no pleasure in it, I did it because I had to and I'd do it all again
  • Miss Quill, to Charlie: *smiles* Of course I mean it, it's just a shame I missed you lol